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F&M in the News 2019


LNP: At least 3 Lancaster County historians signed a letter supporting Trump's impeachment. Here's who they are:

Two professors from Franklin & Marshall College and one from Millersville University signed a letter published Monday supporting the impeachment of President Donald Trump.  The letter, signed by more than 1,500 historians, legal experts and others, urged the House of Representatives to impeach the president, saying if Trump's "misconduct does not rise to the level of impeachment, then virtually nothing does."

LNP: Why Dems and GOP view Trump’s actions so differently [column]

Op-Ed from F&M’s Stephen Medvic: Wednesday’s vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on articles of impeachment was, as expected, almost entirely a party-line vote. When senators eventually vote on the removal of President Donald Trump after a Senate trial, the final roll call is likely to mirror the House vote.

LNP: We need patriotism, not blind loyalty

Op-Ed from F&M’s Van Gosse: I am one of more than 1,500 historians who signed a letter urging the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach President Donald J. Trump, and I want to explain my reasoning, grounded in decades of writing and teaching about our history as a constitutional republic — a government of laws. 

English Forward: Goualougo chimpanzees more likely to teach and share tools for complex tasks

A new study exploring the behavior of chimpanzees has found out that they are able to share tools and teach complex tasks to their peers. The study was conducted by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Miami and Franklin & Marshall College. 

The Daily Item: Impeachment trial unlikely to affect president, sway voters, experts say

While the U.S. Senate is unlikely to convict President Trump in the upcoming impeachment trial, four Valley professors specializing in politics say the implications of the trial could be far-reaching. Nick Clark, Susquehanna University associate professor of political science, said both the House impeachment and the Senate trial could mobilize voters. But the electorate is firm, said G. Terry Madonna, the director of the Franklin and Marshall College Poll. 

Forbes: The College Admission Year In Review

Julie Kerich, director of admission at Franklin and Marshall College says “families already spend far too much money on the college application process (testing, test prep, applications, score submission, etc).” Removing these extra costs is a step towards reducing the barriers to accessing higher education.

WITF: How Gov. Tom Wolf used his veto power in 2019

Wolf and Republican lawmakers still have deep divisions, said G. Terry Madonna, a pollster and political science professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster. But they also have a sense of what the other side’s willing to accept. “It’s not been 20 or 30 vetoes (a year) largely because, you know, each side sort of knows what’s going to happen,” Madonna said.

History News Network: Divisions Mark 30th Anniversary of the Opening of the Brandenburg Gate—Symbol of German Reunification

Essay by F&M’s Jennifer Redmann: Thirty years ago, East German engineers worked through a winter night to open a crossing at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. Since 1961, the city’s most prominent monument stood behind the wall in East Berlin, isolated in the middle of no-man’s land, accessible to no one. Germany, at the time, was divided into democratic (West) and communist (East) states, reflecting  geopolitical realities that followed the 1945 defeat of fascism and the murderous Nazi regime.   

LNP: In 1870, Congress made Christmas Day a federal holiday. But some still question its constitutionality

Article quoting F&M’s Stephen Cooper and Elspeth Wilson:  On Dec. 25, 1789, the U.S Congress met in session. The nation was without a president — the country’s first national election, which began earlier that month, would not conclude until  January. While some residents in the nascent United States marked the day as Christmas, for most Americans it was just a Friday in December.


Academic Minute Franklin & Marshall Week

On Franklin & Marshall Week: We are at a crucial moment for the health of our oceans. Elizabeth De Santo, associate professor of environmental studies, discusses what can be done.

On Franklin & Marshall Week:  Does your environment change your emotional reactions? Carlota Batres, assistant professor of psychology, examines this question.

On Franklin & Marshall Week: Being bilingual can have advantages.

Jessica Cox, assistant professor of Spanish and linguistics, delves into the benefits.

On Franklin & Marshall Week: Not all technology has been made small enough yet.

Shawn O’Bryhim, professor of classics, explores once such instrument that needs to be smaller.

On Franklin & Marshall Week: Lead poisoning remains a scourge in certain areas.

Harriet Okatch, assistant professor of biology and public health, looks into curbing this health hazard.


The New York Times: On Abortion Rights, 2020 Democrats Move Past ‘Safe, Legal and Rare’ 

“You can’t rule out that it could become an issue,” said Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin & Marshall College Poll in Pennsylvania, “depending on the candidate and to what degree they move it forward as an issue.”

LNP: F&M senior Jonny Teklit declared the Most Promising Young Poet by the Academy of American Poets 

At the beginning of his senior year at Franklin & Marshall College, Jonny Teklit joined an esteemed club of poets. The 21-year old, who is majoring in creative writing and psychology, was awarded the Most Promising Young Poet prize by the Academy of American Poets for his sonnet “Black Mythology.” The prize came with a $1,000 award.


The College Fix: School won’t say if offensive Halloween costume incident took place on or off campus

Students at Franklin & Marshall College have held numerous high-profile demonstrations after some of their classmates dressed up as ethnic stereotypes on Halloween. Yet it is not clear if these incidents took place on school grounds; the school has refused to say, and one student who claimed the incident was on-campus confessed she didn’t know where it happened.


Inside Higher Ed: Getting Beyond Offensive Costumes

Students of color at Franklin & Marshall College say culturally insensitive and racist Halloween costumes worn by athletes are part of deeper racial problems on campus.

LNP: At Franklin & Marshall, greater emphasis on empathy is needed to combat racism [opinion] 

F&M has done a fine job in recent years of identifying and recruiting minority students who weren’t part of the traditional F&M student profile. But recruitment and enrollment are only the first steps. What is needed is infrastructure — such as the space for multicultural clubs and increased diversity in the counseling department that student leaders are seeking — to help ensure that everyone on campus feels part of it. In an op-ed published in October in LNP, President Altmann noted that no community “is immune to the injustices of the world” — which is certainly true. She also wrote that the college “is absolutely committed to ensuring that all of our students feel safe and welcome.” We believe this is also true. Now the college must convince its students.

ABC27: College diversity official highlights importance, need of such positions on campus

One week after culturally-insensitive costumes were worn by several Franklin & Marshall College students, a diversity official at another Midstate college is highlighting both the need and importance of diversity programs on college campuses. Those costumes led to days of protests and rallies organized by minority students at F&M who told us then they felt their school wasn’t doing enough to foster diversity and racial awareness on campus.

Bay Journal: Scientists raise alarm as North American bird populations plummet

Dan Ardia, who has studied birds at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania, said, “The most frustrating aspect to me is that many of these impacts can be minimized if there was public will, especially as it relates to cats and to reducing evening lighting in buildings.”

USA Today: Chappaqua's Evelyn Farkas, former defense official, joins race for Nita Lowey's House seat

After graduating from Chappaqua public schools, Farkas  earned her bachelor’s degree from Franklin & Marshall College and her master’s and Ph.D. from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University’s Fletcher School. For the last few years. Farkas has been a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and German Marshall Fund and a National Security Contributor for NBC/MSNBC.

Washington Post: Obama-era Pentagon official entering crowded Democratic race to succeed retiring Rep. Nita M. Lowey

An Obama-era Pentagon official who has attacked President Trump’s affinity for Russia will seek the New York congressional seat of retiring Rep. Nita M. Lowey (D). Evelyn Farkas, a national security analyst and author, will announce her campaign Monday and attend a candidate forum not far from Chappaqua, the New York town where she grew up.


LNP: Pew survey finds fewer Americans identify as Christian; cites differences in age groups and a growth in ‘nones’ (see PDF) 

The decline does not surprise Stephen Cooper, a professor of religious studies at Franklin & Marshall College. “You could look at this poll and say a quarter of the population is now very deeply detached from religion and when you look at those figures for the millennials, it’s really dramatic,” he said. “And we can imagine in a Generation Z (those born after 1996), those trends are going to continue with them unless something changes.”

LNP: Ross Elementary School knows how Poetry Rolls (see PDF) 

A volunteer-filled van covered in magnetized words made its way through Lancaster city and onto North Queen Street late last month, stopping at Ross Elementary School for a morning centered on poetry writing. Poetry Rolls is an initiative of the Franklin & Marshall Writers House, which sends its white van to schools and community centers to give students and adults an opportunity to make and share poems — on the exterior van walls turned creative space, according to a news release.

LNP: F&M men's basketball coach Glenn Robinson retires (see PDF) 

One of the great coaching careers in college basketball and Lancaster County sports is over. Glenn Robinson, men’s basketball coach at Franklin & Marshall College for 48 years, announced his retirement Monday.

