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Story 3/3/2014

Innovation Challenge Tests Creative Thinking on a Deadline

Since launching three years ago, the Franklin Innovation Challenge has charged Franklin &...

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Story 2/25/2014

F&M's Student Newspaper Goes Exclusively Digital

The College Reporter, Franklin & Marshall College's student-run weekly newspaper, printed its...

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Story 2/21/2014

New F&M Curriculum Builds Critical Skills in Sequence,...

First-year students arriving at Franklin & Marshall College this fall will blaze a new path to...

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Story 2/20/2014

Political Analyst Dyson to Kick Off F&M Civil Rights Week

MSNBC political analyst Michael Eric Dyson will discuss the ongoing struggle for racial equality...

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Story 2/10/2014

Panel, Class to Explore Iraq War Legacy

A group of experts and activists will examine the aftermath and continuing struggles in Iraq a...

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Story 1/24/2014

F&M Looks at the Cultures Behind A Middle East Conflict

Lost amid the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the reality of the daily lives of the people living...

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Story 1/16/2014

F&M Renews STEM Posse Commitment in National Collaborative...

As part of President Barack Obama's Summit on Higher Education at the White House today, Thursday...

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Story 1/15/2014

Painter of The Century: Theresa Bernstein

Theresa Bernstein had lived in three centuries, her work spanned the length of the 20th century,...

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Story 1/13/2014

F&M Players Challenged by Journey 'Into The Woods'

For F&M Players, Franklin & Marshall College's student theater company, braving the polar winds...

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