How to Take Notes and Get Organized 

This workshop focused on two issues:

1. Note Taking: to review the various methods of note taking, please check out this You Tube video

One of the methods he mentions is mind mapping.  This is useful for note taking, but it is also a helpful tool to plan essays or papers.  Start with your main idea in the center, and each branch can be a main idea for a paragraph.  Here are some helpful templates:

2. Getting organized: You need to plan your time!  The semester planner is a good overview.  When you receive a class syllabus, sit down with your semester planner and write down all of the BIG items (tests, exams, papers, presentations, large assignments).  This will help you see what is due when and plan your time accordingly.

The Weekly planner helps you allocate ALL of your time.  Mark when you have classes, work, social activities and, don't forget, study time.  The rule of thumb is between 2 to 3 hours of study time for each hour you spend in class.  Plan that time!

Think of college like a full-time job.  If you use your time well during the "work week," you may be able to have a significant amount of free time on the weekends.  Scheduling in this manner will also give you buffer time to complete large projects or studying for exams.