How do I get an emotional support animal?

At F&M, students are not allowed to have pets in residential spaces without prior approval as an emotional support animal or if the animal is working as a service animal. What is an emotional support animal (ESA)?  An ESA is an animal that provides comfort or emotional support to its owner who has a documented medical, physical or mental health-related disability. The animal is not required to have any specific training to serve as an ESA. Here is an informational sheet that will provide guidance about animals on campus. If you apply for an ESA, you will need to bring in this sheet with your initials signifying that you have read and understood the information.

Having an animal on campus is a huge responsibility and there are a number of steps involved in the approval process to ensure the animal will be properly cared for while residing at F&M.

Steps involved in applying for an ESA:

  1. Complete a Disability Notification Form;  
  2. You will need to sign and submit page 7 from the Emotional Support Animal packet provided by SAS; You will need to complete and submit the Roommate Agreement form from the Emotional Support Animal packet provided by SAS (if applicable);
  3. Write a cover letter describing why you need an emotional support animal on campus. Submit to SAS;
  4. Submit a letter from a therapist or medical professional stating why an emotional support animal would allow you to remain at F&M;
  5. Submit recent Vet Records to SAS;
  6. Sign and submit a copy of the Informational Sheet linked to above;
  7. Contact the property manager of your building (if applicable) to let them know you need to go through their emotional support animal process;
  8. Meet with Amy Faust in SAS for final approval. She can be contacted at If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact Amy.