7/15/2019 Staff Writer

Faculty Focus

A regular recap of the achievements and published works of the faculty and professional staff at Franklin & Marshall College.


Assistant Professor of English Meg Day’s poem, “Deaf Erasure of the Gospel According to the TSA Agent at Atlanta International,” appeared in the May 19, 2019, edition of The New York Times. 

Howard Kaye, Professor of Sociology Emeritus

“Freud as a Social and Cultural Theorist: On Human Nature and the Civilizing Process,” 1st Edition

Routledge 2018 (November), 238 pages

David Schuyler, the Arthur and Katherine Shadek Professor of the Humanities and American Studiesand two others

“Constructing the Campus: Franklin & Marshall College, 1853-2019”

Franklin & Marshall College, 2019

In Print:

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Nicholas Baeth and one other

“Arithmetical invariants of local quaternion orders”

Acta Arithmetica, 186.2, 2018 (summer), pp. 143-177

Instytut Matematyczny 

Assistant Professor of Psychology Carlota Batres and one other

“Pathogen disgust sensitivity changes according to the perceived harshness of the environment”

Cognition and Emotion, May 7, 2019


Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Elizabeth De Santo and three others

“The once and future treaty: Towards a new regime for biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction”

Marine Policy 99, 2019, pp. 239-242

Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy Patrick Fleming, the Harry W. & Mary B. Huffnagle Professor of Geosciences Dorothy Merritts and Professor of Geosciences Robert Walter

 “Legacy sediment erosion hot spots: A cost-effective approach for targeting water quality improvements”

Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, July/August 2019, Vol. 74. No. 4, pp. 67A-73A

Associate Librarian for Collection Management Thomas Karel

Review of “Jimmy Page: The Definitive Biography”

Da Capo: Perseus

Literary Journal, February 2019, p. 90

Assistant Professor of Psychology Ryan Lacy and two others

“The influence of sex and estrous cyclicity on cocaine and remifentanil demand in rats”

Addiction Biology: Society for the Study of Addiction, Feb. 19, 2019

Wiley Online Libraryhttps://doi.org/10.1111/adb.12716

Assistant Professor of Psychology Josh Rottman and one other

“Specks of Dirt and Tons of Pain: Dosage Distinguishes Impurity From Harm”

Psychological Science, June 26, 2019

Sage Journals https://doi.org/10.1177/0956797619855382

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