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F&M in the News: 2012

New Year's Resolutions for Your Wallet
Dec. 31
The results of a new study by the Franklin & Marshall College Center for Opinion Research shows that CPAs in Pennsylvania share widespread pessimism about the state's economic condition next year.

Fresh Farms Cafe to open near F&M, Rockvale
Lancaster Newspapers
Dec. 31
Fresh Farms Cafe is slated to open in mid-January along College Row, the retail strip at Franklin & Marshall College. The restaurant will occupy the corner spot at the intersection of College and Harrisburg avenues.

Student Loan Crisis Leads to Innovative Students
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
Dec. 27
A number of colleges and universities, including F&M, have addressed the student loan debt with initiatives ranging from financial fixes to bold new models of higher education. The Student Loan Relief Program at Franklin and Marshall pledges to cap at $10,000 any federal loans for qualifying entering students receiving institutional grants up to $30,000. Daniel Lugo, vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid, says F&M "made a choice to enhance and invest more in financial aid, increasing the institutional grant budget by more than 40 percent.

Toy Makers Caught in New Gender Flap -- But Are They at Fault?
Advertising Age
Dec. 18
Hasbro is on the hot seat for offering its Easy-Bake Oven only in pink and purple, but parents and peers also perpetuate biases about what is and is not considered appropriate for boys and girls. F&M Professor of Sociology Carol Auster discusses toy manufacturers' use of gender stereotypes.

Dr. Sylvia Alajaji, Franklin and Marshall College – Female Rap in the Islamic World
WAMC Northeast Public Radio
Dec. 26
Northeast Public Radio features five winners of the 2012 Academic Minute Senior Superlatives, including Sylvia Alajaji, an assistant professor of music at Franklin & Marshall, who earned The President’s Award for her explanation of how female rap artists are promoting women’s rights in the Muslim world. Alajali teaches courses on the music and culture of the Middle East and the use of music as a political weapon.
See: Related Story and Audio Clip

Party like a Mayan on Dec. 21 — the world isn’t coming to an end
Toronto Star
Dec. 15
Doomsday believers expecting, or perhaps hoping, the world will end Friday may be disappointed to learn the ancient Maya people were not expecting modern humans to be cowering in shelters on Dec. 21 or 23 (the date is disputed). The Mayan notion of time was cyclical, not an apocalyptic scenario, said Sonja Schwake, an anthropological archaeologist specializing in Mesoamerica at Franklin & Marshall.

Finding the 'Next Generation'
Inside Higher Ed
Dec. 14
F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield sees institutions involved in the K-12 education reform movement as a perfect proving ground for students who will likely be successful at institutions like Franklin & Marshall. Since becoming the College's president in 2011, Porterfield has led a concerted effort to ramp up recruitment of students from these institutions, strike partnerships with the broader education reform networks, and institute programs on campus to serve such students. Those partnerships put F&M at the forefront of the movement. Donnell Butler, senior associate dean for planning and analysis of student outcomes, and Shawn Jenkins, special assistant to the Dean of the College for strategic projects, discuss the College's efforts to support and track student outcomes.

How much compensation is too much compensation?
Lancaster Newspapers
Dec. 10
Executive compensation at Lancaster General Health and other health care providers is one factor driving up medical costs — but a relatively minor one, said Sean Flaherty, a professor of economics at F&M. 

Santa cheers those with autism
Lancaster Newspapers
Dec. 10
Close to 100 families attended a "Sensitive Santa" event at F&M's Steinman College Center Sunday, which offered children with autism or sensory challenges a chance to enjoy holiday festivities in a controlled and non-threatening environment. Dozens of volunteers, including F&M students from Kappa Delta Sorority and the college's Students for Autism club helped out.

Pa. Republicans propose change in how voters pick a president
The Mercury
Dec. 3
Pennsylvania could become the nation’s first official “purple state.” Arguing that it will more fairly represent the will of the people, Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, R-Delaware County, said Monday he plans to propose a change that would award the state’s electoral votes proportionally, in place of the current winner-take-all method. F&M's Terry Madonna said a proportional awarding of electoral votes would be a more realistic step.

