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As the central student government of Franklin & Marshall College, the Diplomatic Congress unites student leaders from all facets of the community with the common purpose of promoting a diverse and engaging campus culture and improving all aspects of the student experience. To this end, Congress is tasked with the primary responsibility for all-campus event planning, for funding and oversight for student activities, and for advocacy on behalf of students on all critical matters facing the college. 


Diplomatic Congress meetings are open to the entire student body and take place every Thursday from 7:30 - 9:00 PM in the Armstrong Room of the Steinman College Center.


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Frustrated about something on campus -- and not sure where to go beyond the protest tree?


Make your voice heard to your student government representatives and College administration and fill out our new proposal form!

Akin to a suggestion box, this proposal form is meant to be a place for students to voice their concerns, propose ideas or events, and give general feedback to help improve our campus. 

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