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Story 2/15/2021

Emerging Writers Festival Goes Virtual

The Emerging Writers Festival will feature online craft talks and readings from Feb. 18 to March 5....

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Story 2/12/2021

Not Out of Sight Nor Out of Mind

A global pandemic kept Franklin & Marshall College sophomores from the campus they love. Discover...

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Story 2/11/2021

Reimagining Access for Disabled Workers in Higher Education

Margaret Price opened Franklin & Marshall College’s spring Common Hour series with “Everyday...

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Story 2/8/2021

Students Return to Campus for Spring Semester

Students and faculty are excited to begin the spring semester after an extended winter break....

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Story 2/5/2021

First-Years ASPIRE for Greatness at F&M

How is the College supporting first-years moving to a remote environment in the spring semester?...

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Story 2/1/2021

Catching a Gravitational Wave

An alumnus, working with a Franklin & Marshall College astronomy professor as part of a larger...

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Story 1/29/2021

Entrepreneurship at F&M Takes Flight

Entrepreneurship at F&M offers a new way for students to learn how to create solutions that can...

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Story 1/26/2021

College’s Successful Fall Builds Strong Foundation for...

As students and faculty prepare to begin the spring 2021 semester at F&M, they can do so with...

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Story 1/25/2021

Scholarly Spotlight - Humanities and Social Sciences

 Scholarly Spotlight features the work of faculty on a regular basis. Here’s a sampling of recent...

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