F&M in the News 2018


PennLive: Rating airlines will require a steep curve | Opinion

Article written by Associate Professor of Marketing Jeffrey Podoshen: With the National Airline Quality Ratings set for release on April 9 for domestic airlines, there is sure to be a lot of chatter about which firms rose in the rankings and which took a tumble.

Scientific American: The Public Doesn't Take Flu Seriously Enough

F&M Professor of Government Jen Meyer writes about the 100th anniversary of the 1918 flu pandemic that killed tens of millions of people because there was no flue vaccine and why not enough Americans getting vaccinated.

LNP: CV alum Melissa Gates talks about her journey from swimmer to coach in 'Inspirational Athletes' [podcast]

Conestoga Valley alum Melissa Gates drop on episode No. 74 of the "Inspirational Athletes" podcast. Gates was a standout swimmer for the Buckskins in the mid-2000s before going on to become a three-time NCAA Division II national championship swimmer at California University of Pennsylvania. She also competed in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic trials, and more recently has spent time in various parts of the country as a swim coach. Now back in her hometown, Gates just came off her second season as the assistant swim coach at Franklin & Marshall College.

bctv.orgPolitically Uncorrected: A Ringside Seat

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: If you like white knuckle, top of the ticket, competitive elections, Pennsylvania is your kind of state.

For decades Pennsylvania has been a battleground in presidential contests. A large state with a huge prize of winner take all electoral votes, the state in modern times has balanced its party allegiances between Republican and Democratic parties. Back to 1948, the GOP has won eight of these contests; the Democrats have won 10.

Cape Cod Times: The psychology of a litterbug

However, most people litter either accidentally or deliberately when they’re not being watched.

“It seems the reason people litter is not because they think it’s OK,” says Joshua Rottman, assistant professor of psychology at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. “It’s because they think it’s the easy thing to do. It’s a moral hypocrisy. People think it’s wrong, but they do it because it’s easy.”

LNP: Franklin & Marshall College cuts ties with security group after 'inflammatory' social media posts, misconduct allegation

Franklin & Marshall College has parted ways with a York County-based security company it hired to monitor campus fraternity parties after the firm was accused of misconduct and posting demeaning content on Facebook.

MProtective began working at the college during the 2016-17 academic year to “ensure the safest possible environment when students are socializing,” according to F&M spokesman Kevin Burke.

CNN: Clinton, Tillerson and Gore among politicos giving commencement speeches this year

The junior New Jersey senator will give the commencement speech at Franklin & Marshall College on May 12 and is set to speak on May 17 at Kean University's commencement in Newark, New Jersey.

Concord Monitor: When choosing classes, there’s no one answer

Our selection process, as competitive as it is, relies on finding students who have chosen to continually put their best foot forward, not just in grades, but in course selection as well,” said Kevin Dyer, assistant dean of admission at Franklin & Marshall College.

LNP: A letter to Congressman Smucker from a student

I will start by introducing myself. My name is Mackenzie Blackwell and I am one of your constituents. I am from just outside of Detroit, Michigan, but began my studies at Franklin & Marshall College last fall.

Lancaster has come to be my home. It is where I am both registered to vote and where I have become politically involved. I am an intended government and American studies joint major and I plan on working for the government one day.


Insight Crime: How Ríos Montt Won the War in Guatemala

“Ríos Montt was unique in that, in many ways, he embodied two different eras of Guatemala’s history,” said Michael Deibert, an author and Visiting Scholar at Franklin & Marshall College. “Both the fanatical anti-communism of the 1980s, that saw no great loss in sacrificing innocents en masse to stamp out a fairly meager insurgency, and the pervasive corruption and dishonesty that has typified the political class since the civil war ended in 1996. It is a rather ignoble distinction.”

The Inquirer: Legislatures aren't supposed to be efficient; keep Pa. General Assembly large | Opinion

An op-ed written by Berwood Yost, chief methodologist for the Franklin & Marshall Poll and F&M Professor of Government Matthew Schousen: Should Pennsylvania’s voters be cheered or frustrated that efforts to reduce the size of the state legislature have slowed? Anyone who believes a smaller legislature will reduce costs or become suddenly more responsive and efficient is likely to be among the frustrated; we do not believe a smaller legislature will produce any of those benefits.

LNP: When teaching King's legacy, the whole story matters

Gosse, department chair and associate professor of history at Franklin & Marshall College, works in his courses to counteract what he describes as a sanitized portrayal of King. Other local educators at the high school and college levels share his mission.

Inside Higher Ed: Commencement Speakers Announced: Bryn Mawr, Franklin & Marshall, Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins, NYU, Saint Joseph's, Springfield, U of Maryland College Park, U of Montana, U of Southern Indiana, Vassar

Pennsylvania Cable Network: Latino Health Summit 

"Franklin & Marshall College, which, if you've never heard of F&M this place phenomenal and it's right up the street. We've had Franklin & Marshall students working one-on-one with the doctors either Skyping in with the doctors to help them prep for their lessons or being there in person pretending to be simulation patients." -- Dr. Daniel Ian Weber, medical director, Pennsylvania Department of Health; Department of Human Services, talking about Church World Service at April 4 Latino Health Summit in Lancaster.

