460 College Ave. (Building #4)

Phone: 717-358-4223

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Shadek-Fackenthal Library (SFL) was constructed in 1938 and renovated in 1983 & 2015. The facade features a large Greek Revival front porch with pediment and Doric columns across the front.  SFL holds 400,000 print books and periodicals in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, as well as media on all subjects, flexible classrooms and meeting spaces, research librarians, instructional technology and numerous study spaces.

To learn more visit library.fandm.edu.  


Semester Hours & Access

Restricted to FOB access after 7pm. 
See Library Website for break hours and changes.


Offices & Centers


Library Collections

  • Popular & Scholarly Journals
  • International Newspapers
  • Media (DVDs & CDs)
  • Microfilm & Microfiche
  • Books  (A-BE, BG-FZ, GF-PZ, TQ-Z)
    • American Studies
    • Anthropology
    • Art
    • Athletics
    • Business
    • Classics
    • Dance
    • Economics
    • Education
    • English
    • Film
    • Government
    • History
    • Music
    • Philosophy
    • Religious Studies
    • Sociology
    • Theater

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  • 2 Classrooms 
  • Group Study Rooms
  • Individual Study Carrels
  • Lounge Seating
  • Computers
  • Media Viewing Stations
  • Printers, Copiers, & Scanners
  • Microfilm & Microfiche Readers
  • White Boards & Smart Boards
  • Water Bottle Filling Station
  • Coffee & Snacks
  • Restrooms

From College Avenue, Shadek-Fackenthal Library is situated by the intersection with James Street. 

The closest parking spots are the back-in, angled spaces (including several designated for handicap use) on College Avenue. Watch for signs restricting use on certain days for street cleaning. Visitor parking is also available in Marshall-Buchanan Parking Lot (D) and, after 4:30 p.m