The Diplomatic Congress 

As the central student government of Franklin & Marshall College, the Diplomatic Congress unites student leaders from all facets of the community with the common purpose of promoting a diverse and engaging campus culture and improving all aspects of the student experience. To this end, Congress is tasked with the following: coordinating student participation in the shared governance of the college, overseeing the activities of—and facilitating collaboration between—various student governing bodies, primary funding for, and oversight of, campus-wide events and student activities, and advocacy on behalf of the student body on all critical matters facing the college.

11th Diplomatic Congress 

2018-2019: Coming Soon  

10th Diplomatic Congress


President–Shakeyla Flores '18

President - Shakeyla Flores '19 

Sustainability Chair– Bonnie Sullivan '19

Sustainability Chair - Bonnie Sullivan '19

Academic Life Chair - Talib Lawal '19

Academic Life Chair - Talib Lawal '19

Senior Class President–Danielle Sang '18

Senior Class President - Danielle Sang '18

Club Council Chair - Brandon Schneider 

SALC Representative - Erica Brown '18

SALC Representative - Erica Brown '18

Ware College House Representative - Kit Meiler '21

Ware College House Representative - Kit Meiler

Vice President–Sally Rodenberger '18

Vice President - Sally Rodenburger 18'

Health & Safety Chair– Alison Renna '18

Health & Safety Chair - Alison Renna '18

Community Outreach Chair–Chris Shields '20

Community Outreach Chair - Chris Sheilds

Junior Class President – Jacquie Koob '19

Junior Class President - Jacquie Koob '19

CEC Representative– John Vallacchi '18

 College Entertainment Committee Representative - Jon Vallachi

Panhellenic Council President– Jenna Komensky

Panhellenic Council President - Jenna Komensky

New College House Representative - Becky Guo '20

New College House Representative - Becky Guo

Brooks College House Representative - Alex Pinsk '20

Brooks College House Representative - Alex Pinsk

Secretary–Zoe Katz '20

Secretary - Zoe Katz

Treasurer–Ryan Tabris '18

Treasurer - Ryan Tabris '18

Diversity Chair–Cheska Mae Perez '21

Diversity Chair - Cheska Mae Perez '21

Sophomore Class President - Hargobind Vohra

SAAC Co-Representative–Daniel Marano '18

SALC Representative - Daniel Marano '19

International Advisory Board Representative– Horace Facey '18

International Advisory Board Representative -  Horace Facey

Weis College House Representative - Angelica Camilo '21

Weis College House Representative -  Angelica Camilo


CEC Representative - Su Spina '17

9th Diplomatic Congress


8th Diplomatic Congress


Diplomatic Congress President Donnell Bailey '17 discusses F&M's longstanding history of addressing racial equality issues.

Donnell K. Bailey 


Anne Dolan 

Senior Class President

Carmen Navia 


Wyatt Behringer 

Sophomore Class President 

Josh Hoffman 

Club Council Chair 

Jack Kupsky 

Bonchek Representative


Ryan Tabris 

Ware Representative


Molly Cadwell 

Vice President 

President - Shakeyla Flores '19

Shakeyla Flores 

Community Outreach Chair


Christiana Jueng 

Junior Class President


Jacquie Koob 

First-Year Class President 


Shelby Sawyer 

Sustainability Chair


David Goodman 

New College House Representative 


Zoe Peace 

CEC Chair


Charles Hagist



Grace Brown

Student Health & Safety Chair 


 Madeline Van Elslander 

President of Panhellenic Council

Damont Hardnett 

Student Post Graduate Chair


Interfraternity President - James Galasso '18

James Galasso

President of IFC 


Carl Patterson 

Interfaith Council Chair 


Brandon Schneider 

Co-Public Relations Officer


Phu Duong 

Co-Public Relations Officer