LNP: Case of a Brazilian boy, genomic medicine and a county clinic

Article written by Kevin A. Strauss, M.D., medical director of the Clinic for Special Children, and adjunct associate research professor at F&M: In February, I saw 4-year-old Davi Silva at the Clinic for Special Children in Strasburg. Every six months, Davi and his parents make the 4,800-mile trip from their home near Rio de Janeiro to the clinic, where they are welcomed by doctors, nurses and counselors whom they’ve come to regard as family.

LNP: F&M professor reflects on the 7 years she spent in the Church of Scientology

Sands Hall says she had no agenda when she decided to write a memoir about the decade she spent entwined with the Church of Scientology.

The Franklin & Marshall College professor says she had no desire to bash the controversial organization, which has faced a barrage of criticism from former members in recent years.


Science Daily: Hybrid chickadees found deficient at learning and memory

This discovery is the first time that learning and memory deficiencies have been identified in any hybrid of any species, opening up a new area of inquiry for understanding hybrids' selective disadvantage. The study results appear in the journal Evolution in an article that appears online today by Michael A. McQuillan, Amber M. Rice and Alex V. Huynh of Lehigh University and Timothy C. Roth II of Franklin & Marshall College called: "Hybrid Chickadees are Deficient in Learning and Memory."

The Aspen Institute: To Understand the Rise of Campus Activism, Listen to These Students

Incoming Aspen Institute President Dan Porterfield, who currently serves as the president of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, described the merits of removing barriers within higher education for minority students, DREAMers, and those from low-income households. He said that by targeting a diverse range of students, colleges could benefit from unique and substantial talent.

Archinect: Steven Holl Architects breaks ground on new Winter Visual Arts Center at Franklin & Marshall College

Yesterday, Steven Holl Architects broke ground on Franklin & Marshall College's new $29 million, four level, 35,000 square foot Visual Arts Building. The Susan & Benjamin Winter Visual Arts Center, named for the trustees who helped fund the project, will bring a wide range of teaching studios, galleries managed by the Phillips Museum of Art, classrooms, student and faculty work spaces, space for digital and analog film production and editing, and an 84-seat cinema that doubles as lecture hall and performance space.

The Indiana Gazette: An unimpeachable conclusion

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: Impeachment is the nuclear option undergirding the separation of powers framework of American government. An antique vestige borrowed from British tradition, it was incorporated into the American Constitution in 1787 — and migrated from there into most state constitutions. Fundamentally, impeachment in a bicameral legislature is a political indictment voted by the lower house, precipitating a formal trial in the upper house. Possible conviction and removal from office can result.

6abc: Poll: Most Pa. voters strongly favor stricter gun laws

A new Franklin & Marshall College poll shows most registered voters in Pennsylvania strongly favor stricter gun laws.
Of those polled, 86% support enhancing the gun background check system.

The New York Times: How Will the Midterm Elections Play Out? Watch Pennsylvania

G. Terry Madonna, a political scientist at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., said Democrats have the popular wind at their backs. In a poll of Pennsylvania voters he released on Thursday, 53 percent who are “very interested” in the election said they would vote for a Democratic House candidate, against 30 percent who planned to vote Republican. And Mr. Trump’s job approval rating in Pennsylvania is just 30 percent in the new poll.

WHYY: How perceptions about natural gas production, climate change have changed

A new Franklin & Marshall College and StateImpact Pennsylvania poll on climate change and shale gas surveyed 423 Pennsylvanians – all registered voters, equally distributed across the state. The mix of party affiliations – Democrats, Republicans, and independents – matches statewide percentages.

FoxNews: Can Republicans win without Hillary?

A Keystone State survey just out from Franklin and Marshall College reinforces the message of a recent special election in the Pittsburg area. The poll shows that incumbent Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and incumbent Democratic Sen. Bob Casey Jr. are absolutely demolishing their likely Republican challengers in the fall.

LNP: F&M poll: Voters give Gov. Tom Wolf higher marks as he heads into re-election campaign

Gov. Tom Wolf’s job approval and popularity have surged to their highest levels since he took office in 2015, a new statewide Franklin & Marshall College Poll found.

The findings bolster the first-term Democrat’s position heading into the 2018 election in a state carried by Republican Donald Trump in the presidential race less than two years ago.

CBS Philly: Poll: Pennsylvania Voters’ Support For Gun Control At All-Time High

The latest Franklin and Marshall College Poll shows more Pennsylvania voters support gun control than at any time in the poll’s history.

Franklin and Marshall College Poll Director Terry Madonna says 72 percent of registered Pennsylvania voters believe there should be more general regulation of guns.

