Staff Profile: Jan Masland

  • Jan Masland, nurse practitioner, director of student health & wellness education and sexual-assault victim advocate.

In her office on the lower level of Appel Health Services, Jan Masland takes a moment to reflect on her 20 years of employment at Franklin & Marshall.

"Over those 20 years, my jobs have evolved," Masland says.

The key word is jobs.

There are many facets to Masland's role at the College, and numerous student groups with which she works. Her various titles include nurse practitioner, director of student heath & wellness education and sexual-assault victim advocate. One minute she might be treating a student with influenza, and the next she could be planning a campaign on alcohol education.

It all started at a dinner table in Carlisle, where her father used to share stories about his job as an internist. Masland says those conversations spurred her to pursue a career in medical care.

"My father was a dedicated physician, and he loved what he did," Masland says. "I'm still fascinated by those stories. That's why I became a nurse practitioner."

Masland graduated from Boston University with a bachelor's degree in nursing science before obtaining her postgraduate degree in nurse practitioning from the University of Maryland. She has had a multifaceted professional career, even apart from her versatile role at F&M. She served as president of the Lancaster County Commission on Child Abuse for 15 years, as clinic director of Planned Parenthood and on the board of Rape Aid and Prevention.

Working with victims of sexual assault has been both challenging and rewarding for Masland.

"I've met some remarkable young women who have courage, maturity and resilience," she says. "The women have really impressed me. We've formed relationships based on trust, and it's a privilege to be let into their lives in that way."

Masland also advises various student groups around campus, including One in Four, ".08" and the Student Health Advisory Committee. She says that working with student leaders is the best part of her job, observing their achievements and enjoying their humor.

"Last year I took the One in Four group to a national conference in Orlando on sexual assault," says Masland, who notes that One in Four men are trained to teach other young men how to be responsible and supportive. "We had an awful lot of fun. It was invaluable for them to meet with other One in Four men, and to hear national speakers."

Masland also works closely with students on education about alcohol and other drugs, or "AOD" education, in her parlance. "Between seven and 14 students die each year of alcohol poisoning on college campuses, but 1,400 kids die of alcohol-related issues," she says. "That's what I try to get students to understand. Most of them don't know someone who's died of alcohol poisoning, but they do know someone who has lost judgment."

When she is not spreading the message about health and wellness to F&M students, Masland might be kayaking on the Conestoga River or Conodoguinit Creek with her three children—all of whom are in college—and husband. And in the winter, you might find her on the ski slopes.

Masland spends much of her spare time with a nonprofit medical agency, the Central American Relief Effort (CARE), which delivers medical supplies and services to four municipalities in Honduras. She has made eight trips to the country, and plans to return in March.

"We've identified four municipalities nobody else goes to because it's blisteringly hot there," she says. "I see patients and we assess needs. Some hospitals have no mattresses or sheets on the beds. Some of them have one toilet for a floor of 80 people."

Masland plans to cultivate a partnership between F&M and CARE by serving as a liaison—just another title for one of the College's most versatile people.

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