7/30/2013 Staff

What's the Buzz at Millport?


	Arlen Ressler tends to the honeybees at Millport. (Photo by Ashley Marsh) Arlen Ressler tends to the honeybees at Millport. (Photo by Ashley Marsh)

For local beekeeper Arlen Ressler, Millport's 85-acre refuge for wildlife and plant species is a perfect place to raise honeybees. Millport and its surroundings have all the resources a honeybee needs to survive. The Lititz Run stream that runs through Millport provides an ideal water source for the bees. In addition, there are plentiful pollen and nectar around from all the vibrant flowers and flowering produce found in the area.

Honeybees play a very important role in our lives by pollinating crops such as apples, almonds, strawberries, soybeans, cucumbers and many more. Ressler notes that for many years the honeybee population has been on a decline, a problem that escalated around 2006 due to what is known as Colony Collapse Disorder.

Through his work with the bees at Millport, Ressler is doing his part to keep the honeybee population strong -- which, in turn, benefits us all. "Without a helping hand to the honeybees, we may not eat our favorite fruits and vegetables," he noted.

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