The Times-Tribune: Voters back gas drilling, renewable energy

State voters overwhelmingly favor promoting renewable energy sources over natural gas, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

More voters favor natural gas development than don’t, but they think neither Gov. Tom Wolf nor the state General Assembly have handled it properly, the Franklin & Marshall College poll found.


The Market Oracle: Time To Eliminate Your Wall Street Tax?

On Thursday April 6, 2017 two world-renowned economic thinkers, Michael Hudson and Ellen Brown, came to Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA to discuss how a public banking option can affect governmental effectiveness. This discussion was moderated by Walt McRee, the chair of the Public Banking Institute. This discussion which was open to the public focused on the key differences between government’s unquestioned reliance on private capital markets and how an entirely new, more productive arrangement could be devised. Kudos to Franklin & Marshall College for providing their students and community with such a high caliber seminar. The following video is that discussion.

The Chesapeake Bay Journal: Stream mapping helps to identify most cost-effective restoration sites

Dorothy Merritts and Bob Walter, researchers at Franklin & Marshall College who are participating in the institute’s mapping project, said they believe that the legacy of those mill dams may be responsible for more of the sediment polluting the Bay than runoff from fields and urban areas. Mapping stream banks that have suffered major erosion is the key to pinpointing areas where large amounts of sediment can be removed in a stream restoration project — rather than letting it be scoured downstream during a storm.

LNP: Novelist will return to F&M to participate in Emerging Writers Festival, which she once attended as student

Some Lancaster County residents might recognize the setting for Mandy Berman’s second novel.

The protagonist is a college student.

“She’s at a small liberal arts college, not unlike Franklin & Marshall in central Pennsylvania,” Berman says during a telephone interview. “Nothing is named, but there are some similarities for sure.”

It makes sense that Berman, who lives in Brooklyn, would use F&M as a model for her fictitious college since the New York native spent four years there, graduating in 2009 with an English degree.

PennLive: Outsource the 2nd Amendment. Let insurers decide who should own a gun | Opinion

Article co-authored by Associate Professor of Organization Studies Bryan Stinchfield: In various areas of the economy and public policy, many Americans have come to believe that private industry offers better solutions than the government. 

For example, the United States currently outsources half of our military force in Iraq and Afghanistan to private military companies, and we've also outsourced management of prisons, schools, roads, bridges, and many other services to private industry.

But why stop there? 


LNP: Proposed restaurant gets zoning OK in Manheim Township to replace gun shop

Sacarellos leases the former Reifsnyder’s piano store at 1020 Dillerville Road to The Gun Gallery, which moved recently from Millersville. Sacarellos said he will not extend the gun shop’s lease, which expires at the end of the year when demolition could begin.

The commissioners approved Sacarellos’ request to rezone four parcels from industrial to business, but conditioned approval on his "voluntary commitment not to allow any sales of firearms or related products."

Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster Country Day School and others last month objected to a gun shop so close to the campuses.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: For vigorous debate: Pittsburgh schools, adopt the Chicago Statement

In Pennsylvania, just one school has adopted the Chicago Statement: Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster. Pittsburgh’s many institutions of higher learning would be wise to engage the ideas of the document and sign on.

myDayton Daily News: OPINION: Helping make sure every income level has a shot at higher ed

Over the last year, we have worked with ATI staff to set our goals as part of the collective and to share some of our own innovative practices, including the Flyer Promise program, the UD Sinclair Academy, and the no-fee, fixed-net-tuition program. These programs are not only removing barriers for students in our Dayton community, they are at the heart of the ATI mission. I was happy to share our vision at the Bloomberg offices for the annual meetings of presidents — from Princeton and Harvard to Davidson and Franklin & Marshall to Michigan and Ohio State.

This Morning with Alex Jensen: PyeongChang Voices with Rebecca Myers: Paralympic athletes’ skills & awareness for Paralympic 

Radio interview with Becca Myers. 

Fox43: F&M program aims to help students in the City of Lancaster excel in school and beyond

At Franklin and Marshall college, middle and high school students in the city of Lancaster are learning life-long lessons on the squash court and in the classroom through a program called 'Squash Aces.'

The program started at the college in 2009. It pairs college student mentors with School District of Lancaster students and engages them through both sports and tutoring.

LNP: On chaos, worries of war, and Trump and Putin

Article written by Associate Professor of Organization Studies Bryan Stinchfield: “And no talking politics,” said my friend as the four of us drove up to his hunting cabin last weekend. Deer and bear seasons were over and spring gobbler season had not yet begun, but a weekend of hiking, poker and no politics seemed great.

Then we came home. And we learned that Russian President Vladimir Putin had suggested Jews may have been among those who interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and Trump had said of an African-American congresswoman, “She’s a low-IQ individual. She can’t help it.” 

Achievement first: Life on Campus: An Alumnus’s Take on His Studies at Franklin & Marshall

Interview with current student Tubyez Cropper ’18: Tubyez is a 2014 graduate of AF Amistad High and a member of the Franklin & Marshall College Class of 2018. We sat down with him to hear about his life on campus.


