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The Daily Caller: Rosie O’Donnell Is A Dehumanizing Propagandist

F&M's Jeffrey Podoshen's essay: As a professor who has taught courses about propaganda at a Top 50 liberal arts college for nearly 14 years, I engage students with the study of techniques used to dehumanize individuals and groups of people. One of these methods of dehumanization is centered on the focus on parts of the body and physical characteristics of the intended target that become caricatured in an effort to vilify or make seem foreign.


USA Today: Who will champion low-income college students after key leader moves on?

Dan Porterfield's appointment is good for him and for the Aspen Institute, but a new advocate for disadvantaged kids needs to step up.

F&M College's board approves $29M visual arts center project

Franklin & Marshall College is moving forward on a new $29 million visual arts center project on the southern end of its Lancaster campus. The college's board of trustees last week approved construction on the Susan & Benjamin Winter Visual Arts Center, which will replace the Herman Arts Building.


No, Kathy Griffin, Donald Trump Is Not An ‘Actual Nazi

F&M's Jeffrey Podoshen's essay: ... while she can say anything she wants here in America, it should give us all pause that Ms. Griffin chooses to use her first amendment rights to whittle away at what’s left of the devout seriousness of the term “Nazi.” What has happened in the greater celebrity quest for clicks and media attention is that the word “Nazi” has become commoditized and its use is now ubiquitous. It is used all too often and in a myriad of inappropriate contexts. This overuse thereby takes meaning away from the word and the horrors that come with actual Nazism. Sadly, the places of death listed on my own family tree are rife with the terms “Slonim Ghetto,” “Warsaw Ghetto,” and “Auschwitz.”


The Philly Voice: A death-defying dig at the grave of a serial killer

The two scientists, along with the History Channel's production team, gathered a team of experts in construction, concrete-cutting, excavation and medicine, including a geophysicist from Franklin and Marshall College, Dr. Tim Bechtel; the museum's Dr. Peter Cobb, who performed 3D photogrammetric mapping of the gravesite; and Dr. Martin Levin of the university's dental school, who helped identify the remains. About 30 people ultimately were involved.


abc27 News: Inside Out Project rallies support for clean Dream Act

There is not a day that goes by that Cheska Mae Perez doesn’t worry about her future. Perez, a first-year student at Franklin and Marshall College, is one of the children of undocumented immigrants protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, better known as DACA.


The Morning Call: An early preview of Gov. Wolf's re-election chances 

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: Will Pennsylvania's Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf win a second term in the rapidly approaching 2018 statewide election? Or will he become another "one-term Tom," losing his bid for a second term, as did his immediate predecessor, Republican Tom Corbett.


Bloomberg: This Leader Turns Theories Into Accomplishments

With ideas under siege, the world needs intellectual leaders with the creativity and vision to translate ideas into practice and restore people’s faith in knowledge along the way. Dan Porterfield has done that as president of Franklin & Marshall, a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania.

The Village Voice: “Dear Enemy” Guides Readers Through a Landscape Where Rules Don’t Apply 

The workshop model of storytelling is something Alexander knows well. At 36, she is a creative writing professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and before that she taught composition and creative writing classes as a graduate student. She calls the workshop process “a luxury and a pleasure,” while admitting that, yes, she is lampooning something in “Evil Creatures.”

The Daily Caller: In The Wake of Myanmar’s Ethnic Cleansing, It’s Time To Scrap The Noble Peace Prize

Article written by Associate Professor of Marketing Jeffrey S. Podoshen: Recently, United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Myanmar’s crackdown on the Rohingya “ethnic cleansing.” With these reports of the ethnic violence centered on Myanmar’s largely Muslim ethnic minority that has been forced to flee the country, calls have grown increasingly louder to strip Aung San Suu Kyi of her 1991 Nobel Peace Prize. The Burmese leader, Kyi has been inactive and silent on the situation unfolding in her country.

PHILLY.Com Local Colleges Blast GOP Endowment Tax Proposal

An earlier House version had an even lower threshold of $100,000 per student that would have added a handful of other local colleges, including Franklin & Marshall in Lancaster.

“The precedent itself opens the door to a money grab of privately raised funds that support the educational mission of non-profit institutions,” said Daniel R. Porterfield, president of Franklin & Marshall College. “That’s not right. It’s not smart, and it’s not American.”


Inside Higher Ed: The Subtle Surprises of Academic Friendships

Article written by Professor of Legal Studies Jeffrey Nesteruk: Personal relationships can provide untapped creative spaces for boundary-spanning work, writes Jeffrey Nesteruk, and the silos we most need to overcome might be ourselves.

The Wall Street Journal: For Colleges, A Rural Reckoning

Emily Ritchey grew up in Dry Run, Pa., population 345, the daughter of a cashier and a mechanic. The halls of her high school were filled with boys wearing camouflage. Two couples arrived at prom in tractors. Then she went off to college, 90 miles away. Walking the manicured campus of Franklin & Marshall College, a selective private school in Lancaster, Pa., with total costs per year of some $65,000, she encountered a different world. “I looked around at all these kids wearing Patagonia and Vineyard Vines, clothes I’d never seen before, and I just felt way out of my league,” she says. Classmates sometimes refer to her as coming from Pennsyltucky. “It’s kind of like I’m from nowheresville.”  

Stadium Journey: Shadek Stadium – Franklin & Marshall Diplomats


The Washington Post: Aspen Institute names Dan Porterfield, president of Franklin and Marshall College, as its new leader

The Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute Board of Trustees named Daniel R. Porterfield, Ph.D., as the organization’s next president and CEO. Dan is president of Franklin & Marshall College.  Dan Porterfield is an innovative, strategic thinker. He brings to the position an intellectual depth, a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, and an ability to lead a complex, mission-driven organization to create impact and make a difference in the world. He will succeed Walter Isaacson, effective June 1, 2018.

The New York Times: Revolving Door

The Aspen Institute has named Dan Porterfield, president of Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania, as its next president. He will succeed Walter Isaacson on June 1. 

The Aspen Times: Aspen Institute names new CEO

GlobeNewswire: Dan Porterfield Named Next Aspen Institute President and CEO

LNP: F&M College president Daniel Porterfield leaving to become head of Aspen Institute

Central Penn Business Journal: Franklin & Marshall president to leave college next year, lead D.C. think tank


LNP: GOP faces something worse than a dilemma

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: One definition of a trilemma is “a difficult choice (among) three options, each of which is … unacceptable or unfavorable.” A trilemma is essentially a dilemma on steroids. Open any door; it doesn’t matter because all of them are the wrong door.

In the aftermath of this month’s off-year election, it appears national Republicans are confronting such a challenge as they prepare for the 2018 midterm elections, now some 11 months away. 

bctv.orgStudent Journalists Create Book About Local Latino Immigrants

This year’s group of 11 students, representing Cabrini University, Franklin & Marshall College, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Haverford College, Millersville University, Northampton Community College, and Shippensburg University, volunteered their time and skills on Labor Day weekend to interview, photograph, and record a dozen Latino immigrants who reside in Berks and Lancaster counties. Their stories about their journey to the U.S. and their lives here provide a compassionate perspective on the current issue of immigration and undocumented people who are our coworkers, neighbors, and friends.


LNP: National group calls Franklin & Marshall College a bike-friendly campus

Franklin & Marshall College is a good place to ride on two wheels, according to a national bike group. The college was added to the League of American Bicyclist's "Bicyclist Friendly University" list Nov. 8. F&M joins 182 bicycle friendly universities in the United States, according to the non-profit membership organization.

LNP: Honoring the republic for which our flag stands

Article written by Associate Professor of Organization Studies Bryan Stinchfield: I first remember reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in kindergarten.

I remember being impressed that all the kids around me were pledging allegiance to the same things — to the flag and to the republic.

That is indeed what this nation is, as Article IV, Section 4, of the Constitution makes clear: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.”


Forbes: When Creativity Connects

Article written by President Daniel R. Porterfield: Steve Jobs famously believed that “creativity is connecting things.” Sometimes, of course, this means linking goals or ideas. But I like to think of it as connecting problems – or, more precisely, creating innovations that solve two or more seemingly unconnected problems. For example, in 2011 at Franklin & Marshall College, we used a comprehensive strategic planning process to learn the values, ideas, concerns, and hopes of our many stakeholders, from students to local leaders to alums.

India West: Indian American-led App SimplyStow Hopes to Help People Rent Space to Store Stuff

A pair of students at Lancaster, Pa.-based Franklin & Marshall College, including Indian American Paraj Mathur, have created an app that promises to provide people space to store excess stuff.


PennLive: Low turn-out, low-visibility,' pollster Terry Madonna talks Election 2017

Franklin & Marshall College pollster and political analyst G. Terry Madonna stopped by the PennLive offices on Monday, where he ran the table on the elections and talked about what voters might expect when they step into the ballot box.


LNP: WNBA superstar Chamique Holdsclaw coming to Lancaster Thursday for film about her

A panel discussion will be held before the film at 6:15 p.m. and after the film Holdsclaw and Goldsmith will answer questions.  The panel will include: Dr. Karla Campanella, Psychiatrist, Wellspan Philhaven, Dr. Marc Felizzi, Professor of Social Work, Millersville University and member of National Alliance of Social Workers in Sports,  Regina Phillips, Director of Student Wellness Programs/Active Minds Advisor, Franklin & Marshall College

delawareonline: Our schools should challenge kids so they're ready for college: Delaware Voice

This is a powerful opportunity for traditionally under-served students that allows them to gain admission into such elite colleges as Wesleyan University, Franklin and Marshall College, Denison University and University of Delaware, to name a few. Every day I watch my daughter struggle to keep up with intense amounts of reading and writing that she is assigned by her IB classes and TeenSHARP. She has much less time to socialize with her friends or even family. But I know that this is what it takes to prepare her for what lies ahead. We as parents and our children are willing to make the sacrifices to make Delaware a state where anyone can go to college.

PennLive: Goodbye student loan interest deduction? How the GOP tax plan impacts you

An estimated 150 colleges would be affected by the change, according to the National Association of College and University Business Officers. Based on data from the 2013-14 school year, the new tax could affect 17 Pennsylvania schools, although the calculations would obviously change from year to year. That list included places like Franklin and Marshall College, Lehigh University and the University of Pennsylvania. Swarthmore, which has an endowment nearing $2 billion reported a per student average of more than $1.1 million in 2013-14. "Imposing an excise tax on nonprofit private university endowments is a short-sighted move that will only harm students and their families," said Mary Sue Coleman, president of the Association of American Universities, which represents 60 research universities including Penn State and the University of Pennsylvania.


Times Higher Education: Global wave of prejudice demands academic attention

Meanwhile, some liberals push back on allowing conservative voices on campus. “It’s still a very highly charged environment, even in our classrooms,” said Susan Dicklitch-Nelson, professor of government at Pennsylvania’s Franklin and Marshall College, who helps to organise the Global Barometer of Gay Rights.


Philadelphia Inquirer: One year later, what does Trump's win mean for Pa. politics? 

Berwood Yost writes about his recent polling research: Newly published research finds that Trump’s victory was created by profound changes in voter registration combined with near-historic alterations in voter turnout. Changes in registration and turnout were driven largely by less formally educated voters, many dissatisfied with the direction of the country and the performance of the Obama administration. A large number of angry voters who might not have registered and often do not turn out to vote registered and turned out. And they made the difference.

Inside Higher Ed: Academic Minute: Social Learning of Apes

Today on the Academic Minute, Lauren Howard, assistant professor of psychology and scientific and philosophical studies of mind at Franklin & Marshall College, delves into how chimpanzees and other apes pass along and learn information. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.

The Academic Minute: Lauren Howard, Franklin & Marshall College – Social Learning of Apes

Do primates learn from being social? Lauren Howard, assistant professor of psychology & scientific and philosophical studies of mind at Franklin & Marshall College, delves into how apes and chimpanzees pass along and learn information.

LNP: Entertainment Lancaster Oct. 26-Nov. 1 Stage Calendar


Contemporary dark comedy by Anne Washburn. Tonight-Sat. 7:30 p.m. Sun. 2 p.m. $10 adults, $1 students. Schnader Theatre, Roschel Performing Arts Center, Franklin & Marshall College. fandm.edu. Tickets at bit.ly/mrburnsfandm.


The Morning Call: G. Terry Madonna and Michael Young: Pennsylvania's great game of judicial roulette

Article co-authored by Professor of Public Affairs Dr. G. Terry Madonna: Are you good with names? Try these. Carolyn Nichols, Maria McLaughlin, Deborah Anne Kunselman and Geoff Moulton. If you don't recognize these try another group: Wade Kagarise, Craig Stedman, Emil Giordano and Mary Murray. Still a little fuzzy about whom they are? You are not alone Probably 95 percent of the voters that head to the voting booths on Nov 7 won't recognize them either. The first four names are the Democratic candidates for state Superior Court. The latter four names are the Republican candidates for the same court.


LNP: A look at the upcoming college theater season

When it comes to choosing shows for the Franklin & Marshall stage, students play a major part in the decision, says Bonnie Bosso, production and public relations manager for the theater, dance and film department. “WE look at the four-year career of a major and try to make particular types of shows available to them during their tenure here,” she says, noting the school tends to perform a musical every two years. “We also try to balance larger and smaller shows both for the designers and for the casting process.”  This year, F&M is offering three mainstage shows. 


LNP: Hoping for a resolution between the North Museum and Franklin & Marshal

Editorial from LNP Editorial Board: Quoting a Lancaster resident: “I truly hope the two entities can work toward an amicable end.” So do we — especially a resolution that accommodates F&M’s new visual arts center while retaining the North Museum as a valued community resource for generations to come. 

