Rouse Scholars Create Change through Leadership

Tyler Schubert grew up in Mechanicsburg, Pa., where he competed as starting quarterback and developed a passion for the sciences. Jael Lewis was raised in the South American country of Guyana before immigrating with her family to Rockaway Beach, N.Y. There, she co-founded her high school’s Black Student Association and discovered her mission to unite voices toward social progress.

Now, the two sophomores share their home at Franklin & Marshall College and bring their life histories together as 2016 Rouse Scholars.

Andrew Rouse ’49 created the Rouse Scholarship to recognize two outstanding sophomores who have demonstrated strong academic and leadership skills. The scholarship includes the cost of tuition, books and other academic expenses throughout their education at F&M. The students also have opportunities to design funded research and leadership projects. 

  • Schubert plans to study public health on the pre-med track. He spends two to three hours per week shadowing doctors at Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster. Image Credit: Eric Forberger

“The best way to describe this scholarship is life-changing,” Schubert said. “I’ve always wanted to help my family support my college education.”

Schubert, who plans to study public health on the pre-med track, spends two to three hours per week at Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster. He shadows a wide range of practitioners through the hospital’s preceptorship program, learning about different specializations and innovative approaches to medical treatment.

His interest in medicine fused with a passion for public policy when he took the Connections class, Democracy and Disagreement, taught by government professor Stephen Medvic. “As societies and cultures change, we get to see how medicine reacts,” Schubert said. “And we see how governments make critical decisions about health, too.” 

  • As president of the Black Student Union, a member of the Dance Company executive board, and a House adviser in Brooks College House, Lewis values her role as mentor to her peers. “Tap into what you know about yourself,“ she says. ”Let that guide your style of leadership.” Image Credit: Eric Forberger

Lewis, a Posse Scholar who plans to double major in Africana studies and dance, is blending her interests in history, culture, and performing arts to grow as a student and community leader. She loves to connect her learning with lived experiences, a practice she developed when she was young. “In my house, education was always at the center of our upbringing,” she said. “My home was my library; my home was my dance studio.”

Lewis is president of the Black Student Union, a member of the Dance Company executive board, and a House adviser in Brooks College House. She values her role as mentor to her peers. “Tap into what you know about yourself, and let that guide your style of leadership,” Lewis said.

Schubert and Lewis are proud to join previous Rouse recipients. Schubert, who plays tight end on the F&M football team and serves on the executive board of the Student Athletic Leadership Council, said, “Every day, F&M expects your best. I always try to be the best version of myself. I am excited to meet alums who have developed their own approaches to leadership.”

Lewis anticipates using part of her Rouse Scholarship to create programs that promote “active inclusivity” on campus. She envisions a series of events and workshops that help students from different backgrounds find commonalities that make the diverse community stronger.

After graduation, Lewis intends to pursue a law degree to fight for equal opportunity in underrepresented communities, a goal that emerged from her experience on the Youth Justice Board in high school. She and other young leaders across New York City drafted recommendations to improve the juvenile justice system.

Schubert plans to complete medical school and maybe join the U.S. military. “There is a lot of medical innovation needed for veterans,” he said. “I would love to help design prosthetics,” 

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