3/11/2016 Christopher M. Raab

Mayser’s Tip-Off

This magazine article is part of Winter 2016 / Issue 84
  • Mayser construction Image Credit: F&M Archives & Special Collections

The $1.2 million Charles W. Mayser Physical Education Center officially opened on Wednesday, Feb. 21, 1962. After five years of planning and two years of construction, the opening day’s events featured a 3 p.m. basketball game vs. Haverford, followed by a 7pm wrestling match vs. Lehigh. Coach Woody Sponaugle’s “dribblers” would go on to defeat Haverford 60-47 in the inaugural contest, snapping a five-game losing streak and boosting their MAC conference record to 6-6 on the season.

  • Mayser opening basketball game Image Credit: F&M Archives & Special Collections
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