The Washington Post: Democrats extend their dominance of the suburbs, with an eye to 2020

“Trump’s base is rural and small-town Pennsylvania, white working-class voters whose ancestors worked in the mines and in the mills,” said G. Terry Madonna, a political science professor at Franklin and Marshall College. “Voters in the suburbs and rural, small-town America are on very different paths when it comes to the future of the country.The real fear that the Republicans have is that if the suburbs are the most populous areas and if this trend continues, the problems could worsen.”

U.S. News & World Report: Is Trump Losing the Working Class?

"I think, when we look at these voters, it's much more multifaceted. It's not just geared toward manufacturing and to farming," says Terry Madonna, director of Franklin and Marshall College's Center for Politics and Public Affairs. "There are cultural issues, abortion, gay rights, gun control. There's a multiplicity of considerations."


Warren trailed Biden in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin prior to these numbers, according to recent surveys by Emerson Polling, Franklin & Marshall College and Marquette University Law School, respectively. She already topped him against Trump in Minnesota, according to polling by the Star Tribune last month.

LNP: F&M students outraged over 'culturally insensitive and racist' photo circulating on social media (see PDF) 

Minority students at Franklin & Marshall College are outraged after photos of four white students wearing “racist” costumes circulated on social media this past weekend. The costumes, which the college called “culturally insensitive and racist” in an email to students this week, appropriated from Asian, Hispanic and African cultures.

LNP: F&M students rally after 'culturally insensitive and racist' photo hits social media [video] (see PDF) 

Minority students at Franklin & Marshall College are outraged after photos of four white students wearing “racist” costumes circulated on social media this past weekend. The costumes, which the college called “culturally insensitive and racist” in an email to students this week, appropriated from Asian, Hispanic and African cultures.

WGAL: Hundreds of Franklin & Marshall College students rally in response to what they call racist Halloween costumes 

ABC 27 News: Rally in Response to Offensive Halloween Costumes

ABC 27 New: F&M students rally after photos show ‘disturbing’ Halloween costumes

LNP: Franklin & Marshall game postponed after students stage a sit-in on the court [photos, video] (see PDF) 

At Friday’s home basketball game against York College, F&M students staged a sit-in after the national anthem that kept the game from being played. Holding small handmade signs, including ones that read “My culture is not a costume,” and “Do better,” the more than 300 students sat quietly on the court for 10 minutes until an announcement was made that the game was being canceled.

LNP: 'F&M is unfair; administration doesn't care': Students stage day 2 protests after recent racial incidents [photo, videos] (see PDF)

Several dozen students took to protesting outside of Tylus Field, where the Franklin & Marshall men's soccer team is playing in a semifinal match against Gettysburg. The demonstration is an extension of protests that have occurred since Friday following the spread of a Halloween party photo showing basketball players dressed in "racially insensitive" outfits. Saturday's protest started outside of the administration building on campus; students then went to the field. 

PennLive: Student protest at Franklin & Marshall urges college to take action against student-athletes’ ‘racist’ Halloween costumes 

Halloween costumes worn by five student-athletes are being scrutinized by hundreds of Franklin and Marshall College students, according to local reports. Students and some staff rallied Friday, calling the costumes racists, WGAL reported. 

PennLive: F&M students continue protests over offensive Halloween costumes  

More students of Franklin and Marshall College continue to protest in response to athletes wearing offensive Halloween costumes. Several dozen students protested outside of Tylus Field as the college’s men’s soccer team played a semifinal match against Gettysburg, LancasterOnline reports. Those protests started outside of the administration building on campus before students went to the field. 

YDR: Franklin & Marshall students protest campus racism at basketball game against York College (see PDF) 

A sit-in at York College's men's basketball game against Franklin & Marshall College Friday night protested what students are calling offensive Halloween costumes worn by five athletes at F&M. The protesters - at F&M's Mayser Gymnasium in Lancaster - demanded the game be canceled, and it was.

The Capital Sports Report: Franklin & Marshall basketball game postponed due to protestors (see PDF) 

The Franklin & Marshall Diplomats men’s basketball game was postponed on Friday night. The game was cancelled due to protests.  People around the campus allege that Halloween costumes by several players were disrespectful to several cultures. No make up date has been announced at this time. 

NextShark: Pennsylvania College Athletes Spark Outrage Over Racist Costumes for Halloween

 Several students at a private college in Lancaster, Pennsylvania have been accused of racism after wearing costumes that depicted Asian, African and Hispanic stereotypes over Halloween weekend. The students, reported to be athletes at Franklin & Marshall College, shared photos of themselves in the controversial costumes on social media, sparking outrage among minority groups on campus.  

LNP: 'We need change': Students, faculty rally against racism at F&M [video]

Aisha Ferdinand feels betrayed. The Brooklyn, New York, native chose to attend Franklin & Marshall College because of its rich diversity. But so far during her freshman year, Ferdinand said she’s encountered a “crazy” amount of racism. “It just seems like I’ve been lied to,” she said. 

PennLive: Student protest over offensive Halloween costumes postpones F&M basketball game 

Friday’s men’s basketball game between Franklin and Marshall College and York College was postponed after students staged a sit-in on the court, according to reports.

CBS 21 (Harrisburg): F&M College students protest in response to what they call racist Halloween costumes 

Students at one Lancaster County college protested Friday, demanding the school take action regarding photos of people wearing Halloween costumes they say are racist. Franklin & Marshall College students tell us the people in these pictures are student athletes. 

York Dispatch: York College men's basketball season opener postponed by racial protest at F&M

The York College men's basketball season opener was postponed Friday night because of a racial protest at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster. The Spartans and the Diplomats were scheduled to play at F&M's Mayser Gymnasium. According to LancasterOnline, however, students staged a sit-in at the game after the national anthem and prevented the game from being played. The Lancaster website reported that the group held small handmade signs, including ones that read “My culture is not a costume,” and “Do better.”


LNP: New Pa. poll: Support for impeachment inquiry falls along rigid partisan lines  

Nearly half of the Pennsylvania voters surveyed in a new Franklin & Marshall College poll say they “strongly support” the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s behavior, reflecting the state's partisan divide almost precisely. The survey of 482 voters, made public today, found that 47% are fully behind the probe of the Republican president and another 10% "somewhat support" it. Democrats make up 48% of all registered voters in the state and made up 47% of the poll respondents.

LNP: Pew survey finds fewer Americans identify as Christian; cites differences in age groups and a growth in ‘nones’

The decline does not surprise Stephen Cooper, a professor of religious studies at Franklin & Marshall College. “You could look at this poll and say a quarter of the population is now very deeply detached from religion and when you look at those figures for the millennials, it’s really dramatic,” he said. “And we can imagine in a Generation Z (those born after 1996), those trends are going to continue with them unless something changes.”

Philadelphia Inquirer: A majority of Pennsylvania voters support the Trump impeachment inquiry, poll says 

A majority of Pennsylvania voters — 57% — support the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, though his supporters in the state back his claim that it’s a partisan “witch hunt.” Those are among the findings of a Franklin and Marshall College Poll being released Thursday, the first survey of the state since House Democrats formally launched an impeachment inquiry into Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. The poll also found former Vice President Joe Biden as the front-runner in Pennsylvania’s Democratic presidential primary, which was the same as in the last survey, in July.

The New York Times: Trump Has to Choose Between the Circus and the White House

Mr. Trump won 48 percent of independents in Pennsylvania in 2016. But in an August 2019 survey by Franklin & Marshall College, just 27 percent of the state’s independents approved of the president. And in Michigan, where Mr. Trump won independents by 52 to 36 percent, half now support the impeachment inquiry.

USA Today: 2020 election: Why Pennsylvania is vital to Trump, Biden or anyone else who hopes to win

But the analysts are also watching another important number. Trump's approval rating among Republicans. Some 68 percent of Pennsylvania Republicans gave him a favorable rating in the latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll released Thursday.  "His supporters are still with him," Madonna said. "The question is, will they have the enthusiasm and turnout like they did in 2016."


PA Capitol-Star: Pa. still has too much lead poisoning. Here’s what we do about it 

Op-ed from F&M Professor Harriet Oktach: In 1978, the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned consumer use of lead-based paint. And yet more than 40 years later, lead poisoning rates in our children remain embarrassingly high. In 2017, more than 2,206 children in Pennsylvania suffered lead poisoning, a problem mirrored nationwide. Lead-poisoning is completely preventable, but diagnoses usually aren’t made until it is too late to reverse the effects.

WITF: Where have all of the birds gone?

