F&M in the News 2013

The Biggest Political Winners and Losers of 2013
National Journal
Dec. 30
The year 2013 included significant political developments—from President Obama's second-term struggles over his health care law, Republican divisions, and, on a lighter note, a colorful New York City mayoral race and a South Carolina congressional election pitting Mark Sanford against Stephen Colbert's sister. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett is named as one of the year's "political losers." An F&M College Poll that showed a low approval rating for Corbett is cited.

Sabrosa Mexican Grill coming to College Row in February
Lancaster Newspapers
Dec. 24
Sabrosa Mexican Grill, a restaurant that will feature build-your-own burrito bowls, burritos, tacos and salads, is slated to open in February at College Row, the retail strip at Franklin & Marshall College.

Corbett backs ban on sexual orientation discrimination
Dec. 18
In a marked shift toward the political center, Gov. Corbett said Tuesday that he would support legislation banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public accommodations.  F&M political analyst and pollster Terry Madonna called Corbett's support of the bill a smart political move.

What are the deadlines for holiday shopping and shipping?
Lancaster Newspapers
Dec. 17
Deadlines for free or low-price shipping in the world of online shopping are mostly this week. If you've put off your Christmas shopping even for those far away, Jeff Podoshen, an associate professor of marketing at Franklin & Marshall College, believes you had some encouragement. With guaranteed delivery dates, online retailers are sending a message, Podoshen said: "You can procrastinate. You don't have to go out and fight the stores."

Bucks Republican lawmaker wants severance tax on shale gas driling
NPR/State Impact Pennsylvania
Dec. 13
Democrats in Pennsylvania have pushed for years to impose a severance tax on natural gas drilling in the commonwealth – to no avail. Now, a Republican lawmaker from Bucks County plans to introduce a bill that would put a 4.9 percent tax based on the value of natural gas produced and sold from each well. F&M's Terry Madonna says the move is not a game changer.

A Grand Weekend Out for Pennsylvanians
The New York Times
Dec. 15
Since the Pennsylvania Society began gathering at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City 114 years ago, the event has expanded to more than 60 receptions and parties over three days. The semiprivate summit of the powers that be in the Keystone State includes politicians from the governor down, lobbyists and lawyers seeking their favor, corporate chiefs from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Left unsaid was an ever-so-slight inferiority complex: The Keystone State is grand, but the Empire State, grander. “People come to enjoy the weekend in New York,” said Terry Madonna, a political scientist at Franklin & Marshall College who has been attending for more than 20 years. “They shop. They do plays. They go out and eat at, arguably, the best dining establishments in the world. I go to Barneys.”

Franklin & Marshall grad traces path from Lancaster to the San Diego Padres
Lancaster Newspapers
Dec. 15
In some ways, Mike Dee confesses, he regrets not earning a law degree as he'd planned to do when he graduated from Frankin & Marshall College in 1985. He says that despite his degree in government from F&M, he soon learned that he wasn't suited for a career in law. Dee, a Baltimore native who called Lancaster home during his college years, is about five months into his second tour of duty with the San Diego Padres — this time as President and CEO.

College presidents write of liberal arts' value
Philadelphia Inquirer
Dec. 11
Two local college presidents argue in a new book, "Remaking College," that the liberal arts play a vital role in educating the world's leaders and problem-solvers. Daniel H. Weiss, president of Haverford College, and Rebecca Chopp, president of Swarthmore College, co-edited the collection of essays. In the last year, Haverford, Bryn Mawr College, and Swarthmore have joined a consortium of nine liberal arts colleges in Pennsylvania including F&M, to address college costs and the needs of today's students. 

Monster Jackpots
Harrisburg Magazine
November 2013
Since 2012, two jackpots have topped the half-billion-dollar mark, and officials say the system could generate more $500-million-plus pools the next year. Sean Flaherty, a professor of economics at Franklin & Marshall College, said in part, the spending on lottery tickets “doesn’t really represent money taken out of the economy." He added, “To the extent that people are buying lottery tickets as opposed to milk and bread, there is kind of a temporary withdrawal of purchases of real goods and services that create jobs, but on the other hand, it creates jobs for people that work for the lottery companies."

10 chatty and creative colleges on Twitter
Chapman University/Sheri Lehman blog
Dec. 9
F&M is included in this list of colleges and universities that use social media creatively. 

Accountants feel NYS tax system comes up short
Buffalo Business First
Dec. 6
More than 80 percent certified public accountants in New York believe the tax structure here is worse than most other states, according to a new survey sponsored by the state Society of CPAs. At the same time, 61 percent of New York CPAs classify the state’s business climate as fair. The survey was conducted online this fall by the Franklin & Marshall College Center for Opinion Research. See related coverage: Accounting Today: CPAs See Ways to Pump up the Economy.

Hanukkah: Lancaster County style
Lancaster Newspapers
Dec. 5
The Rohr Chabad at Franklin & Marshall College offered free rides on a horse-and-buggy with a menorah strapped to its roof for the beginning of Hanukkah. According to F&M student Shira Kipnees, the Chabad's incoming president, the use of a horse-and-buggy was inspired by the success of car menorah parades organized by Chabad centers around the world.

Sensitive Santa slated Sunday
Lancaster Newspapers
Dec. 4
Simple holiday pleasures — such as an eager child sitting on Santa's lap to recite a Christmas wish list — can be difficult for children on the autism spectrum. That's why The Tommy Foundation, along with students from the Franklin & Marshall College, once against hosted a free Sensitive Santa event at the college.

F&M, MU recognized for composting food waste
Lancaster Newspapers
Dec. 4
Millersville University and Franklin & Marshall College are among 26 colleges and universities in the Mid-Atlantic United States to join a federal program to divert and donate as much of their excess food as possible. The federal Environmental Protection Agency recognized MU and F&M for joining its Food Recovery Challenge. At F&M, the college has plans to compost all its food waste. Last month, the first load of organic food waste was removed from campus through a partnership with Environmental Recovery Corporation. The college also is exploring donations of excess food to local food banks or other sources, said spokeswoman Julia Ferrante.

Why looking on the bright side can sometimes hurt
Dec. 3
Looking on the bright side hurts, according to new research from Franklin & Marshall College. When people struggling with stress such as a poor review at work coped through a technique called cognitive reappraisal, where they imagined the best, they felt more depressed than those who didn't.

College Students from Connecticut in D.C. As White House Interns
Connecticut By the Numbers
Dec. 1
Two Connecticut residents and five out-of-state students are among scores of college students from across the nation who are spending the current semester as White House interns. The Connecticut interns are Woodbridge resident Zachary Schreiber, a student at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania, Westport resident Amy Vickery, a Princeton undergraduate.

Paramount Pictures 'Terminator' casting roles of Sarah Connor and John Connor
Nov. 29
Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures are gearing up to begin filming the upcoming reboot Paramount Pictures sci-fi action-adventure thriller feature film "Terminator" in January, 2013. Primetime Emmy Award winner Alan Taylor will direct Terminator from an original screenplay written by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier based on characters by James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd. Taylor confirmed he would be selected by the studio to direct Terminator on November 6, 2013 when he spoke at Franklin & Marshall College's Department of Theatre, Dance & Film.

Vocal Student Provides Traveling Music With Zanesville Cracker Barrel Opera
Nov. 27
10TV Reporter Chuck Strickler was interviewing people traveling through the snow to their Thanksgiving destinations when he bumped into the Kahn family from New York. Samantha Khan, who attends Franklin & Marshall College and is getting a minor in vocal performance, broke into an impromptu version of “Ave Maria" during the interview.

Is Obamacare on the rebound? Media turn to positive stories.
Christian Science Monitor
Nov. 26
Positive headlines are creeping into the news coverage of Obamacare, amid a Democratic counteroffensive and signs the program could be turning a corner. But tough tests lie ahead. F&M's Terry Madonna says, in part, that Democrats are more on the offensive than they were, “But they still have serious problems. No one knows where this is going. And for Democrats, the last thing they want is for this to dominate the elections next year.”

Mobilizing Towards Reproductive Justice?
Huffington Post
Nov. 26
In this blog post, Director of F&M's Alice Drum Women's Center Mikaela Luttrell-Rowland argues that recent court cases states in Texas and New York highlight increasing efforts to erode women's rights. She says, in part that she looks to students to be the next generation of activists. "Women's Centers across the country are becoming more broadly defined spaces, in the best of cases, invested in revealing links between racism, homophobia, classism, and sexism. Interlocking systems of oppression call for interlocking frameworks for understanding."

Debate over same-sex marriage rages in Bucks
Nov. 25
Ground zero for the debate surrounding the state's ban on same-sex marriages may be Norristown, where the Montgomery County register of wills inspired a torrent of lawsuits by granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples over the summer. But the issue is also surfacing in Doylestown. As the state's marriage law likely heads to trial early next year, some political observers say such local dust-ups are inevitable. "It's going to have tentacles everywhere," said Terry Madonna, a political scientist at Franklin & Marshall College.

Why don't more girls here participate in quiz bowl?
Lancaster Newspapers
Nov. 24
M. Alison Kibler, chair of American studies and women's and gender studies at Franklin & Marshall College, discusses the disparity between the involvement of girls and boys in quiz bowl in this story about a local Jeopardy! contestant. Kibler says in part, that the disparity "might be tied to the puzzle of girls' achievement in high school," adding, "There is a small gender gap in ACT/SAT (scores), but girls get better grades, overall, than boys."

Small marts stand up to Walmart
Lancaster Newspapers
Nov. 22
The arrival of Walmart stores in Lancaster County in 2003 was thought to spell doom for small businesses. But 10 years l, later, the so-called "Walmart effect" here is mixed. As the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has "tremendous buying power," said Jeffrey Podoshen, associate professor and chair of business organizations and society at Franklin & Marshall College. "Small mom-and-pop stores don't have anywhere near the power in the marketplace," he explained.

Pennsylvania governor scores rare win with transportation bill
Nov. 21
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, considered among the most vulnerable U.S. governors seeking re-election next year, scored a much-needed political win when the state legislature approved a $2.3 billion transportation package he had championed. This comes after an F&M College Poll showed that only one in five Pennsylvania voters think Corbett deserves to be reelected - and just 37 percent of Republican voters believe Approval of the transportation package is a shot in the arm for Corbett, according to Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin & Marshall College Poll.

Summit: Ag strong here, but challenges loom
Lancaster Newspapers
Nov. 21
Local farmers and other ag stakeholders who gathered at the Lancaster County Agriculture Council's 2013 summit, "Preserving the Farmer and the Farm, said farming here is "coming on like a freight train," but the train is at risk of derailing. Linda Aleci, a Franklin & Marshall College professor who coordinates the Lancaster County Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign, is quoted, saying in part that growing competition from larger suppliers and "increasingly onerous food safety regulations," also present challenges.

First generation college students go viral
NPR Marketplace
Nov. 21
First Lady Michelle Obama has launched a new effort to encourage more disadvantaged students to go to college. In a series of homemade videos, first generation college students and graduates offer encouragement, empathy and sometimes stern advice, such as that from Daniel Lugo, a first-generation graduate and now dean of admission at Franklin & Marshall College, who says to the camera, “Trust me. Life can be a lot harder if you choose not to be first.”

Leaves tell the real story of Lancaster County
Lancaster Newspapers
Nov. 21
From the muck of a stream near Millersville, two Franklin & Marshall College researchers have emerged with the first evidence of what the forests in river bottoms in the eastern United States looked like before European settlers burst on the scene. Robert C. Walter and Dorothy J. Merritts unearthed from the bottom of the West Branch of Little Conestoga Creek fossilized leaves in 2010 and 2011. The leaves have been carbon-dated to between 1607 and 1899.

Gov. Corbett's foes want to make gas drilling a major issue
Associated Press/Tribune-Review
Nov. 18
Some Democrats who are challenging Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett have significantly different views from the Republican on how to regulate and tax the state's booming natural gas drilling industry, and they're trying to make it a campaign issue. F&M's Terry Madonna, who has conducted political polls for many years, said, in part, the drilling boom presents voters with an unexpected narrative. “We've mostly talked about the decline of steel” for decades, Madonna said. “This is the first industry of its kind that has had such a sweep, and reach, if you will, over the economy” for many years.

The guiding river
The Hindu
Nov. 17
F&M Professor of Russian Lina Bernstein is mentioned in this research column. Bernstein is tracing the life of a Russian artist, Magda Nachman, who was married to M.P.T. Acharya from Madras. Acharya was one of the founders of the Communist Party of India and went through phases of nationalism, communism and anarchism in Pondicherry, Moscow, Berlin and London before “retiring” to Bombay.

