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Story 3/31/2022

Global Climate Event Offers Students Chance to Learn While...

“I’ve enjoyed the process of organizing something outside the classroom.” Senior Patrick Culcasi...

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Story 3/30/2022

Biology, Psychology Interests Lead Researcher to Potential...

Hailan Yu's research for new antibiotic compounds plows relatively untouched ground.

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Story 3/29/2022

Students, Staff Help Local Neighbors, Build Community

For spring break, the Catastrophic Relief Alliance (CRA) at Franklin & Marshall College joined with...

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Story 3/25/2022

Student Realizes Her Future as Teacher in German Studies

Whether in studies or careers or life, there are sign posts we pass that point us toward a...

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Story 3/22/2022

‘A Little Medicine, A Little Philosophy’

An F&M professor and his former student – now a doctor – teamed up to explore an ethical puzzle:...

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Story 3/17/2022

'It Can Stop Being a Job, and Instead Become a Calling'

A life-changing partnership helped Martha Mumenthaler ’21 reach graduation and allowed her to...

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Story 3/16/2022

Bank Prize Winner Jeremy Mauser Reflects on Writing

"I'm inspired by the small, seemingly insignificant moments that can capture real emotion in a...

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Story 3/14/2022

Community-Based Learning Teaches in Real Time

In Professor David Ashworth's public health course on problem-solving courts, he gets the students...

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Story 3/10/2022

F&M Ranked Among Fulbright Award Top Producers

For the fifth consecutive year, the Fulbright U.S. Student Program recognizes F&M among the top...

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