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Letter from the Executive Director, July 2013


	Baby bluebirds were born at Millport in June. (Photo by Jeff Musser) Baby bluebirds were born at Millport in June. (Photo by Jeff Musser)

Dear Millport Members and Friends,

As a rainy June has turned into a scorching July, the Millport Conservancy thrives and continues daily activity.

We are buzzing with bee boxes that have been installed by local beekeeper Arlen Ressler. Baby bluebirds are surviving in newly installed boxes (photo at right), tended to by our expert volunteer Jeff Musser. F&M biology professors Dan Ardia and Eric Lonsdorf, and Sarah Dawson, director of F&M's Wohlsen Center for the Sustainable Environment, recently installed motion cameras at various locations to see nighttime animal activity.

In addition, our former musician in residence at the Wohlsen Center, Douglas Thomas, is creating music at Millport and used the Little House for a recording session -- which you can hear and see in this video. And Jeremy Moss, assistant professor of film and media studies at F&M, is using Millport as a photographer's paradise. Deep in the bowels of the mill or outside in the wilds of nature, his students are seeing Millport through their lenses.


	F&M students conduct research in the Lititz Run. (Photo by Lynn Wohlsen Myers) F&M students conduct research in the Lititz Run. (Photo by Lynn Wohlsen Myers)

Millport is such an exciting place for so many people of different interests -- especially for students. This spring we hosted approximately 1,000 students from local schools, colleges, church groups and day care centers (photo at right). Now we are looking forward to the beginning of a new school year. New F&M students will arrive in August for Putting it Together in the Community (known as PIT), a service initiative organized by the Ware Institute for Civic Engagement. I always enjoy greeting first-year students on their second day at the College and then watching them grow throughout the years. They are often leaders of their class.

Don't forget to visit our ever-changing website, which now features a video to entice guests to Millport. And our Facebook page is updated with the latest happenings.

Enjoy these articles from the July 2013 issue of Streamlines:


Rain or shine, it's always a beautiful day at Millport!


Lynn Wohlsen Myers
Executive Director, Millport Conservancy

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