2/26/2015 Magazine Staff

Black Holes, Earthquakes and DNA: F&M Scientist Highlights Diverse Alumni Work

This magazine article is part of Winter 2015 / Issue 80

For the third consecutive year, original work and research reviews by Franklin & Marshall alumni in the sciences is on display in F&M Scientist—adding a number of examples to the College’s tradition of excellence in the sciences.

Published by the College and edited by Claude Yoder ’62, F&M’s Charles A. Dana Professor of Chemistry, the publication launched in January 2013 to highlight outstanding work by alumni in scientific disciplines, including mathematics and computer science. The third edition includes contributions from seven alumni and an interview with former Chair of the Board of Trustees Aaron J. Martin ’50, a research chemist who created F&M Scientific Corp., a manufacturer of gas chromatographs.

“The articles show the diversity of work being done by F&M alumni in the sciences,” Yoder says. “What impresses me most is the significance of the research our alumni are pursuing. We’ve got a tradition of graduates over many decades who are doing really interesting stuff in the medical world and in academia.”

This year’s edition features:

  • Donald M. Fisher ’83 (“Natural ‘Hydrofracking’ and Crack-Sealing in Ancient Quartz Veins From Alaska: A Record of Stress-Cycling Related to Plate Boundary Earthquakes”)

  • Karyn M. Frick ’91 (“What’s Your Name Again? Effects of Estrogens, Cognitive Stimulations, and Exercise on Age-Related Memory Loss”)

  • James D. Hoeschele ’59 (“Serendipity and the Prepared Mind: The Discovery of Cisplatin”)

  • Koenraad Schalm ’93 (“A Black Hole in Your Pocket?”)

  • Steven Sylvester ’71, Robert H. Marion ’73 and James M. Gerhart ’73 (“The Role of Hydrohistory and Watershed Analysis in Green-Infrastructure Planning: A Case Study of the Roaring Brook Watershed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania”)

  • Amanda Ewart Toland ’90 (“Shining a Light on the Dark Side of the Genome”)

  • Interview with Aaron J. Martin ’50, conducted by Claude Yoder ’62

The journal is available online at www.fandm.edu/alumni-connections/f-m-scientist. To obtain a hard copy, contact Professor Claude Yoder at cyoder@fandm.edu. Submissions for the fourth edition are due to Yoder by Sept. 1.


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