Photography at its best provides us a chance to capture what we see and yet convey it with a deeper more profound emotion.  The F&M Everywhere Photo Contest is an opportunity for students who have studied off-campus to bring their transformational experiences back and share those sights and feelings with the entire Franklin & Marshall community.  Winning photographs will be displayed at a reception, in the College Reporter, and on the International Programs website, in an effort to share these global experiences as widely as possible and raise awareness for off-campus study amongst all students.


Who can enter?
  • All current F&M students who have studied off-campus on F&M-approved programs.  
  • Students can only submit photos from completed off-campus study programs.  If you are currently abroad, you need to wait until the next photo contest to submit photos for that program.
  • We would prefer that all photos submitted be taken within the last year.  Current F&M students who participated in last year's photo contest may submit photos for this year's contest as well, but may not resubmit the same photos.  


Rules for Entry
  • Students must submit photos taken in their host country or during excursions while on your off-campus study program.  Photos from trips taken immediately after your off-campus study program ends (for example, backpacking trips around the surrounding countries where you studied) are also acceptable.
  • Photos must be titled and submitted via the online application form located at the bottom of the page.
  • Students may submit up to four (4) photosone in each category
  • Photos for the 2017 Contest must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, February 18, 2018.



ACADEMICS ABROAD :  How did study abroad bring your academic experience out of the classroom and into the world?  A Biology major who goes to class in scuba gear, a Classics major who learns about ancient cultures from an archeological site...

CULTURE & COMMUNITIES :  Rousing cricket games in India, roasted grasshoppers as street snacks in Mexico, Turkish street cafes filled with old men playing backgammon, a community park in Ecuador that's filled with iguanas instead of squirrels...what cultural traditions or aspects of local community may have felt strange and new in your first month but felt commonplace by your last?

LANDSCAPES & LANDMARKS :  What famous landscapes and landmarks around the world left you awe-inspired?  The sweeping expanse of the Bolivian Salt Flats, Rome's Colosseum lit up in the evening sky, the Great Wall of China winding toward the horizon...

F&M EVERYWHERE :  When you're on campus, everyone has many intersecting networks - your hall mates, your sports team, your professors, your prefects, your favorite dining services worker in Zebi's.  When you go abroad, you build yourself a new network - your host family, your internship mentor, your neighborhood gelato man.  Share a photo of you and the community you made while abroad.  Be sure to explain the connection and what it meant to you in the comment section.  



A judging committee of five (5) members of the F&M Faculty and Professional Staff will choose the top three (3) photos in each of the first three categories listed above.  The first place winner from each category will receive a prize.

The final category, F&M Everywhere, will be peer-judged.  In this category, the caption submitted with each photo will be included in the judging process, and the judges will be the entire F&M community via Facebook likes!  


Past Winners

Submissions from all past F&M Everywhere Photo Contests are displayed on our Flickr account