• Marcus Thomsen
Professor of Chemistry



Office: Hackman 414

Office: HAC 414
Lab: HAC 419



B.A. Luther College, 1977
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1981


My current research focuses on mechanistic organic chemistry. 

One project involves the photo-acid catalyzed formation of acetals from substituted benzaldehydes (Reaction 1).  The effect of groups (X) on the rate of the reaction should provide information about the reaction’s mechanism. 

Another project is directed at understanding the mechanism of the photo-Cannizzaro reaction of dialdehydes using different light sources and isotopic labeling with deuterium.

Finally, linear free energy relationships associated with the electro-philic bromination of different anilides in various solvent systems should provide insight about this classic reaction’s mechanism. 


1995 - Present

(Undergraduate student coauthor are in bold.)

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Course Information

Dr. Marcus Thomsen teaches the following courses:

CHM 111/112 - General Chemistry I and II
CHM 211/212 - Organic Chemistry I and II
CHM 411 - Advanced Organic Chemistry