LNP: Author Nick Flynn says writing a memoir more than mere storytelling

Nick Flynn stopped writing — at least temporarily — when his daughter turned 7. Flynn, the author of three memorable memoirs and a number of books of poetry, says it forced him to take a hard look back at his own childhood. Flynn, 57, who will be on the campus of Franklin & Marshall College to deliver this year’s Hausman Lecture, says that troubling realization led him to question the purpose of writing.

LNP: Meet Franklin & Marshall's new home for football and lacrosse, Shadek Stadium [video]

For more than 120 years, homecoming at Franklin & Marshall College transformed Sponaugle-Williamson Field into a sea of blue and white. The field was built in 1894, and its concrete grandstands were added in 1922 after a victory bonfire got out of hand, wiping out the wooden seats. On Saturday, the reunions, tailgating and the football game moved across Harrisburg Avenue to a new stadium — for homecoming and beyond.

New Castle News: F&M Pollster: 2018 PA election will be a Trump referendum

"All mid-term elections are referendums on presidents," said G. Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin and Marshall College Poll, "but running in this year's Pennsylvania election is Bob Casey, one of the Senate's five most vocal anti-Trump legislators. You also could have Lou Barletta, one of Trump's earliest supporters, trying to win Casey's seat."


LNP: North Museum sues F&M College, fears noisy construction of arts center could put it out of business

North Museum is taking Franklin & Marshall College to court, alleging that the pending construction of a visual arts building on campus next door will be so noisy and disruptive the museum could be forced to close.

LNP: North Museum gets November court date in suit to stop construction of F&M College's visual arts center

North Museum will ask a judge next month to halt construction of a visual arts center at Franklin & Marshall College until its concerns about parking, jackhammer noise and demolition-related damage are addressed. A day after Lancaster County Court granted an emergency motion temporarily halting the project, Senior Judge Joseph Madenspacher on Thursday scheduled a hearing for Nov. 13 and 14 to consider extending the injunction.

WITF Smart Talk: Breaking Pennsylvania’s Electoral Habits

Almost a year later, the question still arises as to how Trump won Pennsylvania, even though there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state.  Maybe the bigger question is did last year's election signal a political change in Pennsylvania? Berwood Yost is the director of the Center for Opinion Research and the Floyd Institute for Public Policy at Franklin & Marshall College and the co-author of The 2016 Pennsylvania Presidential and U.S. Senate Elections:  Breaking Pennsylvania's Electoral Habits. 


The 74: Porterfield: When Public Charter School Alumni Thrive in College

Article written by President Daniel R. Porterfield: In 1938, as a part of American Education Week, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wrote, “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.” Precisely for that reason I was inspired upon reading Richard Whitmire’s New York Daily News article, “What some NYC charter schools do better than any in the nation: A proud distinction for Uncommon, KIPP and Achievement First.” Whitmire presents data showing that fully half of these three charter school networks’ alumni graduate from college within six years, far above the 9 percent national average for low-income college goers. 

The 74: Franklin & Marshall’s Mission to Make College More Equitable Is Changing the Face of Higher Ed

Updated article originally published earlier this year: College access and equity pioneer Franklin & Marshall College has more than tripled its percentage of low-income Pell Grant students since 2008. These students, many of them the first in their families to attend college, made up just 5 percent of the class of 2012 but have accounted for an average of 20 percent of the past three freshman classes and will represent 17 percent of graduates who receive their diplomas at the school’s May 13 commencement.


Quartz: The problem with judging books from other cultures, according to a Man Booker juror

Padmini Mongia has been teaching Indian writing in English at Franklin & Marshall College in the US for more the 25 years. She says there are a few things American and British readers might find unfamiliar about contemporary Indian literature. 


Inside Higher Ed: Academic Minute: Safety of Sexual Minorities 

Today on the Academic Minute, Susan Dicklitch-Nelson, professor of government at Franklin and Marshall College, examines where tolerance for LGBTQ individuals stands at this moment in time. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.

The Academic Minute: Susan Dicklitch-Nelson, Franklin & Marshall College – Safety of Sexual Minorities

The world is becoming more tolerant for LGBTQ individuals, but we have a long way to go. Susan Dicklitch-Nelson, professor of government at Franklin and Marshall College, examines where tolerance stands now.

The Times-Tribune: Abingtons native details drive-in’s struggle in documentary opening festival

Monelli, a Lancaster resident who directs and produces small marketing videos for Franklin & Marshall College, shot the 80-minute film using his own money and no other crew. In addition to being chosen as the sole opening-night screener for the NEPA festival, “At the Drive-in” has been accepted to show at prestigious events such as the annual Savannah, Reading and Philadelphia film festivals, too.

LNP: Seiki Murono's story: From Texas internment camp to F&M football stardom in 1960s

Franklin & Marshall quarterback Seiki Murono was named the Most Outstanding Football Player in the Middle Atlantic Conference in 1964, when he led the Diplomats to an undefeated season, and again in 1965. His journey to Lancaster had started when he was born at the Crystal City Internment Camp in Texas on D-Day.


The 74: The Georgetown Scholarship Program: Getting First-Generation Students Acquainted to College Early On

Especially for KIPP, Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., gets mentioned a lot. There, President Daniel Porterfield engineered a dramatic shift in who wins spots in the freshman class. The biggest change, and one that many college presidents avoid, is shifting from so-called merit-based financial aid to need-based aid.

The Meadville Tribune: Our toxic gerrymander game

Article co-authored by Professor of Public Affairs Dr. G. Terry Madonnna: t’s the quintessential “inside baseball” game among political aficionados: decennial reapportionment of legislative districts.

The game itself is pretty simple to describe. A political party — be it Republicans or Democrats — gains control of a state legislature at the beginning of a new decade. Ideally they gain control of all three branches of government so no pesky spoilsports — such as governors — try to ruin the game.


LNP: Gallery of Modern Masters opens today in Lancaster city's Penn Square

It’s co-owned by 1977 Franklin & Marshall College grad Zach Richardson, who also owns the original Gallery of Modern Masters in Sedona, Arizona. Richardson became reacquainted with the area after bringing his college-age children here to visit F&M. (Both are now students at his alma mater.) “He came back to Lancaster and saw it wasn’t the same Lancaster as it was in 1977. He loved the artistic vibe here,’’ says gallery director and co-owner Tim Smith. Smith, also an F&M grad, connected with Richardson through their mutual affiliations with the college. (Third F&M alum, Mary Mary Manacher-Fritsch, is the final co-owner.)


LNP: On that night in Las Vegas, and what’s needed now

Article written by retired Professor of Government Joseph Karlesky: Last week, my wife Audrey and I were in the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay resort and casino building when the shooter fired assault-style weapons from the 32nd floor, killing 58 people and injuring more than 500 others.

We returned to the hotel for the night at around 10 p.m., and were probably in the elevator when the shooting began. We heard nothing.

PennLive: Polled Pa. voters say Casey, Wolf don't deserve re-election 

A Franklin & Marshall College poll released last month showed Wolf's approval ratings down slightly from 41 percent to 38 percent. The numbers tracked similarly to Wolf's predecessors, former Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell and Tom Ridge, both of whom went on to win re-election to a second term. Wolf's numbers were also similar to ex-GOP Gov. Tom Corbett, whom Wolf defeated in 2014.


Philadelphia Inquirer: Trump and his followers concoct 'dangers' to spread hate

Article written by Assistant Professor of Sociology Ashley Rondini: When hate groups terrorize those they characterize as “dangerous,” they rationalize their attacks as preemptive self-defense. This rationale has been a mainstay in the historical persecution of racial and religious minorities, especially in the Western world, when white women are depicted as the targets of threat.


The British Psychological Society Research Digest: The Psychology of Sex Differences – 5 Revealing Insights From Our Primate Cousins 

Earlier this year, as part of a special issue of the Journal of Neuroscience Research – titled “An Issue Whose Time Has Come: Sex/Gender Influences on Nervous System Function” – Elizabeth Lonsdorf at Franklin and Marshall College published a useful mini-review detailing some of the sex differences observed among monkey and ape infants and juveniles.

“Many sex differences in behavioral development exist in nonhuman primates,” she writes, “despite a comparative lack of sex-biased treatment by mothers and other social partners”.

LNP: 'Airbnb of storage': Franklin & Marshall students develop app to help people share, rent space

Call it the Airbnb of storage. That’s how 21-year-old Paraj Mathur describes his tech startup, SimplyStow, an app that helps people find a nearby space to store their stuff. The app takes advantage of a barrier that Airbnb, an online home-rental service, broke by giving strangers access to somebody else’s personal space.


LNP: Learn something new at these 4 free film screenings and talks in Lancaster County this week

Monday, Oct. 2, 7:30-10 p.m. “The Lanthanide Series” with filmmaker Erin Espelie Live. “The Lanthanide Series” is an experimental documentary about rare earth elements (landthanides), black mirrors (from obsidian to iPads) and how technology is reshaping the way we record the present an replay the past. In Keiper Liberal Arts’ Green Room Theatre at Franklin and Marshall College. Thursday, Oct. 5, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Singing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land: Africans in Lancaster County. Leroy Taft Hopkins Jr., professor of German (emeritus) at Millersville University and president of the African-American Historical Society of South Central Pennsylvania, will give a talk and then join an interview with Betty Hurdle, a retired housing and community advocate and a member of the 7th Ward Oral History Project. In Mayser Gymnasium, Franklin and Marshall College.

Reading Eagle: Madonna predicts Pa.'s 2018 Senate race will be in spotlight

After the dramatic election of Donald Trump as president in November 2016, the 2018 midterm elections will be pivotal, with Pennsylvania hosting one of the most watched races in the country. That is the prediction of Dr. G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs, professor of public affairs, and director of the Franklin and Marshall College Poll. He was the keynote speaker Thursday night at the Shining Star Awards hosted by the Northeast Berks Chamber and held at the Berkleigh Golf Club in Kutztown, where he gave a snapshot of current politics.


WFIR News Talk Radio: Taubman deputy director moving on

The deputy director of exhibitions and collections at the Taubman Museum of Art – Amy Moorefield – is leaving for a leadership position with the Phillips Museum of Art at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania. 


LNP: Learn something new this week at these 6 free talks in Lancaster County

Here are six chances to learn something new on local college campuses and Lancasterhistory.org this week, from Arab street culture and the Latino experience to cooking for autoimmune disorders and how outdoor cats threaten biodiversity.

LNP: Allegro Orchestra Lancaster keeps growing and innovating

It all started with a birthday party some time around 2002. Brian Norcross, a professor of music at Franklin & Marshall College, was a guest at the party. The man celebrating his birthday had recently taken up the oboe and his wife gave him the gift of a string quartet to play with him during the party. “We were sitting in their great room and everyone was smiling; it was a joyful thing,” Norcross recalls. “And I thought, this is what I want.” And so, the seeds of Allegro Orchestra Lancaster were sewn.

LNP: We cannot risk a poverty of wisdom

Article written by Professor Bryan Stinchfield: Earlier this month, I asked 17 first-year college students in my class to raise their hands if they thought humans would engage in a nuclear exchange during their lifetimes. All 17 hands went up. All 17 kids thought they would live long enough to witness a nuclear war on TV if not closer up. Why? Because they’ve been watching the adults.

Central Penn Business Journal: In media blitz, Armstrong Flooring aims for younger audience

"It's probably a good move for them, because Armstrong is not a brand that's associated with anything like this," said Franklin & Marshall College marketing professor Jeffrey Podoshen, who likes how the TV spot delivers information and makes a visual impact.

LNP: A challenge to Casey looks like “a bridge too far”

Article co-authored by Professor G. Terry Madonnna: A hoary old adage about the weather is often attributed to Mark Twain: If you don’t like it now wait five minutes and it will change. Something like that has happened to the burgeoning re-election campaign of Pennsylvania’s Bob Casey, now running for a third term to the U.S. Senate.


The Hechinger Report: How to save the humanities? Make them a requirement toward a business degree

Franklin & Marshall College is working with Bucknell University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School to find more ways that the liberal arts can be applied to business education. The project looks at such things as how fiction can help explore sustainable business and what a dance instructor can teach about entrepreneurship.

The Guardian: Trump's big test: will his swing voters stay loyal?

Voters who liked Dent for his contrast with Trumpian politics might not like what comes next in the 15th district, warned G Terry Madonna, director of the center for politics and public affairs at Pennsylvania’s Franklin and Marshall College. "There's no place for moderates given what redistricting has done and then the increasing polarization of the American electorate," Madonna said. "And Dent was the last of a dying breed."

LNP: F&M poll: Trump's job performance viewed positively by 3-in-10 Pennsylvania voters

Three out of every 10 Pennsylvania voters believe President Donald Trump is doing an “excellent” or “good” job nearly a year after Lancaster County helped send him to the White House, a new Franklin & Marshall College poll found. And while Trump’s job performance rating has dipped 8 percentage points since the spring, his favorability has increased slightly among Keystone State voters, according to the poll.

The Times-Tribune: Poll: Trump backers still like him; Barletta mostly unknown statewide

Fewer state voters view President Donald Trump unfavorably than earlier this year, but more disapprove of the way he’s doing his job, too, according to a new Franklin & Marshall College poll released today. Voters also see U.S. Sen. Bob Casey more favorably. More of them continue to disapprove of his job performance than approve, though the disapproval isn’t as bad as before, according to the poll.

The Inquirer: Poll: Majority of Pa. voters support legalized marijuana

Support in Pennsylvania to fully legalize marijuana has reached a record high, according to a poll published Thursday by Franklin and Marshall College. A majority of voters in the Keystone State, 59 percent, said “yes” when asked if cannabis should be made legal, said polling director Terry Madonna. When pollsters first began asking the question in 2006, only 22 percent were pro-pot.