Lancaster County residents discuss 'fiscal cliff'
Lancaster Newspapers
Dec. 3
With the clock ticking on how to keep the country from plunging over the so-called fiscal cliff, U.S. Rep. Joe Pitts says now is the time for President Barack Obama and Republicans to reach an alternative deficit-reduction deal. If the two sides don't agree on a deal by the end of the year, taxes would rise for nearly every taxpayer and many businesses. F&M's Terry Madonna said a deal most likely will be reached just before the Jan. 1 deadline. Antonio Callari, chairman of the economics department and director of the Local Economy Center at F&M, said the real problem is politics.

Coalition formed to help refugees in Lancaster County
Lancaster Newspapers
Dec. 2
A coalition including the Ware Institute at F&M has formed to serve and support hundreds of refugees that have resettled in Lancaster County. Susan Dicklitch, director of the Ware Institue, said the group is focused on improving access to health care, language skills and to fulfilling other needs so the refugees may become productive citizens of the county. This week, F&M students who work with resettled refugees will present their recommendations for a refugee community center to a community panel. F&M student Emily Usher is quoted and student Ken Davidson is pictured.

Ecosystem diplomats in demand
Lancaster Newspapers
Nov. 30
In a first-of-its-kind venture here, the Pennsylvania Master Naturalist program has been launched by a partnership consisting of the Lancaster County Conservancy, Millersville University, Franklin & Marshall College and the county Parks and Recreation Department. Applications are now being sought from the public. After 55 hours of training, the first wave of selected volunteers will be certified as Pennsylvania Master Naturalists.

Colleges agree to recruit KIPP alumni
The Washington Post
Nov. 26
Twenty colleges and universities, including some of the nation’s most prestigious, have pledged in the past year to recruit more students from a prominent charter school network that focuses on educating the rural and urban poor. The latest are Georgetown and Trinity Washington universities. On Tuesday, they plan to announce partnerships with the charter network called the Knowledge Is Power Program, or KIPP, in an effort to help more disadvantaged students get college degrees. F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield, said F&M hopes through such pacts to “identify extraordinary talent from the full American mosaic.”

Radio Smart Talk: Central PA healthcare poll
WITF Radio Smart Talk
Nov. 26
Almost half of the Central Pennsylvanians surveyed in WITF's Transforming Health poll say that our system of delivering and paying for healthcare should be completely rebuilt. That's just one of the findings from the poll conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at F&M. Berwood Yost, the Center's director, appeared on Monday's Radio Smart Talk to discuss and analyze the poll results.

Buy Fresh Buy Local gaining traction
Lancaster Newspapers
Nov. 20
"Fresh" and "local" are buzzwords used by marketers to promote everything from organic produce to fast-food sandwiches. But the Buy Fresh Buy Local network is distinct from Madison Avenue marketing. It is a grass roots movement aimed at encouraging consumers and businesses to buy foods grown and produced in their immediate regions. Associate Professor of Art Linda Aleci, who is chair of the Buy Fresh Buy Local steering committee in Lancaster County, says the Buy Fresh Buy Local is "partly a social movement, an economic movement, a rural/agrarian movement." 

Lycoming College taps dean at Franklin & Marshall as new president
Williamsport Sun-Gazette
Nov. 20
The Lycoming College Board of Trustees has selected Dr. Kent C. Trachte as the college's 15th president. Trachte, dean of the college at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, takes on the post July 1. He succeeds Dr. James E. Douthat, who will retire in June after nearly a quarter-century at the helm.

Women still face wage gap
Lancaster Newspapers
Nov. 18
A recent American Association of University Women study found that the salary disparities between men and women start right after college graduation. F&M Professor of Sociology Carol J. Auster said part of the difference is that women and men tend to be drawn to different specialties, and some of the jobs women choose happen to pay less. Dennis Deslippe, F&M professor of women's and gender studies, said the study draws attention to pay gender gaps that generally are not discussed in the workplace.

Seeing is Believing
Inside Higher Ed
Nov. 16
The number of Chinese students on American campuses has increased by 139 percent in the last five years, and admissions officers are struggling to keep up with demand. Confronted with tales of widespread fraud, higher education’s gatekeepers describe difficulties in getting accurate portraits of who their Chinese applicants are -- and how well they speak English. Colleges, including F&M, have turned to interview services to get a stronger sense of whether or not these students would be good “fits” for the institution. Daniel Lugo, vice president and dean of admission and financial aid at Franklin & Marshall College, said the interviews create a “three-dimensional picture" of students.