Appearing on Tuesday’s Smart Talk to help illustrate the issues are Dan Ardia, Professor of biology, Franklin & Marshall College and President of the Association of Field Ornithologists, David Barber, Senior Research Biologist at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, and Ronald Rohrbaugh, Director, Conservation Science and Forest programs with Audubon Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Greek life is at a crossroads on some campuses, with fraternity and sorority membership decreasing

Locally, Penn State, Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, and Bucknell University in Lewisburg also report declines in Greek membership. Temple University saw a drop in fraternity members but an increase in sorority membership.

AP News: Essay: What is America’s game? 3 sports, 3 American eras

“Baseball has to shoulder a heavy burden,” says Patricia O’Hara, who for years taught a course at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania on baseball in American literature and culture, and more recently wrote a play called “Banned from Baseball,” about Pete Rose. “Why do we project impossible ideals onto a sport?” she wonders. “Maybe that’s the question.”

MassisPost: SAS Marks its 45th Anniversary with a Major International Conference

Sylvia Alajaji (Franklin & Marshall College) suggested a critical examination of the concept ‘Armenian music’ by discussing the various perceptions of Komitas within Armenian diasporic contexts.


The Hollywood Reporter: Bob Esty, Producer on Donna Summer's "Last Dance," Dies at 72

Following a stint at Baltimore City College, Esty moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1965 to study theater and music at Franklin & Marshall College, then was hired as a musical director for the Armstrong Flooring Co. in Lancaster. (The company would stage shows for the salesmen who sold ads for its flooring products to network TV shows.) 

Pennsylvania Capital Star: Dreamers ‘contribute immeasurably:’ Bucknell, Swarthmore, other Pa. schools fight DACA repeal | Thursday Morning Coffee

A half-dozen of Pennsylvania’s most elite liberal arts colleges have joined with dozens of their public and private counterparts nationwide in a lawsuit, now before the U.S. Supreme Court, fighting the repeal of the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Bucknell University, Bryn Mawr College, Franklin & Marshall College, Gettysburg College, Moravian College, and Swarthmore College joined a friend of the court brief on Oct. 4, arguing, among other things, that DACA recipients (commonly known as Dreamers) “contribute immeasurably” to campus life, and that the Obama-era program has opened the door to higher education for “tens of thousands previously undocumented” young people.

WITF: Survey: Most Pa. voters support independent redistricting commission

Pennsylvania voters want changes to how state legislative districts are drawn, according to a recent poll conducted by Franklin and Marshall College’s Center for Opinion Research in partnership with Fair Districts PA.

LNP: Franklin & Marshall has enduring emphasis on diversity, inclusion [opinion]

Article written by President Barbara K. Altmann: “F&M needs to ensure that all of its students feel welcome” stated the LancasterOnline headline for LNP’s editorial on Oct. 8 after an incident on Franklin & Marshall’s campus in which a vandal scratched a racial slur targeting Asians on a dormitory door. As the college’s president, I speak for the entire Franklin & Marshall College community when I say emphatically that we agree.

PennLive: ‘Dunk,’ ‘sexist’ and other words that originated in Pennsylvania

The word “sexist” is so common now that it’s hard to believe that the word itself is not even a century old. Pauline M. Leet, director of special programs at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, came up with the word in November 1965 in a paper she presented called “Women and the Undergraduate.” 

Inside Higher Ed: New Presidents or Provosts: College of the Siskiyous, CC of Denver, Franklin & Marshall College, Grove City College, Lackawanna College, Mississippi Delta CC, Mississippi State U, Saint Anselm College, Trinity Intl U, West Valley-Mission CC District

Cameron Wesson, Lucy G. Moses Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Anthropology and interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Lehigh University, in Pennsylvania, has been named provost and dean of the faculty at Franklin & Marshall College, also in Pennsylvania.

WHYY - Radio Times: Democratic presidential debate: October edition

Twelve presidential candidates crowd the stage Tuesday night in Columbus, Ohio for the fourth democratic primary debate; it’s the country’s largest presidential debate ever. In this hour, we’ll discuss what the candidates said, their positions on the issues, how well they made their case, and what the primary race looks like with the Iowa caucuses still four months away. Our guests are CAMILLE BURGE, assistant professor of political science at Villanova University, STEPHEN MEDVIC, professor of government at Franklin & Marshall College, and SHAUNA SHAMES, associate professor of political science at Rutgers University-Camden.

LNP: Upcoming college theater season includes the Bard, Chekhov and Dungeons and Dragons

At Franklin & Marshall College, “Journey to the West” was set to open Thursday, but the college abruptly canceled the show because students questioned the cultural appropriateness of the performance. The play, written by Mary Zimmerman in 2004, is a reimagining of a 16th-century classic Chinese novel in which a seventh-century monk takes a pilgrimage to India to search for sacred texts. “The (theater) department was in conversation with students and we decided, given a lot of campus conversation, to replace it with a series of forums (to discuss the situation),” says Rachel Anderson-Rabern, of the F&M Theater Department.


Philadelphia Inquirer: These six charts tell you how Pa. voters feel about gerrymandering (Spoiler: They oppose it)

Most Pennsylvania voters believe that the current system for drawing the state’s political maps is partisan, a new poll finds, with about two out of three saying legislative lines should be drawn by an independent commission. Fair Districts PA has led the charge in the state, along with the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania (the original plaintiff in the lawsuit that overturned the congressional map) and a coalition of other groups. Fair Districts and the league commissioned the new poll, which was conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin and Marshall College.

PA Capital-Star: With redistricting reform in park, advocacy group releases poll showing public support for change

The poll of 901 voters was conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.6 percent. The sample includes 426 Democrats, 353 Republicans, and 122 independents. The new canvass “confirms the growing alarm we hear in every county and corner of Pennsylvania. Citizens believe that the current system is rigged in favor of political self-interests — not the interests of the people,” Fair Districts PA chairwoman Carol Kuniholm said in a statement. “The research clearly shows that voters no longer trust a process that lets party leaders manipulate maps for their own personal and party advantage.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: How Franklin & Marshall’s Glenn Robinson became one of the most decorated basketball coaches of all time

Glenn Robinson is the men’s basketball coach of the Diplomats at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., and, like many, learned to play the game as a child. He was a successful high school and college athlete, playing both basketball and baseball at West Chester (Pa.) University. Today, some thousands of games later as a basketball player and coach, he is nearing 50 years at the helm of the F&M team.

LNP: F&M needs to ensure that all of its students feel welcome [opinion]

We did appreciate the strong response of F&M President Barbara Altmann, who, in an email sent to the campus community, condemned the racist slur and urged anyone with information about it to come forward. She said the college’s public safety department is investigating the matter, as it must.

PA Capital-Star: 5 myths about impeachment — debunked | Terry Madonna and Michael L. Young

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: Media coverage of possible presidential impeachment dominates the news today as few issues in recent memory. Yet, the constitutional framework which controls impeachment, (scattered throughout Articles I, II, and III), is little understood by even normally informed Americans.

An ancient practice derived from English common law, impeachment was incorporated into our 1787 constitution with minimum specificity and maximum ambiguity about what constitutes an impeachable offense or how the impeachment process was to play out.

LNP: Retired F&M professor not surprised Lancaster County drivers not embracing zipper merge

Fred Owens, a retired psychology professor at Franklin & Marshall College, says it’s not surprising Lancaster County drivers have trouble embracing zipper merge.

Owens, who researched driving habits during his 40-year career, says different regions create their own deeply ingrained driving cultures that can be hard to change.

PA Capital-Star: Dreamers ‘contribute immeasurably:’ Bucknell, Swarthmore, other Pa. schools fight DACA repeal | Thursday Morning Coffee

A half-dozen of Pennsylvania’s most elite liberal arts colleges have joined with dozens of their public and private counterparts nationwide in a lawsuit, now before the U.S. Supreme Court, fighting the repeal of the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Bucknell University, Bryn Mawr College, Franklin & Marshall College, Gettysburg College, Moravian College, and Swarthmore College  on Oct. 4, arguing, among other things, that DACA recipients (commonly known as Dreamers) “contribute immeasurably” to campus life, and that the Obama-era program has opened the door to higher education for “tens of thousands previously undocumented” young people. 


LNP: 3 billion birds gone in our lifetime; here's what you can do to help [column] 

Dan Ardia, who has done bird studies as a professor of biology at Franklin & Marshall College, knew bird populations were declining but still found the scale in the study shocking.

“It is a sad time for wild populations of the animals we love,” he said. “Amphibian populations have been in free fall for decades. Now, add birds to the list of biodiversity that we once experienced and appreciated, but that might not be around in the long term.”