The Morning Call: Trump losing some GOP support in Pennsylvania, but core backs him

President Donald Trump’s unconventional approach to the rhetoric of his office — the early-morning tweets, the bombast at campaign rallies three years before his next election, the clashes with other politicians — is a double-edged sword, a new Pennsylvania poll shows. Trump’s core base of voters in the state is sticking with him, according to G. Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin & Marshall College Poll.


TribLIVE: Trump's job approval drops to 40% in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Franklin & Marshall poll shows

President Trump's job approval rating has dropped to 40 percent among his bedrock Southwestern Pennsylvanian supporters, while less than a third of voters statewide said he's been doing a good job overall, according to a new poll from Franklin & Marshall College.

Reading Eagle: Job approval down for Wolf, Trump in Pennsylvania

Despite a monthslong legislative battle over Pennsylvania's budget, which led Wednesday to a downgrade of the state's credit rating, the percentage of Pennsylvanians with positive views of Gov. Tom Wolf's performance has fallen only slightly, the latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll shows.

The poll, conducted Sept. 13 through Monday, found 38 percent of voters saying the governor is doing an excellent or good job, down only slightly from 41 percent in May.


LNP: Lancaster Bible College students, staff will head to Houston to help with Harvey recovery

Franklin and Marshall College's Catastrophic Relief Alliance is planning a trip March 11-17 to work on homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey, according to spokesman Peter Durantine.


LNP: From boots to suits: F&M student from Italy maps his road to the White House [column]

F&M junior Giovanni Corrado: I was 16. I would wake up when the sun was still asleep. Get dressed, eat breakfast and walk to the nearest bus stop. I was born in Italy, near a farming hill called Leivi, where I lived most of my life. There were no schools on the lonely hill filled with olive trees. So I took the bus. I studied classical languages and literature. I love my hometown, don’t get me wrong. But one day, almost out of the blue, I decided I wanted more for myself.


LNP: Today's social and climate crises need a movement, activist Naomi Klein tells F&M College crowd

Naomi Klein, 47, the writer, documentarian and progressive activist, confesses to being a difficult, self-absorbed, borderline-delinquent teenager.

Then came the shock of the catastrophic stroke her mother suffered at the age of 46.

Overnight, Klein told an audience of several hundred Thursday at Franklin & Marshall College, she went from being a kid to being an adult. She became a care taker, not a taker of care.


LNP: Here's where Lancaster County schools rank in the 2018 US News best colleges report

Franklin & Marshall College

— Making up 15 percent of its students in 2016-17, F&M was recognized as a liberal arts school with one of the highest percentages of international students.

— F&M landed in 13th place on a list of innovative schools, a ranking based on peer assessment surveys.

— In the category of schools with programs that focus on student success, F&M was recognized for its first-year experience seminars for students.

— And on the list of the best national liberal arts colleges, F&M tied for 39th place out of 233 schools.

Forbes: Why Every College Should Support 'Summer Learning Gain' In Students

Article written by President Daniel R. Porterfield: One of the hot topics in early education is how to prevent summer learning loss, which is when children fall back developmentally without the daily structure of school. That’s why it blew me away to visit the DREAM Charter School in New York City this summer. DREAM offers 900 lower-income school-age children a free full-day program focused on academic achievement, physical activity, and emotional wellness. I loved seeing all these children reading, writing, and playing with their summer mentors. I’d call this summer learning gain—and it’s inspiring to see students thrive when they keep stretching their minds and aspirations after the school year ends.

LNP: As United Way of Lancaster County pioneers collective impact, expert says pitfalls remain

In other remarks at the summit, Berwood Yost, opinion research director at Franklin & Marshall College, reported on how well the 17 partnerships are working, based on assessment tools he uses.

Yost said that compared to when the partnerships were formed in 2015, they are now more cohesive and starting to show results.

LNP: City Council OKs F&M visual arts center

Following the recommendation of Lancaster's Historical Commission, City Council approved Franklin & Marshall College's plans for a new arts building on Tuesday.

The 35,000 square-foot Susan & Ben Winter Visual Arts Center will replace F&M's Herman Arts Building, which will be torn down.


WalletHub: How to Check Your Credit Score for Free, in 2 Minutes

Article featuring Associate Professor of Accounting and Organizations Cynthia Krom: It is far easier now for people to check their credit scores and keep on top of their credit ratings. As little as 5 years ago, the average person couldn’t easily access their credit reports without paying each of the three main bureaus, and/or applying for a loan and being turned down. It was all a big secret. Now, the average consumer has pretty easy access which is a good thing. 

Daily Coffee News: Passenger Coffee Draws New Blue Line Coffee in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Located on the campus of Franklin & Marshall College, Blue Line offers students, faculty and staff a welcoming space for coffee, studying and socializing. As such, the company is excited to provide a stimulating exposure for inquiring minds.


bctv.org: Politically Uncorrected: Assassination: A Fool’s Errand
Article co-authored by Professor of Public Affairs Dr. G. Terry Madonnna: Assassination! The word itself repels most Americans –It sounds totalitarian, fanatic, vicious and violent.  For most, it conjures up the horrific spectacle of a presidential assassination. We have been there too often. Our history haunts us. Four American presidents have been assassinated with another twelve  attempted or foiled attempts against incumbent presidents, stretching from Andrew Jackson in the 19th century to Barack Obama in the 21st.


Forbes: The Most Empowering Message New College Students Can Hear -- And Act On

President Daniel R. Porterfield's essay: All around the country, parents and educators are searching for one last piece of advice to give students as they start college life. It’s tempting to advise them to be themselves, to make smart choices, to find their passion...and of course, not to forget to call home. There’s nothing wrong with those messages. But I like advice that places responsibility for their education most squarely where it belongs — on them. That’s why I like to remind students that each of them has the ability, here, now, and every day of college, to create the education they seek.


The Daily Item: Plain folk, complex problems: Valley grads doctor Amish families

Fox and Demczko first were introduced to the concept of treating the Amish and Mennonite communities via a class at Franklin & Marshall College taught by Dr. Kevin Strauss that explored ways that cutting-edge technology could be applied to underserved populations. “Mike was in the very first iteration of the course,” Strauss said, mentioning that the curriculum was “about bridging the gap between medical science and clinical care ... and making better use of the avalanche of data generation that really hasn’t reached patients in a meaningful way.” The two both wound up working with the Clinic for Special Children in Strasburg, a program that specializes in helping members from the Amish and Mennonite communities — among others — deal with rare genetic disorders and other conditions.


The New York Times: Trump Republicans Invigorate, and Complicate, Party’s Fight for Senate

In Pennsylvania, Republicans think they have a strong candidate in Mr. Barletta, a onetime mayor of the small city of Hazleton. But both Ms. Duffy and G. Terry Madonna, a political scientist at Franklin & Marshall College who is a longtime observer of politics in Pennsylvania, say Mr. Casey will be tough to beat.

NewsBlaze: College Tuition May Be Just Out of Reach for the Middle Class

Activists are constantly pushing for more affordable education. Daniel R. Porterfield, President of Franklin & Marshall College, is a huge advocate of improving financial aid for students from low-income families. He also wants to expand financial aid to include more people.

“We need to expand opportunity and aid policies for both Pell students and for middle-income students who are not Pell-eligible,” he said in the same Washington Post interview mentioned previously.


Central Penn Business Journal: As school starts, new leaders, new buildings, other changes on Central PA campuses

Among private colleges, leaders continue to face the issue of the cost of higher education for middle-class Americans. Five area colleges (Elizabethtown, Dickinson, Franklin & Marshall, Gettysburg and Lebanon Valley) have signed on with the American Talent Initiative, a new effort between higher education and the philanthropy and research communities to expand access to higher education for talented students from families with low and moderate incomes.

LNP: Diplomats will turn history’s page

Before the first pad is popped or the first divot churned by a driving cleat, the 2017 season promises to be an historic one for Franklin & Marshall College football.

After over a century of competition on the venerable grass of Sponaugle-Williamson Field, the Diplomats will play their final game there on Sept. 30, when they host Muhlenberg.

Three weeks later, after a road trip to Baltimore and the Centennial Conference bye week, F&M throws open the gates on Shadek Stadium, hosting Dickinson on the new turf of Tom Gilburg Field during a triple-threat weekend on Oct. 21.

Shadek Stadium, located across Harrisburg Avenue from Sponaugle-Williamson, on F&M’s North campus, makes its debut on Homecoming weekend.

Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists: Not Your Typical Morning Drive Radio
How often do you drive to work and listen to a couple of Franklin & Marshall College geologists discussing the hydrogeology of the spring in Boiling Springs PA?  Their research sheds new light on what hydrologists previously deemed geologically challenging for ground-water flow.  Listen below for fascinating new findings about recharge areas 50 miles from the spring: 


NY Daily News: The fight for Pete Rose's reinstatement is a lesson in growing distrust of institutions

Article written by Professor of English Patricia O’Hara: The Pete Rose story will go down as the longest-running scandal in baseball history.

If allegations of Rose committing serial statutory rape back in the day hold up, Rose’s supporters must speak out against his behavior. And they must abandon their long-held position that he deserves a plaque in the Hall of Fame.

Will that happen? I have my doubts. Not because those supporters lack moral bearings but rather because Major League Baseball’s managing of its Pete Rose problems has left them with a deep distrust of the organization.

LNP: Church World Service soccer tournament is its own World Cup

It wasn’t THE World Cup, but Sunday’s second annual Church World Service Soccer Tournament was a world cup in its own way.

Eight teams comprised of refugees and immigrants representing four continents and more than a dozen countries played under sunny skies on the Baker Campus of Franklin & Marshall College.


bctv.org: Politically Uncorrected: Millennials Matter

Article co-authored by Professor of Public Affairs Dr. G Terry Madonna: They have arrived. "Millennials" the largest age cohort in American history is now pushing 80 million. They were born roughly between 1982 and 2000. (There is no precise agreement on this.) The youngest is about 18 and the oldest about 35. Over the next 10 to 20 years they will dominate the nation's economy, government and politics.

But there is widespread disagreement about what they will do with their rapidly accumulating power or even their core character. On the one hand, there are the generational chroniclers, pop analysts and contemporary sociologists who regularly deride Generation Y, (Millennials). They call them shallow, narcissistic, overly coddled as children and often lazy as adults.

Berks-Mont News: Pollster is keynote speaker at 2017 Shining Star Awards

The Northeast Berks Chamber of Commerce hosts the 2017 Shining Star Awards on Thursday, Sept. 28, at the Berkleigh Golf Club, 14623 Kutztown Road, Kutztown. The keynote speaker is G. Terry Madonna.

A Franklin & Marshall College professor in Lancaster, Madonna is an author and political pundit. He is Director of The Center for Politics and Public Affairs, which was established in 2004 to foster the study of politics and public policy.


The Wiscasset Newspaper: Scientists research the movement of squids at the Darling Marine Center

Joe Thompson is a professor of biology at the Franklin & Marshall College and long-time summer researcher at the DMC.

This collaborative project is tackling mobility in Atlantic longfin squid (Doryteuthis pealeii) from different angles. Squids maneuver in order to capture prey, elude predators, and compete for access to mates.  While Thompson’s team of two undergraduate interns, Rashi Anand and Hallie Keatley, is looking at the muscles of the fin and arms, Bartol’s lab is applying hydrodynamics to study the fin motion. A mechanical engineer, Krueger provides expertise in movement of fluids around fins and arms of squid, as well as jet locomotion.

“There is so much you can gather from invertebrates,” said Anand, a biology major at Franklin & Marshall College. “Even though the anatomy of humans and squids are different, you can apply so many things from invertebrates to human body.”


New Scientist: Meet the turtles surviving an invasion of enormous tractors

“How do they know? How do they learn how?” I whisper to Krochmal, a biologist at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. Since 2009, he and his colleague Timothy Roth at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania – along with dozens of summer research undergraduates at Washington College – have studied the navigation and spatial learning capabilities of these humble reptiles.

mywebtimes.com: Illinois conservative group's cartoon sparks racial clash

Capturing race in political cartoons is tricky, considering the history of using skin color in a negative light and to enhance stereotypes. But the job of cartoonists is to poke fun by distorting facial features, especially those of political leaders.

Artists initially struggled to capture former President Barack Obama. Many settled on exaggerating his admittedly large ears, said Amelia Rauser, an art history professor at Pennsylvania's Franklin & Marshall College who studies race in political cartoons. Choosing a trademark Obama feature focused on him as a person and not a racial caricature, she said.


Central Penn Business Journal: Local schools aim to boost ranks of low-income, first-generation students

Sheldon Ruby was the first person in his family to go to college.

But the 23-year-old from Bedford County might not have gone to a four-year school if he had not heard of a college in Lancaster that would welcome him.

Leaders at Franklin & Marshall College had decided, several years before Ruby was thinking of colleges, that it needed to broaden its student body by attracting more top students from families with lower incomes — students who too often felt left out by schools like F&M and other private institutions with price tags exceeding $50,000 a year.

LNP: Owners of Passenger Coffee open Blue Line coffee shop at Franklin & Marshall College

The owners of Passenger Coffee and Prince Street Cafe in downtown Lancaster have opened a coffee shop at Franklin & Marshall College.

Blue Line takes a space next to Buchanan Park at 561 Old Main Drive, the former home of Zime Cafe. While it will cater to F&M students and staff, it will be open to the general public.


LNP: F&M swimmer, two-time ESPY winner Becca Meyers continues traveling the globe competing for Team USA

Those achievements qualified Meyers for this year’s World Para Swimming Series as a member of Team USA. To this point, she’s competed in three of a possible five events on the series, going as far as away as Denmark and England. Next month she’ll compete in Mexico.