State of The Environment Photo Project Makes Stop In Lancaster County
Nov. 14
Between 1971 and 1977, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hired the nation's top photojournalists to photograph and document "subjects of environmental concern" across the American landscape. The result was "Documerica," a diverse collection of more than 15,000 images portraying the state of the environment. Thirty-five years later, the program has been revived with a new name: "State of the Environment." The exhibit is on display in the atrium of Franklin & Marshall College's Steinman College Center through Nov. 20.

A Terrible Thing to Waste
Huffington Post
Nov. 13
As the global economy becomes more knowledge-based, more technology-driven, and more competitive, the rigorous intellectual experience of college is more valuable than ever. F&M President Daniel R. Porterfield offers advice and encouragement to the high school students as they prepare to launch their college search.

POWERBOOK 2012: Sought for his perspective
Central Penn Business Journal
Nov. 2
When Pennsylvania and politics are mixed, you'll find F&M's Terry Madonna. The profile features our resident pollster and how the poll's work influences elections. Professor of Government Joseph Karlesky says one of Madonna's strengths is his ability to explain politics in a clear way.

Game On: Pennsylvania in Play
Nov. 1
The widely followed Real Clear Politics web site tracking the average of state polls now shows Obama's lead in Pennsylvania has dipped below 5 points. Recent polls, including the F&M poll, show it even closer. The site features the latest column by F&M's Terry Madonna and co-author Michael Young which says: Old Conventional Wisdom: Pennsylvania is a state Democrats have won five presidential elections in a row: in 2012, it’s safe for Obama and out of reach for Romney. New Conventional Wisdom: maybe.

Poll: Single digit race for Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes
CNN Political Ticker
Oct. 31
Need more evidence that Pennsylvania won't be a cakewalk this time around for President Barack Obama? A Franklin & Marshall College poll of likely Keystone State voters released Wednesday indicates Obama with a 49-45 percent edge over Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The president's four point advantage is within the survey's sampling error and is down from a nine point lead he had last month.

Flooding, Snow, and Power Outages Close Colleges in Storm's Wake
Chronicle of Higher Education
Oct. 30
Colleges up and down the East Coast will remain closed on Wednesday, some without power, as they clean up the mess left by Hurricane Sandy, which unleashed high winds, heavy rain, and more than a foot of snow on various parts of the region. F&M Director of Media Relations Julia Ferrante said that aside from downed tree limbs and minor leaks, the College was "very fortunate" to escape major damage from the storm.

In Pennsylvania, the Democratic Lean Is Slight, but Durable
The New York Times
Oct. 29
In the FiveThirtyEight blog about the nation's electoral votes, F&M's Terry Madonna and Marc Meredith of the University of Pennsylvania discuss Pennsylvania's political landscape and how it is changing. After a spate of advertising during the summer, Pennsylvania — in a break from tradition — has largely avoided the volume of campaign commercials that states like Ohio and Virginia have seen.

Washington Journal Looks at Battleground Pennsylvania
Oct. 28
F&M's Terry Madonna offers commentary on the composition and characteristics of voters in Pennsylvania in this 43-minute segment.

Young voters (some, at least) are energized
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 28
Four years ago, voter enthusiasm, particularly among young voters, abounded.This time around, not as much. But Nicole Hoover '09, the academic coordinator for Franklin and Marshall College's philosophy department and co-chair of F&M Votes, said the the nonpartisan group registered more voters this election — about 800 — than in 2008 — about 650 then. F&M's Terry Madonna and Wyatt Huppert, head of the College Democrats, also are quoted.

5 Questions: Paranormal researcher explains why she loves field
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 26
Misty Bastian is a Franklin & Marshall College anthropology professor by day and a ghost hunter by night. She describes her research on paranormal activity and F&M's "haunts" in this question-and-answer piece.

