Please Remember:


For students who are STARTING THE PROCESS of obtaining accommodations, please note this important reminder:

1) While students can request disability accommodations at any point in the semester, it is critical for students to understand that the process of determining the adequacy of the provided documentation, the review of the documentation itself, and the determination of  reasonable accommodations may take up to 2 weeks. Please bear this timeline in mind when submitting a request for accommodations (for example, please do not submit a request for accommodations a week before the exam week).

For students who CURRENTLY RECEIVE accommodations, please note these important reminders:

1) Students who have been approved to take their tests on a computer as an accommodation must contact Ms. Kelly McAllister a minimum of 1 week in advance of the test date in order to ensure that arrangements can be made for the proper execution of this accommodation. Late requests (less than 1 week notice) may not be fulfilled depending upon the demand on the required resources. Kelly can be contacted via email at or via phone at (717) 291-3989.

2) It is important that students who receive extended time on tests as an accommodation understand that the extended time accommodation is actually executed by their professors. Hence, it is critical that students contact their professors and get into a conversation with them about scheduling the extended time on testing as early as possible to ensure that the professor is able to schedule the extended time. Approaching a professor 1-2 days before the exam date to request implementation of the extended time accommodation will most likely result in the professor denying the request due to the short notice.

*If, at any point, you have a question regarding how to be sure your accommodations are properly implemented, please contact the Office of Disability Services immediately.*