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Story 4/15/2021

Big Data, Big Prejudice? Breaking Down Data Bias

Data influences our lives in subtle – but sometimes sinister – ways. Talithia Williams untangled...

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Story 4/14/2021

F&M Junior Earns Prestigious National Scholarship

Junior Makaila Ranges has been named a Truman Scholar. 

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Story 4/12/2021

Forging the Path for Those Who Come Next

“Look at who you want to be, find that person, and ask them how they got where they are.” Sophomore...

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Story 4/9/2021

Always Handle Reptiles With Care

A research project to evaluate whether positive human interactions improve the welfare of leopard...

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Story 4/8/2021

The ‘Secret’ of Genitalia, Gender and Biology

To look at Emily Quinn, a young woman with an infectious smile, she is female. Yet, her body,...

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Story 4/7/2021

Student, Professor Find Excited Atoms Absorb Energy

As jewelry, the blood-red ruby is alluring to the eye, but what does not capture the gaze is the...

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Story 4/5/2021

Marshall Fellow’s Research Bridges Conservation and...

Senior Kelly Minard is helping Hawk Mountain Sanctuary bridge the gap between academic researchers...

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Story 4/2/2021

Aspiring Mathematician Tackles Long-Unsolved Puzzle

Prolific mathematician Paul Erdős offered rewards for hundreds of unsolved math problems. Senior...

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Story 4/1/2021

Why Are You Wearing That? Common Hour Explores the Context...

There’s more to fashion than meets the eye. Art historian Amelia Rauser discussed the surprising...

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