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Magical Memories of a Snowy Visit

This magazine article is part of Spring 2014 / Issue 77
From the Twitterverse Ryan Massey: Everyone is cool, until they get in the passenger seat of their mom’s station wagon. Have a good summer, FandMCollege!

David Kieran: FandMCollege student in my “After War” seminar: “This course has taught me to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

Karmin: Performing at Franklin & Marshall College tonight. The seniors invited us to the after-party!

Treat Williams ’73: One of the greatest honors of my life is to have attended the same college, Franklin & Marshall, as Dick Winters. Heroes all.

Lisa Bonchek Adams ’91: Find a bit of beauty in the world today. Share it. If you can’t find it, create it. Some days this may be hard to do. Persevere.

Karly Anna ’18: I just get so excited every time I think of my future home, FandMCollege.

  Letter to Editor

Magical Memories of a Snowy Visit

Much like this year, the early months of 1979 brought heavy snow to Pennsylvania. So it was perhaps not a shock that I would be snowed in at F&M during my campus visit as a prospective student.

My host, Nanine Hartzenbusch ’82, and some friends were invited to dinner off campus the night of the storm. Although I was supposed to be out of the picture by then, Nanine kindly included me in the dinner party.

Who knows which factors exactly caused me to choose F&M over the other college that had also accepted me? Perhaps it was the chance to see a rehearsal of the late Hugh Evans’ production of “Romeo and Juliet.” Or the happy chaos of the College Center the next morning as calls of canceled classes were recorded on long scrolls of flip-chart paper. The high spirits of one student making his way through the atrium on cross-country skis certainly made an impression on me.

Once I matriculated that fall, it wasn’t long before the rigor of F&M occluded the magical memories of my snowy visit. As a first-generation student with work-study hours added to my schedule, I found it challenging to do well in my classes—and to navigate college life. But I studied with unforgettable professors and made lifelong friends, including my husband. I tackled a double major and spent my whole junior year abroad. At graduation, the College honored me with the Williamson Medal. Since then, I have been committed to giving back to F&M, currently as a member of the Alumni Association Board.

Why did I choose F&M? I’d like to say it was that I understood the value of a first-class liberal arts education. But I suspect it had a lot to do with being snowbound there, and the wonderful dinner at the off-campus apartment of Rahul Akerkar ’81, so wonderfully featured in your Winter issue (“Flavor from the Soul”).

Vanessa Christman ’83 Bryn Mawr, Pa.
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