12/09/2016 Peter Durantine

Mayser Gym Rocks with Shoe Tricks, Hat Tricks and LiteFeet Dancing

The dance crew burst from behind the curtain in Franklin & Marshall College’s Mayser Gym to dazzle the cheering audience with a form of hip-hop dancing that sent the 11 men flipping through the air, spinning on their toes and performing tricks with their shoes and hats.

W.A.F.F.L.E., a group based in New York City, performed for the Dec. 8 Now Hour, which filled the slot for 2016’s last Common Hour, a community discussion held every Thursday classes are in session during the semester.

WAFFLE (We Are Family For Life Entertainment) was founded in 2011 by Andrew Saunders, Yushon Stroughn and Joel Leitch. The group’s name was inspired by the 1979 Sister Sledge song, “We Are Family.” The members perform Litefeet, a mix of breakdance and street dance that emerged in Harlem and Brooklyn in the early 2000s.

“We all came together to showcase litefeet,” Saunders said, during a break in their routines. “At first, we started doing it at dance events, and then the subway. The subway was the platform that got us known and recognized.”

View the slide show to see some of WAFFLE’s dance feats: 

  • The crew of WAFFLE defy dance gravity. Image Credit: Deb Grove
  • He's lite on his feet. Image Credit: Deb Grove
  • Energy surges through the dance crew as they perform their routines. Image Credit: Deb Grove
  • Breakdance, one of the roots of litefeet, reflects in this movement. Image Credit: Deb Grove
  • The dancers' foot work and shoe tricks dazzle the audience. Image Credit: Deb Grove
  • Andrew Saunders, one of WAFFLE's three founders, tells the audience how the group formed and were recognized. Image Credit: Deb Grove
  • WAFFLE's crew began performing on subways. Image Credit: Deb Grove
  • Litefeet often keeps the dancers off their feet and in the air. Image Credit: Deb Grove
  • The dance crew pulled members of the audience, such as the Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychology Fred Owen, here standing ram-rod straight, to join the fun on the gym floor. Image Credit: Deb Grove
  • The crew of WAFFLE say they are as much about community building as they are dancing. Image Credit: Deb Grove
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