LNP: Racial slur found scratched outside dorm room, F&M investigating  

In an email to the campus community, college President Barbara Altmann condemned “all incidents of intimidation and identity-based acts of hatred” and urged the person or persons responsible, and anyone with information about what happened, to come forward.


encore magazine: POET POWER: Meg Day on finding strength and pleasure on the page and in the classroom

Currently on sabbatical from their full-time teaching position at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, Day is part of a group of exciting new poets working to challenge the genre’s stuffy status quo—or, as Day put it in a lecture last week, to “queer poetics.” A member of the trans community, Day often writes about the liminal nature of bodies. (As an example of their range, Day’s work has been published in both top literary journals and on ESPN.com.) And as a deaf poet—an American Sign Language interpreter will be present Thursday night—Day also addresses issues of access and translation.

Inside Higher Ed: A Liberal Arts Approach to Design Thinking

Design thinking marks a way forward for liberal learning in the high-tech, entrepreneurial world now emerging, write Jeffrey Nesteruk and Joel W. Martin.

LNP: HUD awards Lancaster $10M to fight lead paint, other hazards

The city plans to work with community partners including Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, the local nonprofit Partnership for Public Health, the School District of Lancaster and the public health program at Franklin & Marshall College. They will focus on neighborhoods on Lancaster’s south side.


mitú: An Incoming International Harvard Student Has Been Denied Entry To The United States

Additionally, Barbara K. Altmann, the president of Franklin & Marshall College, said that her school has been taking “extraordinary measures … so international students know [they’re welcome here].” For instance, because one in five students at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, liberal-arts school is from outside of the US, mostly China, it has created a network of Chinese nationals that send reassuring messages to incoming students from the Asian country. 

The Daily Item: Election reform sausage

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: Lawmaking has often been compared to sausage making. One may relish eating it but not want to know how it is produced. Never has this been truer than watching the Pennsylvania General Assembly tackle modern election reform.


StudyInternation.com: US study visa: Colleges swamped by Trump administration policies

At Franklin & Marshall College, president Barbara K Altmann spoke about how, given the political tensions abroad and the “latest diplomatic skirmish about visas”, they have had to take “extraordinary measure …so international students know [they’re welcome here]”.

The Brink: Are Kids Hardwired for Revenge?

Blake and fellow scientists from Franklin and Marshall College, Yale University, and the University of California, Irvine, recruited a total of 330 children between the ages of 4 and 8 to participate in a series of experiments examining reciprocity.

LNP: F&M, Elizabethtown, Millersville and Lancaster Bible rank among top 2020 colleges [according to U.S. News, WSJ reports] 

The latest batch of rankings in higher education paint Franklin & Marshall College as a top-tier liberal arts college and Millersville University as one of the top public colleges in the region.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Classes without textbooks? More colleges are giving it a try

At Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, the student government in a letter last April implored faculty to address high textbook costs that affect students inequitably, citing “a great many cases in which students are either dissuaded from joining a class because of the textbook costs, develop an increased financial burden because they buy them regardless, or have to go to great lengths to develop alternative methods for acquiring the necessary materials.”

LNP: The textiles in "Stitched Stories," at F&M's Phillips Museum, show women's creativity through centuries

In 1840, this needlework showed she could read, write and stitch words, too. These stitches showcased her skill and her patience, possibly as part of her search for a husband, says Amy Moorefield, museum director of Franklin & Marshall College’s Phillips Museum of Art.


The Atlantic: Colleges Face Growing International Student-Visa Issues

Barbara K. Altmann, the president of Franklin & Marshall College, said that the “latest diplomatic skirmish about visas”—combined with political tensions abroad—has compelled her school, too, to “take extraordinary measures … so international students know [they’re welcome here].”

Geographical: The fight for environmental justice in America’s segregated cities

A recent study by associate professors Malini Ranganathan from American University and Eve Bratman from Franklin and Marshall College, indicates that majority Black areas in Washington DC, such as Ward 7 on the Anacostia River, are more vulnerable to mid-Atlantic weather extremes and flooding due to a history of environmental inequality.


LNP: How much do you know about these 4 Lancaster County colleges? Take our quiz.

It's back to school time for colleges and universities, including HACC, Millersville University, Franklin & Marshall College and Elizabethtown College. How much do you know about the traditions, majors, famous faces and sports standouts on these local campuses? 


LNP: F&M's Phillips Museum of Art opens an academic year of varied exhibits 

Expect a bit of the unexpected at Franklin & Marshall College’s Phillips Museum of Art this year. Everything from installation art made with chili powder and kimchi to hand-sewn shoes created 150 years ago will be on display in one of the museum’s several galleries.


Insider: 13 of the most unique colleges in America

At Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, first-year students live in one of five "houses," similar to a "Harry Potter" or Hogwarts-style living situation.

The Daily Item: 'New normal' in American politics?

Article co﹘authored by Dr. G Terry Madonna: The presidency, for example, comprises a paradigm as certainly do presidential elections, including the way we measure them. Arguably, the Trump presidency and his prospects for re-election confront us with a classic paradigm shift.


EdTech: Colleges Manage and Minimize Security Threats via Advanced Solutions, Peer Networks

Franklin & Marshall College may be 232 years old, but it has a thoroughly modern approach to cybersecurity. Today, F&M protects its network with Palo Alto Networks firewall appliances, Splunk SIEM software to audit security logs and Duo security solutions. The technology is the easy part of cybersecurity, says CISO Alan Bowen. 

witf: Poll: Half of Pa. voters plan to vote against Trump in 2020

In a new poll, half of Pennsylvania's registered voters say they plan to vote against President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, no matter who his opponent is. Just over a quarter of voters plan to vote for him, no matter the opponent, according to results from a poll conducted by Franklin & Marshall College in partnership with PA Post.

WHYY: 64 percent of Pa. respondents to a new poll support more gun restrictions

About 64 percent of registered voters in Pennsylvania support creating more laws that regulate gun ownership, according to the latest survey from Franklin & Marshall College.

WGAL: Bottom line - Pa. voters overwhelmingly want fundamental tax reform, latest poll shows

The latest WGAL News 8 Franklin and Marshall College poll has been released. WGAL's Matt Barcaro has a look at some of the issues Pennsylvanians weighed in on above.

The Hill: Polls: Biden maintains lead in multiple primary states after debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to hold a lead in polls of several primary states following the second round of Democratic presidential debates last week.

Surveys released this week by SurveyUSA and Franklin & Marshall College showed Biden with a lead in Pennsylvania, California and North Carolina over other top-tier contenders.


Deustche Welle: Are Hong Kong protests a warning for Taiwan?

Wei-Ting Yen, an assistant professor in government at Franklin and Marshall College in the US, said the phrase "Today's Hong Kong could be tomorrow's Taiwan" has become tightly associated with the anti-extradition bill movement in Hong Kong, as it highlights the anxiety that some Taiwanese people are feeling when they look at things unfolding in Hong Kong.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: When Hillary trounced Trump: Polls are unreliable a year before an election. So why are Dems watching?

Polls also tend to be conducted nationally, whereas a presidential race is determined state by state. State polls (who would win in Pennsylvania between Biden and Trump, for instance) might offer slightly more insight into a general election victory but should still be read with skepticism this far out, said G. Terry Madonna, professor of public affairs and director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College. (A Quinnipiac poll released Thursday showed Biden as the only Democrat who beats Trump in Ohio.)



In her current research at Gombe, she focuses on behavioral development and the intersection of health and behavior in wild chimpanzees. She returns every year to Gombe to maintain this research program. Lonsdorf is an Associate Professor in the psychology department and animal behavior program at Franklin and Marshall College, the Director of the college’s primate research program, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, and serves as a board member for Chimp Haven, the national chimpanzee sanctuary.

Maryland Matters: Opinion: Maryland Deaf Athletes Need Equality

Forty years later, Becca Meyers, a student at Franklin & Marshall College, exclaimed on Instagram: “CELEBRATE INCLUSION! The United States Olympic Committee has formally changed its name to the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee! What a great day to be a para athlete!”

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Transitions: Rosalind Franklin U. Appoints President, Simmons U. Names New Enrollment Chief

A. Richard Kneedler, president emeritus of Franklin & Marshall College, has been named interim president of Wilson College, in Pennsylvania. He will replace Barbara K. Mistick, who is leaving to become president of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.


Quartz: An Asian tech billionaire’s presidential bid comes with a promise to soak the rich

According to Wei-Ting Yen, an assistant professor in government at Franklin and Marshall College in the US, Gou’s image as a successful, self-made businessman makes him a strong contender. Despite trailing behind Kaohsiung city mayor Han Kuo-yu in several polls, Yen thinks that Gou’s business success could convince the KMT’s voters that he will deliver economic results.


