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Letters to the Editor

This magazine article is part of Summer 2015 / Issue 82

An Extraordinary Report

In February 2008, you featured my daughter, Rebecca Newman, in an article titled “Ordinary Families, Extraordinary Lives.” Rebecca has a rare genetic disease called familial dysautonomia (approximately 320 people live with the disease worldwide). I am happy to report that Rebecca recently graduated high school and won the “Overcoming the Odds” award from Student Advocacy. She was one of four winners in Westchester County, N.Y.

Jeff Newman ’82
Rye Brook, N.Y.


Remembering Selma

I just read with great interest “Solidarity in Selma” by Michael J. Birkner (Spring 2015). I had Sam Allen as a professor for my last three semesters at F&M following my return from the military in the summer of 1966. During one semester, I took two classes with him: one survey and one seminar. Dr. Allen provided one of, if not the most positive learning experience of my academic life.

Alan D. MacNutt ’64
Bridgewater, Va.

Editor’s Note: As part of a 15-man permanent party at Robert Gray Army Airfield in Fort Hood, Texas, Alan MacNutt provided logistical support for President Lyndon Johnson’s order for the military to protect the peaceful demonstrators in Alabama from harm.

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From the Twitterverse

Dana Russo ’10:  Such a great reunion and birthday weekend! Until next time, FandMCollege.

President Daniel R. Porterfield:  A pleasure to host FandMCollege president emeritus Dick Kneedler ’65 for his 50th reunion this weekend. #whyitworks

Paul Harnik:  Great day sampling the seafloor offshore St. Petersburg, Fla., with FandMCollege students to study oceans present and past. #iamfandm

United Way Lancaster:  Congrats to FandMCollege on your #CircleOfHonor recognition! Thank you for supporting our community and #UWLanc!

Barry Silver:  Loved “The Book of Why” by FandMCollege prof Nick Montemarano. Original, well-crafted, and w/a very appealing humility of outlook.

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