Lancaster County awaits Superstorm Sandy
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 27
With the massive storm dubbed "Frankenstorm" looming, Lancaster County residents and officials spent much of the weekend girding for sustained, possibly damaging, winds and rain. F&M's dining halls were stocked for the week, and generators and pumps were checked, college spokeswoman Julia Ferrante said. Workers also were out Friday clearing leaves from gutters and trimming trees, and messages were sent to staff, students and parents.

Other worlds, other times: Local colleges launch theater season
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 26
The 2012-13 local college theater season features classics, musicals, new plays and comedies. On Thursday, F&M opened "Vinegar Tom," Caryl Churchill's 1976 play about gender and power in 17th-century England, at the Roschel Performing Arts Center. Theatre Production & Public Relations Manager Bonnie Bosso discusses the play. Visiting Professor of Theatre Jon Foley Sherman, the play's director, is mentioned.

F&M student makes rare scientific discovery
WGAL Channel 8
Oct. 23
F&M junior Jack Madden spent much of last summer combing through reams of data, searching for pulsars, which are rapidly rotating stars, and he found one. Madden and Professor of Astronomy Froney Crawford talk about the discovery. 

Professor Death Metal: School tech informed by niche music communities
Oct. 22
Canadian educational psychologist Vivek Venkatesh is gaining international renown for his research into the ways in which music forums can inform the design of online learning environments. Details of his collaboration with F&M Professor Jeffrey Podoshen - will appear in a 2013 textbook on niche web communities.

Franklin & Marshall Limits Loans for Middle Income Students
Inside Higher Ed
Oct. 18
Franklin & Marshall College has announced that it will cap the loans in the aid packages of students from middle income families at $10,000.

Franklin & Marshall Caps Loans for Middle-Income Students
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Oct. 18
Worry is widespread that colleges are boxing out middle-income families. Franklin & Marshall College is dealing with that concern by creating a new program that will cap the federal loans it includes in the aid awards of students from middle-income families, the college announced on Thursday. Daniel Lugo, vice president and dean of admission and financial aid, explains the pilot program.

Letter to the Editor RE: THE LIE FACTORY
The New Yorker
Oct. 8
Stephen Medvic, associate professor and chair of the Department of Government at F&M, responds to Jill Lepore’s article on the birth of political consulting. Medvic says, in part that political scientists have learned a lot about the effects of political consulting on election outcomes in recent years, and their influence is actually quite limited. So, he wonders, why do so many people find consulting nefarious?

Film 'Dick Winters: Hang Tough' debuts at Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 18
Lancaster County's World War II hero, Maj. Richard D. Winters, was a man of quiet humility. But even he would've been hard-pressed to remain humble Thursday, when a documentary film highlighting his leadership skills made its world premiere at Franklin & Marshall College. The film, "Dick Winters: Hang Tough," was produced, written and directed by Rhode Island filmmaker Tim Gray. It debuted before a packed auditorium at F&M's Barshinger Center for Musical Arts.

Arlen Specter -- 'one of the few truly wild cards' -- dead at 82
Oct. 14
Former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter died Sunday after a long battle with cancer. Specter, considered to be the last of the moderate Republicans, was elected to the Senate in 1980 and represented Pennsylvania for 30 years. F&M's Terry Madonna, who followed Specter's career, described the late senator as "fundamentally a pragmatist who could bend with the times."

Pa. GOP leaders still hope for Romney's coattails
Philadelphia Inquirer
Oct. 10
Top Republican leaders insist Romney can beat President Obama in Pennsylvania in the Nov. 6 election if he campaigns aggressively, despite independent polls showing Romney trailing President Barack Obama in the state. F&M's Terry Madonna says a big concern for Republicans now is the appearance that Romney has conceded Pennsylvania to Obama.

In the Spotlight: Beth Graybill is at center for women
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 7
Beth Graybill, director of the Alice Drum Women's Center and adjunct assistant professor of women's and gender studies at F&M, reflects on the 20th anniversary of the center's Oct. 11 founding, in this profile.

Great job, by any measure: Behind-scenes pollster offers glimpse of his world
Lancaster Newspapers
Oct. 5
When election polls are released by F&M, they make the national news. But Berwood Yost, director of the Franklin & Marshall Center for Opinion Research, stays behind the scenes. The researcher and methodologist offers his perspective on the poll in this question-and-answer piece.