Democratic Socialists of America: Why the United States is not a true democracy (Part 1)

Article written by Professor of History Van Gosse: Ask most people around the world what “democracy” means and they’ll tell you: equal voting rights for all citizens, fair elections, and majority rule. None of those fully apply in the United States today, nor have they ever. Here is one key reason why the United States is not a true democracy: The right to vote is constitutionally limited and has always been challenged.

The New York Times: Why Gay Rights Is a Republican Value

Article written by Trustee Ken Mehlman ‘88: This week, more than 2,00 signatories − member of Congress, women’s rights groups, businesses − submitted nearly 50 friend‒of‒the‒court briefs to the Supreme Court in three pending cases involving L.G.B.T.Q. rights. 


The Chronicle of Higher Education: Transitions: College of DuPage Makes Interim Chief Permanent, New Provost at the U. of Wisconsin at Madison

Cameron Wesson, a professor of sociology and anthropology and interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Lehigh University, has been named provost and dean of the faculty at Franklin & Marshall College.

The New York Times: Trump Promised a Manufacturing Renaissance. What Happens in 2020 in Places That Lost Those Jobs? 

In Pennsylvania, a recent Franklin & Marshall College poll found that 36 percent of registered voters favored Mr. Trump’s re-election while 61 percent said it was time for a change, numbers that may be more troubling given that people in the state said they felt economic conditions had improved since 2016, even with job losses in parts of the manufacturing sector.


witf: Smart Talk - 100th anniversary of women's suffrage and the road ahead for women in politics

Joining Smart Talk to discuss the historical context of the women's suffrage movement is Dr. Christina Larocco, Scholarly Programs Manager at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and Dr. Louise Stevenson, Professor of History and American Studies at Franklin & Marshall College. 

LNP: In the Spotlight: F&M multimedia director Srirupa Dasgupta founded Upohar as social enterprise

After years in computer programming, software development and management, she started culinary company to hire those with barriers to employment.

LNP: Elizabethtown College cutting staff, theater and philosophy programs to combat upcoming budget shortfall 

Elizabethtown isn't the only college combating what officials say is a decline in high school graduates, particularly in the northeast U.S. LNP reported in February that Franklin & Marshall College would cut potentially 40 positions to close an $8 million budget deficit in 2019-20.


Lehigh News: CAS Interim Dean Cameron Wesson Named Provost at Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & Marshall College recently announced that Cameron Wesson, the Lucy G. Moses Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Anthropology and Interim Dean of Lehigh’s College of Arts and Sciences, was named provost and dean of the faculty of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based liberal arts college. He will begin his new role on July 15, succeeding F & M former provost and dean of the faculty Joel W. Martin, who will soon begin his tenure as president of Wagner College.

Daily Freeman: June 19 talk will focus on Hudson River pollution, cleanup

Schuyler, who has several books to his name, is the Arthur and Katherine Shadek Professor of the Humanities and American Studies at Franklin & Marshall College.

LNP: Historians, community weigh in on Thaddeus Stevens-Lydia Hamilton Smith museum site 

“At the site, I think we have to see Stevens’ entire career, from Gettysburg through his death, and including his personal life,” says Louise Stevenson, history and American studies professor at Franklin & Marshall College.

LNP: Have you spotted the fox in Lititz? 'It is not at all uncommon,' expert says  

“It is not at all uncommon for foxes to be in towns like Lititz,” said Sarah Dawson, a wildlife biology professor and the director of Franklin & Marshall College’s Center for Sustainable Environment. “I live in Lancaster Township, and I’d estimate we have at least half a dozen — possibly many more.”

LNP: Congress passed women's suffrage 100 years ago. How have Lancaster women voted since? 

Women may not have voted immediately after the amendment passed due to a lack of education about voting or opposition from their husbands and fathers, said Louise Stevenson, a professor of history at Franklin & Marshall College.


The Courier UK: Extreme circumstances can make mouldy food look more palatable according to St Andrews study

Researchers Dr Carlota Batres, now of Franklin and Marshall College in the US, and Professor Perrett, repeatedly tested students whose environment did not change as well as student cadets undergoing intensive training at an army camp.

Market Watch: Incompetent, rich people are more likely to act like they’re really smart — and their co-workers believe them

Jones Young, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., is fascinated by how a person’s socio-economic background translates to how they are perceived at work. Often times, she says, they are perceived favorably. She is amazed at how some people act like they’re destined for the corner office.

The New York Times: Trump Holds Rally in Pennsylvania to Help a Congressional Candidate, and Himself 

“No doubt it’s about next year,” said G. Terry Madonna, a professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., who has polled the state for three decades.


The Globe Post: Taiwan is on the Verge of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage But Gives Equality a Miss

According to Susan Dicklitch-Nelson, Professor at Franklin & Marshall College and Director of the first LGBT rights country-by-country barometer, the vote will be a defining moment for the island. “Friday will enshrine either equality or intolerance in Taiwan,” she told The Globe Post.

The New York Times: ‘Make No Apologies for Yourself’ 

Collection of poems featuring a piece written by Assistant Professor of English Meg Day: Are we writing for other disabled people, for the nondisabled, or for everyone? The work of these poets speaks for itself.

LNP: North Carolina nonprofit to acquire F&M off-campus housing 

A North Carolina-based organization called P3 Foundation Inc. plans to acquire a portfolio of Franklin & Marshall College off-campus rental properties.  P3, a nonprofit, will issue up to $30 million in tax-exempt bonds through the Lancaster Industrial Development Authority to obtain ownership and lease rights for 29 properties within walking distance of the college’s campus in northwest Lancaster.

LNP: Lancaster public art initiative wins National Endowment grant 

A project to foster public art in Lancaster’s neighborhoods has received a boost from the National Endowment for the Arts. The endowment is providing $75,000 to fund Boosting Communities, developed by Lancaster’s Office of Public Art in partnership with the Phillips Museum of Art at Franklin & Marshall College.


LNP: Poets from School District of Lancaster win praise from around the globe 

Poetry Paths is a public visual and literary art project founded and produced by the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House at Franklin & Marshall College with funding from Lancaster County Community Foundation.

Scientific American: Modern Zoos Aren’t Just for Entertainment

Article co-authored by Professor of Psychology Meredith Bashaw: There sometimes exists a public perception that zoo animals live in sterile cages and suffer unrelenting boredom or even fear. Historically, zoos were created primarily for entertainment purposes and simply prioritized keeping animals visible and habitats clean. While this does help visitors see animals and animals stay healthy, it isn’t sufficient for allowing animals to lead rich and fulfilling lives. Fortunately for both human and nonhuman animals, modern accredited zoos and aquariums like the Houston Zoo hold themselves to higher standards.

LNP: First year Franklin & Marshall College president asks graduates to fight anti-intellectualism 

Franklin & Marshall College President Barbara Altmann told the Class of 2019 to “embrace your inner nerd.”“No matter what, keep that intense light of inquiry shining bright,” Altmann told the 540 graduates assembled Saturday on the Lancaster campus’ Hartman Green.


Miami Herald: These Miami twins came from Nigeria — and won $1.4 million in college scholarships

Gawon applied to the Posse Foundation, an organization that fosters student leaders and sends them to member colleges in a “posse” of like-minded students. She was accepted into 32 out of 36 colleges and chose Franklin & Marshall for its small environment, strong communication between professors and students and sense of volunteerism among students. The school ultimately gave her a full ride through the Posse Foundation.

Forbes: Microgrants: Education Philanthropy For The Everyman

I first encountered microgrants while visiting Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania, where I met Mya Jackson, who is African American and grew up poor in very rural Gaston, N.C. She was a good student and got great scholarships to attend F&M, but little things threatened to trip her up.


For the second time in three years, Franklin & Marshall has the No. 1 seed in the Centennial Conference men's lacrosse tournament, having closed out the regular season with three straight wins.


philly.com: First-generation college graduates lack the affluent’s connections to find their first jobs

Also, first-gen students frequently have large college loans that many so-called continuing-gen kids don’t. That means they can’t hold out for the perfect job, said Ashley Rondini, sociologist at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster. The result: Out of short-term necessity, Rondini said, students are “vulnerable to locking themselves into jobs that limit their long-term mobility.”

LNP: Work still needed to help students afford college

The School District of Lancaster is proud that local partners are stepping up. Franklin & Marshall College is a pioneer in promoting access to highly selective schools for low-income students, offering need-based aid to any student who qualifies.

