How do I request a housing accommodation?

Housing accommodations or "medical singles" are reserved for students with a medical or psychiatric need that rises to the level at which their health would be compromised by having a roommate. Please know that we are a four-year residential college, so the vast majority of our students reside on campus.  

A housing accommodation can secure a single room in appropriate on-campus housing, as long as
there is an available room. Please note that a housing accommodation is only for the student with a need for an accommodation. It does NOT cover roommates.

  • For a first-year student, the room must be within their assigned College House.
  • Sophomore students who qualify for a housing accommodation may have either a single room in their assigned College House or a single room in Schnader Hall. Those students with chronic medical conditions may be qualified to live in the College Row apartments if the use of a kitchen is necessary based on their medical status. 
  • Juniors and Seniors who qualify for a housing accommodation may choose a single room in an on-campus building. The College cannot mandate that a student receive a housing accommodation, or any other special consideration, in a non-College-owned building. Therefore, Juniors and Seniors may live in off-campus housing within the College's housing portfolio, but a housing accommodation will not apply to those residences, as they are not owned by F&M.


You will need to take careful note of the deadlines on the first page of the Housing Accommodation Form. For returning students, once the housing lottery has taken place, you will likely be placed on a waitlist for available single rooms. For incoming students, you will need to be placed into a single before Connections courses are chosen, so time is of the essence!

For a housing accommodation:

  1. Register with SAS by completing an Intake Form
  2. Have your care provider complete a Housing Accommodation Form.
  3. Return the above information to SAS through one of the methods listed below:                                           - the student may upload it to their SAS Accommodate portal,
    - email to,
    - or fax to 717-358-4420

Any questions or concerns? Please reach out to Kelly McAllister at 717-358-3989