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Story 8/3/2020

Philanthropy in the Face of Adversity

Franklin & Marshall's comprehensive campaign, Now to Next, is going strong — even in the midst of a...

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Story 7/30/2020

Sophomore’s Love of Technology Fosters Accessible Education

“It’s really exciting to see how your work directly affects millions of students across the globe.”...

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Story 7/28/2020

Scholarly Spotlight - Languages

 Scholarly Spotlight features the work of faculty on a regular basis. Here’s a sampling of recent...

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Story 7/27/2020

To Understand Lava Flows on Mars, Researchers Visit New...

Several government and academic researchers, including a Franklin & Marshal College professor and...

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Story 7/24/2020

Honoring a Legacy, Advocating for a Safer Future

Junior Anna Phommachanthone aspires to return to her home country of Laos and make a difference....

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Story 7/22/2020

Scholar Charts His Own Path with Story Map

When COVID-19 disrupted summer fieldwork, Jevelson Jean ’21 had to chart his own path. Luckily, he...

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Story 7/20/2020

Professor, Student Data Mine Terms of 1960s Media Theorist

More than 50 years ago, Marshall McLuhan’s work on media theory produced terms like “global village...

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Story 7/17/2020

F&M Star Pitcher Warms Up for Next Inning

Jonathan “J” Cole ‘20 is used to doling out curveballs. His final season at F&M taught him how to...

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Story 7/15/2020

Do Chimpanzees Grieve Like Humans?

A study of wild chimpanzees led by an F&M professor and her student researchers suggest that...

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