Shuttle Route

  • Nightly Shuttle Route

Franklin & Marshall College Neighborhood Shuttle Route

New route implemented 11/7/2015

The shuttles now travel in both directions on W. James and W. Frederick, be sure to get on the van traveling in your desired directions.

The shuttles will drive with their flashers on for easy recognition.

Please wave down the driver if you would like to be picked up. Do not run out between parked cars or shout at the van as this disturbs the neighbors.

For your safety always walk behind the shuttle before crossing the street and look both ways before stepping out from behind the van.

As the shuttle approches to pick you up, please allow the van to pull up to avoid dangerous situations with other cars passing the vehicle.

11PM-3AM on Thursday-Saturday nights the shuttle will stop at the Waffle House on request.

Instructions to download the GPS Insight mobile app to track the shuttle in route is available at