10/22/2020 Office of Communications

Student Spotlight: Molly Sproul '21, More Than 'A Number in the Classroom'

  • Molly Sproul '21 and friends
  • Molly Sproul '21 Zoom call
  • Molly Sproul '21 at Escape Room

October 19-23, 2020, is National Transfer Student Week. Here at F&M, we are spotlighting some of our favorite transfer students! Our next student is Molly Sproul, who came to F&M to take advantage of unparalleled access to our faculty.

NAME: Molly Sproul, Class of  2021

MAJOR: Computer Science

MINOR: Sociology

HOME TOWN: New Hope, Pa.


Why did you choose to transfer to Franklin & Marshall?

"I transferred to F&M because I wanted to have a closer relationship with my professors and classmates. At my previous institution (a large public university), I felt like just a number in the classroom where I would wait for hours at office hours just to have one question answered. Since coming to F&M, I have definitely been able to better know my professors because of the much smaller environment and numerous opportunities that I have to speak with them—even during a pandemic. F&M was one of my top choices when I first applied in high school and I remembered its uniqueness when I began applying as a transfer student."  

What has been your favorite part of your F&M experience since you joined the community?

"My favorite part of my F&M experience has definitely been my friends (now roommates). I was able to find some of the best people in the world in my hallway, and they are making my senior year at F&M so much better. From weekly trips to Central Market to binge watching old seasons of Big Brother, they have made my F&M experience so much fun, and they remind me every day that I made the right choice to come to Lancaster."

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