1/24/2018 Staff Writer

Creativity and Innovation Intersect at F&M Symposium

Rakia Reynolds, founder and CEO of the public relations firm Skai Blue Media, kicks off the Jan. 27 Creativity & Innovation Symposium at Franklin & Marshall College.

This is the second year for the daylong event, which features faculty from last fall’s Creativity, Innovation and Design (CID) class, as well as alumni and parent innovators. Its purpose is to showcase and inspire College programs that foster such aspirations across F&M’s curriculum.

For students, parents and alumni attending the symposium, scheduled in the Barshinger Life Sciences & Philosophy Building, the day begins with Reynolds’ keynote address and follows with a mini-design challenge from the CID class professors. 

  • Alison Renna, a senior this year, at one of the sessions at the 2017  Creativity & Innovation Symposium. Alison Renna, a senior this year, at one of the sessions at the 2017 Creativity & Innovation Symposium. Image Credit: Deb Grove

The college librarian, Scott Vine, will introduce alumni and parent creative innovators at the next session. Among this special group are a science writer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, an artist and an architectural designer.

In the afternoon, a series of sessions on “Transforming the Student Experience: High-Impact Teaching and Learning,” with such discussion topics as “The F&M Soccer Africa Project – Using Sport for Development,” facilitated by head soccer coach Dan Wagner, and classrooms reacting to the past, where attendees participate in elaborate games and/or simulations.

One game is “Slavery, Political Violence and Justice: Was Abolitionist John Brown Justified in Taking up Arms Against Slavery in 1859?” M. Alison Kibler, professor of American studies and women’s, gender & sexuality studies is the game facilitator.

The final session will address mentoring student innovators. At the closing session, Joan Fallon ’79, CEO of Curemark and a College Trustee who was the inspiration for the symposium, will offer final words on creative thinking that leads to innovation.

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