McCaskey graduate gives a novel look at Gettysburg
Lancaster Newspapers
Nov. 17
As thoughts turn back to the Gettysburg Battlefield on Tuesday — the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address — David M. Rieker offers a story of love and war set there between July 1 and Nov. 19, 1863. The McCaskey High School and Franklin & Marshall College graduate has written a historical romance titled "The Wheatfield: Love and Death at the Battle of Gettysburg."

What America's Forests Looked Like Before Europeans Arrived
Nov. 15
European settlers transformed America’s Northeastern forests. From historic records and fossils, researchers know the landscape and plants are radically different today than they were 400 years ago. Researchers from Franklin & Marshall College discovered the fossil leaves while investigating the lingering effects of milldams.

Gov. Corbett's foes want to make gas drilling a major issue
Associated Press/Tribune-Review
Nov. 18
Some of the Democrats who are challenging Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett have significantly different views from the Republican on how to regulate and tax the state's booming natural gas drilling industry, and they're trying to make it an issue with voters. F&M's Terry Madonna, who has conducted political polls for many years, said, in part, the drilling boom presents voters with an unexpected narrative. “We've mostly talked about the decline of steel” for decades, Madonna said. “This is the first industry of its kind that has had such a sweep, and reach, if you will, over the economy” for many years.

The rocky road to Camelot
The Reporter
Nov. 11
In their latest column, Politically Uncorrected, Terry Madonna and co-writer Michael Young examine the JFK legacy and its connections to Pennsylvania politics. The state’s role in the story begins in the 1960 presidential campaign – now remembered as the beginning of the modern era of media dominated politics – and Pennsylvania played a major part in it.

Buried leaves reveal precolonial eastern forests and guide stream restoration
Science Blog
Nov. 14
Sediment behind milldams in Pennsylvania preserved leaves deposited just before European contact that provide a glimpse of the ancient forests, according to a team of geoscientists. F&M Professors of Geoscience Dorothy J. Merritts and Robert C. Walter found 300-year-old leaves buried by sediment behind Denlinger’s Mill in Lancaster County. They say finding the fossil leaf  was their ‘Eureka’ moment "in the unraveling of this anthropogenic impact story." A similar story was published in The Examiner. See also Related Press Release.

Black Friday sales opportunities drive retailers to open earlier
Lancaster Newspapers
Nov. 13
Black Friday has become Black Thursday, and stores are pushing the traditional kickoff to holiday shopping earlier and earlier into Thanksgiving Day. The shift of shopping from the day after Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving itself says something about both our economy and our psyche, said Jeff Podoshen, associate professor of marketing at Franklin & Marshall College. He says in part, "It's going to become a new normal. Holidays are not going to be holidays. Part of this is because consumers, with the Internet, are accustomed to being able to shop anytime they want."

Penn State, Penn drawing more foreign students
Nov. 13
Pennsylvania State University and the University of Pennsylvania are leading the local effort to attract international students, according to a report published Monday. The number of foreign students in the United States reached an all-time high in 2011-12, up 7.2 percent from the year before and continuing seven consecutive years of growth, according to the Institute of International Education's annual "Open Doors" report. F&M is included in a graphic image with this story, ranked No. 16 among bachelor's institutions with 261 international students.

New Task for Colleges: Educating ‘First-Gens’
The National Journal
Nov. 12
It happens at elite colleges and local community colleges. Students known as "first-gens"—i.e., the first generation in their families to go to college—walk onto campus and do…what? A few disadvantaged students might find themselves in a much different environment. At Franklin & Marshall College is an elite, liberal arts institution, President, Daniel r. Porterfield proudly searches out Pell Grant-eligible students and minorities who can succeed there. Porterfield says elite schools like his should actively seek out first-gen students and view them as unique opportunities to create leaders, not as people that need hand-holding to get through the experience. Porterfield participated on Nov. 7 in the National Journal's Next America conference, which examined how minorities and disadvantaged students get to college and graduate.

Thanksgivukkah holiday comes once in a lifetime
Lancaster Newspapers
Nov. 10
For the first time since 1888, the first full day of Hanukkah will be on Nov. 28 -- Thanksgiving. That won't happen again for 70,000 years. "No one in our lifetime, or future lifetimes, is going to experience it again," says Rebecca Weintraub, a 2013 graduate of Franklin & Marshall and Jewish life coordinator at F&M's Klehr Center for Jewish Life. And that's cause to celebrate.

Next America Pathways to Success summit videos
The National Journal
Nov. 8
Franklin & Marshall College President Daniel R. Porterfield talks about college access and attainment as part of a panel discussion during the National Journal's "Next America Pathways to Success" summit in Washington D.C. The 30-minute discussion focused on higher education's role in recruiting, retaining and ensuring the success of students of all backgrounds. President Porterfield says, in part, that F&M is launching students and alumni to success and that colleges and universities "need to view our students as a collection of assets" rather than problems to be solved.

In wake of NYC bill, views split on tobacco age
USA Today
Nov. 7
Student and expert reactions are mixed after the approval of a bill that raised the tobacco-buying age to 21 in New York City last week. Shira Kipnees, a junior at Franklin & Marshall College, is quoted saying she hopes the bill will help lower the number of teen smokers.

Christie building path for 2016 presidential campaign
New York Post
Nov. 6
Fresh off his re-election as governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie is seen as the Republican front-runner for the White House in 2016. Christie captured a majority of female votes, 50 percent of the Hispanic vote and about a fifth of the African-American vote. "It's a perfect recipe for a presidential bid," Franklin & Marshall's Terry Madonna says.

GOP figures asked Corbett to forgo 2014 bid: party sources
Nov. 4
Though Gov. Tom Corbett is slated to launch his re-election campaign Wednesday, well-connected Republican sources say the poll-weary incumbent has been approached informally about not running and that top members of the state's congressional delegation have been sounded-out about running in his stead. Last week a Franklin & Marshall College poll showed that just 20 percent of poll respondents said the governor should be re-elected.

Veteran Pennsylvania Congressman Can't Escape GOP Civil WarRhode Island Public Radio
Nov. 4
Terry Madonna, a political analyst from Franklin & Marshall College, says the Tea Party remains strong in rural Pennsylvania, but that right now the movement has nowhere near the energy it had in 2010. 

‘Lost’ History of Andrew Montour in Perry County
Williamsport Sun-Gazette
Nov. 3
Andrew Montour, the namesake of Montoursville, turns out to have spent a chapter of his life in Perry County, that even the Gen. John Burrows Historical Society in Montoursville did not know about. Franklin & Marshall College Professor of Anthropology Mary Ann Levine's archaeological excavation and subsequent lectures have led historians to reopen their study of the Montour.

New Faces of College Admissions
The New York Times
Nov. 1
In this first person piece, F&M parent Risa Doherty writes about how she became involved in the College's Admission network. Colleges have long sought parents’ help with job placement and networking. But now many small and medium private colleges and some large public universities call on parents of enrolled students to volunteer with the admissions office. They promote the school at fairs, share their experiences on parent-to-parent panels, reach out to local parents and even conduct admissions interviews.

F&M, Elizabethtown not affected by online application problems
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 31
The Common Application, an online college application site serving 517 colleges and universities (including F&M) is experiencing technical problems. That has led 43 colleges to push back their application deadlines. F&M spokeswoman Julia Ferrante says the College  does not anticipate the site's issues will lead F&M to move its Nov. 15 Early Decision Deadline.

Many Pennsylvania Republicans want Corbett to step aside
Washington Post
Oct. 31
A new poll in Pennsylvania shows more Republicans may want Gov. Tom Corbett to step aside rather than run for another term next year. Forty-four percent in the Franklin & Marshall College poll said Corbett should not run again, while 42 percent said he should run again.

New poll: Many Republicans think Corbett shouldn't run
Oct. 31
Republicans who say Gov. Tom Corbett should step aside and let the party run someone else for governor next year outnumber those who say he should stay, a poll by Franklin & Marshall College released Wednesday shows. F&M's Terry Madonna, the poll's director and noted state political analyst, said he added the question about Republicans wanting Mr. Corbett to step aside because of news reports that top Republicans had privately broached the possibility and private calls he received. Madonna is quoted extensively.

Poll shows way ahead for Corbett on health care message
Oct. 31
A new statewide poll shows there could be light at the end of a tunnel lined with low job performance ratings for Gov. Corbett. The Franklin & Marshall College survey indicates Corbett's vision for health care may win over some sorely needed voters in advance of next year's gubernatorial election.

Stoically keeping a British stiff upper lip? It may cause you psychological problems
Daily Mail
Oct. 29
Maintaining the traditional British stiff upper lip may be bad your health, warns a new study. Researchers led by psychological scientist Allison Troy of Franklin & Marshall found that keeping emotions in check - especially during a crisis - may not always benefit a person's psychological health. Similar stories were published in numerous other publications, including Medical Express, the San Francisco Chronicle, Yahoo! Finance, and Med India.

Corbett crafting new image as election nears
Oct. 28
Gov. Tom Corbett is holding more press events, making more appearances touting jobs in the southeast, shifting his stance on programs that help low-income people and sharing the podium at events with the GOP's popular elder statesman, former Gov. Tom Ridge. Some pollsters say record-low approval ratings one year out from the election should be cause for concern for the party. "No incumbent in modern history has had this low job-performance [numbers] at this point seeking a second term," said Terry Madonna, the Franklin & Marshall College pollster, whose August poll found only 38 percent of Republicans would support Corbett.

Author to discuss Vietnam atrocities in talk at F&M
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 27
Nick Turse, author of "Kill Everything That Moves," will present a free, public lecture, "Where Have All the War Crimes Gone?: Vietnam War Atrocities and How They Were Covered Up."  Nov. 4 at, Franklin & Marshall College. The talk is part of the seminar-style course "Irregular War: Guerrillas, Partisans, Bandits, and Mujahedeen," being taught by F&M history professor Van Gosse, who is quoted.

In 'Spring Awakening,' life surges despite repression
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 24
Director Kati Donovan, visiting assistant professor of theater at F&M, discusses the provocative subject matter in "Spring Awakening," which is now on stage at Franklin & Marshall's Roschel Performing Arts Center. Donovan says, in part, it's important for teenagers to see the play because it explores issues relevant to their lives. Photos from a dress rehearsal with the all-student cast are included.

Driven to compete: Venerable Franklin & Marshall coach Robinson adds Kirchner Award to long list of honors
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 23
Franklin & Marshall men's basketball coach Glenn Robinson, who on Nov. 15 will begin his 43rd season as F&M's coach, is profiled in this story. Robinson has won a Division III-record 853 games. Robinson was presented the George W. Kirchner Award, at the Lancaster Sports Hall of Fame banquet at Lancaster Catholic. The honor came three days after he was inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, and a little more than two years after the court in Mayser was named in his honor.

Lancaster Moms: Mom’s Pick of the Week: Art show at F&M
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 22
The Hudson River artists exhibit on display at Franklin & Marshall’s Phillips Museum of Art is "a must-see," this blog says. "These works of art are not only wonderful, but rarely seen, as this is the first time they have been on display outside of New York City.

WAMC Northeast Public Radio
Oct. 22
Listen to today's Academic Minute, as Timothy Roth, an assistant professor of psychology at Franklin & Marshall College, explores the link between local climate and brain capacity within wide-ranging species. Roth's research combines the study of neurobiology, animal behavior, and ecology to understand the processes by which natural selection influences the use of space in animals.
See also paper by RothMolecular Biology: Differential hippocampal gene expression is associated with climate-related natural variation in memory and the hippocampus in food-caching chickadees
This story was picked up by other media outlets including: eWallstreeter.com

Elegant Universe' author to speak at F&M
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 20
Brian Greene, a theoretical physicist called both "brilliant" and "entertaining," will share his thoughts on cutting-edge scientific ideas at the Oct. 24 Common Hour  at Franklin & Marshall College. At day before, Kutztown University physics professor Kunal K. Das, a 1995 Franklin & Marshall College graduate, discusses his book, "The Quantum Guide to Life: How the Laws of Physics Explain Our Lives From Laziness to Love."

Toddlers on touch screens: parenting the 'app generation'
Alaska Dispatch
Oct. 20
Between 2010 and 2012, the number of iPad users in the United States jumped from 11.5 million to 54 million, with millions of others using the Kindle Fire, the Google Nexus, or Samsung Galaxy. Moreover, a 2011 Nielsen survey found that 8 out of 10 parents with a tablet let their under-12-year-old children use it. Meredith Bak, a professor at Franklin & Marshall College who has studied children's toys says, in part, that the use among toddlers "brings up some key questions: What is the relationship to imagination? Are these apps supplementing a child's imagination, or ... supplanting it?"