The Sentinel: Study finds surprising source of water for the Bubble in Boiling Springs

The agreed-upon theory among the villagers of Boiling Springs was that water from the local side of South Mountain fed into the Bubble near Children’s Lake.

“People for years told me the water comes off of the South Mountain chain,” South Middleton Township Supervisor Tom Faley said.

He was, therefore, stunned when other news reached his ears. A recent study from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster County indicated that this wasn’t the whole story.

The Washington Post: Getting into college was the easy part. Staying there is becoming harder than ever, experts say.

Kate Jacobson, associate dean of admission at Franklin & Marshall in Pennsylvania said that students “have preconceived notions from various sources (movies, books, social media) about what college “should be.” She added:  “They expect college to be so many things in different realms (academic, social, etc) and if the college they chose doesn’t seem to fit their expectations right away, they often lose interest in trying to succeed.”


New York Times: How Trump Can Contain North Korea Without ‘Fire and Fury’

Op-ed from F&M Trustee Evelyn Farkas ’89: The only solution is a multipronged strategy aimed at containing the threat posed by North Korea. The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, came to power at the end of 2011 with three main objectives: consolidate his power, prevent international actors from overthrowing his regime and carrying out gradual economic reform so the Kim dynasty could retain power over the long run.

Greensburg Tribune Democrat: America’s Turning Focus on Midterm Elections

Op-ed by F&M Professor Terry Madonna with Michael Young: Pennsylvania sage Ben Franklin once assured us that death and taxes were the only certainties. If Franklin were still among us, he surely would have added midterm election angst to his list of sure things. 


LNP: Science, the arts, environment and current events highlight F&M’s free Common Hour programming

A slate of free lunchtime programs has been announced by Franklin & Marshall College as part of its Common Hour series. All programs listed below are open to the public unless otherwise noted.


Philadelphia Inquirer: Franklin and Marshall program offers a window into colleges' bid to attract low-income students 

The Inquirer does an in-depth look at College Prep with President Daniel R. Porterfield: Caden Pensak never liked writing poetry. Now, he loves it, thanks to the infectious enthusiasm of his summer-program professor at Franklin and Marshall College.

Reading Eagle: Pay-to-Play is a Pennsylvania Tradition

But pay-to-play culture is nothing new in the Keystone State. "That was the way of the world in Pennsylvania politics for 100 years," said G. Terry Madonna, the political scientist and pollster at Franklin & Marshall College. For decades across the state, politicians followed a simple code. "If you won an election, you rewarded the faithful," Madonna said.


Planet Princeton: Princeton University hosts special summer program for low-income high school students

Before any of that can help, though, low-income students need to actually get to college, which is what LEDA hopes to achieve. On one particular day of the program, Dan Porterfield, the president of Franklin & Marshall college, came to LEDA to talk about his views on higher education. Low income and first generation college students played a big role in his vision. 

Forbes: Who's Getting Hurt If Americorps Funding Is Cut?

Article written by President Daniel R. Porterfield: As a college president, one of my greatest joys is handing students their hard-earned degrees at graduation.

But just as rewarding is what comes next. Each year, I get a front-row seat to observe these new graduates putting their degrees to work as they pursue their goals and passions in their first jobs. This week, for example, I checked-in on three of Franklin and Marshall College’s 2017 graduates as they prepare to work long hours for modest pay but great rewards helping low-income, urban and rural public-school students.

The Atlantic: The Unexpected Value of the Liberal Arts

For college leaders, the liberal arts’ appeal across the socioeconomic spectrum is both exciting and daunting. As Dan Porterfield, the president of Pennsylvania’s Franklin and Marshall College, points out, first-generation students “may come to college thinking: ‘I want to be a doctor. I want to help people.’ Then they discover anthropology, earth sciences, and many other new fields. They start to fall in love with the idea of being a writer or an entrepreneur. They realize: ‘I just didn’t have a broad enough vision of how to be a difference maker in society.’”

LNP: Lawrence Stengel, former county judge, named Chief Judge of U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

In 2002 he received the President's Award from the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges. Judge Stengel has served as president of the Lancaster Bar Association and has been adjunct professor in the government department at Franklin & Marshall College since 1997.


LNP: Construction nearly complete for F&M's new multipurpose stadium

Built on a 27-acre tract on the college’s north campus, along Harrisburg Avenue, the area was formerly property of Armstrong World Industries. The stadium itself is named after Laurence Shadek, a 1972 F&M graduate and trustee whose Shadek Family Foundation gave $5 million in 2012 to jump-start fundraising for the project.


The Financial: Meet Georgian Student of the Cambridge University

Interview with the 2017 Williamson Medal Recipient Tekla Iashagashvili: 22-year-old Georgian Tekla Iashagashvili is continuing her studies at the University of Cambridge in its Sociology Programme. When it comes to academic prestige, Cambridge can be called the Harvard of the UK. It is suitably difficult to get in due to it having one of the most demanding and rigorous enrolment processes. Here, the successful student shares with The FINANCIAL what brought her to this point, as well as her plans for the future.


Bctv.org: Politically Uncorrected: The Impeachment Referendum

Article co-authored Professor of Public Affairs Dr. G. Terry Madonna: His critics’ call for removal grows more strident each day. His poll approval rating (at 36 percent) in one recent major poll has plummeted to an historical low this early in his tenure.  A recent Monmouth University survey reported that 41 percent of respondents support impeachment – a shocking number for this early in a presidential term. Clearly, President Trump is in trouble, but exactly how much trouble is far from clear.


Inside Higher Ed: Debating the Right Spending Ratio

Article quoting President Emeritus Richard Kneedler: New research seeks to give trustees financial evaluation tools, finding some small colleges spend well over 50 cents on administration for every $1 spent on instruction -- but some say the numbers don't tell the whole story.

South China Morning Post: Humanities foster creativity (see PDF) 

Op-Ed written by trustee Elaine Tuttle Hansen, executive director of the Johns Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth: Elaine Tuttle Hansen is delighted to see Chinese students in the US choose humanities, as they will learn to be imaginative and innovative.


Newsweek: Why is Trump Stopping Poor Students From Going to Top Schools?

Article co-authored by President Daniel R. Porterfield: Six months ago, the colleges we lead joined 28 other universities and colleges with high graduation rates to launch the American Talent Initiative, an ambitious commitment, now involving 71 institutions, to enroll an additional 50,000 low- and moderate-income students by 2025.

Now, however, the Trump Administration and some Congressional leaders are poised to make reaching that goal impossible by cutting or gutting programs that provide financial help to aspiring college students.  

Philly.com: Self-evident - and still inconvenient - truths on climate change

Article co-authored by Associate Professor of Geosciences Robert Walter and Professor of Geosciences Dorothy Merritts: When framers of the Declaration of Independence outlined those famous truths they believed self-evident, we can imagine they unanimously agreed that logic, wisdom, and knowledge are unassailable, rooted — as they wrote — in the “laws of nature and of nature’s god.” Writing during an intellectually exuberant period of change later referred to as the Age of Enlightenment, or Age of Reason, their words reflected the essential ideal of this movement: Reason provides understanding of the natural and political worlds.


LNP: Would F&M's planned visual arts center 'push the envelope' too far?

The visual arts building Franklin & Marshall College plans to build on its campus is futuristic and striking, the members of Lancaster’s Historical Commission agreed.


CBS SF Bay Area: Bay Area College Student Using Tech Internships To Break Stereotypes

At 16, Students Rising Above alum Damont Hardnett was eager to land his first job. “I waited in line at 5:00 a.m. for the job fair; my mom dropped me off. I really want a job I really want to work this summer,” said Damont at the time. “My mom always told me, ‘staying busy is going to keep you out of a lot of stuff that you don’t need to be in.'” Years after that first job, Damont is now a college student at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Penn., and using internships to explore his future career.

WBAL Radio: Brett Hollander Sits Down With Timonium Swimming Sensation Becca Meyers

Becca Meyers is a 3 time gold medalist in the Paralympics. And last week she went to L.A. and won her 2nd ESPY award. Meyers is a Timonium native and a star swimmer. She sat down with Brett Hollander to talk about her inspirational story. Meyers went to Notre Dame Prep and goes to College at Franklin & Marshall in Lancaster, PA. 


WITF: Boiling Springs underground discovery; AG Shapiro on disposal bags

This article discusses the research done by Adjunct Assistant Professor of Geosciences Tim Bechtel and Associate Professor of Geosciences Robert Walter: "The Bubble," of Boiling Springs, Cumberland County, has been a point of much speculation by locals. The spring provides water to the borough's recreational lake and is the summit of miles of underground caves that can be explored by divers. The source of the spring has long remained a mystery. However, a recent discovery by a team of geologists from Franklin & Marshall College has hydrologists rethinking typical models of ground-water flow.


The Philanthropy Roundtable: Don’t Forget Rural Schools 

This article mentions President Porterfield’s involvement with the Lenfest Foundation: 

Looking beyond high school, the ­Philadelphia-based Lenfest Foundation sponsors a college-scholarship program specifically for public-school students from rural Pennsylvania. Donor Gerry Lenfest notes that rural students are often overlooked by selective colleges due to the geographical challenge of recruiting, along with other factors, and are likewise invisible to many scholarship programs. His scholarship shines a floodlight on this hidden talent, with a rigorous process that begins in an applicant’s junior year of high school. Beyond financial assistance, the program—chaired by Daniel Porterfield, president of Franklin & ­Marshall College—offers guidance on applying to college and support throughout a student’s enrollment, resulting in a graduation rate of over 98 percent.

NPR: New Research Finds Lonely People Have Superior Social Skills

NPR’s social science correspondent references Associate Professor of Psychology Megan Knowles and her research on social rejection and belonging regulation: Intuitively, many of us might think lonely people are lonely because they have poor social skills. New research turns this thinking on its head and offers a potential cure for loneliness.

Centennial Conference: F&M's Stadium Making Progress

Construction has begun on Franklin & Marshall College's new multipurpose stadium. The facility, due to open in fall 2017, will be known as Shadek Stadium, in honor of Larry Shadek '72, P'05, P'06 and the Shadek Family, who made the lead gift for the project. Mr. Shadek serves as a member of the College's Board of Trustees and has been involved in the project since its inception.


Broadwayworld.com: Peter Scolari to Play 'Pete Rose' in Reading of BANNED FROM BASEBALL

Article highlighting a play written by Professor of English Patricia O’Hara: Patricia O’Hara’s play Banned from Baseball, directed by Margarett Perry, will get an invite-only, industry presentation on July 17 at 3pm & 7pm at Theatre Row’s Studio Theatre (410 West 42nd Street). 


Scientific American: Peering beneath the Surface of Ancient Manuscripts

Article co-authored by Professor of Classics Shawn O’Bryhim and Professor of Physics Ken Krebs: To save on parchment, monks would overwrite older documents to create new ones—but a new tool can reveal what lies beneath. 


Forbes: When Sport Shapes Global Culture: What One U.S. Soccer Team Learned In South Africa

Essay written by President Daniel R. Porterfield: Last month I saw a different type of learning firsthand when I joined Franklin & Marshall College’s women’s and men’s soccer programs for a two-week trip to South Africa.


LNP: In the Spotlight: Erik Anderson, Writer in Residence at F&M

A surge in popularity of academic creative writing programs seems unlikely in the age of Twitter and Facebook. Yet Erik Anderson, Writer in Residence and Director of the Emerging Writers’ Festival at Franklin & Marshall College, says he’s seen it.

Philly.com: Cannibalizing casinos an example of how not to grow jobs and revenue

Essay written by Associate Professor of Marketing Jeffrey S. Podoshen: Most of us have seen economic cannibals in action at local shopping malls and cities, where new Starbucks and Gap stores are built too quickly and too close together to their existing stores. Thus, the new stores don't gain sales from new customers but instead shift sales from the old store to the new one. The inevitable fix to cannibalization is, generally, to close underperforming stores.

The Examiner: Dr. Joan Fallon Named 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year

Article highlighting the accomplishments of Dr. Joan Fallon, member of the Board of Trustees: White Plains resident Dr. Joan Fallon was announced as the 2017 winner of the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the New York program.


LNP: Franklin & Marshall's Becca Meyers, a 2-time Olympian, nominated for 2nd ESPY

Franklin & Marshall College's Becca Meyers was once again named a nominee for the 2017 ESPYs Best Female Athlete with a Disability Award. The Diplomats' All-American swimmer previously won the accolade in 2015. 

Fans can cast one vote per category. Here's where to vote for Meyers.

The Reading Eagle: History Book: Fascination with all things Pennsylvania Dutch spawned a tradition

The Kutztown Folk Festival began as the Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Festival in 1950.

It was the brainchild of three Franklin & Marshall College professors - Drs. Alfred L. Shoemaker, J. William Frey and Don Yoder.


LNP: Sen. Bob Casey at Lancaster town hall: 'Obscene' GOP health care bill benefits 'super rich,' hurts poor

Wearing khakis and no tie, the sleeves of his casual shirt rolled up, the trim, 57-year-old Casey delivered sharp criticism, but with a smile, self-effacement and occasional humor. He never shouted and didn’t appear to break a sweat as he answered polite questions from 16 people, part of the crowd nearly filling Franklin & Marshall College's 305-seat Schnader Theatre on a sunny afternoon.

LNP: 'Embracing awesomeness'

Also at TEDxYouth@Lancaster, Sarah Hafiz, a senior at Franklin & Marshall College, lamented that so many victims of the Syrian war are children. On a mission trip to Jordan, she met a young girl who watched her grandmother die in a bombing. The girl stayed speechless for a year.

Hafiz advised people to get to know refugees who have moved to the U.S., rather than sharing stories on social media and being “slacktivists.”


