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On the Bookshelf (Winter 2016)

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  • On the Bookshelf (Winter 2016)

Current works by F&M alumni and faculty

Music and the Armenian Diaspora: Searching for Home in Exile

Sylvia Angelique Alajaji, associate professor of music and chair of Department of Music

Survivors of the Armenian genocide of 1915 and their descendants have used music to adjust to a life in exile and counter fears of obscurity. In this nuanced and richly detailed study, Sylvia Angelique Alajaji shows how the boundaries of Armenian music and identity have been continually redrawn: from the identification of folk music with an emergent Armenian nationalism under Ottoman rule to the early post-genocide diaspora community of Armenian musicians in New York, a more self-consciously nationalist musical tradition that emerged in Armenian communities in Lebanon, and more recent clashes over music and politics in California. Alajaji offers a critical look at the complex and multilayered forces that shape identity within communities in exile, demonstrating that music is deeply enmeshed in these processes. Multimedia components available online include video and audio recordings to accompany each case study. (Indiana University Press, 2015)


The Foreign Policy Puzzle: Interests, Threats and Tools

Keith Shimko '84

Keith Shimko provides a distinctive framework designed to address the central challenges of foreign policy: identifying and prioritizing interests, assessing the nature and magnitude of threats, and choosing the most effective policy tools. The book includes a thorough examination of the debates surrounding the 2003 Iraq War. The author's dedication reads: "To Stanley Michalak and in memory of Glenn Miller, both of Franklin and Marshall College. Even after all these years, this book reflects what I learned from them." (Oxford University Press, 2015)


The Journals of Ambrose Abbott

Richard Abbott Benning McKenzie '50

These journals reveal the world of Ambrose Abbott as young boy along the early Pennsylvania Canal, chronicling life-changing events when he joined the Civil War as a horse soldier, and his later life ponderings on history, philosophy and spirituality. (McKenzie Publications, 2015)


The Joy of Living: 7 Steps to Give Up Worry, Open Your Heart, and Love Your Life!

Jim Koehneke '67

Jim Koehneke introduces a seven-step process to help people who feel stuck in careers, feel powerless to change circumstances, or want to reconnect with their heart and soul. The process requires readers to be present and brave—with the goal of uncovering personal power and shedding worries and fears. Koehneke, a career and life coach, has more than 25 years of management experience in human resource and organization development. (Amazon Digital, 2015)


Alex Moves to a New House

Justine Bugaj '89; illustrated by Maeve Marie Broadbin '13

Alex is a tender story about a child who doesn’t want to move and is given all kinds of reasons why he will like his new neighborhood. He isn’t convinced, but when he meets Olive, his new neighbor, Alex discovers that his new house brings its own rewards. (bookscover2cover, 2015)


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