Penn Live: Pennsylvania college commencement 2019 speakers include actors, politicians, astronauts

Franklin & Marshall College, May 11, Dr. Rahel Nardos, class of 1997, surgeon, director of global health for Oregon Health and Science University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

LNP: See elite-level women's lacrosse right in our backyard

I’m going to take a break from Philadelphia sports in this space to unashamedly give a plug to the fourth-ranked team in NCAA Division III women’s lacrosse, a squad that kind of flies under the radar with all the great high school lacrosse we have in Lancaster County. That would be Franklin & Marshall College, which just completed its regular season at home against Centennial Conference rival Muhlenberg and will now prepare for what it hopes is a lengthy postseason run.


Politics PA: Politically Uncorrected: Incivility and its Discontents

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: Love and marriage, as the old ditty has it, may not always go together, but incivility and polarization sure go hand in hand in contemporary American politics. It’s virtually impossible to separate them. More importantly it has led to chronic dysfunctionality in government.

Inside Higher Ed: Commencement Speakers Announced: Converse, Franklin & Marshall, Northeastern Illinois, Pacific Lutheran, School of Art Institute Chicago, Shaw, Thiel, Tuskegee, U Maine Fort Kent, U Rhode Island, U Rio Grande, U San Francisco

Franklin & Marshall College: Rahel Nardos, director of global health for Oregon Health and Science University’s department of obstetrics and gynecology.

Huntington News: Marshall’s A.E. Stringer Writers Series to host panel, reading on disability awareness and creativity

Meg Day is a recipient of the Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship and a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Fellowship in Poetry. She is the author of Last Psalm at Sea Level (Barrow Street), winner of the Barrow Street Poetry Prize and the Publishing Triangle’s Audre Lorde Award. She is an assistant professor of English and creative writing at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

LNP: As Notre Dame burned, Paris watched in sorrow

Op-ed from F&M’s Maria Mitchell.Like thousands of others in Paris last Monday night, I was drawn to witness the fire ravaging Notre Dame. The burning of the 856-year-old Gothic cathedral, a landmark of European history and culture that has withstood centuries of war, pillaging and neglect, brought tears to many who stood in near silence on either side of the River Seine.

The Globe Post: Joint Responsibility: LGBT Rights in a Polarized World 

F&M’s Susan Dicklitch-Nelson co-authors op-ed with research assistant and F&M alumna Indira Rahman: The Sultan of Brunei’s recent decree to impose the death penalty by stoning for homosexuality is just the latest warning to sexual minorities worldwide that their rights are in peril. Brunei now shares the dubious distinction of being one of 11 other countries that impose the death penaltysimply for being homosexual. Brunei scores a failing grade on the Franklin and Marshall Global Barometer of Gay Rights (GBGR), a human rights index that ranks countries worldwide from A to F on their protection or persecution of sexual minorities. Like 70 percent of the globe, Brunei occupies the persecuting category on the GBGR, while only 10 percent of the world is protecting. What does this mean? There is still a long road ahead before sexual minorities are no longer treated as second class citizens.

WGAL News 8: Franklin & Marshall College professor witnesses Notre Dame cathedral fire

Dr. Maria Mitchell teaches history at Franklin & Marshall College. She's on a year-long sabbatical in Paris, and rushed to the cathedral when she heard the news.


LNP: State Republican and Democratic party chairs trade niceties while sparring on gun control, Trump at F&M's civil discourse forum

There’s nothing a slice of pizza can’t fix.

That even goes for bringing Republicans and Democrats together, as three Franklin & Marshall College students did on Tuesday for a conversation about civil discourse.

Welcomed by a pile of fresh pizzas outside F&M’s Lisa Bonchek Adams Auditorium, Pennsylvania’s Democratic and Republican party chairs participated in a forum moderated by G. Terry Madonna, director of F&M’s Center for Politics and Public Affairs.


The Sydney Morning Herald: Could wearing makeup in your early 30s be pointless?

“Previous research has found that women report being more self-confident when they are wearing their customary cosmetics so I think that women should wear whatever makeup makes them feel the most comfortable,” Dr Carlota Batres, an assistant professor of psychology at Franklin & Marshall College who also worked on the study, said.

WHYY: Why legalize weed? F&M poll respondents say it’s a sign of the times.

When Franklin and Marshall College first started polling Pennsylvanians about legalizing marijuana in 2006, only 22 percent of respondents said they were in favor. Since then, the number has ballooned to 56 percent.

So why the change?

LNP: F&M to host public forum on civil discourse with state Republican and Democratic party chairs 

Two Franklin & Marshall College students with differing political ideologies have banded together to organize a forum on civil discourse.

Senior Nathan Hughes, a Democrat, and junior Gianfranco Iaia, a Republican, have arranged the chairs of Pennsylvania’s two major parties to meet next week for a conversation about discussing politics without damaging relationships.

LNP: F&M grad who drew inspiration from visiting writers when she was a student returns as a published novelist to inspire others 

Elizabeth Byrne well remembers when Franklin & Marshall College added the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House to its campus during her sophomore year.

For Byrne, who says she was socially shy during her years at the Lancaster city college, the Writers House became a haven, a place where she could relax among like-minded people.

“It felt like having a home on campus,” says Byrne, who graduated in 2007.

Wake Forest News: WFU names Eric Maguire vice president for enrollment

Wake Forest University has appointed Eric Maguire as vice president for enrollment. Maguire, who currently serves as vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid at Franklin & Marshall College, is known for his success in recruiting highly talented undergraduates, prioritizing academic excellence and increasing socioeconomic, racial and ethnic diversity.


witf: Franklin & Marshall College President

On Tuesday's Smart Talk, we meet Barbara Altmann, who became the 16th president at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster last summer. Altmann is the first woman to serve as president in the school's history. She joins several other universities and colleges across Pennsylvania with female presidents. We'll talk with President Altmann about her vision for F&M, liberal arts education in today's world, how students are being prepared for today's (and tomorrow's) workforce and college affordability. Franklin and Marshall has historically taken a leadership role in the Lancaster community and we'll discuss that topic with Dr. Altmann, as well.

WHYY: Poll: Public split on whether state should act to prop up nuclear industry

A new poll found Pennsylvania voters generally support nuclear energy, but on the question of whether the state should prop up struggling plants, that support is mixed. The poll was conducted by Franklin & Marshall in partnership with PA Post.

The Times: Our View: Time to consider legal marijuana

Franklin & Marshall College’s latest poll shows that 59 percent of registered voters surveyed support legalizing marijuana. The changing attitude on marijuana use is reflected in the comparison from 2006, when a similar poll found only 22 percent of voters in favor of legalizing it. Nationally, the trend is clear. As of last December, 33 states and the District of Columbia had passed laws legalizing marijuana in some form. Pennsylvania, for instance, is among those that allow medical marijuana use.

KDKA Radio: The March 2019 Franklin & Marshall College Poll

Dr. G. Terry Madonna, Director of the Franklin & Marshall College Poll and Professor of Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College joins Mangino to discuss the results of the March 2019 Franklin & Marshall College Poll.

Philly Voice: Three in five Pennsylvania voters are ready to move on from President Trump, poll says

New Franklin & Marshall data shows just 36 percent in the Keystone State favor re-election

The Washington Post: Why the school 'freedom’ programs DeVos backs aren’t really about schools or education

The following was written by Leon Galis, professor of philosophy emeritus at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania. Legislation now pending in the Georgia state legislature provides for tax-supported vouchers parents can apply toward private school tuition for their kids, the vouchers to be worth roughly what the state spends on a child in a public school.


The Armenian Weekly: Hamazkayin Eastern Region Celebrates Komitas, Community Leaders

In her formal remarks, the chair of the music department at Franklin and Marshall College and guest speaker of the event Prof. Sylvia Alajaji beautifully described Komitas’ life and musical contributions, in which his patriotic songs about the Armenian Genocide influenced thousands of Armenians from Bolis to Etchmiadzin to Europe. Alajaji also described the way Komitas was a spiritual influence in the Armenian community, in Armenian families as well as his own. She also noted that Komitas’ writings served as a bridge connecting all sections of the Armenian nation, equally belonging to Eastern Armenians and Western Armenians.

Oberlin College: Jeffrey Nesteruk: Is Business the Next Area Studies?

Jeffrey Nesteruk, professor of legal studies at Franklin & Marshall College (formerly chair of the department of Business, Organization, and Society and director of the college's Center for Liberal Arts and Society) is currently leading a Teagle Foundation study among Franklin & Marshall, Bucknell University, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania examining how to bring liberal arts content, skills, and pedagogies to the study of business.