'Spiritual guide' for F&M students
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 18
This story profiles Rabbi Elazar Green, who directs the Chabad Jewish Student Center and certifies food as Kosher for area companies. He and his family open their home for a Shabbat service and dinner every Friday. F&M students Nathaniel Moldoff, Josh Rubin, Leah Zebovit and Shira Kipnees say the Greens' home in Lancaster is a home-away-from-home for many F&M Jewish students and Green offers support to students around the clock.

Measuring Colleges' Success Graduating Low-Income Students
U.S. News & World Report/Yahoo! News
Oct. 17
U.S. News is publishing an exclusive analysis of how well colleges and universities are succeeding at graduating low-income students compared with the graduation rate of the overall student body. F&M is included in a table of "Top Performers" This listing, based on data that only U.S. News has collected, offers a preview of some of the outcomes that those developing the federal college rating plan need to consider.

A bucket list of things not to do
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 15
In his new humor book, "The F**ket List," retired F&M associate dean and prefect emeritus of Bonchek College House David Stameshkin talks about the things he does not plan to do before he dies. That includes working as a salesman. Stameshkin talks about how while giving guided bus tours of Lancaster sites for prospective students and their parents for the F&M's Admission Office, he advised some students not to come to F&M, but his honest advice led some on a path to the College anyway.

Political Infighting: Will the shutdown affect incumbents?
The Sentinel
Oct. 12
Even with the outrage the federal government’s shutdown has caused across the country, local experts believe the effect of the shutdown on incumbent re-elections will be minimal. Terry Madonna, director of the center for politics and public affairs at Franklin & Marshall College, compared the current shutdown to the 21-day shutdown in 1995 and 1996. He said Republicans, at the time, took “a greater share of the blame” for the shutdown.

Government shutdown: Across Pa., the pinch gets more painful
Oct. 11
The government shutdown has so far had relatively benign consequences on the economy. Sean Flaherty, professor of economics at Franklin & Marshall College explains why.

On Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro: 'It wasn't love at first read'
Oct. 11
Nicholas Montemarano, associate professor and chair of the English department at Franklin & Marshall, writes that everyone should read Alice Munro, this year's winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Montemarano says he never teaches a creative writing course at F&M without including at least one story by Alice Munro.

F&M president, in national summit, encourages greater options for poorer, but bright, students
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 10
"Talent rises in America," Franklin & Marshall College's president, Daniel R. Porterfield, told a national education summit Monday on the topic of low-income, high-achieving students. The three-day "Education Nation" event in New York City, sponsored by NBC News, revolved around the theme "What It Takes" to help students succeed in higher education. He was one of four college presidents invited to serve as panelists at the summit, which ended Oct. 8.

Climate change a national security issue?; Low-income students succeeding on campus
WITF Radio Smart Talk
Oct. 9
Franklin & Marshall College President Daniel R. Porterfield talks about his recent participation in NBCUniversal News Group's "Education Summit." As part of a panel on access to higher education, Porterfield talked about F&M's efforts to recruit low-income, high achieving students and help them excel on campus. 

Polls, gaffes hobble Gov. Corbett's second term chances
Oct. 8
Gov. Tom Corbett could very well face a formidable candidate from within his own Republican Party, according to a new report this week. The story refers to an Aug. 28 Franklin & Marshall College Poll that showed low approval ratings for Corbett's job performance. Terry Madonna, director of the F&M poll, said Corbett is in worse shape at this point in his first term than any governor since the early 1970s.

Education Nation: Keys to Success
Myhighplains.com/NBC KAMR4 Fox14
Oct. 7
By 2018, more than 60 percent of job openings will require at least some college education. But teachers are worried too many low income students aren't continuing past high school. Educators say it's time to change the message about college. "We very much need to change the message from one of how difficult it is to get to college to how accessible college is," said Daniel R. Porterfield,president of Franklin and Marshall College. (This report is part of the station's coverage of NBCUniversal News Group's "Education Nation" summit in New York, Oct. 6-8).

Poll on US Jews draws mixed local response
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 5
Franklin & Marshall College senior Kayla Berman is the leading example in this story about a Pew Research Center poll of American Jews. Ralph Taber, F&M associate dean and director of the Klehr Center for Jewish Life, also is quoted. He said Judaism is still strong at F&M and many campuses.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls natural gas a “catastrophe”
State Impact Pennsylvania (NPR/WITF)
Oct. 3
As an environmental activist, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one of the nation’s most vocal opponents of coal, but he thinks natural gas is just as bad. Speaking to a crowded auditorium Oct. 3 at Franklin & Marshall College, Kennedy said it’s a “false choice” to weigh economic concerns against environmental protection. The story includes a Q and A interview about gas drilling.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. draws crowd to F&M
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 3
Environmental attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made a passionate case at F&M Oct. 3 for dumping fossil fuels and building a new energy system. The status quo must go to save human health and prosperity, Kennedy told a crowd at Mayser Gymnasium as part of Franklin & Marshall College's Common Hour event series. His "Our Environmental Destiny" talk was a highlight of F&M's Sustainability Week, which continues through Saturday. Students Spencer Johnson and Steven Sklar are quoted.

Exhibit at F&M's Phillips Museum explores the landscape painting tradition of the Hudson River School
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 3
"Breathtaking scenery and humble cottages, pristine wilderness and profitable industry, riverboats and rowboats" are all are on view in "The Hudson River to Niagara Falls: 19th-Century American Landscape Paintings from the New-York Historical Society." The exhibit, which runs through Dec. 15 at Franklin & Marshall College's Phillips Museum, includes 24 paintings by artists of the Hudson River School. These paintings, which are being shown outside of New York state for the first time, are selected from the collection of the 209-year-old New-York Historical Society, the oldest museum in New York.
See Also: Lancaster Newspapers Video: Exhibit at F&M's Phillips Museum explores the landscape pain

F&M College considering arming campus police officers (Story and Video)
Fox43 News
Oct. 3
Franklin and Marshall College is considering arming its campus police force. F&M Vice President for Finance and Administration David Proulx authored a report on the topic to get a discussion started among the entire campus community. He is interviewed. Students Miguel Melchor and Katie Cecere also are quoted.

Why Americans Buy
Fox43 News
Oct. 1
FOX43 Morning News talked with Jeff Podoshen, associate professor of marketing at Franklin & Marshal College, for some answers on why we buy the way we do. Is it all about keeping up with the Joneses? And if so, how does this affect our economy?

What the federal shutdown may mean for you
Lancaster Newspapers
Sept. 30
The government shutdown that went into effect Oct. 1 will have only a slight effect on Lancaster County as programs such as Medicare. There will be some signs, however, that it's not business as usual in Washington. F&M's Terry Madonna said in part the shutdown "will only cause more cynicism and more distrust of the government among voters, which is probably the highest I've seen in recent history."

NEXT: The Future of Higher Education: Career Centers Stretch to Fill New Roles
Chronicle of Higher Education
Sept. 30
Franklin & Marshall College's Office of Student & Post-Graduate Development is featured in this special magazine edition as an example of a college that has overhauled career services in response to changing needs of college students. Beth Throne, associate vice president for student and post-graduate development, is quoted extensively, saying, in part that the college has moved from the old-fashioned "transactional" model to a developmental model. Ian Irlander, president of the college's senior class, says, "In general, students' attitude toward the office has improved significantly." 

Franklin & Marshall considers arming public safety officers
Lancaster Newspaper
Sept. 27
Franklin & Marshall College officials have will seek campus, community and law enforcement input about the possibility of arming the College's Department of Public Safety officers. Open forums on the topic for F&M students will be conducted in October on campus. Director of Public Safety Bill McHale and Vice President for Communications Cass Cliatt are quoted.

Government shutdown, debt ceiling fight, food stamps -- Washington in spotlight
WITF Radio Smart Talk
Sept. 27
F&M's Terry Madonna talks with Radio Smart Talk host Scott Lamar about Congressional Republicans and the debt ceiling.

Chinese-American painter puts the real in reality
Lancaster Newspapers
Sept. 26
Artist and Franklin & Marshall art professor Jun-Cheng Liu lived 29 years in China and 21 years in the United States. He is a master of traditional Chinese brush painting. An exhibit of his work at Elizabethtown College shows a different side. "My composition has to do with my own journey in America, a constant issue of identity and dislocation. I am surrounded by all sorts of documents and personal artifacts that are ready to take part in the attempts of tracing my journey in memories," says Liu.

Find meditation clubs at area colleges
Lancaster Newspapers
Sept. 19
F&M is featured in this story about meditation clubs at local colleges. David McMahan of the religious studies department and Dr. Sybil Gotsch, a biology professor are advisors to a Buddhist and Meditation Group. Gotsch, who also has studied Tibetan Buddhism, discusses the benefits of meditation. A planned meditation at Millport Conservancy, to kick off Sustainability Week, also is mentioned.

Colleges That Claim to Meet Full Financial Need
U.S. News & World Report/Yahoo News
Sept. 18
Poor students shy away from elite colleges, despite being qualified, according to a December 2012 report by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Reasons include a lack of information, minimal recruiting efforts, which cause students to believe the schools are financially out of reach. This story provides a list of colleges and universities, including F&M, that are said to meet 100 percent of demonstrated financial need for full-time undergraduates in fall 2012.

Seasonal beers celebrate autumn
Lancaster Newspapers
Sept. 18
Stoudt's, the brewery, pub and restaurant in Adamstown, will kick off its long-running Oktoberfest, with a variety of brews including a special beer this fall called the Diplomat Dunkel in honor of Franklin & Marshall's homecoming Oct. 4.

SIV, gut bacteria linked in study
Yale Daily News
Sept. 17
A Yale-led study co-authored by Elizabeth Lonsdorf, assistant professor of psychology at Franklin & Marshall College observed an increase in pathogenic bacteria in chimpanzees infected with the immunovirus SIV at western Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park. Lonsdorf  said the findings outlined in the study are a result of “years of diligent, long-term observation.”

F&M seminar teaches how lessons learned in sports can help win in workplace
Lancaster Newspapers
Sept. 15
Trustee and entrepreneur Brett Harwood last year helped launch a seminar at Franklin & Marshall College that brings together athletes and non-athletes to exchange ideas on leadership, teamwork and project management. The program is part of a national trend of using practical athletic knowledge that might provide an edge in the workplace and in life. Beth Throne, F&M's  associate vice president of student and post-graduate development, and junior Greg Olenginski, a cross-country and track and field athlete, who participated in the seminar, also are quoted.

MOOCs keep getting bigger. But do they work?
Hechinger Report
Sept. 12
Hailed by politicians and journalists as the affordable future of higher education, the MOOC, or massive open online course, is the latest trend on college campuses. Franklin & Marshall College President Daniel Porterfield is quoted in the story, noting that many are rushing to embrace MOOCs, without research about how to deal with issues such as varying levels of student preparedness, the limits of assessment, the possibilities of academic dishonesty occurring, and high dropout rates.

On transportation funding and privatizing liquor sales, Corbett hopes for a do-over this autumn
Pittsburgh City Paper 
Sept. 11
As lawmakers departed Harrisburg in June, discussions focused on the legislature's failure to act on three of Gov. Tom Corbett's top priorities: transportation funding, liquor privatization and pension reform. Corbett will get another shot at these initiatives this fall, but he will face challenges, including an August Franklin & Marshall College survey showing that only 1 in 5 Pennsylvania voters think he's doing a good job. F&M's Terry Madonna said, in part, that turnover in the governor's administration has not helped matters.

Syrian Pastor and F&M Professor weigh in on Syria Crisis
Fox43 News
Sept. 10
Franklin & Marshall Professor Jennifer Kibbe was part of a group of professors who led a discussion on Syria at the College on Sept. 10. Kibbe said there will be a lot of diplomatic maneuvering behind closed doors in the next few weeks. “Everybody’s hoping that they’ll be able to have some kind of UN resolution to get Syria to give up its chemical weapons,” she said.

F&M students, professors discuss potential Syria strike
WGAL News 8
Sept. 10
Professors at F&M say they are fascinated with how few Americans are in favor of a military strike in Syria. Close to 200 students, professors and community members turned out for the forum. Sylvia Alajaji, international studies professor, said, in part that the nation is tackling some tough questions, weighing the costs of both another war and continued suffering. This story was picked up by NBC News.com.

