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Story 2/7/2020

Professor’s Book Examines Long-Running Dispute in Modern...

Religious Studies Professor SherAli Tareen's just released first book explores "crucial...

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Story 1/31/2020

Journalist, Author Discusses Conservation Challenges

David Quammen,  award-winning author and journalist, described the current challenges faced by the...

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Story 1/30/2020

F&M Poll: Moderates and Undecideds Could Decide This Year’s...

Half of Pennsylvania voters surveyed in the latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll want a change...

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Story 1/28/2020

Faculty Focus

A regular recap of the achievements and published works of the faculty and professional staff at...

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Story 1/24/2020

Common Hour Speaker Shows Journey to ‘Finding Freedom’

  From the stage in Franklin & Marshall College’s Mayser Gymnasium,  artist Sonya Clark walked...

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Story 1/20/2020

At F&M's Phillips Museum of Art—Sonya Clark: Finding Freedom

As a mixed-media artist who in the past used human hair and other materials to create works that...

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Story 1/17/2020

Chimpanzee Study Has Implications for Evolution of...

Chimpanzees that use a multistep process and complex tools to gather termites are more likely to...

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Story 1/16/2020

Foster Named Vice President for Enrollment Management

Jimmie Foster Jr. has been appointed to serve as Franklin & Marshall’s vice president for...

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Story 12/18/2019

At F&M, No One Ever Says ‘You Can’t Do That’

“F&M makes you feel like you can stand on your own, and that you do have something to give. I just...

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