OMCA Awards

The OMCA Awards recognizes groups on campus for their hard work in contributing to cultural experiences in F&M and being the pillars of support for the diversity on campus. If you think your group (or a group you know of) deserves to be recognized for an outstanding event that contributes to the diversity of F&M experiences in the school year calendar of 2015-2016, please consider writing a nomination for the group in one (or more) of the categories below:

Best Fundraiser with Multicultural Aspect
Most Educational Event
Best Collaboration on/off Campus
Best Philanthropy 
Best Illustration of the Cultural Arts
Most Inclusive Event
Most Outstanding Multicultural Group on Campus

For outstanding individuals that contribute to the social wealth of our community, they can be nominated through one of the two categories below:

William H. Gray Scholar Award
An award dedicated to an influential alumnus of the F&M, this award is entitled to the scholar who embodies the characteristics of a public servant, and constantly engages in policies, programming, and events to enrich the lives of students on campus. 

Sugey Cruz-Everts Award
A recent award created in honor of an dedicated and hardworking alumna, this award is granted to the individual who embraces the art of giving, challenges status quos, and empowers change within their community.