LNP: Working together to improve Lancaster County’s water quality

Research in this area by Franklin & Marshall College professors and WSI science advisers Drs. Dorothy Merritts and Robert Walter has been widely reported and reviewed. Most recently, it was the focus of a two-day workshop by the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee. WSI, Department of Environmental Protection policymakers and local restoration professionals were among those who participated to determine how this historic problem will inform and impact future clean water strategies.


LNP: Art of the State at 50: Varied work by Lancaster County, Pennsylvania artists fills exhibit

Richard K. Kent, of Lancaster, a Franklin & Marshall College art history professor and photographer, was the sole local winner in the juried exhibit.

Kent was awarded first prize in the photography category for his work, “New Holland & Franklin, 1st series, 5X.”


Central Penn Business Journal: Construction: If colleges aren't paying attention to their facilities, why would the students?

Renovating existing facilities and building new construction can distinguish a school from its competitors, said David Proulx, who is Franklin & Marshall College’s vice president for finance and administration as well as its treasurer.

“It does help quite a bit, in terms of our brand, and also in getting the word out that Franklin & Marshall is making an investment not just in its facilities but also in its people, to help us to ultimately deliver a high-quality education,” he said.

Philly.com: Commentary: A Muslim immigrant is standing his ground

Article by Akbar Hossain ’13, recipient of the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship and current student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School:  To the middle-aged white man who screamed, "Go back to your country," from his car at the corner of 40th and Market, I've got news for you:

This is my country and I’m not going anywhere. 

As he so accurately ascertained from my skin tone alone, my family did not come with the first wave of European pilgrims. But, just like them, we also made the journey in search of the American dream.

BMCC: $1.4 Million Grant Helps Upward Bound Soar Higher

Keiran Miller, who attended Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School for International Careers, was part of BMCC’s Upward Bound program from 2008 through 2011. He attended Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on a Posse Foundation Scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing in Spring 2015.


USA Today College: Want to solve this 'free speech' debate on college campuses? Look to the handbook.

Article by M. Alison Kibler, Professor of American Studies and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies: When I asked students to explore the rules governing speech in the student manual, I realized campuses actually have no free speech, just more or less regulated speech.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: For Students Going Overseas, an ‘America First’ Presidency Complicates Their Studies

Like many others in the field, Amizade has long coached students to be aware of cultural differences when going overseas. But Sue Mennicke, associate dean of international programs at Franklin & Marshall College, says that since the election, she feels a greater responsibility to ready students for how they might be perceived when they travel internationally.

LNP: Americans have differing views on Trump, Senate testimony

Essay by Bryan T. Stinchfield, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Organization Studies:  “I don’t think it's for me to say whether the conversation I had with the president was an effort to obstruct,” former FBI Director James Comey testified to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, and that is where things will rest for the time being. Comey’s statements, and all of the hearings thus far, are basically a Rorschach inkblot test— we all see what we are looking for.


The Conversation: Most countries score an F on our LGBT human rights report card

Article co-authored by Prof. Susan Dicklitch-Nelson, Director of the Center for Opinion Research Berwood Yost and Project & Data Specialist Scottie Thompson: The Franklin & Marshall Global Barometer of Gay Rights (GBGR), started in 2011, ranks countries based on 29 factors that quantify how much a country protects human rights.

It looks not only at constitutional protections, but also societal indicators, political opinion, civil society and economic factors. For example, we look at whether the majority of citizens are accepting of sexual minorities and if gay rights organizations can peacefully and safely assemble.


Forbes: Why Today's Young Grads Want To Work Abroad -- And Why It Matters

Essay by President Daniel R. Porterfield: If “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness,” as Mark Twain wrote in Innocents Abroad, then surely it helps America for the young to study and work abroad in an increasingly globalized world.

That’s why I’m so pleased to see a surge of interest among Franklin & Marshall College students in the prestigious Fulbright Teaching Assistantship program, which sends recent graduates to teach English in some 50 countries.


Times Higher Education: Entrepreneurs who want to dance: the liberal arts approach to business

Article by F&M Professor of Legal Studies Jeffrey Nesteruk: Some of the most creative and innovative forms of business education today are occurring at liberal arts colleges. I realised this, unexpectedly, while leading a collaborative Teagle grant project with Bucknell University and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


NPR: College Access Index Shows Shrinking Levels Of Economic Diversity

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with New York Times columnist David Leonhardt about how this year's college access index shows that economic diversity is shrinking at American colleges. F&M is singled out for expanding economci diversity. 


The New York Times: Princeton — Yes, Princeton — Takes On the Class Divide

Versions of Princeton’s story are also happening elsewhere. Yale, where I was a financial-aid student 25 years ago, has increased its Pell share, too; among last year’s freshmen, Yale’s share and Princeton’s each exceeded that of Harvard, which had been a leader. Franklin & Marshall, despite a far smaller endowment, remains a leader. So does Amherst. Washington University, in St. Louis, is making a much-needed push.


Newsweek: The Creeping Privatization of America’s Armed Forces

Essay by F&M BOS Professor Bryan Stinchfield: Given the absence of any kind of American grand strategy, rising tensions on the Korean peninsula and all the intrigue and posturing with Russia, it is hard to imagine how international security could get any more complicated. 


Forbes: This Career Advice Will Help You Land Your Ideal First Job

Recent grads, by this time of year if you haven’t yet landed your ideal first job, you are probably in the market for creative career advice. I spoke with Fatou Keita, a 2016 graduate of Franklin & Marshall College, who is now working as a Philanthropy Associate at Bloomberg Philanthropies. She is also an alumna of The Opportunity Network, an organization that helps guide students to college and careers. Fatou is passionate about her job, and she didn’t get an offer until after graduation. She shared her best practices in how to win the job search.


LNP: Making an informed bet about the president’s fate

Article by Bryan T. Stinchfield, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Organization Studies: When I was a boy growing up in the 1970s, my father taught me many valuable things. Among them was the game of poker. As my father slid my pile of pennies and nickels to his side of the ottoman that served as our poker table he said, “Son, there are two things you always pay — your taxes and your gambling debts. Uncle Sam and the guy at the poker table will always get their money, one way or another. Don’t ever try to cheat them.”


APM Reports: Making room for poor kids at rich schools

A few years before Dan Porterfield became president of the college in 2011, only 5 percent of incoming students received Pell grants. He was hired to help change that.

“This is not rocket science,” Porterfield said in an interview with Educate. “Strong students from low-income backgrounds are in ample supply and are by no means hiding.”

The Meadville Tribune: Times are a changing for legalization of pot

Article by G. Terry Madonna: In a June 2015 Franklin & Marshall College Pennsylvania Poll, almost 90 percent of state voters supported medicinal marijuana. Given that huge level of support, it was no shock that the state legislature approved a bill legalizing it in the state. It had been pushed strongly and at times emotionally by the advocates. And so last April, with considerable fanfare, Gov. Tom Wolf signed the legislation into law.

But now, perhaps not surprising at all, majority support (56 percent) emerges for the legalization of pot in the just released F&M poll of state voters. That’s the first time since 2006, when the question was initially asked in the poll, a majority indicated support.


LNP: KKK rally planned Saturday in southern Lancaster County; Friday teach-in organized in response

A Franklin & Marshall professor and an equality activist are hosting a teach-in Friday in response to the planned KKK rally.

Reading Eagle: Bulletin Board: Ephrata Public Library to host program on Lancaster County mills

Dr. Dorothy Merritts of Franklin & Marshall College's Earth and Environment Department will present a program about the many mills of the Lancaster county area.

Pittsburgh City Paper: Is President Donald Trump losing support from Pennsylvania’s independent voters?

When Franklin & Marshall College released its Pennsylvania political poll on May 11, President Donald Trump must have felt relieved. Although many polls nationally show Trump maintaining a low approval rating and, in some cases, even losing support, the Pennsylvania poll showed Trump gaining 5 percentage points from 32 percent approval in February to 37 percent in May. And 60 percent of Southwestern Pennsylvania voters (outside of Allegheny County) approve of the president. 


Forbes: With Commencement On The Horizon, College Seniors Practice 'Grad-itude'

President Porterfield’s piece on recent F&M graduate Donnell Bailey: Throughout his four years at Franklin & Marshall College, gratitude has been one of Donnell’s guiding principles. He has served as student body president, earned an internship at the White House, conducted research — and he strives to honor the bridges that have brought him here. So, he began sharing this philosophy with his fellow seniors. His name for it?



LNP: Aerospace leader exhorts F&M graduates to make the world 'more thoughtful, less polarized'

Long before she took charge of a 3,600-employee aerospace company, Wanda Austin was a Franklin & Marshall College student laughing with friends at a coffee shop.

Inside Higher Ed: The Future of the College Presidency

President Porterfield is a contributing member of the Aspen Institute’s Task Force: Citing a shrinking talent pool and a retirement boom, a panel of campus leaders convened by the Aspen Institute lays out what the changing job requires and who might fill it.

WJAC: Majority of Pennsylvania voters support legalizing marijuana, poll finds

LANCASTER -- A majority of Pennsylvania voters support marijuana legalization, according to a poll released by Franklin & Marshall College.

The Daily Caller: Philly Mayor Wants Pennsylvania To Start Selling Weed In Liquor Stores

A new poll from Franklin & Marshall College shows 56 percent of voters in Pennsylvania support full legalization of marijuana, up from only 22 percent support in 2006. Despite the popular support, current proposals in the legislature are unlikely to gain much traction.


The Morning Call: How close is legal marijuana in PA?

The majority of Pennsylvanians polled by Franklin & Marshall College believe all marijuana use should be legalized. The poll, which The Morning Call reported on yesterday, found 56 percent of voters said yes to legalizing cannabis.

LNP: Well Workplace honors go to 26 Lancaster County employers

Twenty-six Lancaster County employers were honored with 2017 Well Workplace Awards on Thursday at the Lancaster County Health Summit.


The 74: Franklin & Marshall’s Mission to Make College More Equitable Is Changing the Face of Higher Ed

President Daniel R. Porterfield is interviewed: College access and equity pioneer, Franklin & Marshall College, has more than tripled its percentage of low-income Pell Grant students since 2008. These students, many of them the first in their families to attend college, made up just 5 percent of the class of 2012 but have accounted for an average of 20 percent of the last three freshman classes and will represent 17 percent of graduates who receive their diplomas at the school’s May 13 commencement.

CBS Philadelphia: F&M Poll: Majority In PA Now Support Legalizing Pot

HARRISBURG, Pa (CBS) —  It’s a first for the Franklin and Marshall College Poll: a majority of Pennsylvanians now support legalizing marijuana use.

Philadelphia Magazine: Poll: More Than Half of Pa. Voters Want to Legalize Weed

Support has grown drastically since 2006, according to a new Franklin and Marshall College survey.

PennLive: Wolf's approvals are on the way up in new poll, but challenges remain: Analysis

A new Franklin & Marshall poll out this morning contains some good news for Gov. Tom Wolf as he heads into a bruising 2018 re-election campaign. But the Democrat still has his work cut out for him.

Reading Eagle: Poll: Majority of Pennsylvanians support legalization of marijuana

Pennsylvanians are increasingly comfortable with the recreational use of marijuana, a new Franklin & Marshall College Poll shows.

Greensburg Tribune: Trump's approval rating soars among voters polled in Western Pennsylvania

A Franklin & Marshall College poll out Thursday shows that 60 percent of registered voters in northwestern Pennsylvania and southwestern Pennsylvania, excluding Allegheny County, approve of Trump's job performance.

LNP: Pennsylvania voters stick by their 2016 vote for president, new poll finds

An overwhelming number of voters say they’re sticking by their decisions in the 2016 presidential election, a new statewide Franklin & Marshall College poll found. They include 94 percent of Donald Trump supporters, who delivered this state to a Republican for the first time since 1988.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. voters' view on marijuana: Legalize it, dude

Pennsylvania voters have done a sharp about-face on marijuana, with a majority, 56 percent, now saying the drug should be legal, according to the latest Franklin and Marshall Poll, being released Thursday.


The Washington Post: Can the middle class afford college?

President Porterfield quoted discussing financial aid for low-income and middle-income families: “We need to expand opportunity and aid policies for both Pell students and for middle-income students who are not Pell-eligible,” said Daniel R. Porterfield, president of Franklin & Marshall College, and a national leader on improving financial aid for low-income students.


Marketplace: College business programs look to the liberal arts model

A few dozen professors are packed into a lecture hall at Franklin & Marshall College, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They’re here from schools all over the country to talk about how to bring the critical thinking and creativity associated with the liberal arts into their business programs.

LancasterOnline: Report says State System universities must remain 'engines of mobility'

As the State System of Higher Education examines its operations and mulls its future, a Harrisburg-based think tank has issued a report that is part tribute and part warning.


Newsweek: After the United Deplaning Fiasco, Airlines Need Some Rules 

Essay by Jeffrey S. Podoshen, Associate Professor of Marketing: American and United Airlines’ latest customer service catastrophes are merely the latest in a long line of steadily denigrating experiences for domestic flyers.


York Daily Record: Meet the judicial candidates April 26

Nine candidates for seat on the York County Court of Common Pleas. G. Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin and Marshall College Poll, is set to moderate. 


The Hechinger Report: OPINION — We can’t afford not to launch rural youth into college success

President Daniel Porterfield’s essay: Expanding college access for rural students is a national imperative. It’s good for our communities, our economy and our country. Most compellingly, it’s good for the students themselves.


Lancaster Online: F&M experts to talk Russian-American relations and Trump

But the history between the United States and Russia is complicated, and it’s one that has “profoundly impacted contemporary American life,” according to a Franklin & Marshall College panel of experts.

