Address and Trail Guide

The Conservancy welcomes F&M community members involved in approved activities and other authorized visitors to explore Millport.    


737 E. Millport Rd.
Lititz, PA 17543

Telephone Numbers:

717-625-4572 Fax



Did you know?


	Photo by Melissa Hess, Staff Photographer, Franklin & Marshall College


  • Volunteer opportunities at Millport include: An annual cleanup in March; periodic water quality testing; nature trail maintenance; scout projects; tree nursery maintenance; trout stocking and feeding; and tree planting and stream restoration.
  • Students from the Warwick, Manheim Township, Conestoga Valley and Lancaster school districts, as well as from the Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13, visit Millport for stream and terrestrial studies. The site also hosts preschools, retirement communities, and civic and religious groups.
  • Millport serves as a site for water-quality research, as well as other environmental studies and archaeological fieldwork, by students and professors at Franklin & Marshall College. Each spring, approximately 400 F&M students visit Millport as part of their biology laboratory work. Classes from Elizabethtown College and Lebanon Valley College also are held at Millport.
  • Millport has been the site of secondary science teacher training.
  • The Conservancy is an ideal location for observing and photographing birds, fox, deer, frogs, turtles, herons, red-tailed hawks, wildflowers and many species of trees and plants.
  • Millport and neighboring farms host the Lancaster County County Career & Technology Foundation’s annual “Fly on the Run” fishing tournament in May.
  • The Donegal Chapter of Trout Unlimited maintains a tree nursery at Millport. The trees are used in streambank planting projects. The organization also holds its monthly board meetings and an annual picnic at Millport.
  • F&M's Putting it Together in the Community program annually sends 12 students to Millport for a week of service projects.
  • Scouting troops have created and maintained new trails, a campsite and directional signage.
  • Millport hosts community and cultural events, concerts, art exhibits, seminars and retreats.
  • The Conservancy created a community partnership to preserve the Star Barn structure and to locate all the outer buildings on the current premise.
  • The Wohlsen family's American illustrators art collection includes artworks that may be loaned to galleries and transparencies that may be used for publications, all upon request.
  • The Wohlsen Construction Co. archives are housed at Millport.

Fishing at Millport

Fishing at Millport is catch-and-release fly fishing only and is managed by the Donegal chapter of Trout Unlimited. In order to fish at Millport you must be a Donegal Trout Unlimited member, must have a valid PA fishing license, and you must have a yearly fishing badge from Trout Unlimited. To obtain the badge, please contact  Faye Haering at:

Faye E. Haering,
DTU Volunteer Coordinator
3238 Oak Glen Ct.
Lancaster, PA 17601