If America had compulsory voting, would Democrats win every election?
The Economist
Sept. 28
Democrats and a coalition of civil-liberties and civil-rights groups are convinced that the GOP initiated voter ID laws with the idea is to disenfranchise those voters most likely to lack a drivers' licence or other official ID, namely low-income black and Hispanic residents of Philadelphia. F&M's Terry Madonna says perhaps half of all those without identity cards were not likely to vote anyway.

I Say ‘Cheating,’ You Say ‘Collaborating’
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Sept. 27
Noah Pickus, the 2012-13 American Council on Education Fellow at F&M, co-authored this essay about the boundaries of ownership in a collaborative setting, which have been tested at Harvard University recently with 125 students being accused of cheating. Pickus and his co-author say faculty and administrators need to think carefully about how to help students navigate collaborative and individual efforts, establishing clear expectations rather than assuming that there is a shared standard.

Goodykoontz: Partisan politics drives coverage
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 24
Stephen Medvic, associate professor of government at F&M, provides analysis in this column about media coverage of the sharp divide between supporters of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. He says "viewers are getting what they want." If they demanded substantive and balanced news, media outlets would provide it.

A rich mosaic: Thriving cultural scene is an economic powerhouse
The Providence Journal
Sept. 23
Antonio Callari, professor of economics and director of the Floyd Institute’s Local Economy Center at F&M, says when the arts are celebrated, a region’s economy benefits in ways that might not be immediately apparent, in this story about the arts' influence on state and local economies. The story  is part of a yearlong series, Reinvent Rhode Island.

Historic city cemetery is nearly dead broke
Lancaster Newspapers
Sept. 22
The Lancaster Cemetery faces a financial crisis spurred by the weak economy. David Schuyler, professor of American studies at F&M, who has written histories of both Lancaster and Woodward Hill cemeteries, says the cemetery "is part of this community's collective heritage."

New GOP-commissioned poll puts Romney 1 percentage point behind in Pa.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Sept. 22
Stephen Medvic, associate professor of government at F&M, said he would be surprised if the results of a new Pennsylvania poll commissioned by the Republican State Committee are matched by other polls in the near future. In contrast to other recent surveys, the poll shows Mitt Romney trailing in the state by just one percentage point. 

Middle class is getting left behind in Lancaster County
Lancaster Newspapers
Sept. 16, 2012
Professor of Economics Antonio Callari, who directs F&M's Local Economy Center, talks about how the middle class is faring in Lancaster County. 

Labor Fight Poses Risks to Coalition for Obama
The New York Times
Sept. 12, 2012
The ongoing teachers' strike in Chicago could erode enthusiasm for the the coalition to re-elect President Obama, as it places in opposition teachers and organized labor with Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s Democratic mayor and Obama’s former chief of staff. But F&M's Terry Madonna said the strike is not of great concern or consequence to many of the people in swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, and the events are likely to hurt the president.

Art and nature: Discuss
Lancaster Newspapers
Sept. 9, 2012
Nola Semczyszyn, a visiting assistant professor of philosophy at F&M, examines how myriad representations of nature affect our attitudes about and relationship to the environment. Her exhibit, "Examining Nature," opens Saturday at the Phillips Museum of Art.

Labor skipping Charlotte festivities
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Sept. 3, 2012
F&M Associate Professor of Government Stephen Medvic talks about the role of unions in the presidential campaign. Union leadership was noticeably absent at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina, a right-to-work state, but Medvic says the unions likely will resume support for President Barack Obama after convention.

The Dick Winters challenge
Lancaster Newspapers
Sept. 2, 2012
President Daniel R. Porterfield talks about the exemplary life of one of Lancaster's most respected native sons, the late Maj. Richard Winters '41, in this op-ed drawn from his speech delivered at Convocation. 

Poll gives Obama the edge, but how would voter ID affect the lead?
Philadelphia Daily News
Aug. 17, 2012
F&M's Terry Madonna explains the latest Franklin & Marshall Poll results, which showed that President Obama has a 6-point lead over Gov. Mitt Romney. Madonna says the lead could be diminished somewhat by the passage of a voter ID law. The poll of 681 Pennsylvania voters - sponsored by the Daily News and seven other news organizations - was conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at F&M.

