F&M Off-Campus Study Philosophy

At F&M, Off-Campus Study:

  • Is an experience seamlessly connected with a student's entire education before, during, and after the time spent off campus (as opposed to a “term away from campus”)

  • Should be connected to students’ future academic and career plans and goals

  • Is a process that requires significant intentional planning and reflective thinking

  • Is a platform for students to practice and develop important skills to help them transition from F&M into independent and successful lives and careers


F&M Off-Campus Study Expected Learning 

By studying off campus while at F&M, we hope that students:

  • Become informed, open-minded, and responsible, while developing attentiveness to diversity across the spectrum of differences

  • Develop an understanding of how actions affect both local and global communities, and subsequently identify personal strategies to effect change

  • Identify and address the world’s most pressing and enduring issues collaboratively and equitably