A contract is required for all agreements with vendors to provide goods or services at an event. 

Contact the Contracts Review Group for questions about the contract approval process. 


  • Quick Facts About Contracts

    Contract signing authority is reserved for the VP for Finance and Administration and the Associate VP for Finance.

    Students should NEVER enter into a contract with a vendor.

    All contracts must be reviewed and signed before the commencement of services or delivery of goods by the outside party.

    The contract review process ensures:

    • the College is limiting its liability, as necessary
    • appropriate contract clauses are present
    • the College has appropriate resources to satisfy the contract terms
    • proper treatment for tax purposes
    • protection of students’ rights
    • third party vendors have background checks, as appropriate
    • the contract does not represent a conflict of interest for the College.





The following is a timeline for completing all of the steps necessary when using a vendor for an event:

Approximately one month prior to the event

1. Contact vendor to discuss details of the event – The student leader in charge of planning the event should make contact with the vendor to discuss the date and time for delivery of goods and services, the cost (including delivery, etc.), and all other details.

At least three weeks prior to the event

2. Submit a completed contract to the OSEL – A Standard Contract Template must be completed and signed by the vendor prior to submitting it in person or via email OCP@fandm.edu.

If using a vendor’s contract, you should anticipate a delay in approval.

At least two weeks prior to the event

3. The OSEL submits the contract for review – The contract, as completed by the student leader in charge of planning the event, will be submitted to the Contracts Review Group.

It may take up to a week for a contract to be approved and signed.  Feel free to follow-up with the OSEL to inquire about the status of a contract.

Within two weeks of the event

4. Obtain required documentation – Some contracts will require additional documentation related to payment or liability and risk.  The student leader is responsible, in most cases, for communicating with the vendor to obtain these documents:

W-9 Form is required when using a new vendor that has not been paid by the College before.  The IRS  provides an updated form on their website.

Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required when the College needs proof that the vendor carries sufficient insurance.  F&M should be listed as an additional insured on the COI. 

A separate invoice is required when the contract does not include the detailed breakdown of the costs for goods and services.

The OSEL will notify the student organization if any additional documentation from the vendor is required.




After the event

5. The OSEL processes payment – Payments to vendors are processed immediately following an event. The vendor can expect to receive their check within three weeks.

Failure to submit all documentation to the OCP could delay payment

Contracts are required for, but not limited to, the following:
Facilities that are rented by the College or rented from the College including no fee, or $0, rentals
  • Professional services provided to the College or provided by the College, including consulting, speaking engagements, legal assistance, equipment, software maintenance, etc.

  • Leases of equipment

  • Exchange of goods or services involving or not involving money. (Email Barry Bosley for approval to use a food vendor)


Templates are available for the following short-term engagements (those lasting 3 or less consecutive or non-consecutive days out of the year)

  • Guest speaker
  • Guest artist
  • Training facilitator
  • Performers, including professional musicians and singers (single performers or part of an ensemble)
  • Outside vendors for student organizations, including vendors providing services for short-term engagements such as special event contractors, entertainers, balloon artists, etc.


See the Contracts Guidance Policy for access to these templates.