3/11/2016 Chris Karlesky

On Crustaceans, Compounds and Cancer: Showcasing Excellence in the Sciences

This magazine article is part of Winter 2016 / Issue 84

From organic compounds to stem cells, and giant planets to Alzheimer's Disease, this year's edition of F&M Scientist makes Claude Yoder '62 marvel at the work of Franklin & Marshall alumni.

"It's exciting to see the interesting and significant work our alumni are doing in the sciences," says Yoder, F&M's Charles A. Dana Professor of Chemistry and editor of the science journal. "We have a lot of scientists and physicians in our alumni community who launched impressive careers after doing undergraduate research at F&M."

Published by the College, F&M Scientist launched in 2013 to highlight original work and research reviews by alumni in the sciences, mathematics and computer science. The fourth edition, which published in January, includes articles by six alumni and an interview with renowned cell biologist Judith M. White, Ph.D., '73.

This year's edition features:

  • Holli M. Frey '99 ("Dominica: The Sleeping Giant in the Caribbean)
  • Richard A. Gleeson '69 ("Deciphering the Essence of Olfactory Phenomena through the 'Noses' of Crustaceans")
  • Hal Levison '81 ("Growing the Gas Giant Planets by the Gradual Accumulation of Pebbles")
  • Eugene P. Mazzola '64 ("Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and the Structural Elucidation of Organic Compounds")
  • Mark Noble '71 ("Electrons, Stem Cells and Novel Approaches to Cancer Treatment")
  • Earl A. Zimmerman, M.D., '59 and Igor K. Lednev Ph.D. ("Application of Raman Spectroscopy to Clinical Medicine: Potential Use as an Accurate Blood Test for Alzheimer's Disease")
  • Interview with Judith M. White, Ph.D., '73, conducted by Claude Yoder '62

The journal is available online at www.fandm.edu/fandm-scientist. To obtain a hard copy, contact Professor Claude Yoder at cyoder@fandm.edu. Submissions for the fifth edition are due to Yoder by Sept. 1. 

  • F&M Scientist - Winter 2016
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