Q&A: Composer of deep time
Aug. 28
For the 125th anniversary of the Geological Society of America, the Colorado-based musician and F&M alumnus Jeffrey Nytch has composed a symphony celebrating the geology of the American Rocky Mountains. He talks about Formations, which will be premiered by the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra in September.

F&M Forum on Syria Well-Attended, Informative
CBS 21 News
Sept. 10
Franklin & Marshall College held a forum to discuss a possible Syrian intervention and the country's possession and use of chemical weapons. Visiting Assistant Professor David Kieran, Assistant Professor of Musicb and International Studies Sylvia Alajaji and student Doug Adair are interviewed.

Should the U.S. take military action against Syria?
WITF Radio Smart Talk
Sept. 9
In some ways, the debate over whether the United States should take military action against Syria feels that before the war in Iraq. As Congress prepares to make a decision, Radio Smart Talk interviewed experts including Sylvia Alajaji, an assistant professor of music and international studies at F&M.

Students seeing need for social media classes
USA Today
Sept. 9
At least two colleges have launched M.B.A.s in social media, and students across the country are discovering its utility. The story includes a picture of Lindsey Pollak of LinkedIn, speaking at F&M to students and alumni in a life skills workshop about leveraging social media for professional success. The caption notes that Franklin & Marshall is one of a number of colleges doing more to emphasize career preparation for students.

Penn State's Steve Smear and Tom Shuman among 12 hall of fame inductees Oct. 19
Sept. 7
The 51st annual Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame State induction ceremony honoring 12 decorated athletes will be held Oct. 19 in Harrisburg. The 10 living nominees to be inducted include Glenn Robinson, Franklin & Marshall College Division III basketball coach of the year and all-time wins leader.

Franklin & Marshall recognizes former president John A. Fry's contributions
Philly.com Campus Inq (blog)
Sept. 6
F&M honored its 14th president, John A. Fry, by naming a residential green after him. The move is to recognize Fry's legacy in creating College Houses, which integrate residential, intellectual and cultural life. F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield is quoted.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: F&M's new dean excited by curious, creative students
Lancaster Newspapers
Sept. 8
As Franklin & Marshall College's new dean, Margaret Hazlett is in charge of life outside the classroom. Hazlett talks about what drew her to F&M, her personal and professional passions and her unfulfilled ambition to be an Olympic athlete, among other things, in this Sunday Spotlight feature.

School District of Lancaster superintendent speaks at Franklin and Marshall
Fox43 News
Sept. 5
Pedro Rivera, superintendent for the Lancaster School District since 2008, spoke at Franklin & Marshall College about how districts need to address the needs and realities of new students.

For busy nurse, even Labor Day is no time to rest
Lancaster Newspapers
Sept. 2
Dennis Mitterer, who supervises the student-run Emergency Medical Services program at Franklin & Marshall, is also a full-time nurse at Lancaster General Hospital, an adjunct professor or teacher at three other regional colleges, and he is pursuing a Ph. D and writing a book. This Labor Day feature focuses on Mitterer's love of work. He is pictured with F&M student EMTs Matthew Momjian and Emily Christie, at F&M.

Participatory Democracy? Exploring Peru's Efforts to Engage Civil Society in Local Governance
Latin American Politics and Society
Aug. 30
As institutions are created to engage citizens and civil society organizations more directly, who participates, and what effect does participation have? This article by Assistant Professor of Government Stephanie McNulty explores two of Peru's participatory institutions, the Regional Coordination Councils and the participatory budgets, created in 2002.

Recycling efforts expanding on college campuses here
Lancaster Newspapers
Aug. 31
Franklin & Marshall College is among several local colleges increasingly doing their part to promote environmental sustainability -- through strategies both big and small. The F&M initiatives are part of a plan endorsed last fall by faculty, students and trustees that builds on the college's previous conservation and educational efforts and creates a roadmap for environmental stewardship. Nic Auwaerter, the Facilities & Operations sustainability coordinator at F&M, is pictured filling up at one of the 22 new water filling stations on campus. Bottled water no longer is sold at dining facilities or vending machines.

Things going from bad to worse for Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett
The Washington Post
Aug. 29
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s poll numbers continue to slide, according to a new survey from Franklin & Marshall College. The latest numbers show 69 percent of Pennsylvanians don't supprt the governor's re-election, while just 20 percent say he deserves another term. Coverage of the poll appeared in dozes of other media outlets including the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Philadelpia Daily News and Lancaster Newspapers.

Lancaster residents remember Martin Luther King Jr. speech
Lancaster Newspapers
Aug. 27
Alumnus Louis Butcher Jr., a longtime Lancaster pastor, was with Martin Luther King Jr. 50 years ago for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which was led by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and took place 50 years ago today. He and others remember that day on the anniversary. Butcher, the pastor of Lancaster's Bright Side Baptist Church, then was a student at Franklin & Marshall and had been one of the first minority students at the school.

Franklin & Marshall Professor David Kieran Talks about Syria
Fox43 News
Aug. 27
Visting Assistant Professor of American Studies David Kieran offers insight on the current conflicts in Syria in this studio interview.

Franklin and Marshall goes green; Sustainability a key focus
Fox43 News
Aug. 23
Students at Franklin & Marshall College will notice some changes this fall as the College eliminates the sale of bottled water in an effort to reduce overall waste. The school has installed 22 water filling stations and will issue all students a free water bottle. In addition, two solar trash compactors have been installed. Nic Auwaerter '11, the sustainability coordinator for Facilities & Operations, says, in part, in this video segment that the efforts are intended to reduce the College's carbon footprint.

Paul Brown takes over as Monmouth University president with a global vision
Aug. 23
Alumnus Paul Brown and his teenage daughter joke they’re both counting down the days to their freshman year. An excited Emma Brown is going to Franklin & Marshall to be a first-year student while her equally excited father is becoming Monmouth University's new president. Brown said he was unsure what he wanted to major in when he got to F&M years ago, but eventually chose economics when campus officials told him he had to make a choice. 

Viewpoint: The benefits of joining a co-ed honors fraternity
USA Today
Aug. 19
F&M student Shira Kipnees writes about how being in an honors fraternity can bring some advantages not always found in traditional Greek life.

Jack Wagner weighs possible 2014 bid for Pa. gov
New Pittsburgh Courier
Aug. 20
Former Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner said Monday he is seriously weighing whether to enter the 2014 Democratic race for governor. G. Terry Madonna, a pollster Franklin & Marshall College, said, in part, that Wagner's experience and statewide electoral success would make him a candidate to be reckoned with."

The Whistle-Stop Education
Chronicle of Higher Education
Aug. 19
Two dozen young entrepreneurs completed a 10-day transcontinental train trek to discover the country and themselves. The Millennial Trains Project is described as "a great example of what experiential, outside-the-classroom learning could accomplish." Franklin & Marshall College President Daniel R. Porterfield is quoted, citing the formative 10-year “zone of impact,” which includes the year before college, the four years of undergraduate studies, and five years after college, as a critical time.

Area colleges ramp up career services
Lancaster Newspapers
Aug. 18
Franklin & Marshall College launched the new Office of Student & Post-Graduate Development in July 2012, with a mission that goes beyond helping students land a first job. A year later, twice as many students have engaged with the office in their career development. The story begins with the story of F&M senior Matt Haller, a sociology major, who says OSPGD helped him build a support network and navigate his way through the job search process. Beth Throne, F&M's associate vice president for student and post-graduate development, says students and alumni helped hone the office's focus, which has shifted from strictly careers to post-college life in general. 

Courts may settle same-sex marriage debate before lawmakers
WITF Radio Smart Talk
Aug. 13
Same-sex marriage is emerging as a major cultural issue in Pennsylvania, and F&M's Terry Madonna, director of the F&M poll and a political analyst, says he believes the courts may decide the issue before state lawmakers do. Madonna says, in part, that each of the more than 100 same-sex marriage licenses already issued in Montgomery County represents a potential court case over marriage benefits.

Look at Problems From an Outsider's POV and 4 More Business Tips From the Week
NBC News
Aug. 12
In this roundup of the best tips of the week from Entrepreneur.com, Allison Troy, a psychologist at Franklin & Marshall College offers this advice: During times of crisis in your business, your employees will look to you for calm, level-headed leadership. But when everything you've built and worked for is on the line, your emotions can get the best of you. You shouldn't suppress your emotions, but you also shouldn't let them rule you either.

Lack of progress in Harrisburg not the same as D.C.
WITF Radio Smart Talk
Aug. 11
Franklin & Marshall political analyst G. Terry Madonna breaks down the differences between the two chambers, looks ahead to the fall legislative session, and describes how marriage licenses being issued to same-sex couples in Montgomery County could shake up the state.

Liberal Arts Pedigree
Global Times
Aug. 11
The number of students from China seeking a liberal arts experience in the United States is steadily increasing. Daniel Lugo, vice president and dean of admission and financial aid at Franklin & Marshall, said he values Chinese students as an important part of the College's future.

How to Stay Calm in a Crisis
Entrepreneur Magazine
Aug. 8
Allison Troy, assistant professor of psychology at F&M, says business leaders must keep a cool head and remain positive when a crisis hits. "If you feel like you don't have the resources to handle the situation, convince yourself that you do," she advises.

Climate change may bring dramatic behavior shifts
Science News
Aug. 7
Warming climate may dramatically change not just where animals live, but how, researchers reported at the annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society. Research in this area are “very exciting and (follow) a new direction,” says behavioral ecologist Timothy C. Roth II of Franklin & Marshall College. Studying how climate change might affect behavior and mental capacities of organisms, he says, has been “very underrepresented.”

Physics for nonscientists: FR&M graduate writes ‘Guide to Life’
Lancaster Newspapers
Aug. 4
"The Quantum Guide to Life: How the Laws of Physics Explain Our Lives From Laziness to Love," by F&M alumnus Kunal K. Das, is billed by Skyhorse Publishing as a popular-science book in which "abstract concepts of quantum physics are framed in terms of life issues that we can all relate to." The author, a 1995 Franklin & Marshall College graduate who studied physics and math there on a full scholarship, says he wanted to show nonscientists "the laws of the universe are rather similar to the familiar rules of our lives, actually" — and not all that difficult to understand.

F&M College sees increase in donations from alumni
Lancaster Newspapers
Aug. 3
F&M has raised more than $15.5 million this fiscal year, an increase of nearly $1 million from the previous year. Included in that total is the Franklin & Marshall Fund, which supports need-based financial aid, academic programs, athletics and campus life. It also saw an increase, with a record $4.41 million in contributions

National Organic Symposium Celebrates Its Own Rich History
Chemical & Engineering News
July 29
Associate Professor of Chemistry Edward E. Fenlon of Franklin & Marshall College and Brian J. Myers of Ohio Northern University presented a poster session on the history of the National Organic Symposium. Their work was also published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry.

Public politics vs. private lives: A live chat on the Weiner scandal
July 26
Stephen Medvic, associate professor of government at Franklin & Marshall, conducted a live chat about the sexting scandal engulfing New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

KIPP builds college pipeline through written agreements
The Washington Post
July 25
The University of Pennsylvania will enroll 13 graduates from KIPP network this year, twice as many as it did last year. The expansion is the result of a tactic that the network once known as the Knowledge Is Power Program has developed to help students apply and succeed in college. Starting in October 2011, KIPP and college leaders signed pledges to create recruiting pipelines and support systems for high-achieving lower-income students. Franklin & Marshall is mentioned, as it the College will enroll six KIPP graduates this year.

Huma Abedin's Loyalty To Husband Anthony Weiner Inspires Admiration, Puzzlement
Associated Press/Huffington Post
July 25
Huma Abedin stood by her husband, Anthony Weiner, after the New York mayoral candidate admitted he did not immediately give up sending sexual pictures and messages to other women after his resignation from Congress in 2011. Stephen Medvic, an associate professor of government at Franklin & Marshall College and author of the book, "In Defense of Politicians," says, in part, that the public should let Abedin's statements speak for themselves. This story was distributed in the Associated Press and published in dozens of media outlets including Yahoo News, NPR, numerous radio stations and affiliates of Fox News, NBC News, ABC News and CBS News.

Newark Students Receive Police Scholarships
Newark, N.J. Patch
July 23
F&M student Isaiah Cromwell '15, was among the recipients of the Newark Police Department Det. Michael Morgan Scholarship. Morgan was killed in November 2011 while trying to stop an armed robbery.