The Meadville Tribune: COLUMN: The 18th District race — bad and worse

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: A Congressional District that no longer exists — two opponents who will never face each other again — a race that will have itself little or no direct influence — the balance of power in Congress — and yet much of the nation’s political establishment is watching it as if it were a presidential race.

Maybe it is.

Penn State News: Pennsylvania Center for the Book announces 2018 Public Poetry Project

Marci Nelligan teaches creative writing at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster and is the author of two poetry collections, “The Ghost Manada,” published by Black Radish Books in 2016, and “Infinite Variations,” published by Black Radish Book in 2011. She coedited “Intersection,” published by Chain Links Books in 2008, a book about activist Jane Jacobs, and has published two poetry chapbooks.

LNP: Survivor of Pulse Nightclub shooting to speak at Lancaster March For Our Lives

Ruzow said several dozen students held a planning meeting Feb. 27 at Franklin & Marshall College, and there are now 40 to 50 students working on various committees to make the march happen.

Elizabeth Fulham, 20, of Massachusetts, is a sophomore studying history at F&M who’s helping organize the march.

“We would love to have 7,000 people and really fill it up,” she said of Binn’s Park.

The Union: A fresh start: Former Scientology member shares her memoir with Yuba Lit

Article featuring Associate Teaching Professor of English Sands Hall: The religious organization has been profiled numerous times by the media, but the church remains an enigma to many standing on the outside.

Sands Hall knows a lot about the often contentious religion after spending a decade of her life as a member of the Church of Scientology. When the church encouraged her to cut ties with some of her loved ones, Hall made the decision to leave the organization, and is now releasing a memoir titled "Flunk. Start.: Reclaiming My Decade Lost in Scientology."

LNP: It's simply common sense to keep gun shops away from schools [opinion]

“The opening of such a business without notice and consultation, in an era when school shootings are increasing, shocks the conscience,” F&M President Daniel Porterfield told Manheim Township commissioners at their Feb. 26 public meeting.

Porterfield is right, of course. And it seemed the township commissioners were dismayed by the gun shop location, too.

Inside Higher Ed: University Leaders Urge Changes to Endowment Tax

The leaders of 49 wealthy postsecondary institutions sent a letter to congressional leaders Wednesday urging them to repeal or amend the so-called endowment tax enacted as part of last year's Republican tax overhaul.

College costs or student debt will not be addressed by the tax, wrote the university leaders, who hold top executive positions at institutions potentially affected -- including Amherst, Bryn Mawr and Franklin & Marshall Colleges; the Juilliard School; Princeton Theological Seminary; Brown, Duke, Rice and Stanford Universities; and Washington University in St. Louis.

The Ambler Gazette: MADONNA and YOUNG: Casey vs. Barletta: The probabilities for 2018 Senate race

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: If politics is a science, it is a science of probabilities, not certainties. “President” Hillary Clinton could probably elaborate on that as could the late “President” Tom Dewey.

This is not to say there are no certainties in politics. One is the calendar. Pennsylvania on November 6th will hold a U.S. Senate election (along with 33 other states) - one that almost certainly will help determine which national party controls Congress during the last two years of President Trump’s current term.

MSNBC: Hardball with Chris Matthews 

Featuring Dr. G. Terry Madonna in a discussion about Pennsylvania’s 18th District. 


The Baltimore Sun: Paralympians are as skilled as Olympic counterparts

Article written by Becca Myers: Worldwide, a movement is taking place that celebrates our humanity, and the upcoming 2018 Winter Paralympics, which follows the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang next month, is the next great opportunity for all of us to share in it. The increasingly popular event will help change further the perception of the disabled community and the potential of members to achieve great things in life.

PennLive: On gun control, Trump could learn something from Richard Nixon 

Article written by Alum Jeffrey Lord ’73: It was the evening of April 30, 1970.

President Richard Nixon had just appeared on the nation's television screens to announce that he was sending American troops into Cambodia to go after "Communist-occupied" territory being used to attack Americans in the seemingly endless Vietnam War.

Within 15 minutes of Nixon's going off the air, the quad at Franklin and Marshall College, where I was finishing my freshman year, erupted. Students swarmed out of their dormitories to protest.

LNP: 'Raging debate': Manheim Township residents, parents, educators decry new gun shop near school, college

“The opening of such a business without notice and consultation, in an era when school shootings are increasing, shocks the conscience,” F&M President Daniel Porterfield told township commissioners during a public meeting Monday.

Porterfield earned raucous applause from the crowd when he urged commissioners to update the ordinance that allows the gun shop.

The Daily Caller: Antifa Is Violently Threatening Norwegian Heavy Metal Bands Now

Article written by Associate Professor of Marketing Jeffrey Podoshen: Over the past two weeks, noted radical leftist organization Antifa decided (rather arbitrarily) to impose its own interpretation and enforcement on what should and should not be consumed by American music fans. Norwegian black metal band, Taake, was set to perform a number of shows on its upcoming North American tour but ran into trouble as Antifa members reportedly threatened venues where Taake was performing. Antifa members also appear to have threatened concertgoers and individuals involved in the production of Taake’s shows.

