How do I get an ESA?

F&M complies with the Fair Housing Act and offers an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Accommodation to students. Students are not permitted to have animals in residential spaces, with two exceptions:  

  1. an approved ESA Accommodation

  2. the animal is working as a Service Animal 

An ESA is an animal that provides comfort or emotional support to its owner who has a documented medical, physical or mental health-related disability. The animal is not required to have any specific training to serve as an ESA.

Having an ESA on campus is a huge responsibility. To help F&M ensure that animals on campus are properly cared for, we require students who would like to request an ESA Accommodation to adhere to an approval process. Below you can find a summary of that process.

Questions? Email Amy Faust (


STEP 1: Submit the ESA Accommodation Pre-Approval Form 


STEP 2: Receive ESA Approval Documentation Requirements

  • within approximately one week of submitting the Pre-Approval Form, you will hear from Amy Faust via email if your pre-approval has been granted

    • If pre-approval has been granted, you will recieve the next steps for approval in this same email

    • If pre-approval has not been granted, you will receive an explanation as to why. You may resubmit for pre-approval at any time.

STEP 3: Final Approval Meeting

  • Once you have submitted all the required documentation, you will make an appointment with Amy Faust for a Final Approval Meeting


STEP 4: Get your ESA

  1. As per college policy, no ESA should be on campus before final approval is given. Please do not bring an ESA onto campus before getting final approval from Amy Faust. Doing so will be in violation of campus policy and may result in housing fines. 


STEP 5: Submit Vet Records


STEP 6: Maintain up-to-date records

  • students with an ESA Accommodation who have an ESA on campus are required to maintain up-to-date status of the following

    • yearly vet records

    • renewed Roommate Agreement each semester

    • current emergency contact