Congress’s Oversight of Domestic Spying Fails for Many Reasons, Scholars Say
Chronicle of Higher Education
July 22
The revelations from Edward Snowden that the National Security Agency has been tracking communications of millions of Americans apparently surprised Congress. But scholars who study Congressional oversight of the government’s intelligence agencies say this is nothing new. Jennifer D. Kibbe, an associate professor of government at Franklin & Marshall College who has written about what she sees as the failures of oversight, says, in part that legislators are ill equipped to handle the complexities of the country’s fast-growing intelligence industry. This piece quotes extensively from Kibbe's 2010 article in the journal Intelligence and National Security.

Berks County teen publishes first novel
Associated Press/Pottsville Mercury
July 20
Kelseyleigh Reber, 19, a sophomore at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, spent two years researching and writing the book. She finished it in 2012, when she was in high school. This story by the Associated Press was republished in numerous media outlets including WPIX News.

Wyomissing teen publishes first novel
Reading Eagle
July 19
Kelseyleigh Reber, a sophomore at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, spent two years researching and writing "If I Fall," a fantasy novel set in Edwardian England. It is billed as the first in "The Circle & Cross" trilogy.book. She finished it in 2012, when she was a senior at Wilson High School.

Secularism and the invention of American evangelicalism
The Immanent Flame (blog)
July 16
Few books in the field of American religious history have had more attention in the last two years than F&M Professor of Religious Studies John Modern’s Secularism in Antebellum America. The bulk of the debate revolves around Modern’s understanding of secularism.

New Corbett staff shake-up: Chief of staff out
July 18
After a tough budget season in which the administration was unable to secure any major policy wins, Steve Aichele, Gov. Corbett's chief of staff, is stepping down. F&M's Terry Madonna said the changes were necessary. He said Corbett "needs a paradigm shift" if wants a chance at reelection. 

Online collection of memorabilia and archival materials touts Lancaster history
Lancaster Newspapers
July 14
"Curating the City: People and Places in Lancaster, PA," is an online collection of memorabilia, archival materials, modern commentary and comparisons sponsored by the Phillips Museum of Art at Franklin & Marshall College. Photos, official reports and architectural plans are layered over current maps, with modern technology offering street views of the city as it was and as it appears today. The virtual exhibit  is the creation of students in a curatorial seminar taught by F&M associate art history professor Linda Aleci.

Police: 2 teenagers saved Lancaster Twp. girl from abductor
ABC27 News
July 11
A missing Lancaster Township girl is safe after two teens heroically saved her from an abductor Thursday night, said Manheim Township Police. F&M Public Safey assisted in the investigation and response.

From ‘Follow your passion’ to ‘Get a job!’: Colleges doing more to emphasize career prep
Associated Press/Yahoo News
July 9
While some top-tier schools can still attract students by promising self-discovery and intellectual pursuits, many colleges have changed their emphasis in the years since the recession hit. Colleges including Franklin & Marshall have revamped career centers, expanded internship programs and pushed alumni to serve as mentors. Beth Throne, associate vice president for student and post-graduate development, talks about how F&M prepares students for their future careers. This story was distributed by the AP nationally and has been published in many other news outlets including The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bucknell University to Bolster Internet Security with New Higher Ed Collaboration
Digital Journal
July 8
Eric Smith has been named the first joint chief information security officer for Bucknell University, Susquehanna University and Franklin & Marshall College.

Liquor lobbyists spent over $900,000 towards privatizing alcohol sales in Pa.
Lancaster Newspapers
July 7
Gov. Tom Corbett's goal of privatizing liquor sales in Pennsylvania went down in flames, as state senators couldn't agree on a plan. It was the fourth time privatization has come up in the Legislature, said G. Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin & Marshall College Poll. But, he noted, when the House voted to privatize state stores in March, it marked the first time either chamber had passed a privatization proposal.

IMPACT making college easier for minorities
Philadelphia Tribune
July 5
Joaquim Hamilton and eight friends, wanting to help other black and Hispanic male students overcome potential barriers to their success, began working together to help students graduate college while empowering them to make a difference in their communities. All eight founding members of Intelligent Men of Color Purposefully Accomplishing College Together are graduates of Franklin & Marshall College.

William Gray, former House majority whip, dies
Associated Press/Washington Post
July 1
F&M distinguished alumnus and former U.S. congressman William H. Gray III '63, who rose to influential positions in Congress and was the first African American to become majority whip, died at age 71. Born in Baton Rouge, Gray graduated from Franklin & Marshall College and Drew Theological Seminary in Jersey City before being elected as a Democrat to Congress in 1978. This story was widely covered by news outlets including The Los Angeles Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education and Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.

After six years, Herb Levine steps down as executive director of Mercer Alliance to End Homelessness
July 1
In this profile, Herb Levine, a former English professor at Franklin & Marshall, talks about a "pivotal point" in his teaching career, in the 1980s, when his students and the entire campus were engaged in the movement to withdraw investments in South Africa to force the government to dismantle its apartheid system. 

What do the Supreme Court's gay-marriage rulings mean?
Philadelphia Daily News
June 28
The U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow same sex marriage in California also signaled that gay-marriage advocates have a lot of work to do in individual states, including Pennsylvania's. G. Terry Madonna, director of the F&M College Poll, notes that the court did not address individual state laws and many Pennsylvania leaders would oppose such a move.

Looking for ways to make good colleges available to smart but poor kids
Hechinger Report
June 26
Using test scores, U.S. Census data and university admission histories, more higher education leaders are zeroing in on students who are low income but high achieving but choose colleges and universities where htey are unlikely to succeed, if they go to college at all. The effort is based on research from Caroline Hoxby of Stanford. F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield says, in part, the fact that many of these students’ high school classmates still don’t go to college is “a largely preventable tragedy." This story also appeared in the Kansas City Star and the Tri-City Herald

The hard times they are a-changing
Lancaster Newspapers
June 30
Since the Great Recession, food pantries, clothing banks and similar operations have seen demand rise. But in Lancaster and nationwide, demand has grown the most where it's expected least: the suburbs. The trend is worrying, says Antonio Callari, chairman of the economics department and director of the Local Economy Center at Franklin & Marshall College, because the infrastructure created to wage war on poverty remains concentrated in urban areas.

Corbett looking for a policy win heading into election
June 24
As the final week of legislative session begins, there is little conflict between Gov. Corbett and lawmakers over the proposed $28.4 billion budget. Differences are arising instead with the governor's three major policy initiatives. F&M's Terry Madonna says the problem goes deeper than Corbett's political skills or tactics. The legislature itself has undergone upheaval in recent years.

Huffington Post
June 19
Each June, thousands of college alums return to their alma maters to reconnect, look back and catch up. While coming back is deeply personal, fundamentally, reunions also address the larger historical occurrences of our college years. 
Projects Abroad
June 2013
Franklin & Marshall College student takes his skills to Cape Town Sports Project
Twenty-one year-old Sam Kind '15 decided to follow the advice of his friends and volunteer in Cape Town for three months through Projects Abroad. In this piece, he talks about his experiences working with children in the community.
Lancaster Newspapers
June 18
Franklin & Marshall College's Williamson Field will be closed temporarily while work on the track surface gets under way. Preparation for the resurfacing project began this week, and the project is expected to be completed by July 12.
Lancaster Newspapers
June 17
Brian Norcross talks about preparations for a performance in Longs Park. The concert featured musicians from Allegro, the community-based chamber orchestra Norcross founded and directs; Allegretto, a youth version of Allegro, also directed by Norcross; Allegretto alumni; and members of the Franklin & Marshall College Orchestra, which Norcross — a busy guy — also directs. 
June 17
Governor Corbett is in his third year in office and five of his cabinet secretaries have already stepped down for various reasons. Seeing five or more cabinet officers leave during a governor's first term is not unprecedented. Franklin & Marshall College political scientist Terry Madonna says the question is, 'why are they leaving?'
Lancaster Newspapers
June 12
An experience at Franklin & Marshall College helped launched the career of Lew Bryson '81, managing editor of Whisky Advocate Magazine.

Roy Scheider Biography
June 2013
F&M alumnus and actor Roy Scheider got his first true taste of the theater at Franklin & Marshall, appearing in several stage productions while he earned his history degree and contemplated law school. It was during a Shakespeare production at F&M that he caught the eye of a Broadway scout.

Providence Journal
June 7
In a story about social media, F&M Professor of Sociology Carol Auster says Facebook and other forms of technology have changed how much family members know about one another.
The Huffington Post
June 5
F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield offers some advice to recent college graduates preparing to make early career transitions, young adults he calls "a large and gifted group of well-educated 20-somethings, typically curious and creative, who are finding their way professionally." The post addresses young alumna, Kim, who recently contacted Porterfield seeking some guidance.
Lancaster Newspapers
June 2
Berwood Yost, director of the Floyd Institute for Public Policy, Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall, says political polling gets the bulk of the media coverage, but it only accounts for a small part of what he, F&M Poll Director Terry Madonna and their staff do. Labor, health care and education polling account represent about 85 percent of the center's work, he says.
June 1
A regional business publication profiles Franklin & Marshall President Daniel R. Porterfield. Porterfield says his management philosophy is to "recruit the right leadership team for this time. Put the right people in the right places on the bus."
Religion in American History (Blog)
June 2013
This religious studies blog features critical Interpretations of F&M Associate Professor of Religious Studies John Lardas Modern's book "Secularism in Antebellum America."
New Jersey Online
June 1
Incoming F&M first-year student Jen Klejst received a Thomas Jefferson Youth Services Award for a project titled  "Keeping the Memories Alive." She and seven of her fellow students created memory boxes for seniors suffering from Alzheimer's.
Lancaster Newspapers
June 1
Andrea Lommen, associate professor of physics and astronomy at Franklin & Marshall, has been invited to join NASA's prestigious Lighthouse Cosmos project.
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Catholic Review
June 2013
Rita Buettner '98 blogs about attending her 15th Reunion at F&M this past weekend. It includes her recollections of her fist visit to campus. "I knew I had found the place for me," she writes.

Vietnam War 'Story' (Video)
Fox 5 TV
May 27
In this segment, Dave Kieran, visiting assistant professor of American Studies at F&M, talks about the legacy of the Vietnam War.