Wall Street Journal: Princeton, Others Aim to Accept More Low-Income Students

“The future of our country requires that we have strategies to prepare those young people to live full lives and contribute to the economy,” said Daniel Porterfield, president of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Penn., ahead of a gathering last week of about 40 of the colleges.

LNP: Construction work on F&M's $29M visual arts center prompts 6-foot move for bronze statue

Abraham de Peyster didn’t move far, but the former mayor of New York City got a new home Wednesday morning when workers shifted the ponderous, 22 1/2-ton bronze statue approximately six feet north of its previous location in Buchanan Park.

LNP: Rapper Drake’s $1M giveaway: Academics debate ethics of publicly giving away money

“Giving in very public ways raises questions about motivation,” said David Merli, associate professor of philosophy at Franklin & Marshall College, who teaches courses in ethics. “Since the giving benefits both the recipients and Drake, one wonders if Drake was aiming at their good or his own ... it creates room to question what the motivation really is.”

LNP: Franklin & Marshall makes second round in NCAAs; LBC falls

Franklin & Marshall used a strong surge midway through the second half Friday to defeat Emory & Henry 73-59 in the first round of the NCAA Division III Tournament at Christopher Newport.

The Diplomats (21-6) will play their second-round game Saturday night. They’ll meet host school CNU (22-6), a 68-65 winner over Lancaster Bible College on Friday. Tipoff is slated for 7 p.m.

LNP: Lancaster students organize March for Our Lives for March 24, to mirror national event

The Lancaster march will start at noon at J.P. McCaskey High School’s Victory Field and Franklin and Marshall College’s Sponaugle-Williamson Field, proceeding about a mile until the two groups meet up and arrive together at the final location of Binn’s Park, 100 N. Queen St., Lancaster.


NBC News: After years of frustration, a U.S.-South Korean strategy on North Korea emerges

Article written by Trustee and Alum Evelyn Farkas ‘89: Renewed diplomatic negotiations must also include an implicit threat of increased sanctions if talks drag on.

Foreign Policy: The Dangers (and Opportunities) of 2018: Views From the Democratic Sideline

Contributing writer Trustee and Alum Evelyn Farkas ‘89: Russia poses the year’s greatest danger. It will continue to be America’s No. 1 threat, a non-status quo power willing to take startling risks — such as attacking the U.S. presidential elections — to weaken the government.

Meadville Tribune: COLUMN: Casey vs. Barletta: The probabilities

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: If politics is a science, it is a science of probabilities, not certainties. “President” Hillary Clinton could probably elaborate on that, as could the late “President” Tom Dewey.

This is not to say there are no certainties in politics. One is the calendar. Pennsylvania on Nov. 6 will hold a U.S. Senate election (along with 33 other states) — one that almost certainly will help determine which national party controls Congress during the last two years of President Trump’s current term.

Forbes: The Higher Education Movement Our Country Needs

Article written by President Daniel Porterfield: Across our history, America has educated our citizens and future leaders far more effectively than other countries. U.S. education has always been a staple of national strength and global leadership.

With this idea in mind, dozens of college and university presidents are convening today at Bloomberg Philanthropies with a singular mission: to bolster our country’s leadership by sending 50,000 more highly-qualified lower-income students to top colleges and universities with high graduation rates by the year 2025.

The Washington Post: The investigations into Russian meddling are not enough

Article written by Trustee and Alum Evelyn Farkas ‘89: The leaders of the U.S. intelligence community, crammed shoulder-to-shoulder last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee, told Congress two things: First, Russia is going to escalate its election meddling efforts this year. Second, the president has not directed the intelligence community or an interagency group to actively counter Russian interference.


WJCT News: Guest Editorial: Re-Envisioning Filipinos In Jacksonville

Article written by Assistant Professor of American Studies Mark Villegas: Walking through downtown Jacksonville’s dilapidated Wynn Hotel, once known as a site of African American musical life, Cheech Forreign reflects on the arts community and its connection to a new generation of activists, such as the Take ‘Em Down Jax, which is a movement seeking to remove memorials that honor Confederate leaders, white supremacists, and slave owners.

The Mennonite: Mennonite educators seek ‘Unexpected Encounters’ at 2018 Mennonite Educators Conference

Keynote speaker Daniel Porterfield, president of Franklin & Marshall College (F&M), opened the gathering with a focus on “composing the place” for students, asking educators to reflect deeply on the context in which students are formed. He highlighted realities that students face, such as information overload, changing demographics, anxiety for future occupations and global dilemmas. He also focused on the importance of empowering teachers to support transformational learning, sharing stories of several students he’s worked with from varied backgrounds at F&M.

U.S. News & World Report: College vs. University in the U.S.: What's the Difference?