The man who explains politics in—and to—PA
Columbia Journalism Review
Aug. 13, 2012
A profile describes F&M's Terry Madonna as "perhaps the most well-known—and, arguably, the most accessible—source for political analysis and history" for journalists. For more than four decades, Madonna has studied, tracked, and dissected nuances for news audiences in Pennsylvania. Last year, Madonna was interviewed 2,500 times. In recent weeks, Madonna provided on-the-record insights for news outlets in state and beyond, on topics ranging from campaign finance and the effectiveness of attack ads from the Obama camp to the dearth of women in Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s inner circle.

Did Anyone Ask the Students? (Part I)
The Chronicle of Higher Education
May 1, 2012
Jeff Selingo, vice president and editorial director of “The Chronicle of Higher Education,” writes about a series of informal roundtable discussions he has been having with college students, including one with F&M students conduced on April 13. He has been asking students how and why they picked a major (passion versus employability), how they judge the value of a degree against its cost, and what they believe is the purpose of a college education. He intends to write a book on his findings. Part I | Part II

Will Pennsylvania Conservatives Come Around to Romney?
PBS News Hour
April 23, 2012
F&M's Terry Madonna was interviewed by PBS News Hour's Judy Woodruff in this 11-minute segment about Romney's ability to win over conservatives. Madonna, filmed on campus, first appears at around the 5:10 mark and again at the 10:05 mark. more >

When the Calculator Says 1 + 1 = 4
The New York Times
April 13, 2012
The New York Times checks in on the efficacy of net price calculators, which help students and their families estimate how much a student might expect to pay to attend a particular college, based on parents’ income, family circumstances and other factors. Daniel Lugo, F&M’s vice president and dean of admission and financial aid, said he hopes the tool will help dispel some students’ assumptions that an education at a college such as Franklin & Marshall is out of their price range. “We’re hoping that ‘aha’ moment can happen earlier in the process. Sticker price has a real chilling effect on people even looking further.” more >

Researcher Studies Paranormal Researchers
April 12, 2012
Professor Misty Bastian, chair of the Anthropology Department at F&M, talks to the NPR affiliate in Fayetteville, Ark., about her experiences studying folks who make contact with spirits and paranormal researchers. She was in town giving a talk on paranormal research at the University of Arkansas. more >

How Lawyer Got Nation Talking About Trayvon Martin
All Things Considered
April 5, 2012
Leroy Pernell '71, dean of the law school at Florida A&M University, was on NPR yesterday talking about the Trayvon Martin case, which in his view is about dispelling racial stereotypes. more >

1,100 Backpacks To Honor Suicide Victims
April 3, 2012
Active Minds co-presidents Ariel Eland ’14 and Lizzy Noonan-Pomada ’14 discuss (live) the Send Silence Packing public-education display their group brought to campus Tuesday. more >

Massive Redeployment and the Brain
Big Think
April 1, 2012
Big Think blogger Kayt Sukel talks with F&M Assistant Professor of Psychology Michael Anderson about his use of large databases of neuroimaging results to test what he calls "the massive redeployment hypothesis." more >

Top colleges can help transform education
Houston Chronicle
March 31, 2012
F&M President Dan Porterfield writes that highly selective national colleges and universities (such as Franklin & Marshall) must become partners in the education-reform movement and embrace students from low-income communities. In this Houston Chronicle op-ed, he highlights the many initiatives being undertaken in Houston to prepare such students for success in college. more >

Why This Soccer Field In Khayelitsha, South Africa, Is So Special
March 27, 2012
A Yahoo! Sports reporter visits Chris Campbell Memorial Field, the soccer and health-education complex Franklin & Marshall College’s men’s soccer team helped to create in impoverished Khayelitsha Township, South Africa. more >

Faith and the Secular
Inside Higher Ed
March 26, 2012
F&M Chaplain Susan Minasian's column for Inside Higher Ed asks a pointed question: has the secular liberal arts college lost its faith? No, she says. Rather, "young people are finding and embracing new ways of being faithful." more >

