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Janet Fischer and Craig Williamson sample Lake Hungabee, Yoho National Park

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Janet Fischer showing pikas how to navigate a boulder field

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Trevor Olson taking a snooze in an alpine meadow

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Marpole Lake, Yoho National Park.

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Janet Fischer estimating zooplankton abundance by eye in Celeste Lake.

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Janet and her trusty field assistant on Sink Lake.

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Rachel Olson at Red Rock Canyon, Waterton Lakes National Park.

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Sleeping Poets Pool, Yoho National Park.

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Mark and Rachel by the infamous Ogopogo Monster of Lake Okanagan, BC

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Janet Fischer after sampling Lake Hungabee for the last time this fall.

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Sunrise on Ha Ling Peak, Canmore AB.

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Hiking through larches at Saddleback Pass, near Lake Louise AB.

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Robbie on Mount Lady MacDonald on (yet another) cloudless day in Canmore