Malvern Patch
May 31
High school teachers and administrators are often asked to write letters of recommendation for seniors who are trying to get into prominent colleges. Franklin & Marshall President Daniel Porterfield took the time to send a note back to Great Valley High School—a note of thanks. He wrote a letter to GVHS guidance counselor Chip Harvey, thanking him and his colleagues' for their role in sending Lydia Bickel to the university. A city official reads the letter in a video accompanying the story.
May 30
U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann, a former Republican presidential hopeful and a leader of the anti-tax Tea Party movement, said she won’t run for re-election, retiring from the House amid an ethics inquiry. Following her presidential run Bachmann has been out of the national spotlight, and that may be a "blessing" for the GOP as it looks to field other candidates, said F&M's Terry Madonna.
This story was republished in many other new outlets, including the San Francisco Chronicle.
USDC The Guardian
May 28
Every day, students walk past various artworks placed throughout the UCSD campus, unaware of their stories. The story of a hidden clay installation called “Thirty Blocks” by visual artist Virginia Maksymowicz — a former UCSD graduate student from the class of 1977 who now is an Associate Professor of art at Franklin and Marshall College. The piece has survived for almost 40 years but gained little attention until recently. Maksymowicz discusses the project. 
Lancaster Newspapers
May 28
Berwood Yost, the director of F&M's Center for Opinion Research, recently did a survey on healthy living in Lancaster. He  shared the results with about 300 people at the 2013 Health Summit held at the Lancaster Convention Center.
Chronicle of Higher Education
May 28
An excerpt from Melanne Verveer's keynote speech at Franklin & Marshall's 2013 Commencement is included in this collection of some of the more unusual messages at this year's graduation ceremonies. Verveer, the State Department's ambassador at large for global women's issues, told graduates, in part, "The toughest challenge remains to transform human behavior. History tells us that it is an insurmountable challenge. History also tells us that we must try."
Education in the Liberal Arts
Inside Higher Ed
May 24
Liberal arts college Colorado College has added a major in education, reflecting a growing demand by students, parents and policymakers that colleges forge a stronger connection between what happens in the classroom and potential careers. The article mentions other standout majors at liberal arts colleges, including business at F&M.
Lancaster Newspapers
May 23
Amanda Kemp, founder of the Theatre For Transformation and visiting scholar of Africana Studies at Franklin & Marshall, discusses her latest work, the story of a 13-year-old boy who comes to understand the importance of his black heritage. The show opened at Millersville University's Ware Center.
Pottstown Mercury
May 20
With increasing frequency, the potential for digital discourse is being used in local election campaigns, including here in the Pottstown area, where campaigns are being waged not just with yard signs, but with websites and Facebook pages.So, have local elections entered the digital age? Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs and Franklin & Marshall College and a statewide pollster, says, in part, that the use of social media is expanding exponentially. Madonna is quoted extensively.
May 20
In their latest syndicated column, F&M's Terry Madonna and co-writer Michael Young say that recent polling in Pennsylvnia strongly suggests a long-term dynamic shift is underway in public opinion, especially among younger Pennsylvanians--a shift that may foreshadow major changes in Pennsylvania’s political culture.
WITF Radio Smart Talk
May 16
F&M's Terry Madonna discusses the latest F&M poll results, which show shifting attitudes among Pennsylvanians on several social issues.
Lancaster Newspapers
May 16
A Franklin & Marshall College astronomy professor will take part in a NASA Explorer mission set to launch in 2017. Andrea Lommen will join NASA's mission exploring the "Lighthouse Cosmos." Her research will focus on the detection of gravitational waves, a crucial prediction in Einstein's theory of general relativity. A more in-depth version of this story is planned for June.
WITF Radio Smart Talk
May 15
Varo Duffins, F&M's associate director of financial aid, and CPA Paul Maulfair will discuss financial aid, managing student loan debt and opportunities after college with host Scott Lamar on Radio Smart Talk. The segment aired live on Wednesday, May 15. 
Huffington Post
May 15
An increasing number of colleges and universities now make standardized testing an option rather than a requirement. Some colleges, including Franklin & Marshall, leave it to individual applicants to determine whether they wish to take the SAT I or ACT or Subject Tests, and then report the scores to schools.
May 15
The IRS's targeting of Americans for their political views is nothing new. The practice goes back to the Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy and FDR presidencies. David Schuyler, professor of American Studies at Franklin & Marshall and editor of the book "Power to Destroy: The Political Uses of the IRS from Kennedy to Nixon," written by his now-deceased fellow Franklin & Marshall professor, John Andrew, said, in part, that critics should be careful how they characterize the controversy. It has not yet been shown that President Obama was involved, he noted. 
This story was picked up by Yahoo News.
CNN Money
May 15
Big money on Wall Street translates into big donations for the Robin Hood Foundation, a poverty-fighting non-profit organization advised by some of Wall Street's top hedge fund managers. The foundation's recipients include New York City public, private and parochial schools. At a gala Monday night, the foundation's executive director David Saltzman said that one graduating senior from a Robin Hood-financed high school "moved the crowd in a way no one else did." She will be attending Franklin & Marshall Vollege in the fall on a full scholarship.
This story was distributed widely and picked up by a number of other publications. 
May 13
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett may be the most vulnerable incumbent governor in the country — and Keystone State Democrats line up to challenge him after the latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll showed a low approval rating. F&M's Terry Madonna says, in part that Democrats are "giddy with the prospect" of taking on Corbett.
Lancaster Newspapers
May 11
Franklin & Marshall College celebrated Commencement with approximately 590 members of the Class of 2013 receiving bachelor's degrees. Several graduates and their families are quoted, and all 31 Lancaster County graduates are listed. F&M president Daniel R. Porterfield speaks about how F&M has become a global institution. 
Lancaster Newspapers
May 11
Local parishioners seem to be looking for new ways to express their faith, and some are doing so in the form of dance. Carol Davis, chair of Franklin and Marshall's Department of Theatre, Dance and Film. Dance, is quoted extensively, saying in part that such experiments with dance date back to pre-Christian times. An expression of faith played out through pantomimic dance in pagan cultures, she says. In Ancient Greece, people worshipped by singing to the gods or about them, which led to the earliest of theatrical productions. 
Lancaster Newspapers
May 10
John Modern, an associate professor of religious studies at Franklin & Marshall, was among 25 scholars to be awarded a Social Science Research Council grant last September to pursue new directions in the study of prayer. The two-year project is part of the council's program on "Religion in the Public Sphere."
WITF Smart Talk
May 9
Former Pennsylvania Gov. George Leader has died at the age of 95. Leader, who was a Democrat from York County, was elected in 1954. WITF's Scott LaMar spoke with Franklin & Marshall College political analyst and historian Terry Madonna about Leader’s accomplishments and time in office.
May 9
Virginia Maksymowicz, an NEA Fellowship recipient who has exhibited widely and teaches at Franklin & Marshall College, constructed "Thirty Blocks" which consists of three rows of fired clay slabs set in the ground on the campus of the University of California at San Diego. Maksymowicz created the piece as part of an MFA project while a graduate student. 
May 9
Gov. Tom Corbett has been telling Republicans in the state Senate that the legislation to privatize liquor stores is essential to his re-election next year. But a new Franklin & Marshall College Poll shows that support for privatization of state-run liquor stores is slipping, and voters rank that goal as a low priority compared to creating jobs and helping the state's economy. The poll also showed that just one in four voters thinks Corbett deserves a second term. See Full Results: Franklin & Marshall Poll: April 30 to May 8
The Street
May 3
Beth Throne, associate vice president of student and post-graduate development at Franklin & Marshall College offers advice to new grads  seeking an entry-level job in today's competitive market. On page 2, Throne is quoted saying, in part, that students graduating this year will find there's more of an emphasis on social media than ever before. 
Lancaster Newspapers
May 5
A recently published report, "Knot Yet: The Benefits and Costs of Delayed Marriage in America," suggests that birth outside of marriage is not good for the children in those circumstances. It's true that children raised in two-parent families tend to have access to greater financial resources than single-parent families, says Caroline L. Faulkner, an assistant professor of sociology at Franklin & Marshall College. But while research suggests there may be some negative long-term consequences for unmarried mothers and their children, many of these conclusions have been overblown. 
Tri County Record
May 1
Franklin & Marshall's Ware Institute for Civic Engagement partners with CARE (Central American Relief Efforts) to mobilize aid volunteers from the United States into Central America. Eleven students traveled to Las Cascada March 11 to 17 to participate in this life-changing mission.
Mother Jones
May 1
Big money isn't the only secret to the National Rifle Association's success, but it might be the key to defeating it, say Alan Berlow and Gordon Witkin of the Center for Public Integrity. Terry Madonna, a pollster at Franklin & Marshall College, says Sen. Pat Tomey's recent support of expanding background checks was not as controversial as some might think. 
This story appeared in many other publications, including The Huffington Post.
Philadelphia Inquirer
May 1
The 2014 race for Pennsylvania governor likely will revolve around jobs, but social issues including abortion also could emerge, writes Thomas Fitzgerald in this column. Terry Madonna, director of the Floyd Institute's Center for Politics and Public Affairs, agrees such issues could play into the election process in Pennsylvania.
Chronicle of Higher Education
April 29
In this guest editorial, F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield notes that the past year has seen the meteoric rise of the MOOC, or massive open online course with some calling 2012 the "Year of the MOOC." He challenges that assertion, saying, in part, "If we really want to make a difference for most students, let's make 2013 'The Year of the Seminar.'"
Lancaster Newspapers
April 25
Sugey Cruz-Everts '00 and Richard Everts '01 received a $50,000 Pepsi Refresh grant to create a documentary about autism that features 100 families from across the United States. The film will be screened in over 40 cities this spring.The crew members all attended Franklin & Marshall College, where the Evertses met as first-year students.
National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU Newsroom)
April 23
Despite the predictions of many experts at the onset of the economic downturn, most private, nonprofit colleges continue to meet, if not exceed, their enrollment targets, largely because of their efforts to enhance affordability and value. More must to be done by colleges to stay affordable and within reach of families from all backgrounds. Franklin & Marshall College is included in a list of colleges taking bold steps to address these issues, in part through a two-year pilot program that will cap the amount of federal loans students from middle-income families would be expected to borrow at a total of $10,000 over four years. 
Fox43 News
April 24
Graduating senior Eric Mellis '13 and Sarah Dawson, director of the Wohsen Center for Sustainable Development, talk about their research project to train bees to avoid herbicides and overall efforts to combat colony collapse disorder in this story and accompanying video. 
Science Daily
April 24
With a better understanding of underlying mechanisms that cause a rare neurodevelopmental disorder in the Old Order Mennonite population called "pretzel syndrome," a new study reports that five children were successfully treated with a drug that modifies the disease process, minimizing seizures and improving receptive language. The study, which appears in the journal Science Translational Medicine, was conducted by a team including partners from the Clinic for Special Children in Strasburg, Pa., and the Department of Biology in Franklin and Marshall College.
See also: Study published in Science Translational Medicine
Washington Post
April 23
Former U.S. representative Robert W. Edgar of Pennsylvania, an ordained United Methodist minister who denounced pork-barrel politics during six terms on Capitol Hill and then as the head of the government accountability group Common Cause, died April 23. F&M's Terry Madonna is quoted, in part saying that Burke had "a strong moral compass and moral focus."
Inside Higher Ed
April 23
Franklin & Marshall is listed In this roundup of College commencement speakers, Melanne S. Verveer, the first U.S. ambassador-at-large for global women's issues, will speak at F&M's Commencement ceremony in May. 
Lancaster Newspapers
April 22
When commencement season kicks off in early May, local colleges will help more people witness the festivities, even if they can't make the trip. Many local schools, including Franklin & Marshall, now live-stream graduation ceremonies, with the technology — and the traffic — improving each year. Colleges also are offering viewers more related social-media content. F&M first streamed commencement in 2009 and has seen traffic spike due to a high-profile speaker, says Sri Dasgupta, director of Web content and multimedia. Other forms of social media can make viewers feel like they're really at commencement. At F&M, a chat portal displays alongside the live stream. Social Media Coordinator and Web Producer Tim Brixius says the staff offers running commentary, from the name of a musical piece to the bio of an honorary degree recipient. 
The New York Times
April 21
In this letter to the editor, Franklin & Marshall President Daniel R. Porterfield responds to an April 11 editorial, “From Poverty to a Top-Tier College,” which addressed a Caroline Hoxby study showing that providing college information to talented low-income students makes them more likely to enroll at outstanding colleges. Porterfield says, in part, "enrollment is only one hurdle that low-income students face in pursuing a college education. Also necessary are knowledgeable high school-based college counselors to help students apply; robust Pell Grants; sufficient need-based financial aid, and continuing support for students once on campus. 
Bowdoin Orient
April 19
After 16 years at the College, Margaret Hazlet, senior  will leave Bowdoin next year to take up a position as Dean of the College at Franklin & Marshall College. In a press release from F&M on Monday, President Daniel Porterfield wrote of Hazlett, “She has a tremendous grasp of the needs of talented students and the extraordinary resources of a liberal arts college to foster remarkable learning.”
Lancaster Newspapers
April 18
Realistic portraits, intricate studies of everyday objects and photography are a few of the works featured at the "All Student Juried Art Exhibition" at Franklin & Marshall College. Salina Almanzar '13, president of the Art Club, calls the show "the highlight of the year for the Art & Art History Department. Claire Giblin, curator of the Rothman and Gibson Curriculum Galleries, says the show represents the gowth of the artists duirng their time at F&M.
Lancaster Newspapers
April 17
Graduation season is upon us, and on May 11 F&M will confer bachelor degrees  to an estimated 600 seniors at a Commencement ceremony on Hartman Green. Melanne S. Verveer, the first U.S. ambassador-at-large for global women's issues and former chief of staff to Hillary Rodham Clinton, will deliver the keynote address, and F&M will bestow an honorary degree on Verveer and two distinguished F&M alumni, Stanley J. Dudrick '57 and Jane Moss '74. Pennsylvania School of Arts and Design will mark Commencement on May 4 at a ceremony in the Ann & Richard Barshinger Center for Musical Arts at Franklin & Marshall College. Kerry Sherin Wright, director of the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House and adjunct assistant professor of English at F&M, will be the graduation speaker.
Green Building Design
May/June 2013
More than two hundred years after Franklin & Marshall College was established with a gift from Benjamin Franklin in 1787, the school has committed to achieve LEED Silver certification on all major renovations and new facilities that exceed 5,000 square feet. Mike Wetzel, associate vice president of facilities management and campus planning, says the New College House project is notable in part for its six rain gardens that manage rainwater on-site and porous parking lots behind the building. The project serves "as concrete examples of the college’s commitment to sustainability."
Lancaster Newspapers
April 15
In this story about the April 12 release of the Jackie Robinson biopic "42," Gregory Kaliss, a research associate in American studies at Franklin & Marshall, discusses the film and its historical significane. Kallis and a group of F&M students also plan to discuss the film during an upcoming event.
Philadelphia Inquirer
April 14
Kim Lengel '86, The Philadelphia Zoo's conservation director, talks about her love of bats and the April 13 opening of KidZooU at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Huffington Post
April 14
Franklin & Marshall President Daniel R. Porterfield urges the friends and loved ones of college seniors in his latest blog post to offer words of encouragement and wisdom in the weeks leading up to commencement ceremonies. His three messages to seniors: make these final days and weeks count, think of achievement in broad terms, and keep your college experience with you always.
The Daily Beast
April 12
The GOP was outraged Thursday when Republican Sen. Pat Toomey struck a compromise with Sen. Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, to expand criminal background checks to the sale of most guns. But Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin & Marshall College poll, says that the federal background check bill could play well for Toomey in Pennsylvania, where 94 percent of voters support universal background checks on the sale of all guns according to the latest F&M poll.
Bloomberg Business News
April 10
The movement to incorporate the liberal arts into business education got a big push two years ago with the publication of "Rethinking Undergraduate Business Education: Liberal Learning for the Profession" by a group of professors and scholars including Thomas Ehrlich of Stanford University. The book reported on a Carnegie Foundation study that found most business programs rarely challenge students’ assumptions, ask them to think creatively, or understand the broader context of business. Ehrlich says in this story that Franklin & Marshall College has an economics course that broadens students’ perspectives by treating neoclassical economics as one approach among many.
April 9
Lancaster's NBC affiliate WGAL broadcasted live from the Steinman Student Center at 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. on April 9. F&M student Ian Cantor talks about the College's 24-hour reading of names of those who perished in the Holocaust as student Mike Nolt reads names in the background. A taped segment also was shown on its noon and evening broadcasts. This story was picked up by MSNBC.com and Yahoo News.
Fox 43 News
April 4
Senior Eric Mellis ’13 found himself pondering an intriguing question: Could honeybees be trained to avoid plants treated with herbicides? With the help of Sarah Dawson, director of the Wohlsen Center for the Sustainable Environment at F&M, Mellis designed an independent study to find out. The short answer: Yes, they can be. And that could have important implications for bees and humans. This story, originally published on the F&M News site, was republished in its entirety here. See Also: F&M News Story
April 4
An Army veteran is the first Democrat to say he’ll run for the 8th District congressional seat in 2014. Kevin Strouse, 33, of Bensalem, said he will file paperwork Thursday with the Federal Election Commission to challenge three-term incumbent Republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick. Despite the unpopularity of Congress in many polls, Democrats may not possess the same type of fervor come Election Day, especially in a mid-term election in which they control the White House. “Certainly, a strong personal biography and compelling life story are big factors in elections. The narrative always matters,” Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs and the college poll at Franklin & Marshall College said, in part.
The New York Times
April 3
Stephen K. Medvic, associate professor of government at Franklin & Marshall College and author of "In Defense of Politicians: The Expectations Trap and Its Threat to Democracy," was invited to weigh in on a discussion about bribery accusations among New York politicians. Medvic says, in part: Any discussion of corruption in politics ought to start with an acknowledgement that it’s actually quite rare. The public integrity section of the United States Department of Justice prosecutes about 900 public officials for corruption every year, Medvic says. But that figure includes all public employees in all branches and agencies of government, at federal, state and local levels. 
CBS Philly
April 1
Pennsylvania Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey has become the latest political figure to announce his support for same sex marriage and repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. Franklin & Marshall College political analyst Terry Madonna says there’s added significance given Casey’s reputation as a social conservative and devout Catholic. And Madonna only sees the trend continuing.
March 30
Students Heather Croy and Matt Momjian talk about F&M's student-run EMT program and how their experiences will prepare them for careers in the medical field in this television segment. 
Lancaster Newspapers
March 29
In an effort to improve the ability of refugees and immigrants to navigate the homebuying and renting process, the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership recently completed a study that identified the languages — other than English and Spanish — spoken by the most vulnerable populations. Susan Dicklitch, director of The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement at Franklin & Marshall College and a member of the Lancaster County Refugee Coalition, said the study reinforces the Lancaster County Refugee Coalition's grass-roots efforts toward integration.

