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Story 7/22/2021

F&M Students Examine Creativity, Innovation and the Future...

“The students went out to the streets of Lancaster – literally out to the streets, to empathize...

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Story 7/20/2021

F&M Student Lands on Lancaster’s World War I History

How was a silk mill in Lancaster connected to World War I? Rising sophomore Jake Miller is spending...

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Story 7/16/2021

Student Researcher Helps Develop Tool for Biochemists

In her research with Chemistry Professor Christine Phillips-Piro, rising senior Sarah Schick is at...

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Story 7/12/2021

Mapping the Immigrant Past in Cities

For a summer project, two students are in the field with Art History Professor Kourelis to research...

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Story 7/7/2021

Beloved Professor Earns Distinguished Service Award

From his office in Gerhart House to the provost’s office in Old Main to classrooms around the...

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Dewey Award | Dan Ardia
Story 7/2/2021

Dewey Honoree Seeks ‘Intersection of Science and Society’

Whether he’s leading ornithology studies in Latin America or Lancaster, the impact of Franklin &...

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Story 7/1/2021

Geosciences Professor Earns Outstanding Educator Award

F&M was a pioneering institution in establishing dual teaching posts for faculty couples. Two...

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Story 6/25/2021

Professor Embraces ‘Uncomfortable’ in Learning

Chemistry Professor  Jennifer Morford , this year's recipient of the Christian R. and Mary E....

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Story 6/23/2021

Bridging Civic Engagement and Spirituality at F&M

Recent graduate James Overstreet discusses his experience as the Klehr Center's first civic...

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