Since liberal arts colleges are uncommon outside the U.S., prospective international students aren't always familiar with them, says Carly Mankus, senior assistant dean of international admission at Franklin and Marshall College, a liberal arts school in Pennsylvania.

Prospective students may also sometimes mistakenly believe liberal arts institutions only focus on the humanities, admissions experts say. But many of these schools offer degrees in science fields too.

WNYC: Drawn Out: The Value of a Vote, From Pennsylvania to the Supreme Court

Here are some of the voices you'll find in this special episode: Tom Corbett was elected governor of Pennsylvania in 2010 and signed the partisan maps into law in 2011. And Terry Madonna is director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College. He’s a longtime political strategist in the state and is watching all of this play out from afar.

The Chronicle of Higher Ed: Top Producers of Fulbright U.S. Scholars and Students, 2017-18

Three research universities had 10 or more Fulbright scholars in the 2017-18 academic year, and 13 research universities and two bachelor's institutions had 20 or more students who were awarded Fulbright grants.


The Chronicle of Higher Education: How to Identify and Invest in High-Achieving, Low-Income Students (see PDF)

College presidents who have found some measure of success often parlay that into a job at a more prestigious institution. But Daniel R. Porterfield, president of Franklin & Marshall College, will leave higher education this year to become president of the Aspen Institute, a nonprofit policy group.

PennLive: #PaBudget 2018: Get ready for an election-year spending plan

Article co-authored by Professor of Public Affairs Dr. G. Terry Madonna: What will Gov. Tom Wolf propose in his 2018/2019-budget address to the state legislature on Tuesday? Budgets are essentially policies with the price tag attached. Accordingly, one might expect the governor to propose a budget focused on Pennsylvania's compelling needs in education, jobs, health care, economic development and revenue.

WHYY: Third of Pa. delegation decamping U.S. House, leaving six seats up for grabs

Stephen Medvic, professor of government at Franklin & Marshall College, said he can’t remember the last time Pennsylvania had this many seats up for grabs in a single election cycle. Although midterm elections are typically tough for the party that holds the presidency, Medvic says it’s rare to have a third of Pennsylvania’s delegation out of the running.

Central Coast Public Radio: GOP Recruitment Troubles Could Affect Senate Races

In Pennsylvania, Republican Congressman Lou Barletta is running to take on three-term Democratic Senator Bob Casey. Terry Madonna of Franklin & Marshall College describes Barletta this way.

We need to break away from politics as usual

Article written by Assistant Professor of History Laura Shelton: Recent Democratic electoral victories were fueled by popular anger at the policies of the Trump administration and Republicans, but they also marked a significant increase in political engagement among voters and thousands of volunteers, many of whom had never been involved in politics before. These races have been characterized by grass-roots campaigns that have invigorated the party with new energy.

The Union: Theater By the Book to present Dear Elizabeth in Nevada City

When not writing, directing or performing, Hall spends the fall semesters as an Associate Teaching Professor of English and Creative Writing at Franklin & Marshall College, in Lancaster, PA. She recently completed her memoir "FLUNK.START.: Reclaiming My Decade Lost in Scientology" which comes out in March.

Blouin ArtInfo: ‘Steven Holl: Making Architecture’ at The Dorsky Museum

“Steven Holl: Making Architecture” examines the works of one of the most renowned and in-demand architects of his times who has managed to preserve the integrity and quality of his work by resisting corporatization. The exhibition is part of the Dorsky Museum’s “Hudson Valley Master’s Series” featuring around a 100 models and related sketches of Holl’s recent projects including the Arts Building at Franklin and Marshall College, Pennsylvania; The Kennedy Center Expansion, Washington D.C.; and Maggie’s Cancer Care Center in London.

Washington Examiner: Harvard symposium aims to restore civil discourse on campus

Conference attended by students from 29 different colleges and universities, including Franklin & Marshall College: Unlike the stereotype of “campus snowflakes,” these students showed up with a genuine desire to find common ground and advance the political dialogue on their campuses. The symposium — the National Campaign for Political and Civic Engagement — took place from Feb. 2-4 and included panels such as "Fixing Politics in an Era of Partisanship and Distrust," "Civil Discourse: Resisting Division, Creating Dialogue," and "Learning How to Be Loyal Antagonists."

Week of 1/29-2/5 

LNP: F&M's Federici is scoring his way into school, conference record books

Brandon Federici can, as basketball people sometimes put it, score the ball.

He’s a volume shooter, and a volume scorer.

He probably could have filled up Division One college baskets, perhaps in the Ivy or Patriot League, if things had worked out a bit differently on Federici’s journey from boyhood in New Jersey to a career, he hopes in international business.

But D-1’s loss has been Franklin & Marshall’s spectacular gain.

bctv.org: Politically Uncorrected: Chaos on the Susquehanna

Article co-authored by Professor of Public Affairs Dr. G. Terry Madonna: A shock it was not.

