Slideshow: TeamWork Volunteers Spruce Up Northwest Lancaster

The doors of Franklin & Marshall College’s Mayser Gymnasium swung open Sunday afternoon, April 15, and 600 rake-toting, shovel-carrying students bedecked in Day-Glo yellow T-shirts spilled onto College Avenue.

TeamWork was under way.

Each spring for the past nine years, a friendly horde of scholar-athletes and members of Greek and campus organizations has come together for a whirlwind cleanup of the James Street Improvement District in Northwest Lancaster. The students pick up garbage, rake leaves, plant flowers and mulch recreational areas, among other tasks. It is an opportunity for the College to show its neighbors that it cares about the city it calls home, said Patty Epps, director of athletics and recreation at the College.

“This is our celebration of our place in the Lancaster community,” she said.

Previously sponsored only by F&M's Department of Athletics & Recreation, TeamWork was co-sponsored for the first time this year by athletics and the Wohlsen Center for the Sustainable Environment as part of F&M’s Sustainability Week 2012.

In a brief rally prior to kicking off the cleanup, Epps, President Daniel R. Porterfield and Dean of the College Kent Trachte thanked the volunteers.

“I see you living out one of this institution’s values—and one of the values of the liberal arts—and that is service to others,” Trachte said. “I hope participating in days like this will help you internalize this value when you move beyond Franklin & Marshall.”

Here is a slideshow of the day’s activities:

  • 01 Teamwork Slideshow Patty Epps, director of athletics and recreation at Franklin & Marshall College, addresses the student volunteers who gathered to participate in TeamWork, an annual spring cleanup of Northwest Lancaster, April 15 in Mayser Center. Image Credit: Office of Communications
  • 02 Teamwork Slideshow Students spill out of F&M's Mayser Center onto College Avenue and head to their designated cleanup assignments. Image Credit: Office of Communications
  • 03 Teamwork Slideshow F&M squash players Patrick Cunningham ’13, left, and Aadit Zaveri ’14 pick up garbage and broken glass Sunday afternoon along Spruce Street. Image Credit: Office of Communications
  • 04 Teamwork Slideshow Eighteen Franklin & Marshall students representing the men’s squash team, the women’s tennis team and the Wohlsen Center for the Sustainable Environment give some much-needed attention to a dead-end alley off of Spruce Street. Image Credit: Office of Communications
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