11/24/2020 Peter Durantine

Digital Pictures for a Pandemic Exhibition

When words escape us, pictures help to understand events that enthrall the world. 

For three different assignments, none coronavirus-themed, seven students in a Franklin & Marshall College arts class produced digital art works that speak to the era.

“Many of these are COVID-themed, some more visibly than others,” said Kevin Brady, senior adjunct assistant professor of art. “This wasn't the specific assignment, but a spontaneous reflection of what's on students’ minds."

  • First-year Paige Sauther's digital view. Image Credit: First-year Paige Sauther
  • Sophomore Sofia Soderberg's digital works Image Credit: Sophomore Sofia Soderberg
  • Senior Sarah Kurland-Hill's digital work. Image Credit: Senior Sarah Kurland-Hill
  • Senior Noel Torres's digital work. Image Credit: Senior Noel Torres
  • First-year Cole Tran's digital work. Image Credit: First-year Cole Tran
  • Senior Lily Noble's digital works. Image Credit: Senior Lily Noble
  • Junior Gillian Williams digital works. Image Credit: Junior Gillian Williams
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