Beyond the Classroom
Radio Smart Talk
March 20, 2012
The first segment of WITF's Radio Smart Talk focuses on the valuable work F&M faculty and students are doing with their partners at the Clinic for Special Children in Strasburg, Pa. Host Scott LaMar interviews Robert Jinks, associate professor of biology at F&M; Becky WIllert, a senior biology major at F&M; and Dr. Kevin Strauss, medical director at the clinic. more >

Inspired mine detection
Philadelphia Inquirer
March 18, 2012
Tim Bechtel, a geophysicist who teaches at Franklin & Marshall College and the University of Pennsylvania, is part of an international group developing a handheld device that detects land mines. His 17-year-old daughter, Marian, has invented a different device that detects land mines with sound waves. more >

Politics gets personal
Lancaster Sunday News
March 12, 2012
Democrats and activist organizations such as MoveOn.org contend that Republicans are waging a "war on women." This Sunday News story delves deeper into the issues -- reproductive rights and sexual freedom -- and quotes several F&M voices, including Alison Kibler, associate professor of American studies and women's & gender studies, Beth Graybill, director of the Alice Drum Women's Center, and three current students. more >

Rare diseases: Genomics, plain and simple
March 1, 2012
An article in Nature examines the work being done at the Clinic for Special Children,  which treats children with chronic, complex medical problems due to inherited disorders. The clinic's collaboration with F&M is mentioned (fourth-to-last graph). more >

The predators in our midst
Intelligencier Journal/Lancaster New Era
Feb. 28, 2012
The outdoors writer for the Intelligencer Journal/New Era wrote a feature on F&M's Urban Wildlife Research Program, which aims to document how widespread foxes, eastern coyotes and red-tailed hawks are in Lancaster County, especially in urban and suburban settings. more >

Presidents Day: Professors pick the best, worst presidents
The Patriot News
Feb. 20, 2012
Franklin & Marshall Associate Professor of Government Stephen Medvic is among a group of professors interviewed for a news feature on the best and worst presidents (and why). more >

Crews Move Mud To Clean Creek
Feb. 10, 2012
Local NBC affiliate WGAL did a two-minute piece on the Big Spring Run stream restoration project led by Professor of Geosciences Dorothy J. Merritts and Associate Professor of Geosciences Bob Walter '75. more>

President Obama to Host White House Science Fair
White House Press Release
Feb. 7, 2012
F&M is cited in a White House press release in which the administration lauds the Posse Foundation's growing STEM initiative. more>

Brush up on Dickens lore with our helpful guide
The Patriot News
Feb. 6, 2012
In recognition of Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday, The Patriot-News offers a primer on the author and his works. F&M Professor of English Patricia O'Hara provides input and commentary. more>

Tennessee taps new pipeline for top teachers
The Tennessean
January 29, 2012
Tennessee's education leaders are investing $10 million in Teach for America and the New Teacher Project to improve the quality of education for their state's students. TFA Corps member Cari Turner '10, who majored in business and economics at F&M and is now teaching ninth-grade algebra Cane Ridge High School, is interviewed (and photographed). more>

Librarians lure students back during Wikipedia blackout
USA Today
January 20, 2012
F&M librarian Scott Vine is quoted in this story on how college libraries helped students cope with yesterday's Wikipedia blackout (as protest against SOPA and PIPA). more>

Santorum Rose Quickly From Reformer to Insider
The New York Times
January 20, 2012
Terry Madonna is quoted in this piece about Rick Santorum's career trajectory. “There was an evolution there,” Madonna says. “He went from someone who criticized the exercise of power and wanted reforms, and turned into Mr. Insider, calling people, making deals.” more>

In seminar, Pa. undergraduates help asylum seekers
Associated Press
January 8, 2012
An Associated Press reporter writes about F&M's Human Rights-Human Wrongs course, in which students help persecuted immigrants gain political asylum in the U.S. more>

Who is Rick Santorum? A look at his thinking through his voting record
The Washington Post
January 4, 2012
G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs, comments on the emergence of GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. more>

What’s the Matter With Business at Liberal Arts Colleges?
University Business
January 2, 2012
A look at the value of business courses in liberal arts schools using F&M as a model. more>

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