In accordance with equal education opportunity laws, Franklin & Marshall College arranges to provide appropriate academic accommodations for students whose disabilities limit their participation in academic programs for which they are qualified. Students are required to notify the College if they will require special services or accommodations in the classroom or if they want faculty, academic advisers, or administrative offices notified of a disability. Appropriate academic accommodations for students with disabilities are determined on an individual basis utilizing the required documentation of the disability.

The College does not have a special program for students with disabilities. For example, there are no special classes or tutors for students with learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The academic support system for a student with a disability is the same as the academic support system for all students.

The College has designated Alison Hobbs, Psy.D. as the Coordinator of Disability Services. In this role, Dr. Hobbs coordinates services and accommodations to meet the needs of students with disabilities that limit their participation in the programs and activities of the College.  Dr. Hobbs reviews all required documentation of disability and determines the appropriate academic accommodations for each individual student. Every student at the College has the opportunity to complete a Disability Notification Form available throughout the year at the Office of Disability Services. The College considers information provided on this form as confidential and uses it to provide appropriate accommodations for qualifying students.


  • Disability Services

Would you like to be a note taker?  This position is open to current students. If interested, please contact the Office of Disability Services.


Contact Information

Alison Hobbs, Psy.D.
Disability Services

Melissa Santos
Coordinator for the Office of Student Success



Telephone: 717-358-3989
Fax: 717-358-4420

Documentation may also be mailed to:  

Dr. Alison Hobbs
Office of Disability Services
Franklin & Marshall College
PO Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604



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623 College Ave.  

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