ODS Notification Forms 



Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990


The College has designed the Disability Services Office as the coordinator of services and accommodations to meet the needs of students with disabilities that limit their participation in the programs and activities of the College.  Every student at the College has the opportunity to complete a Disability Notification Form, available at the Franklin & Marshall Disability Services website.


The College considers information provided on this form as confidential and uses it to provide appropriate accommodations for qualifying students.

At the beginning of each semester, Disability Services:

  1. Notifies via email each student who has been approved for accommodations.  Once the student responds that they would like to make use of their accommodations for the coming semester, their Accommodations Memo is then emailed to them. They should present their Accommodations Memo to each of their professors in the current semester. The memos outline the accommodations granted to the student.
  2. Coordinates, if appropriate, accommodations made through various College offices and/or departments.
  3. Requests for accommodations should be directed to the attention of Dr. Alison Hobbs, Coordinator of Disability Services.  Incoming students should submit their request, along with a Disability Notification Form and appropriate documentation by the end of May.