Five F&M faculty members will discuss that history and the current dynamics at play in a public event, titled, “White House/Red Square: A Forum on Putin, Trump, and Contemporary Russian-American Relations.”


Lancaster Online: Technology brings history to life: App enables people to listen as they walk the Stations of the Cross

Jay Anderson is the senior warden at Manheim Township’s St. Thomas Episcopal Church and professor emeritus of computer science at Franklin & Marshall College.

St. Thomas had hung 14 subtle, yet moving sculptures representing the Stations of the Cross on the walls of its sanctuary, at 301 St. Thomas Road, in 2005. The permanent installation, crafted by sculptor Virginia Maksymowicz, associate professor of art history at Franklin & Marshall College, was meant to be touched.


LNP: $1M gift to help Franklin & Marshall College support students who have overcome adversity

A $1 million gift will enable Franklin & Marshall College to extend its commitment to high-achieving students regardless of their socioeconomic background. F&M alumnus and trustee Ken Mehlman committed $1 million to the college to create an initiative geared to help students – many of whom are the first in their family to attend college – who have persevered through a particular challenge in life.


The Atlantic: What Is the Future of College Marketing?

“Increasing budget pressures will lead some institutions to increase their outreach to wealthier families,” said Eric Maguire, the vice president and dean of admission and financial aid at Pennsylvania’s Franklin and Marshall College, whose president has gained national attention for recruiting top students regardless of income.


Forbes: Cultivating 'Grit' On A College Campus

Co-authored by President Dan Porterfield and Ken Mehlman ‘88, trustee of Franklin & Marshall: Research on grit and mindset is at an early stage, but at Franklin & Marshall College, we have seen these extraordinary qualities first-hand. Every year we witness incredible achievers who overcome poverty, discrimination, stigma, and even trauma on their persistent climb. There is more to discern about any negative effects of relentless striving, as well as to assess circumstances where success requires other qualities, too. That said, we know these students are inspiring examples to their friends and teachers, and we want to learn from them, confident that their stories will offer replicable lessons.

Lancaster Online: Millersville, Elizabethtown and F&M finalize commencement schedules, speakers

An engineer, a Fox News analyst and a higher education advocate each walk onstage at different college campuses.

It may sound like the start of a joke, but, really, it’s the start of a new beginning for soon-to-be graduates of Lancaster County’s three largest colleges.


The New York Times: Is Russia Testing Trump?

Essay co-authored by Evelyn Farkas ’89, honorary degree recipient at 2017 Commencement: This week Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is making his first diplomatic visit to Russia, where he’s likely to press Moscow on its handling of Syria, which he has called “incompetent.”

But Mr. Tillerson should recognize that Russia’s involvement in Syria is only one example of the increasingly active, and disruptive, role that President Vladimir Putin has been playing on the world stage since Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Big Data for Student Success Still Limited to Early Adopters (see PDF) 

But Agnes Scott and other small colleges are using data to improve admissions and retention by understanding what kinds of students do well at their institutions, and how to attract and retain them. Franklin & Marshall College’s vice president for planning, Alan S. Caniglia, says that a review of admissions data a dozen years ago showed that "financial aid that was not based on need was not increasing the likelihood that the kinds of students we were trying to attract would actually enroll." So the college dropped so-called merit aid, and is now getting more applications and better students. "If we hadn’t been analyzing the data and been open to what the data would tell us, we would never have gotten to that point."


Lancaster Online: F&M English major returns as novelist for college’s Emerging Writers Festival

It’s fitting that Indra Das will return to Franklin & Marshall College this week to talk about his debut novel, “The Devourers.”

Das, along with four other writers, will participate in the college’s annual Emerging Writers Festival, which opens Wednesday.

This will be the India native’s first visit to the campus since he graduated in 2008. The conference will give him a chance to visit with friends and get reacquainted with teachers who helped him realize it was possible for him to chart a career path as a writer.

It was at F&M that he wrote the start of what would become his well-reviewed novel.

The Atlantic: Colleges’ Endless Pursuit of Students 

April is decision month for high-school seniors who still haven’t made up their minds about where they’re attending college next fall. With students applying to more schools than ever before—more than one-third now apply to at least seven schools—many seniors are likely weighing multiple offers as well as competing financial-aid packages.


Lancaster Online: Franklin & Marshall College to promote mindfulness with $1M gift

Franklin & Marshall College has offered mediation and related “mindfulness” programs for several years as a way for students to reduce stress and improve their focus and overall wellbeing.

They’ll be able to expand on those efforts in coming years, thanks to a $1 million gift from alumnus and trustee Tony Kreisel, Class of 1966, and his wife, clinical psychologist Kimberly Faris.


Lancaster Online: Mellon Foundation donates $800K to Franklin & Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall College has received a private grant aimed at helping faculty broaden their perspectives and serve a diverse student body.


Lancaster Online: Franklin & Marshall's 'Arcadia' brings art and math together

Most plays don’t require the cast to learn a math lesson amid rehearsals.

Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia” isn’t like most plays, however.

It juggles two time periods set in the same room of the same house. One group of characters exists in the modern day, while the other lives in the 19th century.


Inside Higher Ed: Sometimes You Soar

Essay by Jeffrey Nesteruk, Professor of Legal Studies: With students, surprises come in all forms. Some allow you to soar, some you fumble. Some fade when the moment has passed. Some stay with you as if they hold some hidden secret. This is one that I fumbled and that has stayed with me.

Inside Higher Ed: Commencement Speakers Announced: DePauw, Franklin & Marshall, Guilford, Le Moyne, Liberty, Michigan Tech, Olin, Rose-Hulman, U of Houston, U of Mississippi, U of New Orleans, UNC Asheville 


Lancaster Online: The lure of the 'highest bidder' often proves irresistible

Essay by Bryan T. Stinchfield, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Organization Studies: In the middle of the American Revolutionary War, General George Washington wrote a letter to one of his generals, Robert Howe, instructing Howe to be cautious of a man named Elijah Hunter, whom the Americans had recruited to spy against the British.  However, Washington did not completely trust Hunter and wrote to Howe warning, “We must take care if possible not to let motives of interest on the other side bear down his integrity and inclination to serve us — few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”

Lancaster Online: Franklin & Marshall College to host women's rights conference this weekend

Critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker Renee Tajima-Pena will speak at an annual women's rights event, hosted by Franklin & Marshall College, this weekend. The 30th annual Central Pennsylvania Consortium's Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference will be held today and Saturday. This year's theme is one of Tajima-Pena's central documentary topics – reproductive justice.


Inside Higher Ed: The Controversial Visit You Didn't Read About

On the same day Charles Murray was shouted down at Middlebury, Franklin & Marshall hosted a speaker opposed by some Muslim students and others. They protested, but didn't disrupt. And he spoke.


Education Dive: Wednesday at SXSWedu 2017: NYC's equity bet and liberal arts 2.0

An afternoon panel, moderated by Minerva Schools Global Experience Director Z. Michael Wang, Smith College President Kathleen McCartney, Kenyon College President Sean Decatur, and Franklin & Marshall College President Daniel Porterfield explored the current challenges facing liberal arts schools.


LNP: Fracking-related earthquakes are a reminder that the process requires vigilant oversight

Editorial: The fact that fracking causes small earthquakes is not a scientific revelation. “Fracking creates micro-earthquakes. And nothing ever happens in nature without happening in a spectrum,” Timothy D. Bechtel, director of science outreach and a professor of earth and environmental sciences at Franklin & Marshall College, told LNP. Bechtel said he’s not terribly concerned about the earthquakes, but he does believe the environmental consequences of fracking, including its potential impact on air and water quality, bear watching. We agree.


WITF: Two midstate colleges pledge to enroll more low-income students

F and M President Dan Porterfield says he personally knows some of the students who are part of the initiative, and is thrilled with how it's been going. "These are top students. They earn outstanding grades in their first semester at F and M. They came from high schools that prepared them well for college, and yet if it hadn't been for the presence of Franklin and Marshall College in their schools, actively recruiting them, they might not have chosen to apply to F and M," says Porterfield. 

Fox 43 News: Deflating the Social Media Bubble

Social media was created to connect us to people we otherwise would never have found. However as FOX43's Amy Lutz reports, some experts say it's actually doing the opposite by isolating us intellectually and creating a more narrow-minded society. However Katherine McClelland, the chair of the Sociology Department at Franklin and Marshall University says it is not necessarily all our fault. "I wouldn't say it causes narrow-minded beliefs in and of itself, but it can certainly reinforce them," McClelland said. She feels that part of the blame should be placed on Facebook's advanced programming that tracks our interests. "We've all seen this, where after you've been shopping for shoes somewhere on the internet and the next day you come home and on Facebook there are ads on the side for the same shoes that you looked for. What you get, without asking for it, is all these items on your feed from sites that the Facebook algorithm thinks you will like."

Reading Eagle: Ron Southwick: Gov. Tom Wolf faces long odds in raising the minimum wage

The governor does enjoy public support for a higher minimum wage, a Franklin & Marshall College poll found. The poll found that 61 percent of those surveyed favor Wolf's proposal to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $12 per hour. So Wolf at least has public support as a chip to play in negotiations with lawmakers on the minimum wage and the state budget.

LNP: Fight fake news with information literacy

Letter to the Editor: In response to the Feb. 13 article “Fake News,” we applaud the discussion of librarians at Franklin & Marshall College to inform students about the importance of information literacy.

The Toledo Blade: Trump plans to map goals in prime time

Political scientist G. Terry Madonna said the President’s first speech to Congress will be his chance to lay out his agenda. “If one word describes his speeches it’s ‘unpredictable,’” said Mr. Madonna of Franklin & Marshall College. “But I do think we’ll get some specifics.”

Philly.com: At the F&M Poll, a review of 2016 to sharpen future surveys

F&M Poll director G. Terry Madonna now says that survey, which asked its last questions of respondents on Oct. 30, missed significant developments in the final week of the race. Madonna, head of the college’s Center for Politics and Public Affairs, said his colleagues at the college’s Center for Opinion Research did post-election exit polling for more than 3,000 people who had been polled from July to October.


LNP: Fracking causes several earthquakes in northwestern Pennsylvania, but no cause for alarm in Lancaster County

“They’re so small, there won’t be any far-field effects from these quakes,” agreed Timothy D. Bechtel, director of science outreach and a professor of earth and environmental sciences at Franklin & Marshall College.

The Sunbury Daily Item: Electoral vote in jeopardy in Pa.

"It does look like we are going to lose one member of Congress," said G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College. "And that in turn will affect the electoral college, because the number of electors you get is based on the number of House members and the number of senators, which is two. You can't lose a senator. Now we have 18 seats in Congress. If we lose a House seat, we'll go to 19 Electoral College voters."

The Evening Sun: Trump, Wolf, state of the union rated in poll

Political pollster Terry Madonna said that the country has never been so politically polarized as it has been since the election of President Donald Trump. On Thursday, Madonna and Franklin & Marshall College released a public opinion poll on registered Pennsylvania voters' confidence in Trump, Gov. Tom Wolf and the state of the union.


LNP: Trump gets 32 percent approval rating in Pennsylvania in first F&M poll of 2017

Terry Madonna explains previous poll failures and how they contacted 3,000 previous poll responders . What they found was about 15 percent of people decided who they would vote for in the last week of the election. Another 7 percent who had previously said they would not vote for either candidate ended up voting for one of them. In both cases, those last-minute decisions were “overwhelmingly” in favor of Trump, Madonna said.

Reading Eagle: President Trump gets tough marks in Franklin & Marshall College poll

Only one in three registered voters in Pennsylvania believes Trump is doing an excellent or good job as president, the poll found. The majority - 54 percent - gave him a poor performance rating.

PennLive: Trump trusted by Pa. voters to improve economy amid growing divide: F&M poll results

Those voters in the southwest and northeast swaths of the state, who believed Trump when he promised to bring back the fading industries that once provided thousands of jobs in their communities, are still giving him his highest support, according to the latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll.

PennLive: New Trump poll: Can we trust it?

Polling now is different for a few reasons. Predicting who will show up to vote on one day in November is different than asking questions in an approval poll. Trump supporters previously reluctant to be honest with pollsters have more confidence after his win. And pollsters now have a point of reference to work from.

PhillyNews.com: New poll finds 'blah attitude' toward Trump and Pa. politicians

Winning Pennsylvania was key to President Trump’s general election victory in November. Now, the state’s voters who supported and opposed Trump are weighing in on his first month in office. And it is not good news for the new president, with voters questioning his job performance and honesty.

The Citizens’ Voice: Poll: Voter distrust of government high

More than half (54 percent) rate the new president’s job performance as poor in the Franklin & Marshall College poll. Almost a quarter of voters (24 percent) say government and politicians remain the most important problem facing the state and more than two in five (41 percent) say they are the country’s biggest problem.

The Hill: THE MEMO: Trump's big immigration gamble

Terry Madonna, a public affairs professor and polling expert at Pennsylvania’s Franklin and Marshall College, argued the importance of immigration as a primary factor in the election is overstated. He asserted that the economy, jobs and wage stagnation were more potent.

WITF Smart Talk: F&M Researcher Dr. Lauren Howard talks about her gorilla research

Dr. Lauren Howard is an Assistant Professor of Psychology & Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind at Franklin and Marshall College.  She recently led a team of researchers studying the social and communicative development of chimpanzees and gorillas.  Their research concluded that these primates develop memories and skills based on observations of live beings - that they are more inclined to learn from people or other primates than from non-organic examples.  She appears on Wednesday's program.

