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Story 8/22/2022

Overcoming Challenges, He Realized His Dream

Despite the challenges life has thrown his way, Franklin & Marshall student Cristian Toro Meza...

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Story 8/19/2022

F&M Senior Explores 'Core Spirit' of Today’s Engineering...

What is engineering for humanity? F&M senior Yusong (Sebastian) Deng spent his summer working as a...

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Story 8/17/2022

A Summer in Senegal

Senior Rokhaya Ba has long dreamt of visiting her parent’s home country to help address health...

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Story 8/9/2022

F&M Professor Reflects on Pandemic’s Personal Cost

Nicholas Montemarano's new memoir,  “If There Are Any Heavens,” is a poetic elegy highlighting the...

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Story 8/4/2022

Applying His Public Health Studies to Warehouse Internship

As a senior majoring in public health, Colin Boyd, from Philadelphia, landed a summer job as a...

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Story 8/3/2022

Students Uncover Lancaster’s Secret Side

Follow along on the Lancaster Vice History tour.  F&M students travel back in time to explore...

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Story 7/29/2022

By Land and By Sea: Interns Advocate for Chesapeake Bay

On a hot July morning, Andrew Canjura found himself at the helm of a canoe on the Chesapeake Bay....

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Story 7/27/2022

Students Aiming for the Stars

An F&M student busily helped their professor with final calculations to one of JWST's first...

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Story 7/22/2022

F&M Junior Wants to Be Where the Wild Things Are

Not many people are spending their summer tube-feeding an infant opossum or vaccinating a raccoon,...

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