Working from home retains its appeal
Lancaster Newspapers
March 31
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's recent decision to ban telecommuting has ignited a national debate about the benefits and drawbacks of the practice. Carol J. Auster, professor of sociology at Franklin & Marshall College, says, in part, that "telecommuting may not improve work-family balance as much as employees think." But if employees perceive telecommuting as a positive, "they tend to have higher work satisfaction" which leads to less employee turnover. 

What's so good about Good Friday?
Lancaster Newspapers
March 28
Writer Patrick Burns ponders the question of how Good Friday got its name. "It's a legitimate question, but nobody knows the answer," says Stephen A. Cooper, professor of religious studies at Franklin & Marshall College. There is a perception that it was originally referred to as "God's Friday," Cooper says. "It is suggested that "God" was extended to "Good," but no one is sure about this."

Lancaster Newspapers
March 28
Twelve actors are taking part in the all-student production of Sara Ruhl's adaptation of Virginia Woolf's biographical parody performed at Franklin & Marshall College's Roschel Performing Arts Center. The play follows its main character Orlando, through 300 years of history.

Learning While Doing
Independent School Magazine
Spring 2013
Were he around today, Shakespeare might describe the relationship between independent schools and liberal arts colleges as a "marriage of true minds," writes Franklin & Marshall College President Daniel R. Porterfield in this guest essay for the magazine's experiential learning issue. Both institutions teach, cultivate, and empower students for lives of meaning. Both emphasize intellectual rigor, faculty mentoring, creativity and higher-order thinking, holistic development, community, diversity, and the individuality of each student. These shared values may explain why liberal arts colleges like Franklin & Marshall College so actively recruit students from independent schools. 

The Good Book finds a good-sized television audience
Lancaster Newspapers
March 22
The History channel's miniseries "The Bible" has reached more than 68 million viewers, counting repeats on History and Lifetime channels, according to the website Multichannel News. Stephen A. Cooper, professor of religious studies at Franklin & Marshall College, said the high numbers for the show should not be a surprise. Whatever your take, Cooper said, there is a fascination with the Bible. Christians, who care how the Bible is presented, will tune in, as well as others who watch for other reasons. 

Spending billions to detect asteroids? The government's considering it (With Video)
CBS 21 News
March 20
Fronefield Crawford III, an associate professor of astronomy at Franklin & Marshall, weighs in on the government proposal to detect asteroids in the hope of preventing incidents such as the recent asteroid explosion over Russia. “These asteroids can be potentially very dangerous,” Crawford said, adding that future incidents could be more serious.

Why History Channel's 'The Bible' draws boffo ratings despite reviews (+video)
The Christian Science Monitor
March 18
Reviews of History Channel's "The Bible" are lukewarm at best, but the Easter-season series is scoring high ratings, pointing to what some call an overlooked appetite for religious storytelling. The show’s producers are quick to point out that they consulted a bevy of experts, some 40 in all ranging from scholars to archeologists. But religious historian Stephen Cooper, a professor of religion at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., says it is the very absence of such talking heads that makes this show appealing.

March 15
Host Steven Roy Goodman talks with F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield and Shawn Jenkins, Special Assistant to the Dean of the College for Strategic Projects, about F&M College Prep and other key College initiatives, including the loan relief program for the middle bracket, the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development and a commitment to provide students with the resources they need to succeed before, during and after their experience at F&M.

Benefits of the College House System
March 14
Dozens of schools—including Baylor and Trinity College—have announced a switch to a college house (AKA residential college) system. Considering joining the ranks? You might look to Franklin & Marshall. It implemented the model in 2005, delivered a new college house in 2011, and Dean of the College Kent Trachte is seeing a significant impact.

From Multan to Philly, Umer Piracha found his calling
International Herald Tribune (Express Tribune)
March 12
For many, art in any form is an expression of one’s sentiments, thoughts and inhibitions. Whether it is the spoken word or a dance performance, artists have different ways of expressing themselves. Similarly, a boy from Multan found a way to express his thoughts in a land far away from his hometown. Umer Piracha left Pakistan in 2003 to go to Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania, where his journey through the liberal arts school allowed him to explore his love for music. With an inclination toward philosophy and an undying need to be practical, Piracha found himself majoring in business.

The Liberal Arts College as a Springboard to Opportunity
Huffington Post
March 12
Great colleges will respond to the evolving needs of 20-something searchers and help them launch well into opportunity and growth, writes Franklin & Marshall College President Daniel R. Porterfield in his latest blog post. Liberal arts colleges are especially well positioned to do so, because our students feel personally known, valued, challenged and supported by the educators who work here. That's why F&M has transformed the way it delivers what is traditionally called "career services" -- as part of our mission to provide a world-class liberal arts education that empowers students to pursue their goals and dreams for life.

Experience For Advisor Want-To-Bes
Financial Advisor
March 11
Student-managed investment portfolios are becoming more common at universities in this country and around the world. The University of Wisconsin has one of the biggest student-run fund programs as does the University of Minnesota. But only a handful of schools -- including Franklin & Marshall - have students managing money in socially responsible funds.

Frazier, Linn, F&M coach Robinson on state hall ballot
CBS 21 News
March 6
Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier, Olympic swimming gold medalist Jeremy Linn and Franklin & Marshall head basketball coach Glenn Robinson are among 26 candidates for induction into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame. Robinson is the all-time wins leader in Division III college men's basketball.

The Papal Prayer Machine
Religious Dispatches
March 6
In the days following Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement that he would resign last month, the Catholic men’s organization the Knights of Columbus offered a novel way for the faithful to take part in their church’s transition from one leader to the next by posting their prayers on Twitter. Such uses of Twitter make it part of a long tradition of technology’s tendency to remake faith in its own image, according to F&M Associate Professor of Religious Studies John Lardas Modern, who’s writing a book on “prayer machines” ranging from the Catholic rosary to Scientology’s e-meter.

What is coworking?; How did we become so divided? (AUDIO)
WITF Radio Smart Talk
March 4
Stephen Medvic, associate professor of government and department chair at Franklin & Marshall College, talks with WITF's Scott Lamar about sequestration on Monday's edition of Radio Smart Talk about the federal budget sequester - the latest in a series of crises or cliffs that materialized because Democrats and Republicans can’t come together for the good of the country. The segment begins at the 24:53 mark.

If elected, Bryan Tate would be the third openly gay state lawmaker in Pennsylvania
York Daily Record
March 2
If Republican Bryan Tate were to win the 95th state House race, he would become the third openly gay lawmaker in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. In a Franklin & Marshall College Poll released in February, 52 percent of respondents said they favored allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally. "This, in 20 years, is not going to be an issue. The demographics are remarkable on this, with huge percentages of people from 18 to 35 in support of it," said F&M's Terry Madonna, who runs the poll.

Iroquois village once inhabited by Madame Montour unearthed
Wiliamsport Sun-Gazette
March 2
Digging in a farmer's field near the West Branch of the Susquehanna River has yielded proof of a long-lost Indian village once home to "Madame" Catherine Montour. Montour - celebrated traveling emissary who brought peace to American Indians and fur-trading settlers in the 18th century - has been recorded as living in Otstonwakin, a site in Loyalsock Township unearthed by a Mary Ann Levine, associate professor of anthropology at Franklin & Marshall College, and her students.

Lancaster Newspapers
Feb. 24
Author Nicholas Montemarano will give a reading of  his latest novel, "The Book of Why," in the Green Room Theatre at Franklin & Marshall College, where he teaches creative writing. A book signing and reception will follow. Montemarano talks about the inspiration behind the story of a self-help guru struggling with his own beliefs. Julia Ferrante, F&M director of media relations, noted that the book was edited by John Parsley, an F&M alumnus working at Little, Brown.

ABC Keystone members receive national recognition
Central Penn Business Journal
Feb. 22
Nine local contractors received national recognition from the Keystone Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. Companies were honored for outstanding construction projects of the past year as well as exemplary safety records include Witmer Masonry Inc. in Rapho Township, which received the Pyramid Award for exterior work on Franklin & Marshall College’s New College House.

Who's watching whom? 'Observing' the culture of surveillance at Phillips Museum
Lancaster Newspapers
Feb. 21
"On the Observing of the Observer of the Observers," now at the Phillips Museum of Art in the Steinman College Center, Franklin & Marshall College, is an exhibit in flux. The concept remains the same, but the execution varies, depending on what you do and who is there at the time. James Coupe, a former F&M postdoctoral fellow and the artist behind the multi-room installation, derives his theme from the line, "I am being observed," from the final entry in a character's diary in the Friedrich Durrenmatt novella, "The Assignment."