Growing Produce.com: Wild Bee Populations Are out of Sync With Crop Needs

A team of seven researchers — from UVM, Franklin and Marshall College, University of California at Davis, and Michigan State University — created the maps by first identifying 45 land-use types from two federal land databases, including croplands and natural habitats. Then they gathered detailed input from national and state bee experts about the suitability of each land-use type for providing wild bees with nesting and food resources.

The Daily Mail.com: Chimps DON'T follow the leader: Researchers find they are more likely to copy low status trendsetters than alpha male

It may also be that lower status chimps can be unwilling to copy beneficial behaviors in the presence of more dominant chimps, said Dr Elizabeth Lonsdorf, a primatologist at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania who didn't participate in the research.


WGAL News 8: Local News Examines F&M’s Talent Strategy

F&M story begins at approximately 16:20.

LNP: Elizabethtown College joins Franklin & Marshall in organization to boost college access

Elizabethtown College announced Tuesday it has joined the American Talent Initiative, a consortium to facilitate college attendance for low- and middle-income students. Elizabethtown is the second Lancaster County liberal arts institution to join the organization. Franklin & Marshall College was one of 30 institutions that founded the initiative in December.

Science News: Low-status chimps revealed as trendsetters

The spread of new behaviors in groups of monkeys and apes depends on a variety of factors — including an innovator’s social status, age and sex — that can interact in unpredictable ways. “That’s why social learning in groups is so interesting to study,” says Elizabeth Lonsdorf, a primatologist at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., who did not participate in the research.


GoErie: Pollster explains to Erie group how state went for Trump

G. Terry Madonna said late voting changes and problems getting potential voters on the phone led to many statewide polls, including his, predicting Clinton would win Pennsylvania. Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College and director of the college's poll, spoke to about 50 people Monday evening at the Jefferson Educational Society as part of the society's winter term of events.

WNYC: President Trump’s Place in Presidential History

Terry Madonna, Professor of Public Affairs and Director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College, discusses presidential history and where President Donald Trump fits into it.

Berk-Mont News: Hill School to spin off Hobart’s Run into $5 million revitalization effort

The decision to take this route was made after examining successful efforts in other towns like the one in Lancaster involving Lancaster General Hospital and Franklin & Marshall College, said Michael V. Harris, a Hill class of 1984 alum and member of the board of trustees.

Science Daily: Bee decline threatens US crop production

A team of seven researchers -- from UVM, Franklin and Marshall College, University of California at Davis, and Michigan State University -- created the maps by first identifying 45 land-use types from two federal land databases, including croplands and natural habitats.


LNP: The Russia-Flynn affair offers plenty of fuel for our outrage
Bryan Stinchfield, associate professor of organization studies, writes that Americans should be outraged by the actions of President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, which led to his ouster three weeks into the new administration.

LNP: Separating fake news from fact requires effort and an open mind
The LNP editorial board applauds F&M librarians who held a workshop last month on media literacy.

Reading Eagle: Expect a political battle over state police fee
The debate about a potential state police fee for certain municipalities is likely to break more along geographic than political lines, says F&M political analyst Terry Madonna.


WITF Smart Talk: Gorilla in Our Midst

Dr. Lauren Howard is an Assistant Professor of Psychology & Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind at Franklin and Marshall College.  She recently led a team of researchers studying the social and communicative development of chimpanzees and gorillas.  Their research concluded that these primates develop memories and skills based on observations of live beings - that they are more inclined to learn from people or other primates than from non-organic examples.  Dr. Howard joins Smart Talk in studio to discuss her findings and what we, as humans, can learn about ourselves from our closest living species.


LNP: Fighting fake news: Lancaster's schools and colleges focus on media literacy

During the recent presidential campaign, the librarians at Franklin & Marshall College felt a need to talk with students about information literacy. By the time they held a workshop on the subject last month — in the wake of the Pizzagate episode and the attention on “alternative facts” — they believed it was needed more than ever.

LNP: At Grace Lutheran Church, their questions about Islam are being answered

In the months leading to the new year, members of Grace Lutheran Church in Lancaster indicated a desire to learn more about Islam. The Rev. Stephen Verkouw spoke at two sessions about the basics of Islam, then invited M. Shobhana Xavier, an adjunct professor in the history and religious studies department at Franklin & Marshall College, to address the class. “I was only there to speak at the one session,” Xavier said in an interview this week. “They asked me back for three sessions.”


LNP: Wolf budget proposal called ‘realistic starting point’

“The budget has many areas where compromise can be reached,” said G. Terry Madonna, a political science professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, adding “the overall spend and the priorities for spending seem in line for compromise.”

LNP: Lancaster needs to continue to protect immigrants

F&M’s Laura Shelton’s op-ed: President Donald Trump made the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants a central feature of his campaign. Cities across the United States —including Lancaster — are choosing to resist such measures for both practical and moral reasons, and they are taking a public stand to protect the Fourth Amendment rights of all residents, including those who are undocumented.


The American Prospect: A Redder Pennsylvania

On the other hand, G. Terry Madonna, the director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College, is skeptical that Republicans will focus on these issues. “Republicans want to balance the budget, they want pension reform, they want to deal with the structural deficit,” he says. “They have serious intention of looking at property tax. I think they’ll have their hands full, and I can’t see social legislation being much of a priority.”


The (Loveland, Colo.) Reporter-Herald: Some college trends are hard to swallow

Our story begins in 1939 (a good year for beginnings) at Harvard University. Freshman Lothrop Withington Jr. was the son of the college's 1919 football team captain. Young Loth, as we may call him, was eager to make a name for himself and boasted during an evening bull session that he had once eaten a small live fish. Loth plucked a 3-inch goldfish from a small bowl, held it up by its tail over his tilted-back head, dropped it in his mouth, chewed and swallowed (YUKK). Other college students thought this was worth emulating (hard to see why) and within days Frank Hope at Franklin and Marshall College scarfed down three of the little rascals without chewing, although he did add salt and pepper.

LNP: Lancaster County DA Craig Stedman hopes to bring prosecution perspective to state Superior Court

G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College, said the endorsement and the ensuing campaign from the party is the most important element of Stedman's candidacy. The appellate court races are a "crapshoot" where ballot position, "a tinge of name recognition," and party endorsement could make all the difference, Madonna said.

PennLive: Gov. Tom Wolf shows adaptability in the face of Republican headwinds

"You can't separate this budget from the election," said Franklin & Marshall College political scientist G. Terry Madonna. "What Governor Wolf is doing is adjusting to the times, and that's pragmatic. He's still hanging with his priorities - education, human services - but he's doing it in a way that's fiscally real."


WITF: 2017-2018 Pennsylvania budget analysis

Dr. G. Terry Madonna, Director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College, will join us on WITF's Smart Talk Wednesday to parse out the proposed budget and answer your questions about the state spending plan. WITF's reporters also weigh in on several different aspects of the budget.


LNP: Replacing intel, military chiefs on NSC is an alarming move (see PDF)

Essay from F&M’s Bryan Stinchfield: President Donald Trump’s decisions to diminish the input of his own Director of National Intelligence  and the chairman of the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff on his National Security Council and his addition of Steve Bannon to the NSC are remarkable moves.The NSC was intended to avoid politicizing national security.

PennLive: President Trump's first 100, mostly contentious, tweets: 'His supporters love it'

Trump has defied conventional wisdom by neglecting the press in favor of speaking directly to the people through Twitter, according to G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College. "His supporters love it," Madonna said. "They embrace his candor on it."

The Pocono Record: Wolf to Deliver Budget Address Tuesday

The 2018 governor's race already is shaping the budget debate, G. Terry Madonna, Ph.D., political analyst and director of the Franklin & Marshall College poll, said. Wolf is in re-election mode and already faces a declared GOP challenger with the candidacy of Sen. Scott Wagner, R-28, York, he said. The governor faces a legislature that is more conservative and opposed to tax hikes than when he took office in 2015. He turned instead to cost savings and government restructuring to help tackle the state's fiscal problems. "The polls show voters don't want general tax hikes," Madonna said.

Reading Eagle: Gov. Tom Wolf: A midterm review

"We have a liberal governor and a conservative Legislature, and be careful you don't get stuck in the middle," said G. Terry Madonna, a longtime political analyst at Franklin & Marshall College.

Reading Eagle: Gov. Wolf faces tough PA budget, experts say

Franklin & Marshall College political pollster G. Terry Madonna thinks Wolf has some troubling decisions to make. "The governor is under tremendous pressure to keep taxes where they are and maintain spending on things like education and social services," he said. "The bottom line is that he will have to find the money somewhere else. And that means spending cuts."


Forbes: The U.S. Wine Industry Focuses On A Sustainable Future

Christian Miller of Full Glass Research (FGR) presented at the conference the results of the latest sustainability research. Miller holds a BA in Economics from Franklin & Marshall College and an MBA from Cornell University. FGR is his baby. He also co-founded and advises Wine Opinions (WO), which bills itself as the qualitative and quantitative research arm of the overall wine industry in America. WO draws from a variety of consumer and trade organizations in its wine market research.


Fox 43:  Local universities react to immigration ban

The president of Franklin and Marshall College said,” To members of our community who are Muslim, who hail from another country, or who are newcomers to America, I want to say unequivocally that F&M stands with you. 


The San Francisco Chronicle:  Liberals may hate Trump’s first 10 days, but GOP base loves it

“Is the white, blue-collar voter in Pennsylvania going to be upset by all that (turmoil of the first week)? Not at all,” said G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College and one of Pennsylvania’s leading pollsters.


The Chronicle of Higher Education: Shock, Despair, and Outrage: Academics Condemn Trump’s Immigration Crackdown

Other professors and college students were among the thousands of people who protested over the weekend at airports around the country. In the crowd at Dulles International Airport on Sunday was Sauleh Siddiqui, an assistant professor of civil engineering at the Johns Hopkins University. Originally from Pakistan, Mr. Siddiqui came to the United States in 2003 to attend Franklin & Marshall College. He stayed. Then, this fall, just two weeks before Donald Trump’s election, he became an American citizen.

The Scranton Times-Tribune: Casey, Toomey join hands on Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

Usually worlds apart politically, U.S. Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey actually agreed on something President Donald Trump did last week. They both backed Mr. Trump’s decision Monday to pull the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the highly controversial trade deal that President Barack Obama spent most of his presidency negotiating. “You and I both know that they always have their eyes on the next election,” said G. Terry Madonna, Ph.D., director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College. “You can’t rule out that aspect of it. But just following his career over 30 years, when he has a chance to bring jobs back ... I don’t think that there’s any doubt that decision is first and foremost in his mind.”


WITF: Study: Bucknell enrolled more students from the top 1% than the bottom 60%

Franklin and Marshall in Lancaster is improving, says its President Dan Porterfield. "I'm quite confident that 8, 9 years from now when this generation is studied through Dr. Chetty's research, we'll see that F&M has had an even stronger representation of students from low and modest income backgrounds," says Porterfield. Porterfield says F&M is leading an initiative to get more low-income students enrolled, and helping them pay for school.

LNP: Who's News: Lancaster County hirings and promotions

The Economic Development Co. of Lancaster County has elected three new members to its board of directors. They are: Bret Lieberman, vice president of New Holland North America; Kendra D. McGuire, member in charge of McNees Wallace & Nurick’s Lancaster office; and Susan L. Washburn, founding principal of Washburn & McGoldrick and chair of Franklin & Marshall College’s board of trustees.

LNP: The traditional Japanese flutes, drums and dance of Taikoza take the stage Sunday at Millersville University's Winter Center

The performance starts at 3 p.m. but doors open at 2 p.m. for a free, 20-minute Audience Perspective talk beginning at 2:15 p.m. or when the room reaches capacity. The talk is given by Ken-Ichi Miura, Director of the Japanese Language Program at Franklin & Marshall College.

Allentown Morning Call: Frackville state prison to remain open, SCI Pittsburgh to close

Since 2015, the Republican-controlled Legislature had rejected Wolf's calls for higher income and sales taxes and new levies on natural gas extraction to cover rising costs and deficits. All who opposed the tax hikes argued Wolf needed to trim government costs before asking taxpayers to pony up more money. In announcing the closure plan, Wolf did just that. Lawmakers who opposed the tax increases found themselves facing the loss of good-paying state jobs in their communities based on the budget decisions they made in the Capitol. "Of course some in the Legislature bear some of the responsibility," said G. Terry Madonna, Franklin & Marshall College political science professor and pollster. "You can't say on one hand we have a deficit but not provide the resources to provide efficient services."


Psychology Today: Social Learning: Eyes Provide a Window into Primate Minds

I'm always looking for novel results of clever experiments, and a recent study by Franklin & Marshall College's Dr. Lauren Howard and her colleagues titled "Social Models Enhance Apes’ Memory for Novel Events" caught my eye.


BBC News: Personality linked to 'differences in brain structure'

Michael Anderson, an associate professor of psychology at Franklin and Marshall College, said the study was difficult to interpret, although it was "carefully done, using well-controlled methods." He said: "Most regions of the brain are associated with multiple cognitive and behavioural functions, so it can be difficult to say with any confidence which functions are relevant to these particular associations."


LNP:  6 things to know from Dr. Rachel Levine's talk in Lancaster this week

Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s physician general and one of the few transgender public officials in the nation, spoke Thursday at Franklin & Marshall College’s Common Hour, a community discussion that is open to the public.

Politico: The Women's March on Washington, in photos

Cesar Cortorreal, left, and Cody Henry, students at Franklin and Marshall College, participate in the march.

ESPNW: Moving forward with poetry and prose

“And Again, Today,” a poem by F&M’s Meg Day, the 2015-2016 recipient of the Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Scholarship, a 2013 recipient of an NEA Fellowship in Poetry, and the author of “Last Psalm at Sea Level.”


The Greensburg Tribune-Review:  Republican voters 'outperformed' Dems at polls in Pa.

