How do I get a housing accommodation?

Housing accommodations or "medical singles" are reserved for students with a medical need that rises to the level that their health would be compromised by having a roommate. Please know that we are a four-year residential college, so the vast majority of our students reside on campus.  

You will need to make careful note of the deadlines on the first page of the Housing Accommodation Form. For returning students, once the housing lottery has taken place, you will likely be placed on a waitlist for available single rooms. For incoming students, you will need to be placed into a single before Connections courses are chosen, so time is of the essence!

For a housing accommodation:

  1. Register with SAS by completing a Disability Notification Form.
  2. Have your care provider complete a Housing Accommodation Form.
  3. Return the above information to SAS either through email to, or you can drop off/mail to:

                                                 SAS  at F&M                                              
                                                 931 Harrisburg Avenue,
                                                 2nd floor College Square building
                                                 Lancaster, PA  17603

4. Any questions or concerns? Please reach out to Kelly McAllister at 717-358-3989 or