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Story 10/19/2020

Student Spotlight: Braden Renke '22, Advocate and Athlete

Meet Braden Renke, a student-athlete and advocate for mental health on the F&M campus. We're...

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WVAC Student Impressions
Story 10/16/2020

Winter Visual Arts Center Opens Doors, Crosses Boundaries

After five years of dreaming, conceptualizing, planning, and constructing, a much-anticipated...

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Story 10/15/2020

Despite Pandemic, Political Partisanship, Election is Normal

As an associate professor from Wisconsin, Julia Azari introduced herself to the Oct. 14 Common Hour...

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Story 10/12/2020

Election Draws Strong Student Voter Registration

As the Nov. 3 election nears, in which much appears at stake for the nation’s future, Franklin &...

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Story 10/9/2020

Robert ’54 and Anna Roschel Give $6.5 Million to Rename New...

F&M College is delighted to officially introduce the Roschel College House, thanks to an...

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Story 10/8/2020

Common Hour Covers Activism, Allyship and Art

The latest F&M Common Hour -  “Fueling the Fire: Racism Highlighted in the Flame of COVID" -...

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Story 10/1/2020

Common Hour: How Gerrymandering Silences the Average Voters’...

A few years ago, Carol Kuniholm, with her doctorate in literature, worked as a youth pastor in...

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Story 9/30/2020

Diplomatic Discourse: Has Freedom of Speech Become Freedom...

How does hate speech intersect with freedom of speech? Members of the campus community gathered...

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Story 9/28/2020

OSPGD Hosts F&M Alumni of Color in Law Panel

“Don’t be discouraged if you’re faced with stereotypes or if someone imposes them on you. Remember...

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