CBS This Morning: How to stand out when applying to college

This week in our School Matters series, we are focusing on the price of college admission, especially when you play by the rules. Many high school seniors and their parents are waiting for decisions from admissions offices. Admissions Revolution founder Sara Harberson, former associate dean of admissions at the University of Pennsylvania and former dean of admissions and financial aid at Franklin & Marshall College, joins "CBS This Morning" to offer college counseling advice. Air Date: Mar 22, 2019.

Town & Country: College Admissions Has a Fact-Checking Problem. Here's Why.

But despite that huge influx in applicants, few colleges shifted their admissions practices. “None of them did what they needed to do to safeguard their admissions process,” said Peter Van Buskirk, ex-admissions dean of Franklin & Marshall College.

The News at Rider University: Rider chemistry professor recognized for work promoting STEM-focused pedagogy

The POGIL Project is based at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., which is also where Grushow received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. However, the POGIL Project developed years after he graduated. As his former professors and mentors kept him abreast of the developing project, Grushow began bringing the methods into his own classroom. POGIL began specifically for students of chemistry but it has grown to encompass many STEM fields as well as the humanities. It is used in high schools as well as colleges and has international reach, says Grushow. 


Philadelphia Inquirer: Ex-area college admissions dean: ‘Ethics be damned’ seems to be parental attitude for some

In his 25 years working in admissions at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Peter Van Buskirk said, he never saw, experienced, or even heard indirectly of the kind of scheme described in an FBI indictment Tuesday accusing two television stars and dozens of other parents of bribery to get their children into top colleges.

“But I’m not surprised,” said Van Buskirk, who left F&M in 2004 after 12 years as admissions dean and has publicly advocated for greater transparency in college admissions. “The whole college-going process has evolved into a race, if you will, to get to the end of bigger and better things. These days, there are some families that attach a premium to their kids only attending a certain kind of school, and they are willing to do whatever it takes. Ethics be damned.”

Vice News: Former college admissions officers tell us just how broken the process is

Sara Harberson, a former associate dean of admissions for University of Pennsylvania and former Dean of Admissions at Franklin and Marshall College, told us, "What would always helps students if they were tagged and their family had a lot of financial resources. You were really looking at seven-figure donations, eight-figure donations. But sometimes six figures, plus a connection with someone on the board, was even more powerful.”

CNN: Cheat. Bribe. Lie. Here's how the college admissions scam allegedly worked

Being a recruited athlete in a Division I sport is a "very powerful influencer" in the admissions process, said Sara Harberson, a college admissions expert and former dean of admissions at Franklin & Marshall College.

Jewish News: Tripped out: A mother and daughter set out to find the perfect college

In truth, Franklin and Marshall had everything my college didn’t. I graduated from University of Maryland College Park at a time when the school was transitioning from its party days to the powerhouse university it is now. My major, journalism, was selective, but many weren’t and there was little community outside of Greek life. That homey campus feel was something I longed for from my high-rise dorm, so naturally I wanted it for my daughter, too.

Rowan Today: First female engineering doctoral student defends Ph.D. dissertation

Prior to her work at Rowan, Baroncini completed a bachelor of science in physics at Franklin & Marshall College. She has accepted a research scientist position with the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Aberdeen, Maryland.

U.S. News: White Privilege and the College Admissions Scandal

"I think what we're seeing now is a process that has gone inside-out and upside-down," Peter Van Buskirk, founder of Best College Prep and someone who's spent more than 25 years in college admissions, including 12 as the former dean of admissions at Franklin and Marshall College, says. "We have institutions that are almost inaccessible, with admissions rates of 10 percent, and some families, not a lot of families, but some, are willing to do whatever it takes to become the exception in that admissions process, ethics be damned," he says. "It's an incredibly selfish approach."

Global Michigan: U-M anthropologist uses 3,000 toe tags to highlight humanitarian crisis at US-Mexico border

De León collaborated with photographer Michael Wells and artist/curator Lucy Cahill to produce the work, which was first presented as a prototype at Franklin & Marshall College’s Phillips Museum of Art in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in January. The exhibition compels viewers to bear witness to the same realities that transformed De León into a MacArthur fellow, author and founder of the Undocumented Migration Project.

Times Leader: Some Nanticoke students face new discipline policy, metal detector, clear-bag rule

The board also approved a $25,000 agreement with Franklin & Marshall College, of Lancaster, to participate in the College Advising Corps for a fourth year. Grevera said the program brings a recent graduate to Greater Nanticoke Area all school year to help economically disadvantaged students who may not realize the options available to make college a reality.

Futurity: How Coyote Puppies Adjust To Life Around People

Other coauthors of the paper in Ecology and Evolution are from the US Department of Agriculture’s Predator Research Facility in Utah; Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania; the University of Chicago; and Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. Support for the work came from the University of Chicago, the National Science Foundation, and the US Department of Agriculture.

LNP: City Council OK's demolition of small warehouse to expand parking at 454 New Holland Ave. 

The documentation provision had been recommended to council by Linda Aleci, a professor at Franklin & Marshall College who specializes in historic preservation. Aleci said she isn’t happy the building won’t be saved, but was encouraged by how council handled the decision.

LNP: 'A cautionary issue': Lancaster County college students, admissions experts react to enrollment bribery scheme 

A former Franklin & Marshall College admissions dean said the few colleges caught up in the scheme are the outliers, and that most colleges are not trying to say “no” to qualified candidates.

Peter Van Buskirk worked at F&M for 25 years, the last 12 of which he was dean of admissions. He still lives in Lancaster County and said he sees a healthy competition at area colleges.

CNBC: The business of college advisors is booming. Here's how to navigate the consulting process

Private college counselor Sara Harberson touts her experience as the former associate dean of admissions at the University of Pennsylvania and the former dean of admissions at Franklin and Marshall College. She also worked as a director of college counseling at the Baldwin School in Pennsylvania. "I teach them how to think like admissions officers. That's what parents want. They want to get the inside scoop," she said on "Power Lunch."


The Atlantic: The Stigma of Choosing Trade School Over College

Dennis Deslippe and Alison Kibler are both college professors at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, so it was a mental shift for them when, after high school, their son John chose to attend the masonry program at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, a two-year accredited technical school. John was always interested in working with his hands, Deslippe and Kibler say—building, creating, and repairing, all things that his academic parents are not good at, by their own confession.

The Atlantic: Why So Many Americans Are Turning to Buddhism

I ran some of their insights by an expert in Buddhism, David McMahan at Franklin and Marshall College, who said some of these Western interpretations are slightly morphed from Buddhism’s original cultures and contexts. Buddhism carries with it a set of values and morals that white Americans don’t always live by. Much like “cafeteria Catholics” ignore parts of the religion that don’t resonate with them, some Westerners focus on only certain elements of Buddhist philosophy and don’t endorse, say, Buddhism’s view of reincarnation or worship of the Buddha. Call them “buffet Buddhists.”

University of Washington: When coyote parents get used to humans, their offspring become bolder, too

Other co-authors of the recent paper include Julie Young at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Predator Research Facility in Utah; Elizabeth Lonsdorf at Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania; Rachel Santymire, who has a joint appointment at the University of Chicago and Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, and Jill Mateo, the latter two serving as Schell’s doctoral co-advisors at the University of Chicago. The study was supported by the University of Chicago, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


WHYY: Philly students call for Green New Deal citing spike in ‘heat days’

Critics of the Green New Deal say the plan contains no specifics, and it’s too ambitious. But Franklin and Marshall College professor Biko Koenig says that’s how political action often happens. “Part of the work of social movement actors is to redefine what is possible. So three weeks ago we weren’t having a conversation about the Green New Deal and now we are,” Koenig said.

Course Hero: Help Students Bridge Cultural Gaps Starting with Identity Pie Charts

This professor pushes her students to proclaim their true selves—and step into unfamiliar worlds—to overcome cultural misunderstandings. A profile on F&M BOS Professor Nicole Jones Young.

Scientific American: The First Time I Saw the Grand Canyon

Article written by F&M’s Geoscience Professor Andrew de Wet: On the national park's 100th anniversary, a South African–born geologist recalls his first encounter with a spectacular natural wonder.

LA Times: How Wanda Austin blazed a trail from public housing to a perch as USC’s acting president

She attended Franklin & Marshall College in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. Of the 500 students, five were black women. She married Wade Austin, a math major from the historically black college Lincoln University, in 1977 as she earned master’s degrees in math and systems engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. She and Wade moved west later that year when she took a job at Rockwell International in Anaheim.


