1/25/2021 Christopher Barnes

Scholarly Spotlight - Humanities and Social Sciences

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  • Rachel Z. Feldman, assistant professor of religious studies/Judaic studies

Rachel Feldman
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Feldman, R. Z. (2020). Jewish Theocracy at the Biblical Barbeque: The Role of Third Temple Activism and Sacrificial Reenactments in Shaping Self and State. Contemporary Jewry, 40: 431–452.

In this article I examine a messianic biblical revival movement in contemporary Israel known as the "Third Temple Movement." Focusing specifically on the movement's attempt to revive animal sacrifices (long discontinued in Judaism), I argue that sacrificial reenactments function as important socialization exercises, providing a spectacle of Jewish "indigeneity"that reshapes participants' sense of self and state, preparing them for an imagined theocratic future.


  • Portrait

Joshua Katz-Rosene
Visiting Assistant Professor of Music 

Katz-Rosene, J. (2020). Protest Song and Countercultural Discourses of Resistance in 1960s Colombia. Resonancias: Revista de Investigación Musical, 24 (47): 13-37.

The article examines three countercultural-oppositional movements that captivated youth in Colombia’s biggest cities during the 1960s: the protest song movement; rock and roll subculture; and a literary movement known as nadaísmo (“nothingism”). It analyzes the different ways that adherents of these movements conceived of social, cultural and political resistance.


  • soc rondini

Ashley Rondini
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Kowalsky R.H., Rondini A.C., Platt S.L. (2020). The Case for Removing Race From the American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Practice Guideline for Urinary Tract Infection in Infants and Young Children With Fever. JAMA Pediatrics, 174 (3): 229–230.

The current AAP clinical practice guideline for UTI in infants and young children with fever problematically uses race as the proxy for biological difference, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. We argue that the current guideline's operationalization of race as a risk stratifier for UTI codifies a higher threshold for symptom severity and duration for Black pediatric patients than is required of their White counterparts and, in so doing, functions to reproduce racially inequitable outcomes.


  • FSV

Firuzeh Shokooh Valle
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Shokooh Valle, F. (2020). Turning Fear into Pleasure: Feminist Resistance Against Online Violence in the Global South. Feminist Media Studies.

This article examines the strategies of resistance of feminist activists in the Global South against gender-based online violence.



  • Assistant Professor of Government Wei-Ting Yen

Wei-Ting Yen
Assistant Professor of Government

Yen, W. T. (2020). Taiwan’s COVID‐19 Management: Developmental State, Digital Governance, and State‐Society Synergy. Asian Politics and Policy, 12 (3): 455-468.

This article discusses sources of Taiwan COVID-19 success. First, the developmental state setup helped solve the coordination problem for mask policy and digital governance. Second, democracy underpins a strong state-society relation favoring transparency and communication, leading to quicker self-correction when new risks emerge and greater compliance.


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