Cornel West brings provocative message to Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster Newspapers
Feb. 21
Activist and scholar Cornel West told a packed gymnasium Thursday during a guest lecture at Franklin & Marshall College to resist violence in all forms, support the poor and downtrodden of all colors, creeds and genders, confront calamity and cherish every hour. West, who graduated from Harvard University, is a Princeton University professor emeritus and professor of philosophy and Christian practice at Union Theological Seminary in New York. He delivered his "The Struggle Continues" lecture as part of F&M's Common Hour event series.

Interview with Fronefield Crawford, Astronomer
Fox43 News
Feb. 15
In this segment, F&M astronomy Fronefield Crawford III talks about two unusual events: the meteor that exploded over Russia and the asteroid that passed by earth on Feb. 15. 

Pa. gov's transportation plan gets Senate hearing
Associated Press/NBCNews.com
Feb. 13
Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett's transportation secretary said Tuesday that he doesn't know how much of a proposed wholesale gas tax increase would borne by consumers, but he defended his boss' multibillion-dollar transportation funding plan as cheaper than the cost of sitting on congested roadways. In a Franklin & Marshall College poll taken Jan. 29 through Feb. 2, 82 percent of the people surveyed said the state should be spending more on roads and transit. But 47 percent said they would oppose a plan to raise taxes and fees, while 43 percent said they would support it.

Richmond Fed president: Bank bailouts bred instability
Central Penn Business Journal
Feb. 13
The Federal Reserve's bailouts of the financial system in 2007-09 did not help contain the crisis, but instead exacerbated it, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker said Tuesday in a speech delivered at his Lancaster alma mater, Franklin & Marshall College.

Fed's Lacker: Perception Government Will Bail Out Financial Firms Has Grown Since Crisis
Dow Jones Business News
Feb. 12
Belief that the government will bail out the financial sector has grown since the extraordinary rescue efforts during the 2008 financial crisis, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond said Tuesday. The Fed president, Jeffrey Lacker, said the most recent estimates by his staff show that at the end of 2011, 57% of financial sector liabilities benefit from perceived government support, up from 45% more than a decade ago. "In my view, this growth in government support for the financial sector is not sustainable," Mr. Lacker said in a speech at Franklin & Marshall College, which he attended as an undergraduate student. See Also: Related F&M News Story

Lacker says early Fed rescues made crisis worse
Feb. 12
A top U.S. Federal Reserve official known for his vocal disagreement on policy said on Tuesday the central bank's early interventions in the financial crisis made things worse. "At the time of the August 2007 discount rate cut, I questioned the presumption that the markets were suffering from a problem for which increased Fed credit was the solution," Jeffrey Lacker, president of the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank, said in remarks prepared for delivery to students and academics at Franklin & Marshall College.

Fed’s Lacker Says Crisis in 2007 Worsened by Rescue Policy
Feb. 12
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker said the financial system was weakened further as it began to fall into crisis in 2007 and 2008 by an “ambiguous rescue policy.” The Richmond Fed president has been one of the biggest critics of an expanded safety net which he says reduces market discipline and creates more risk by raising expectations of bailouts. Lacker made the comments during a speech at his alma mater, Franklin & Marshall College.

The Scholars’ Circle & Insighters Radio- Feb. 10th, 2013
KPFK 90.7 FM
Feb. 10
Three guests including Bennett W. Helm, Professor of Philosophy at Franklin & Marshall join The Scholars’ Circle radio program to discuss questions such as what is love? Is it emotional? Biological? Can it be summarized by rational decision? How does it play out in society? Helm's books include, “Love, Friendship, and the Self: Intimate Identification and the Sociality of Persons,” and “Emotional Reason: Deliberation, Motivation, and the Nature of Value.”

Franklin & Marshall College Presents Sam Shepard's A LIE OF THE MIND 02/14/2013
Broadway World
Feb. 9
In his acclaimed work "A Lie of the Mind," playwright Sam Shepard challenges ideas about family, home, love, and memory through the story of two families in the American West who reeling from a brutal act of domestic violence. Carol C. Davis directs the production of the play that runs Thursday through Sunday, Feb. 14-17, at Franklin & Marshall College. See Related F&M News Story
Family disfunction plays out in light and dark at E-town, F&M
Lancaster Newspapers
Feb. 7
While "Distracted" and "A Lie of the Mind" are very different plays, they have a few things in common. They are both being produced at local colleges -- "Distracted" at Elizabethtown and "A Lie of the Mind" at Franklin & Marshall; decidedly unromantic, they both open on Valentine's Day; and they are both about dysfunctional families. Associate Professor of Theatre Carol C. Davis, who directs "A Lie," discusses the play.

An Open Letter to Mark Cuban
Huffington Post
Feb. 7
F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield takes on Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and and his claims in his Huffington Post column "Will Your College Go Out of Business Before You Graduate?", in which Cuban told high school juniors "the days of picking a school because that is the school you always wanted to go to are gone." Porterfield says, in part, "No, those days are not gone -- and we shouldn't wring our hands and tell today's 16-year-olds that they'll have to settle for a lesser education."

Governor Corbett’s Approval Rating Hits New Low In Latest Poll
CBS Philly
Feb. 7
Governor Corbett’s job approval ratings hit some record lows in a new poll released today by Franklin & Marshall College. According to poll director Terry Madonna, just 26-percent of those surveyed say Governor Corbett is doing an “excellent” or “good” job. “This is the lowest job performance for a governor – certainly the last two governors, Governors Ridge and Rendell – that the Franklin & Marshall College Poll has recorded,” said Madonna. The poll also shows what Madonna calls a “stunning” level of opposition – 64-percent – to the governor’s efforts to privatize the management of the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Squash and Schooling
The Wall Street Journal
Feb. 5
Franklin & Marshall is mentioned in this column about the Green StreetSquash Center in Harlem, which has a program that combines academic tutoring for middle- and high-schoolers with after-school squash. The program serves as a passport to college, with 100 percent of those who complete the group's College Access and Success program going to colleges including F&M. Of those who currently play squash at their colleges, two are at Franklin & Marshall.

Radio Smart Talk: Corbett budget analysis
Feb. 5
Gov. Tom Corbett has announced his $28.4 billion spending plan for the upcoming fiscal year.  As many expected, the plan addresses issues like pension reform, transportation infrastructure, and public education. Radio Smart Talk discusses the proposal with F&M'sTerry Madonna, director of the Franklin and Marshall College Poll, and others.

Barletta's opposition to 'path to citizenship' might be what voters expect, expert says
Feb. 3
Lou Barletta has fought for six years to stem illegal immigration and enforce existing federal immigration laws, first as the mayor of Hazleton and now as a second-term congressman. As many of his fellow Republicans soften their stance on immigration in reaction to Mitt Romney's tepid support from Hispanics in November, Barletta is doubling down. A "no" vote on an immigration reform compromise would fortify Barletta's bona fides within the anti-illegal immigration movement without costing him support or favor in the House of Representatives, F&M's Terry Madonna said. 

Investigation to Focus on Governor’s Handling of Penn State Abuse Case
The New York Times
Jan. 31
Pennsylvania’s new attorney general is set to name a special prosecutor in the coming days to investigate Gov. Tom Corbett’s handling of the Penn State sexual abuse case, specifically why nearly three years elapsed before criminal charges were brought. Corbett’s approval ratings are historically low for a first-term governor of his state. “I don’t think there’s any doubt” that Mr. Corbett’s handling of the case is “a contributing factor in his poor job performance” in polls, said Terry Madonna, who directs the Franklin & Marshall College Poll.

‘No Excuses’ Kids Go to College
Education Next
Jan. 31
Low-income black and Hispanic students are by far the least likely U.S. students to graduate from high school and attend a four-year college. But the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) and other organizations are teaching their students the "habits of mind" and steering them to colleges that are the right match to help them succeed. Franklin & Marshall was the first college to enter into a formal partnership with KIPP aimed at improving college persistence and graduation rates of KIPP alumni. Shawn Jenkins '10, special assistant to the dean of the college for strategic projects, explains "F&M College Prep," a precollege summer-immersion program. F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield is mentioned.

Pressure builds for schools to help grads get jobs
USA Today/Hechinger Report
Jan. 29
F&M is among a small group of colleges that have changed the focus of their career services offices to helping graduates find jobs, amid intensifying pressure that universities do more for students with debt after graduation. Beth Throne, associate vice president of student and postgraduate development at F&M, says t students and their parents expect "a return on their investment." F&M offers non-credit workshops to provide job-searching tips and drop-in hours for students to meet with career counselors. It has recruited 690 mentors from among parents and alumni, reinforcing the traditional networking process.

No Pain Too Deep: The Theatre for Transformation
Jan. 28
Amanda Kemp, F&M visiting scholar of Africana studies, discusses the Theatre for Transformation, which she founded in 2007, to explore her experiences as a teacher of cultural studies and her background in performance studies. "All of the work I do is about African-Americans, it's all about people who are on the margins," she said, adding that she hopes that people carry away the feeling that "there's nothing too difficult that can't be overcome or any pain too deep that can't be healed." The story is being broadcast several times today.

‘The Book of Why,’ by Nicholas Montemarano
The Washington Post
Jan. 28
In this review, F&M Associate Professor of English Nicholas Montemarano's latest book, "The Book of Why," is called "extraordinarily interesting." Montemaro, the reviewer says, "allows himself flights of fancy with words, and goes beyond the typical in exploring New Age themes.

Muslim comedian hopes to change world with laughs
Lancaster Newspapers
Jan. 27
Negin Farsad writes about the stuff of life — as she sees it. It's not her intent to be political; it's just kind of her lot in life. The New York City-based comedian, the daughter of Iranian immigrant parents, will perform Friday, Feb. 8, to conclude Franklin & Marshall College's Multi-Faith Week programming.

Moment of crossed paths is one for the history books
Lancaster Newspapers
Jan. 20
During the second inauguration of President Barack Obama on Monday, Obama will use a Bible that belonged to King, along with another that belonged to President Abraham Lincoln. The Bibles will be held by Michelle Obama, a descendant of a slave and now the first lady of a nation marking the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. F&M students Darrius Moore and Isaiah Cromwell, both officers in the College's Black Student Union discuss the historical significance of the nations' first black president being sworn into office for a second time.

The Enduring Ideals of Dr. King
Huffington Post
Jan. 18
F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield reflects on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on the day the nation celebrates King's birthday. Growing up in Baltimore, Porterfield said, black and white children considered King a hero before and after his assassination in 1968, and King's influence continues today. "As an educator, I share Dr. King's belief that providing all with equal access to an empowering education is the essential investment a democracy makes in its people and its future," Porterfield says.

Dillerville rail yard to be split into 9 lots
Lancaster Newspapers
Jan. 16
The Lancaster city planning commission on Wednesday approved the subdivision of 28 acres of the Dillerville rail yard. The long, narrow tract has been used to park trains and switch rail cars for more than a century. The land and an adjoining tract are now slated for the $46 million future development of athletic fields for Franklin & Marshall College and educational facilities for Lancaster General Health, although formal plans have not been developed.

A helping hand from the East
The Balstrop Advertiser
Jan. 15
A group of student volunteers from Franklin & Marshall College were helping out last week in the continuing recovery in Balstrop, Texas, where a fire that began on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 4, 2011 destroyed more than 1,700 homes. F&M librarian Andy Gulati, the adult supervisor of the group, said students during an upcoming spring break will travel to the New Jersey shore to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Local leaders set goals for 2013
Lancaster Newspapers
Jan. 14
A three-person reporting team interviewed more than 30 Lancaster County leaders about their goals for the year, including F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield, who says 2013 "will be a year for celebrating citizenship and community as F&M strengthens our service to Lancaster."

Whistle-blowing tour stopping at F&M
Lancaster Newspapers
Jan. 13
The Government Accountability Project's American Whistleblower Tour will stop at Franklin & Marshall at 11:30 a.m. Thursday as part of the college's Common Hour series held in Mayser Gymnasium.

Nicholas Montemarano: Wishful Thinking
The Huffington Post
Jan. 10
F&M Associate Professor of English Nicholas Montemarano discusses his writing process and the inspiration behind his latest book, "The Book of Why," which is told from the perspective of a self-help author and inspirational speaker. Montemarano concedes his interest in self-help books and his complicated relationship with them, predates the idea for his novel.

Project at Lancaster's Central Market wins national honor
Lancaster Newspapers
Jan. 10
A comprehensive study that informed a $7 million renovation of Lancaster's Central Market has won the American Planning Association's 2013 National Planning Excellence Award for Urban Design. The plan's lead consultants are Linda Aleci, associate professor of art history at F&M, and her architect husband, Eugene.

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