More than three-quarters of Pennsylvania's registered Republicans voted in the November election, neutralizing Democrats' sizable registration edge to propel Donald Trump and U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey to narrow victories, state records show.

"Republicans simply outperformed Democrats at the polls," said G. Terry Madonna, director of Franklin & Marshall College's Center for Politics and Public Affairs.


The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat: Inauguration 2017 | Johnstown and Pennsylvania helped lift Trump to White House

All of those factors have created a fear about the area being left behind by what detractors would call the ruling elite in Washington, D.C., and throughout the world. “Many of these people get up every morning and think they’re living in a strange world,” Terry Madonna, director of Franklin & Marshall College’s Center for Politics and Public Affairs, said. “This isn’t the America they grew up in.”

The Reading Eagle: Berks judge announces re-election bid

District Judge David E. Glass is a Berks County native, graduating from Exeter High School before attending Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster.

PennLive: 'Unifier in chief': Here's what Trump needs to say to heal a divided Pa.

"What we saw on November 8th was rural and small-town America against urban and exurban America," said Terry Madonna, pollster and political analyst at Franklin & Marshall College. "Rural America rose up in a profound and big way." The divide between rural and urban Pennsylvania grew larger because of gerrymandering, but it hit a fever pitch in this election, Madonna said. "In the polls I've done for 25 years, I haven't seen polarization like this," he said. "We haven't been this divided since the 1930s in the New Deal era, when 13 major pieces of legislation changed the relationship between government and the American people."

USA Today: The Rust Belt gave Trump victory, now they want jobs in return

In Trump, said G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., voters — especially white working-class ones — heard an economic and cultural clarion call they hadn’t heard since Reagan: Their losses could be reversed. “These are people whose lives have been transformed over the last couple of decades, hitting them in their families and where they live. They don’t have the skills, they can’t pick up and go,” Madonna said. “These are people who had no expectation that their lives could be better until Trump.”

Philly.com: Wolf faces tough second-half fight

That means future budget talks and other proposals "are going to be done in the context of a gubernatorial election," said Terry Madonna, a Franklin & Marshall College pollster and veteran Harrisburg observer. "We're already in campaign mode."


Phys.org: Swamphens signal dominance through fleshy faces

"This exciting study on the understudied Pukeko adds strong support to our growing understanding of bare part signaling. In particular, the authors reveal the dynamic nature of pigmented bare in communicating status and condition information," adds Franklin and Marshall College's Daniel Ardia, an expert on signaling in birds who was not involved with the study. "The differences they find between frontal shield signaling and plumage reveal the complexity of signaling and demonstrates that bare parts are not simply redundant signals."

The Christian Science Monitor: British scientists tie the tightest knot ever

"It's fantastic," Edward Fenlon, a chemist at Pennsylvania's Franklin & Marshall College, who was not part of the study, told NPR. "It's really impressive that they've been able to go beyond some of the more simple knots with just three crossings."

Greensburg Tribune-Review: Doyle plans to join fellow Democrats in boycotting Trump's inauguration

Among House Democrats that Doyle joined in a boycott are Reps. Steve Cohen of Tennessee, Jerrold Nadler of New York and Don Beyer of Virginia, who announced Monday that they will not attend Trump's swearing-in at the U.S. Capitol in response to the Trump-Lewis fracas. Reps. Dwight Evans, Brendan Boyle and Robert Brady, all Philadelphia-area Democrats, also announced they plan to boycott. “They're in heavily Democratic districts,” said G. Terry Madonna, political science professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, referring to the Philadelphia Democrats. “They are not going to pay a political price for this. Many of their constituents agree with them.”


Al-Fanar Media: A Moroccan Scholar Uncovers Hidden, Connected Histories

[Author Hisham] Aidi lived in Spain and Belgium and won a scholarship to attend an American boarding school. He attended Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania and wrote his undergraduate thesis on Paul Bowles, an American novelist and musicologist who spent much of his life in Tangier.

LNP: At Crispus Attucks breakfast, keynote speaker Curtis Robinson gives thanks for Martin Luther King Jr.

According to Curtis D. Robinson, the news that he had given $1 million to the cause of health equity was as much a surprise to him as to anyone else. At Monday morning’s annual Crispus Attucks Community Center Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast, the entrepreneur explained to the nearly 700-strong audience at the Franklin & Marshall College’s Alumni Sports and Fitness Center how the donation came about.


Pennsylvania Newsmakers: American Talen Initiative

This week's Pennsylvania Newsmakers featured President Daniel R.  Porterfield discussing the American Talent Initiative with Professor Terry Madonna. 

LNP: As prosperity pastors prep for inauguration, Lancaster County religious experts discuss its meaning

The prosperity gospel grew out of the Pentecostal movement of the early 20th century, said Steven Cooper, professor of Religious Studies at Franklin & Marshall College. That movement included the use of spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues and divine healing.  But in the 1970s and 1980s, he said, the message began to change. It became, he said, “What God wants is for you to prosper.”

LNP Editorial: Colleges and students need to consider reasons in addition to debt for the 'boomerang' effect

All of Lancaster County’s four-year colleges and universities have graduation rates above the national average, according to the Department of Education’s online research tool, collegescorecard.ed.gov. Millersville University, for example, has a graduation rate of 62 percent, while Franklin & Marshall boasts 87 percent.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: A New Panel Tackles a Familiar Challenge: How to Make the Ph.D. Serve a Broader Need

Last week a panel of academic leaders convened by the National Academies began work on recommending changes to improve graduate science education in the United States. The panel is led by Alan I. Leshner [1965 F&M graduate], former chief executive of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and includes representatives of universities and university groups, industry, and government. The Chronicle spoke with Mr. Leshner about what ails the Ph.D. and what his group hopes to accomplish. The following interview has been edited for length and clarity.


NPR: Scientists Have Twisted Molecules Into The Tightest Knot Ever

"It's fantastic," says Edward Fenlon, a chemist at Pennsylvania's Franklin & Marshall College who has a special interest in knots but was not part of this research team. "It's really impressive that they've been able to go beyond some of the more simple knots with just three crossings."

Steve Harvey Show: A Woman [Becky Snyder Fawcett ‘92]Who Helps Families To Adopt

Greensburg Tribune-Review:  Candidate for governor Scott Wagner touts similarities to Trump

In some respects, Wagner was Trump before Trump, said Terry Madonna, a political science professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster. “He came into the Senate as an outsider,” Madonna said. “He has consistently had this outsider, anti-establishment view.

LNP: Community service to be honored at MLK Breakfast

Former state Sen. Mike Brubaker, his wife, Cindy Brubaker, and Lancaster resident Dina Burch will be honored with Essence of Humanity Awards at the 29th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast to be Monday at the Alumni Sports & Fitness Center at Franklin & Marshall College.


The Union (Western Nevada County, Calif.): ‘United We Stand: Writers Respond to Trump’ set for Jan. 20

Poet Indigo Moor, novelist Sands Hall [Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at Franklin & Marshall College] and environmental writer Jordan Fisher Smith are the featured speakers at next week’s Yuba Lit community reading event in Grass Valley.

Inside Higher Ed: Historians Reject Anti-Israel Petition

Van Gosse, chair of history at Franklin and Marshall College and a member of Historians Against the War, said AHA has “the right and responsibility” to take political stances on issues under its purview.

Philly.com: Vintage Trump - confident, obsessive, derisive - meets the press

"We're going to have to get used to the most unconventional president in U.S. history in terms of style," said Franklin & Marshall College pollster Terry Madonna. "Most of us thought once he's elected, the Trumpisms would go overboard. This is who he is and how he does it.


The National Review: Ken Mehlman and David Plouffe Team Up at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

On Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced that former Obama campaign manager will lead the philanthropy’s policy and advocacy effort and former Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman will chair its policy advisory board. Mehlman notes that the initiative’s focus is on “expanding educational opportunities through personalized learning and promoting research on life-saving medical advances.”

LNP: Lancaster County DA Craig Stedman eyeing possible campaign for statewide judge

Longtime state politics observer G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College, said he also couldn’t recall any Lancaster County natives who reached the state Supreme Court, Superior Court or Commonwealth Court.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Jeffrey M. Lacker to retire in October as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

He earned his doctorate in economics from the University of Wisconsin and received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Franklin & Marshall College.


Inside Higher Ed: Activism and Academe

Can faculty members be politically engaged advocates? A new book -- Civic Labors: Scholarly Activism and Working-Class Studies -- argues that they can. The book was edited by Dennis Deslippe, associate professor of American and women’s and gender studies at Franklin and Marshall College; and two other academics.


LNP: Trump needs to be wary of Putin’s spymaster experience

F&M’s Bryan Stinchfield’s essay: During all the talk about Russia lately, cyber warfare is getting far more attention than HUMINT, which is the intelligence community’s abbreviation for “human intelligence.”

Andover (Mass.) Eagle-Tribune: Swing-state senator still stands by Obamacare

Berwood Yost, director of the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, said opposing Trump’s policies may not hurt Casey in 2018 even though Trump narrowly won the state, with 44,292 votes more than Democrat Hillary Clinton, out of 6.1 million cast. Minority party candidates tend to do better in the mid-term elections, Yost noted. Casey has also easily won his last two elections, he said, and has the ability to appeal to the white, working-class voters who elected Trump. "He’s not from Philly," Yost said. "He’s from Scranton."

(Philadelphia) Newsworks: Report puts Wolf among 12 'most vulnerable' governors in 2018 election

"In 2018, we have the midterm election. That will be turned into a referendum on the new president, Donald J. Trump," said Franklin and Marshall College pollster and political scientist Terry Madonna. "If President-elect Trump is successful and his job performance is high, that's going to definitely benefit Republicans," he said. "If not, if he's in trouble and Republicans are in trouble because of it, that would obviously help Gov. Wolf in his efforts."

Boothbay (Maine) Register: U.S.-Soviet relations explored at next Chats with Champions

A retired foreign service officer, Louis Sell worked for 28 years with the U.S. Department of State, including eight years each in Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union and Russia. He served as U.S. representative to the Joint Consultative Group in Vienna, as Director of the Office of Russian and Eurasian Analysis, and as Executive Secretary of the U.S. delegation to the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks. From 1995-1996 he served as political deputy to Carl Bildt, the first High Representative for Bosnian Peace Implementation. In that capacity he attended the Dayton Peace Conference and participated in the first year of implementation of the Dayton accords. In 2000, he served as Kosovo Director of the International Crisis Group.

He speaks Serbo-Croatian, Russian, and French. Serving as Executive Director of the American University in Kosovo Foundation (AUKF) from 2003 - 2007, Louis Sell helped establish the American University in Kosovo, which opened its doors in October 2003. He has a B. A. from Franklin and Marshall College (1969) and an M. A. from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Affairs.

LNP: The Rev. Jennifer Mattson takes over as priest-in-charge at St. Thomas Episcopal Church

As an example, parishioner Jay Anderson, a retired Franklin & Marshall College computer professor, created an app called “Stop and Pray” and an app for people who are visually impaired or blind to guide them through the wood-carved Stations of the Cross that hang permanently on the walls of the sanctuary.


LNP: Youth athletic opportunities booming in Lancaster city

The free program recently begun in Lancaster is funded by a donation from Dave and Patsy Lehman through the Lehman Family Charitable Foundation. Dave Lehman is a Solanco High School alumnus and a 1968 graduate of Franklin & Marshall College who gave $5 million to the F&M wrestling program two years ago.

The Scranton Times-Tribune: Inauguration tickets can’t meet demand

The overwhelming number of requests received by Mr. Barletta could be because Mr. Barletta “was one of the most high profile congressional supporters of Trump in the nation, even more than Marino,” said G. Terry Madonna, a veteran pollster and political science professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster.

The Philadelphia Tribune: Experts weigh in on Kenney’s first year

“[Mayor Kenney] came into office with, I think most folks would agree, it’s an aggressive agenda,” said Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin and Marshall College Center for Politics and Public Affairs, comparing Kenney to progressive New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.


LNP: Franklin & Marshall alumni connected to Donald Trump, Iraq and foreign policy

One grad had ties to Trump Tower, while another writes about mistake with Iraqi weapons of mass destruction Dale F. Frey, who was born in Manheim in 1932 and died nearly a year ago in Connecticut, was one of Donald Trump’s business buddies. The president-elect mentions Frey in at least three of his many books about himself.

CBS Philly: PA House Leader Continues Push To Overhaul Gov’t As Lawmakers Are Sworn In

But while he said he is loath to criticize a worthy goal, Franklin and Marshall College political analyst Terry Madonna also says attempting to reinvent state government in another difficult budget year could make matters worse.

The Washington Examiner: Pennsylvania Dems Sen. Casey and Gov. Wolf face re-election peril

"The unknown is how will Pennsylvania voters react to Donald Trump's policies and presidency two years into his administration," said Terry Madonna, political scientist at Franklin and Marshall College.


The Washington Post:  The new American Talent Initiative on college campuses. It isn’t about singing or dancing.

Talent knows no geography. But the barriers for low-income students to access top higher education institutions can be daunting: it’s too expensive, no one in the family has ever gone to college, or a campus environment doesn’t feel familiar. That’s part of the following post about a new effort by colleges and universities to identify, recruit, admit and support highly qualified low-income students. It’s called the American Talent Initiative, and two college presidents who are on the steering committee, Michael V. Drake, president of The Ohio State University,  and Daniel R. Porterfield, president of Franklin & Marshall College, write about it here.

The Morning Call: Top colleges look to enroll more low-income students

The colleges will work together at recruiting and graduating students and sharing information on efforts that work, said Daniel R. Porterfield, president of F&M, who was honored at the White House this year for his work on increasing college opportunity for students from low-income families.

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