The dramatic decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to strike down the state’s 2011 Republican-drawn congressional boundary lines was not a huge surprise. At some point, the egregious gerrymandering implemented in the state earlier this decade was bound to be struck down — both on the merits and the hard political fact that the state Supreme Court now sports a commanding 5-2 Democratic majority.

Might met right on this one and both prevailed in finding that the 2011 voting district lines violated the state constitution.

Reader’s Digest: 11 Ways to Finally Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

“Celebrities are often a source of comparison due to the perception of that they lead luxurious lives,” explains Christopher Grant, PhD, an adjunct assistant professor of psychology at Franklin & Marshall College. “In many cases, their lives are on full displays. They have beautiful friends, wonderful talents, creative personalities, and the most desirable lovers.” But what you don’t see is everything that goes on behind the scenes; chances are if you really knew their life, you wouldn’t want it, he adds.

LNP: Orkesta Mendoza to show off genre-bending sound at Winter Center's globalFEST
A free 20-minute talk, “The Latinidad of American Music,” by Franklin & Marshall College professor Eric Usner will precede the performance.

PennLive: Trump is ushering in a new age of anti-intellectualism | Opinion

Article written by Assistant Professor of Anthropology Tom Hart: In the jungles of Belize, standing in the abandoned Maya city of La Milpa, a sense of wonder struck me as I stood at the base of a vine covered pyramid. There, in hieroglyphics underneath the moss of a stelae (a stone pillar common throughout the Maya world), was the eternal record of the Maya kings' triumphs.

Scientific American: Groundhogs Don't Have a Clue

Article written by Associate Professor of Biology Dan Ardia: The chubby rodents are infamously bad at forecasting the end of winter—but birds, on the other hand, are pretty good. 

Week of Jan. 22-29

History News Network: A historian is helping students register to vote

Article written by Associate Professor of History Van Gosse: As educators and activists we should defend students’ right to vote where they go to school. That right was affirmed by the 1979 Supreme Court Symm v. United States decision but is under continuous attack via familiar methods of voter suppression: the requirement to show a state-approved form of identification.  The special wrinkle here is state legislatures barring the use of college-issued IDs, even from their own public universities!

The Atlantic: Has the Tide Turned Against Partisan Gerrymandering?

“I think the Democrats would be optimistic that they would have a reasonable chance of picking up” a few seats, said Terry Madonna, a political scientist at Franklin and Marshall College. Estimates range from one to two spots to as many as four or five. It’s not just that the new maps will be less slanted toward Republicans. It also means that some current Republicans will lose some advantage of incumbency in their districts.

The Chicago Tribune: Obama center plans won't destroy Olmsted's park — they should be improved, not rejected

 “There’s going to be a hell of a lot of investment in this part of the park. That’s a real positive,” David Schuyler, a Franklin & Marshall College professor who has co-edited a collection of Olmsted’s papers said during a telephone interview last week. “And if (the center) draws people to this part of the park, it means that the city’s going to maintain it, which it hasn’t been doing very much lately. So, as far as I can tell, it’s a real trade-off with a very positive effect as well.”

WHYY: Reed joins Pa. congressional race amid redistricting chaos

But Terry Madonna, a political analyst with Franklin and Marshall College, said that isn’t how he’s ever seen congressional redistricting work.

“All of the members don’t have an equal say, come on,” he said. “That’s not how the legislature functions.”

Madonna noted, because the process will have to be so short, House and Senate leaders may actually have more say than usual.

Citizen Tribune: How will the Lancaster-based 16th district lines, candidates be affected when congressional district map is thrown out, redrawn?

Stephen Medvic, a political science professor at Franklin & Marshall College, said the 16th, 7th and 6th — represented by Republican Rep. Ryan Costello — might be viewed together. A couple of them might become more Democratic, but not all can be.

“This is fascinating for the 16th because it could become safer for Smucker, or it could become a lot more competitive,” Medvic said.

Penn Live: Pa. private colleges where students get the most scholarship aid

The Student Loan Report analyzed information on private colleges across the country to come up with a list of the 250 that offer the most scholarship aid per undergraduate.

Franklin and Marshall College ranked 120th nationally in scholarship aid per student.

LNP: F&M's Phillips Art Museum is a treasure trove of culture

What is the largest fine arts venue in Lancaster?

What collection includes a Conestoga wagon, midcentury Abstract expressionists, West African sculptures, Fraktur and a large collection of Japanese woodblock prints?

And what venue has numerous art exhibits going on at any given time?

The answer to all three is The Phillips Museum of Art on the campus of Franklin & Marshall College.


Week of Jan. 15-22

The Daily Caller: Here Are The Three Ways Disney Can Fix Star Wars

Article written by Associate Professor of Marketing Jeffrey Podoshen: With Disney already in the precarious situation of having to find profitable solutions for disastrous brands like ESPN, their Star Wars property is key to the firm’s long-term viability, especially as The Mouse has made massive investments in future films and the $1 billion+ Star Wars attractions in the theme parks.

