5/04/2017 Peter Durantine

Senior Spotlight: She Found She Could Reach for the Stars

As they prepare for their May 13 Commencement Ceremony, Franklin & Marshall seniors look back at their four years on campus—and what's next.

Name: Lam Tran

Major: Physics

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Activities at F&M: K-Pop ‘Choom Chu’ Dance Team, TDF Production, F&M Players, Guitar Ensemble, Arecibo Remote Command Center (ARCC).

What has been your most memorable moment or time here at F&M?

The most memorable moment was when I attended the Common Hour where physicist Brian Greene gave a talk about the Elegant Universe. Before this event, I had sworn that I would never take any physics course at college. The Common Hour, however, changed my mind completely. I remember I was so anxious and confused after the talk—the kind of confusion when you feel half-unsure, yet half-excited that you have somehow found the thing you want to pursue. For me, it is physics, and I now see that the Common Hour was a real life-changing event for me. Without F&M’s encouragement to engage in topics outside of my comfort zone, I wouldn’t know myself as much and wouldn’t have learned as much from the community here.

What did you enjoy most about your time at the College?

I really enjoy the opportunities to join several activities here at F&M. I am a person with diverse interests—dancing, acting, playing instruments, writing, etc.—and finding a club or a project with supportive and resourceful people is not a hard thing to do at all. Everywhere I go, I feel welcomed by members of the F&M community. They understand that not everyone is an expert at everything, so they really want to help one another and have a good time. I really appreciate that.   

What advice would you give to rising seniors?

Hello, seniors! Have some idea about what you want to do after graduation, so that you can prioritize the right things during the year (things like GPA, or applications, or research, or self-exploration). Senior year can be an anxious time with all that comes after it, but do enjoy it and reflect on how far you've come; you deserve it!

What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation, I will be attending the Physics Graduate Program at Penn State University. I am beyond excited for this!

  • Lam Tran Lam Tran Image Credit: Deb Grove
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