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Story 11/12/2020

Irish Poet Discusses Lessons Learned in Conflict Resolution

It was poignant that Pádraig Ó Tuama spoke at Franklin & Marshall College’s Common Hour on Nov. 11,...

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Story 11/11/2020

How These Alumni Found the Perfect Partnership in...

Yuhang Wang ’20 was facing a pandemic, a tumultuous job market, and sky-high airline ticket prices...

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Story 11/10/2020

F&M Faculty-Student Research Wins HUD Grant

The research is led by Harriet Okatch and Jennifer Meyer, assistant professors of public health in...

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Story 11/6/2020

Campus Musical Brings the Big Stage Outside

It was only fitting that F&M’s Go-Go themed musical commenced with “We Got The Beat.” The cast of...

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Story 11/5/2020

A Timely Take on Dangerous Speech

When does speech cross the line between combative and dangerous? Cathy Buerger, director of...

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Story 11/3/2020

Students Find Silver Lining in Summer Experiences

What did Franklin & Marshall College students do during a summer altered by COVID-19? Discover how...

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Story 11/2/2020

Virtual True Blue Weekend a Resounding Success

In keeping with the resilience displayed so often at Franklin & Marshall this fall, the College’s...

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Story 10/30/2020

Fall at F&M: A Photo Collection

Autumn on the Franklin & Marshall College campus is a magical time. Check out this series of photos...

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Story 10/29/2020

Coding Presidential Campaign Media Coverage

Which political party receives more media coverage, and does that affect campaign outcomes? F&M...

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