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Current works by F&M alumni and faculty

This magazine article is part of Summer 2014 / Issue 78

“Revertigo: An Off-Kilter Memoir”

Floyd Skloot ’69

Floyd Skloot was struck inexplicably one morning by an attack of unrelenting vertigo that ended 138 days later as suddenly as it had begun. Everything familiar had transformed, and nothing was ever still. This intimate memoir—tenuous, shifting, sometimes humorous—demonstrates Skloot’s considerable literary skill honed as an award-winning essayist, memoirist, novelist, and poet. His recollections of a strange, spinning world prompt further musings on the forces of uncertainty, change, and displacement that have shaped him from childhood to late middle age, repeatedly knocking him awry, realigning his hopes and plans, even his perceptions. (University of Wisconsin Press, 2014)


“Voting in Fear: Electoral Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Edited by Dorina Bekoe ’91

Nine contributors offer pioneering work on the scope and nature of electoral violence in Africa; investigate the forms electoral violence takes; and analyze the factors that precipitate, reduce, and prevent violence. The book breaks new ground with findings from the only known dataset of electoral violence in sub-Saharan Africa, spanning 1990 to 2008. (United States Institute of Peace, 2012)


“Capitalisms Compared: Welfare, Work, and Business”

John Bowman, Ph.D., ’74

How different would Americans’ lives be if they had guaranteed access to health care, generous public pensions, paid family leave, high-quality public pre-school care, increased rights at work, and a greater say in how corporations are run? This book compares the U.S., Swedish and German versions of capitalism, examining health policy, pension policy, family policy, labor markets and corporate governance. (CQ Press, 2013)


“Medicine for Monster”

Adrianna Ahern Donat ’91

Taking medicine might not be fun, but “Medicine for Monster” makes it funny. Being sick has transformed a little boy into a monster, and this monster doesn’t want to take the medicine that could make him feel better. His uproarious journey through the why and why not to take his medicine is a delightfully illustrated, energetic and colorful romp. (Mango Donut, 2013)



Tony Doris ’78

During a chance night shift on the cops beat, newsroom assistant Madeleine Harrington stumbles on the corruption story of a lifetime—a plot that would reshape the entire city. She teams up with her dad, a downtrodden columnist at the paper, to unearth the mystery. (Mr. Media Books, 2014)


“The Mafia Court: Corruption in Chicago”

John R. Hughes, D.M. (Oxon), M.D., Ph.D., ’50

This rigorous examination of the court system is presented from a practical, citizen-based perspective and fueled by the firsthand anecdotes shared with the author by a member of the Mafia in Chicago. Touching upon the history of mob influence, including the dealings of the infamous Al Capone, the book examines both the positives and negatives of organized crime participants who are also functioning members of the Chicago community. (Trine Day, 2014)


“Site Assessment for Better Gardens and Landscapes”

Charles P. Mazza ’66

Site assessment—the ‘discovery process’ that reveals the characteristics that make your yard unique—can help your gardens and landscapes thrive. The hands-on activities in this workbook help you learn about compaction, drainage, existing obstructions, slopes, space dimensions and wildlife and wind interference. Matching your plantings to your site’s characteristics will help you create more sustainable and easier-to-care-for gardens and landscapes. (PALS Publishing, 2013)


“Think Tanks in America”

Thomas Medvetz ’98

Over the past half-century, think tanks have become fixtures of American politics, supplying advice to presidents and policymakers, expert testimony on Capitol Hill, and convenient facts and figures to journalists and media specialists. But what are think tanks? Who funds them? What kind of “research” do they produce? Where does their authority come from? And how did they become influential? Thomas Medvetz argues that the unsettling ambiguity of the think tank is not an accidental feature of its existence, but the very key to its impact. (University Of Chicago Press, 2012)


“Frost Heaves: Poems 2008”

Richard Milazzo ’72

Except for a handful of poems written in Paris and Geneva, this work by Richard Milazzo was written entirely in the U.S.—in Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Missouri, South Dakota, California and New York. That is unusual for the author, who has always felt more at home in the larger world of Western and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle and Far East, North Africa, and Central America. (Libri Canali Bassi, 2013)


“Overcoming Discomfort: Dealing—Comfortably and Successfully—with People and Situations that Make You Uncomfortable”

Leonard Sklar ’56

This is the third book by Leonard Sklar, who specializes in business-related matters. He previously authored “The Check Is NOT In The Mail: How To Get Paid More, In Full, On Time, At Less Cost, And Without Losing Valued Customers,” and “How To Keep Your Audiences Awake—ALL The Time.” (Leonard Sklar, 2014)


“Deadly Fantasy: A Baseball Story”

Andrew Wolfenson, Esq., ’88

More than 33 million people in the United States participate in fantasy baseball or football leagues, which are a $2 billion per year industry. Some take their participation in such fantasy leagues more seriously than others, suspending reality as they try to fulfill their dreams of serving as a major league owner or general manager. For Jeff Goldstein, however, this is not just a game; participation in the league takes over his life. (Balding Legal Publishing, 2014)


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