Steps Involved to Get Accommodations at F&M

Step 1: The student completes an Intake Form through Accommodate. If you are requesting either dining or housing accommodations, there are additional forms necessary that must be completed by your care provider.

New students to F& M are encouraged to register with SAS by May 29th for the fall semester. Documentation must be current and comprehensive. Proper documentation will typically include a history, evaluation, diagnosis, an explanation of the functional limitations that the disability has on major life activities, and a list of recommended accommodations. It is strongly preferred that the evaluation was completed within the last 5 years.  The Office of Student Accessibility Services at F& M follows the documentation guidelines set forth by the Educational Testing Service

Step 2: Dr. Alison Hobbs, who serves as the Director of Student Accessibility Services, reviews the provided documentation and then contacts all incoming students requesting accommodations prior to the academic year. 

Step 3: Each first-year or transfer student meets with Dr. Hobbs upon their arrival on campus.  This is a brief meeting to engage in an interactive process to determine what reasonable accommodations may be granted given the nature of the student’s disability. It is in keeping with the federal laws on disability and their application to institutions of higher education to have such a meeting.

It is the student's responsibility to contact the Office of Student Accessibility Services for accommodations. Once approved, the student is then emailed an Accommodation Memo, detailing the accommodations the student is approved for, based upon the submitted documentation.

Step 4: Once they have received their Accommodation Memo, students are responsible for scheduling appointments with individual professors.  It is helpful if expectations and implementation processes for accommodations are clarified at the beginning of a semester. Students are encouraged to contact professors to request a convenient time for this conversation, most likely during scheduled Office Hours. 

Step 5: For the remainder of the student’s tenure at F& M, an Accommodation Memo will be emailed to the student and their professors each semester. Students are responsible for not only meeting with their professors to discuss their memos but also doing so in a timely manner. Any questions about this process should be directed to Kelly McAllister at 717-358-3989 or