Janet Fischer and Craig Williamson sample Lake Hungabee, Yoho National Park

Janet Fischer showing pikas how to navigate a boulder field

Trevor Olson taking a snooze in an alpine meadow


Marpole Lake, Yoho National Park.

Janet Fischer estimating zooplankton abundance by eye in Celeste Lake.

Janet and her trusty field assistant on Sink Lake.

Rachel Olson at Red Rock Canyon, Waterton Lakes National Park.

Sleeping Poets Pool, Yoho National Park.

Mark and Rachel by the infamous Ogopogo Monster of Lake Okanagan, BC

Janet Fischer after sampling Lake Hungabee for the last time this fall.

Sunrise on Ha Ling Peak, Canmore AB.

Hiking through larches at Saddleback Pass, near Lake Louise AB.

Robbie on Mount Lady MacDonald on (yet another) cloudless day in Canmore