Mongabay: Research into chimp health benefits human, ecosystem well-being too 

The project was born at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. Travis, who was then consulting with the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, met primatologist Elizabeth Lonsdorf, now an associate professor at Franklin & Marshall College’s Department of Psychology. “It became clear that we could partner our respective expertise to try to find out more about health in the Gombe chimpanzees,” Lonsdorf told Mongabay by email. They worked with the Tanzanian National Parks Authority and the Jane Goodall Institute to bring the project to life.

Wall Street Journal: America’s Disappearing Private Colleges

The post-Great Recession baby bust will soon mean not enough students to keep small schools alive. While Harvard enrolled 23,000 students last academic year and enjoys an endowment of $39.2 billion, Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., has only 2,200 students and an endowment of $391 million.  Students who might consider private colleges like Franklin & Marshall for $50,000 a year or Rosemont for $32,500 would find the prospect of a tuition- or debt-free education at a public university more appealing.

Penn Live: The 25 hardest colleges to get into in Pa.: Where does your alma mater rank?

8: Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster

  • Acceptance Rate: 34%

  • Net Price: $24,472

  • SAT Range: 1200-1420


Inside Higher Ed: F&M Sticks to Admissions Policies Even as Budget Cuts Loom

Liberal arts college has won praise for recruiting talented low-income students, but rising tuition discounting has cut into funding.

LNP: Franklin & Marshall College eyes staff cuts amid $8 million budget deficit

Franklin & Marshall College will cut staff as it faces an $8 million budget deficit caused in part by an increased commitment to financial aid, its president said Tuesday.

President Barbara Altmann said about three-quarters of the deficit will be addressed in the $133 million 2019-20 fiscal budget.

LNP: F&M speaker discusses meaning of his book, ‘Baseball as a Road to God’ 

Retired New York University President John Sexton likes to tell the story about one of the ineffable moments of his life — Oct. 4, 1955.

Addressing several hundred students at Franklin & Marshall College during Thursday’s Common Hour, he used the Greek word hierophantic — a manifestation of the sacred — to describe the scene.

LNP: Doris Hall-Gulati's Grammy win is music to our ears [editorial]

Clarinet player Doris Hall-Gulati, an instructor at Franklin & Marshall College and Lancaster Bible College, won a Grammy Award on Sunday for her work with the Philadelphia-area vocal group The Crossing in the best choral performance category. Her F&M colleague Jessica Beebe was nominated in the same category with New York vocal ensemble Clarion Choir.

Times Herald−Record: Hudson River Maritime Museum presents ‘Embattled River’

The Hudson River Maritime Museum will welcome author David Schuyler at 2 p.m. Feb. 23 in the Wooden Boat School for “Embattled River: The Hudson and Modern Environmentalism.”

Morning Consult: To Weigh the Chances of a Third Party, Look to the 2016 Voters Who Feel Adrift

“The key factor is the strength of party identification,” said Stephen K. Medvic, a professor of government and program chair of public policy at Franklin & Marshall College. “People whose strength of party identification is low or nonexistent are much more likely to vote for a third-party candidate if one is available. The problem is those people are less likely to vote in general.”

LNP: Lancaster clarinetist Doris Hall-Gulati reacts to her first Grammy win 

Doris Hall-Gulati was determined Sunday to not look at her phone.

Hall-Gulati, a clarinet player and instructor at Franklin & Marshall College and Lancaster Bible College, was too nervous to see if she had won a Grammy. She was nominated for her work with Philadelphia area vocal group The Crossing in the best choral performance category.

The Journal of Experimental Biology: Acetylcholine boosts turtle sense of direction

Timothy Roth II (Franklin and Marshall College, USA) and Aaron Krochmal (Washington College, USA) found that acetylcholine is also important for painted turtles (Chrysemys picta) that are journeying to new water sources.


Scientific American: How a Painted Turtle Finds Its Way

Essay written by Associate Professor of Psychology Timothy Roth: Animal migration is one of the most charismatic, awe-inspiring phenomena of the natural world. Faced with unfavorable, often seasonal, changes in climate or habitat quality, animals, from birds to butterflies and wildebeests to sea turtles, migrate vast distances—often thousands of miles—in search of more favorable conditions. They return the following year, in many cases to the exact location where their journey began.

Fox43: Two Franklin and Marshall College professors nominated for Grammy award

Two Lancaster County college professors with a love for classical music have been nominated for a Grammy award. Jessica Beebee and Doris Hall-Gulati, who both teach at Franklin and Marshall College are up for the 'Best Choral Performance' Grammy.

LNP: Lancaster musician Doris Hall-Gulati wins Grammy for work on 'Zealot Canticles' 

Lancaster clarinet player and music educator Doris Hall-Gulati won a Grammy on Sunday afternoon. Hall-Gulati, who teaches at Franklin & Marshall College and Lancaster Bible College, won a Grammy for her work on Lansing McClosky's “Zealot Canticles,” performed by choral group The Crossing, in the best choral performance category. Hall-Gulati is a clarinet soloist on the recording. It is Hall-Gulati's first Grammy award.

Diverse: Issues In Higher Education: Dr. Mark Redondo Villegas: A Cultural Scholar

Now in his second year as an assistant professor at Franklin & Marshall College, Dr. Mark Redondo Villegas is propelling students and colleagues to explore issues of race and identity.

Based in the department of American Studies, he also collaborates across disciplines with Latin American Studies, History, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Africana Studies.

WNPR News: The Contributions Of Wilhelm Reich

Professor and Chair of the Department of Science, Technology and Society James Strick is a guest on The Colin McEnroe Show: Wilhelm Reich was a once-promising psychoanalyst and scientist under the guidance of Freud in pre-World War II Europe. He promoted the "sexual revolution" to support his belief that sexual repression was linked to the bodily and societal ills of neurosis and fascism.


witf.com: Smart Talk Road Trip to Phillips Museum at Franklin & Marshall College

It's a Smart Talk Road Trip to the Phillips Museum at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster. A new exhibit at the museum, titled Hostile Terrain, is a timely art expression on migration and border crossing between Mexico and the United States.

The New York Times:  Mary Boyd Higgins, Wilhelm Reich’s Devoted Trustee, Is Dead at 93

“You can see how bad things were at that point, when no one who knew Reich wanted or was willing to take this job,” Ms. Higgins told Dr. Strick, who is a professor of science, technology and society at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa.


Swimming World Magazine: Becca Meyers: Swimmer, Paralympian, Activist and Dreamer

As a part-time student a Franklin and Marshall College, Meyers majors in Disability Studies in hopes of continuing to be an advocate for others who also have similar conditions. As this is not her first or her last interview, whenever any group or publication takes an interest in her, she welcomes every opportunity to spread the message that “just because you have a disability, it doesn’t you have to hold you back.

The Washington Post: Finding a job is work, which is why some colleges use winter break to advise students

“When students are home is when they get the inquiries over and over and again: ‘What are you thinking about? What are you going to do next summer?’ ” said Beth Throne, associate vice president for student and postgraduate development at Franklin & Marshall College in central Pennsylvania, which hosts a career boot camp for seniors at the end of winter break.

LNP: A hundred years after Prohibition: Why did it start? (And did the booze disappear in Lancaster County?)

“One of the arguments for suffrage was that women were morally superior,” says Elspeth Wilson, assistant professor of government at Franklin & Marshall College.

The suffrage and temperance movements united against vice, saying that men who drank alcohol beat their wives, Wilson says.

witf.com: Race relations, have we made progress?

Appearing on Smart Talk to discuss racial justice and race relations are Chad Dion Lassiter, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and Dr. Amanda Kemp, a visiting scholar of Africana Studies at Franklin and Marshall College and racial justice and mindfulness mentor.


Associated Press (via New York Times): Old Favorites, Outdated Attitudes: Can Entertainment Expire? 

"If you could erase all the scenes that are offensive to us today, even if you could, would that be a good idea? I don't really think so," says M. Alison Kibler, who teaches American studies at Franklin & Marshall College and researches how groups struggle for fair representation in entertainment. She adds: "I would step back from any kind of one-dimensional read of movies and performances from the past."

LNP: Lancaster County's wish list for 2019 [opinion] 

“I want F&M to be a point of pride for everyone in the communities surrounding our campus and for the City of Lancaster to continue to flourish in 2019!” — Barbara Altmann, president, Franklin & Marshall College

The Daily Item: Impeaching Trump: We can't afford it

Article co-authored by Dr. G. Terry Madonna: Seventeen! That’s the number of separate federal and state ongoing investigations targeting President Trump. This number omits the dozens of civil lawsuits the president or his businesses are also confronting.

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