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Story 2/8/2017

Off-Campus Study: Lillian Cai '17

Environmental Studies major studies on the Chinese University of Hong Kong program in China.

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Story 10/3/2016

Off-Campus Study: Livia Nash '18

BFB: Neuroscience major studies on the Studio Art Centers International (SACI) program in Florence

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Story 9/21/2016

Off-Campus Study: Nick Henderson '17

Government major studies on the Alliance for Global Education - 21st Century City program in...

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Story 9/16/2016

Off-Campus Study: Brielle Stander '17

Environmental Studies major studies on the SIT Abroad/IHP Climate Change program in Casablanca,...

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Story 9/7/2016

Off-Campus Study: Lisa Yang '17

A BOS and Psychology major studies in Copenhagen through the DIS program. 

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Story 6/7/2016

Off-Campus Study: Julia Rosenwald '17

Biology major studies on the IFSA-Butler University of Sydney program in Australia.

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Story 5/18/2016

Off-Campus Study: Coleman Kline '17

Environmental Studies major studies on the SEA Semester: Sustainability in Polynesian Island...

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Story 3/8/2016

Off-Campus Study: Cassie Festa '17

BFB: Animal Behavior major studies on  the SFS Wildlife Management Studies program in Tanzania.

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Story 2/10/2016

Off-Campus Study: Cadence Pentheny '16

Sociology major studies on the IFSA-Butler National University of Ireland program in Galway.

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