Portside: It HAS Happened Here

Article written by Associate Professor of History Van Gosse: We have to stop treating the deep anti-democratic currents in modern U.S. history as exceptions – mistakes that will never happen again. We should know better. 

The Indiana Gazette: Politically Uncorrected: A really special election in 18th

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: On March 13, a special election will be held in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District, with Republican Rick Saccone opposing Democrat Conor Lamb. Libertarian candidate Drew Miller is also on the ballot. It is an especially convoluted special election since the winner will need to also run two months later in the May 15 primary to be nominated by his party — and then again in the November general election when the seat’s regular term expires.

LNP: President Donald Trump wouldn't pass muster as a leader in the U.S. Army

Article written by Associate Professor of Organization Studies Bryan Stinchfield: When the stakes are high, as when people’s lives are on the line, actual leadership matters. Of course the stakes are extremely high in the military and thus leadership is taken very seriously. Leadership might actually be the thing most studied and developed in the military. It’s more valuable than strategy, technology, money and sheer numbers of people, missiles, tanks, etc.

Investor’s Business Daily: America's Railroad Titans Banked On Jacob Schiff

"Many Jews were forced to flee Russia, and Schiff, an immigrant from Germany, helped encourage these and other immigrants to be proud of their heritage and fight bigotry and hatred," Jeffrey Podoshen, associate professor of marketing at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., told IBD. "He was instrumental in instilling the beliefs that they had to depend on themselves and their own hard work to achieve success in the face of perpetual propaganda from racists and anti-Semites. Schiff was confident, bold, unapologetic, and very successful."

Week of Jan. 8-15

The Daily Caller: The Democrats’ Shameful Class Warfare Rhetoric About Tax Cuts Is Ridiculous

Article written by Associate Professor of Marketing Jeffrey Podoshen: While I was initially skeptical of the early versions of the bill, especially in regard to the heavy tax burdens it was going to place on graduate students and higher education, I have come around to believe that the final version of the law will be beneficial for the overwhelming majority of Americans across the board and not just “the wealthy.”

LNP: Entertainment Lancaster Jan. 11-17 Art Calendar


Oil painting exhibit by Michael Clapper, art history professor at Franklin & Marshall College. Exhibit cont. through Feb. 25. First Fridays 5-9 p.m. Also open Sun. 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Other hours by appt. Free. Community Mennonite Church, 328 W. Orange St., 717-392-7567. 

Colgate University News: Maria del Carmen Flores-Mills appointed dean of students at Colgate University

Maria del Carmen Flores-Mills, J.D., the senior associate dean of the college at Franklin & Marshall College and former associate dean at Princeton University, has been named as the dean of students at Colgate University, effective June 4, 2018. 

Week of Jan. 2-8

LNP: Judge allows F&M College to build visual arts center; North Museum's concerns resolved (Jan. 3)

A judge will allow Franklin & Marshall College to break ground on a $29-million visual arts center after the college agreed to reduce construction-related disruptions to neighboring North Museum. In an eight-page agreement, F&M says it will erect temporary, 20-foot sound barriers, monitor vibrations and waive the museum’s rent not only during construction but also for three years after the Susan & Benjamin Winter Visual Arts Center opens.

The Morning Call: G. Terry Madonna and Michael Young: Should GOP worry about Pennsylvania's March special election? (Jan. 3) 

The March 13 special election in the Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District in the southwestern part of the state should be a ho-hum affair. It won't be!

The Philly Inquirer: Philly's PFM offers financial planning tool for higher education (Jan. 3) 

“It’s way more robust than Excel, which is what most schools use right now. That’s why we like it. It’s more comprehensive,” said Wendy S. Starner, associate vice president for finance and enterprise risk manager at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster. It arrives at a time when schools need a better handle on everything, not just the everyday business of teaching, but also the cost of buildings and debt ratios, for example, Starner said.

LNP: Dance performance celebrates 250th birthday of American dancer/actor John Durang (Jan. 4) 

“Dance and theater were rare at the time,” says Lynn Matluck Brooks, humanities professor at Franklin & Marshall College, where she founded the dance program. “John Durang has the distinction of being America's first native-born dancer.”

LNP: Local D-III hoops action worth watching (Jan. 5)

I’ve long been a fan of Franklin & Marshall men’s basketball, and this season the team is off to a 10-1 start, with two tournament championships in the early going. F&M is led by 6-4 senior guard Brandon Federici, who averages 22.9 points per game and shoots a sizzling 47 percent from 3-point range.

The Hechinger Report: Harvard Law grad helps low-income kids aim high (Jan. 3)

Some students return to work for the program after college and graduate school. Darrius Moore, a 25-year-old Legal Outreach alum, took a job as an academic advisor with the program after graduating from Franklin and Marshall College, in Pennsylvania. Though his degree is in social work, Moore said his summer internship at a prominent Manhattan law firm paid dividends in college. 

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