Documentation Guidelines for a Health Related Disability


Following are guidelines for the documentation of a health related disability that have been developed to provide necessary information to the Director of Health Services when arranging appropriate accommodations:

  1. To provide accommodations to students with health related disabilities, the College requires that a student provide verification of their disability prior to or at the time services are requested.
  2. A comprehensive written evaluation generally must have been completed within the past year, but exceptions dependent upon individual circumstances may be necessary. Telephone calls and brief letters which document past or ongoing treatment are not sufficient. Persons typically considered qualified to present supportive clinical documentation of the diagnosis are physicians and other health professionals with a demonstrated area of specialization in the diagnosis and/or treatment of the disease diagnosed. The evaluation will be used to determine how the health related disability limits a major life activity in a postsecondary educational setting. The comprehensive evaluation should include the following:
  • Diagnosis (including date of diagnosis).
  • Medical test results used to support the diagnosis and requested accommodations.
  • Summary of treatment (as it relates to the disability and the need for accommodations).
  • Current medications (related to the disability, including dosage and side effects).
  • Recommendations for continued treatment.
  • Recommendations for academic and other accommodations. Each recommended accommodation should include a detailed explanation of its relevance to the disability that is diagnosed. The evaluator also should indicate the level at which the individual is currently functioning with the benefit of treatment.
  • The time period for which academic accommodations are recommended.
  1. A student may be asked to meet with the Director of Health Services to clarify information contained in the above-described evaluation.
  2. Students must authorize the release of a written report containing all of the above information to the Director of Health Services before consideration of academic accommodations can begin.

All documentation should be sent to BOTH :

Dr. Alison Hobbs
Office of Disability Services
Franklin & Marshall College
PO Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003


Dr. Amy Myers
Director of Health Services
Franklin & Marshall College
PO Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003